Apple’s AR headset could apply LG Display’s innovative mega dpi display


OLED panels using new technologies may be used in Apple’s AR or VR headset to give users the finest resolution available.

Small, high-resolution displays that can display an image to the user are required for VR and augmented reality headphone, such as the long-rumored gear from Apple. While the accomplishment is now accomplished by more conventional display technologies, Samsung Display and LG Display are eager to control the component market for future headsets.

The Elec cites sources as saying that Samsung Display and LG Display are developing OLED on silicon () and LED on silicon (LEDoS) technologies for use in mixed reality and virtual reality headphones.

It’s hardly surprising that the two businesses have a particular client in mind given that they have been long-term screen suppliers to Apple. According to sources, Apple’s upcoming 2023 release of its first mixed-reality headset would feature LG Display’s OLEDoS technology.

In particular, it appears that an exterior screen on the hardware will employ LG Display’s OLEDoS. It is believed that Sony, a current industry leader, provided the OLEDoS utilized inside the device.

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LEDoS and OLEDoS employ a silicon substrate rather than a glass one, making it possible to create screens as small as an inch. These displays may also have extremely high resolution, with thousands of pixels per inch as opposed to the hundreds found in displays for smartphones and tablets.

For instance, by 2024, Samsung Display’s OLEDoS technology, which is designed for usage by parent firm Samsung, hopes to produce a screen with 3,000 ppi and 10,000 nits of brightness. Additionally, Samsung Display wants LEDoS to have a resolution of 6,000 to 7,00ppi.

OLEDoS will reportedly be targeted at manufacturers of virtual reality headphone, whilst LEDoS is intended for augmented reality (AR) applications.

In the past, LG Display reportedly tried to secure a contract to provide microOLED panels for Apple’s mixed-reality headset. 2020 rumours said that Sony was Apple’s source for half-inch displays with a 1,280 by 960 resolution.

8K eyepieces were said to be included in Apple’s anticipated augmented reality headset in 2018.

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