Apple’s Education Community, a free teaching resource offered in beta


The updated and still-free Apple Education Community is Apple’s most recent effort to assist educators in using the iPad, iPhone, or Mac in the classroom.

The portal, which builds on the previous Learning Center with extra resources, was covertly released by the corporation over the weekend. Teachers, digital learning professionals, IT administrators, and school leaders will all find something helpful in the community.

According to a report on Monday, educators in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and New Zealand may only access the new community of Apple in English. Anyone in these nations has free access to the community and is not required to have an account or educator credentials. The earlier show is still accessible in 36 nations and 16 languages.

The Community expands on other Apple projects in addition to the Learning Center, such as the Learning Coach platform, which instructs teachers on how to use Apple products in the classroom.

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According to Susan Prescott, vice president of education and enterprise marketing at Apple, “we believe that education can be a strong force for equity, and that supporting educators is one of the most essential things we can do to help learners unlock their potential.” “We have spent more than 40 years working with teachers in the classroom, and we have witnessed personally how enthusiastic, committed teachers can raise student engagement and improve learning outcomes via the effective use of technology.”

In the Education Community, there are more than 120 tutorials that can be used by educators to learn how to use the built-in Apple apps and features on their iPad and Mac. The purpose of lesson plans is to motivate teachers to impart skills to their students, such as critical thinking.

General Topics, Teaching & Learning, Coaching, Leadership, Deployment & Management, and Apple Groups are some of the sections found inside the Forum. It will quickly emerge as the most effective way for instructors to exchange ideas, work together, and advance their careers.

For educators in particular, the parts on coaching, leadership, and apple groups may be helpful. These services offer users tools for professional development to aid them in their jobs, and according to Apple, more programs and resources will be offered in the future.

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