Apple’s iOS and Android versions of 1Password 8 are now available with a modern layout and qualities


The launch of 1Password 8 for iOS and Android was announced by AgileBits today, bringing the desktop and mobile apps’ functionality into line with the new version’s deployment.

The new customizable home page in 1Password 8 for mobile takes into account consumer input obtained during the early access launches earlier this year.

The home page can be customized in a variety of ways, including by pinning particular fields from a login, adding quick actions, highlighting favorites, rearranging sections, seeing recently generated things, and highlighting favorites.

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The redesigned Watchtower dashboard, which was first introduced in 1Password 8 for desktop, is now available for mobile. The dashboard’s goal is to make it simple for 1Password admins and users to protect themselves by quickly identifying and updating weak passwords, inactive 2FA, and compromised passwords that put them at risk. It does this by providing actionable alerts and a comprehensive view of security risks and vulnerabilities.

Users can now instantly access the home screen, do item searches, and enter Watchtower or app settings thanks to an improved always-on navigation bar. New item icons, typography, comprehensive views for objects and vaults, and more are also included.

The App Store offers 1Password 8 for Apple iOS for download. All platforms, including iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and others, require a membership, with the cost per user set at $3.99 per month for unrestricted access. The trial period is free for 30 days.

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