Apple’s delay in improving Telegram is criticized by the Telegram founder


A Telegram article from CEO and founder Pavel Durov claims that an impending Telegram upgrade has been held up in Apple’s app approval for two weeks “without reason”. Even though the change hasn’t been authorized yet, he argues that it “is set to transform how individuals communicate with individuals via messaging.”

The mysterious holdup was examined by Durov as part of a larger analysis of app store business strategies. He claims that the “obscure” app approval procedure “forced on all mobile apps by the tech giants” is discouraging Telegram. If Telegram, one of the top 10 most downloaded apps worldwide, is being treated this way, one can only anticipate the challenges faced by lesser mobile apps, the author continues.

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The latest feature’s exact contents are unknown, and requests for comment from Apple and Telegram were not immediately answered. Durov has previously criticized Apple for its app review procedures. After Russia banned Telegram, Durov claimed that Apple had been preventing improvements to the iOS app for Telegram. Apple authorized an upgrade a day after Durov tweeted about the problem.

A speech capability, special emoji replies, wider files and downloads, quicker downloads, and other features are all available to customers of Telegram’s $4.99 per month paid version.

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