Apple’s first iPhone was equipped with a USB-C port, and now it is launching an Android with Lightning port


There’s no real reason for this, but the man behind the first iPhone to feature a USB-C port has now created an Android with a Lightning port, though he agrees that this is a pointless exercise on his part.

On April 1, Ken Pillonel (Kenny Pi) was set to release his next marvel of engineering video in a light-hearted nod to the project’s failure, even though he insists the port is real and functioning:

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It’s all over now. Since then, I’ve worked on creating the world’s first Android phone with a USB-C port. It is capable of charging as well as data transmission. A Samsung Galaxy A51 is what you’ll find inside. So, after making the first USB-C iPhone, I decided to counteract my own insanity by creating the exact opposite.

An extended “making of” video tutorial on how to connect a charging and data transfer Lightning cable to a Galaxy A51 is on the way, according to the engineer.

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