Apple’s AR headset will not be revealed at WWDC according to analyst


Ming-Chi Kuo warns that Apple is unlikely to show its first Apple AR headset at WWDC, stating that it would give competitors time to imitate the design before launch.

Nearly every year, there are rumours of hardware releases or announcements being made during WWDC. Apple, on the other hand, it has registered a trademark for its AR/VR realityOS in time for WWDC 2022, and there are reports that the headgear will be unveiled.

The real introduction of headgear is still not expected till 2023, and this is the primary reason that Kuo doubts any announcements.

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As soon as Apple reveals its AR/MR headset and operating system at WWDC, I’m confident competitors will instantly launch copycat projects and gleefully steal Apple’s wonderful concepts and hit the market before Apple releases in 2023.

Since he began tweeting Apple news instead of investor research notes in March 2022, Kuo has made it known when he has information from the supply chain. However, there are no sources cited for this forecast.

The annual Apple WWDC conference often generates a lot of speculation about what will and won’t be announced. Here’s an updated look at what to anticipate—and what not to expect—from the new iPhone.

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