Apple’s continued fight against retail unionization


Numerous more of Apple’s Apple Store locations in Maryland and Virginia have been presenting a variety of anti-union talking points in response to unionization campaigns.

Apparently referring to the Apple Towson Town Center in Maryland, one employee who identified themselves as working at “Apple Townsend” claimed that staff members had recently made anti-union arguments, such as the idea that a union could impede schedule changes and that recent pay increases were not the result of unionization attempts.

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Apple has also been hosting anti-union meetings at Apple Reston in Virginia, which is located around 70 miles south of I-95. A report claimed that Apple Market Leaders visited the establishment and referenced the recent closing of Starbucks locations that had joined a union as a derogatory example of union drives. Through additional sources, we were also able to verify these meetings.

Both at Apple retail shops and at other businesses, there has been an increasing push for unionization.

Early in 2022, an Apple Store in Atlanta, Georgia, organized as the first retail outlet. Since then, similar changes have also been implemented at retail outlets in Kentucky, New York City, and other places.

Apple has taken action in the past to thwart attempts at unionization.

Apple’s head of retail and people, Deirdre O’Brien, has resisted unionization efforts, claiming that it might “fundamentally disrupt” the company’s relationship with its workers.

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For retail managers early in May, Apple was allegedly passing along anti-union talking materials. It hired attorneys who specialize in dismantling unions in April.

Union activists claim that compensation has decreased below living levels in several areas, including Atlanta, across Apple’s retail reach.

Unionization is becoming more popular, both at Apple and elsewhere. Many Starbucks locations are working toward unionization and have experienced business backlash. Additionally, earlier in 2022, Amazon warehouse workers cast the first union ballot at the retail behemoth.

Customers and public personalities have both backed unionization attempts. Back in June, President Joe Biden expressed his pride in the Maryland-based Apple employees for choosing to vote in favor of unionization.

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