Apple’s Dynamic Island can be copied by Realme Crowdsourcing


Chinese smartphone manufacturer Realme is looking for suggestions from its “dedicated fans” on how to imitate Apple’s Dynamic Island found on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Similar to Apple’s Dynamic Island, Realme suggests that in a challenge, “the UI around the camera hole may transform into multiple forms and sizes to display incoming phone calls, alarms, notifications, and more.” This concept is “very interesting” to the business, therefore it has decided to ask its “committed fans for thoughts and suggestions on how such a software feature could be implemented on Realm devices.” Fans are urged to send in screenshots, videos, and other materials that show how Realm might include a copy of Dynamic Island on its devices.

Post a comment with a design, a GIF, or just prose outlining how a potential realme island might function, look, and what advantages it would have. Please feel free to be as specific as you like, since our knowledgeable Realm UI developers will be reviewing all recommendations.

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What’s Your Dream Island Like? is the description of a picture that Realme included with the challenge, which features a hole-punch cutout with a yellow glow. The winning concept will be used by Realm’s UI engineers, who will “examine it for a potential implementation in the future,” the company adds.

Customers and consumers have praised the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro since it was unveiled earlier this month, with some referring to it as “one of Apple’s best designs in years.” The pill-shaped region at the top of the display is used by Dynamic Island to show users pertinent and contextual information, such as background activities, Now Playing, and more. Days before Apple unveiled the iPhone 14, Android developers started working on a port of Dynamic Island for Android phones.

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