Apple’s highly anticipated CarPlay update is a bad news for users


As one of the largest iPhone operating system updates in almost a year, iOS 16 from Apple was quickly downloaded and installed by a large number of people.

And as it turns out, the new iOS version also has something CarPlay users won’t enjoy, in addition to so many enhancements, such as a revamped lock screen and an improved Mail app.

A number of reports of connection issues are now online, and it appears that this new random flaw only affects some users.

In other words, iOS 16 might cause CarPlay to malfunction, albeit it seems like only select users are now affected. This time, we were unable to identify a pattern, so it is now unclear who is and is not affected by the connection issue.

On the other hand, even while CarPlay occasionally fails to fully launch for some users, it occasionally terminates with a black screen on some head units. Additionally, there have been complaints of phone conversations not operating properly, with the individuals on the other end of the line barely hearing the person speaking.

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The new iPhone 14, which began shipping on Friday, appears to be more frequently affected, but once again, only certain smartphones seem to be experiencing the issue.

Users have undoubtedly attempted the majority of common solutions, but someone claims on Reddit that activating wireless CarPlay was possible by connecting to the car’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The iPhone then had an Internet connection for CarPlay apps like Spotify when the Wi-Fi was off.

Nobody can say for sure if this problem requires an urgent repair because Apple, the Cupertino-based computer titan, hasn’t acknowledged it, as is customary in the Apple world. The only thing you can do right now if you have this bug is to start over in your car and repeatedly try to reset everything.

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