Apple’s iOS 16 beta 5 may make hardware changes for AirPods simpler


By going to the Bluetooth menu and touching on your AirPods in the list of accessories, you have always been able to examine the firmware version of your AirPods in the Settings app.

You may now take it a step further by touching on the firmware version itself, as was initially noticed by a Reddit user. When you tap on the firmware version, you can view the software version your AirPods are using as well as the latest firmware for your AirPods case.

Instead of going straight to the Bluetooth menu in the Settings app, you can obtain this information by tapping on the new top-level menu for AirPods.

A new explanation with the words “Firmware details available at” and a hyperlink may be found underneath this information. As it is, clicking on this link does nothing because there isn’t a relevant article available on the Apple Support website.

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In theory, this means that you’ll be able to hit that link to access release notes whenever Apple releases a new software update for AirPods in the future. As of right now, Apple has never made release notes available for AirPods updates. People on Reddit suggest that it might resemble the AirTag release notes that Apple posts.

As a final possibility, this might also indicate that Apple is working on a manual update method for AirPods. At the moment, when your AirPods are in their case and close to your iPhone, they automatically update in the background.

In the end, this is only a minor adjustment at the moment, but it might be a sign that Apple is streamlining the AirPods software update procedure and making it plain to users what has changed with each update.

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