Apple’s iOS 16 beta further suggests a version of the iPhone 14 Pro with an always-on display


A new piece of information that was discovered in the beta version of iOS 16 could be the most recent sign that Apple has plans to implement an always-on display feature in the next generation of its high-end iPhones.

9to5Mac has uncovered that the latest iOS 16 beta has added a new “Sleep” state to the default iOS 16 wallpapers. The new “Sleep” option is a variation of the wallpaper that is darker and more colorful, better suited for showing on an always-on display. Essentially, the new “Sleep” state may be thought of as a photo filter that can be applied to any image that the user wants to use for their always-on display.

According to 9to5Mac’s observations, it appears that Apple will incorporate the features seen on the Apple Watch onto the iPhone 14 Pro. As the Apple Watch Series 5 and later models with an always-on display show a darker and more faint version of the watch face until the wrist is raised, the iPhone 14 Pro could show a darker version of the wallpaper until it is turned on by the user.

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Even when the display is not being actively used, users will be able to see the remains of their wallpaper and information, such as the clock and the lock screen widgets, thanks to the new “Sleep” state. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has already reported that an always-on display that will be tied into the iOS 16 Lock Screen will only be coming to the more expensive models of the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 Pro will be able to display an always-on display thanks to more sophisticated panels with refresh rates as low as 1Hz. ProMotion technology is built into the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, allowing for a range of frequencies from as high as 120Hz to as low as 10Hz. When paired with an always-on display, the iPhone 14 Pro series’ lower 1Hz refresh rate will save energy compared to the iPhone 13 Pro.

In addition to the reported always-on display, the iPhone 14 Pro series is expected to have an all-screen design, a pill-shaped and hole-punched cutout, a 48MP rear-facing camera, speedier performance, new colors, and more. In our roundup, we have a comprehensive list of all the information we know about the iPhone 14 Pro lineup.

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