Apple’s iPad and Apple Watch are used in training by Australia’s national swim team


Apple Watch, iPad, and bespoke apps are being used by coaches and swimmers on Australia’s The Dolphins national swim team to monitor health and performance.

Apple is celebrating how Due to the Dolphins team’s members’ intense interest in technology, including the iPad, they are reportedly enjoying their most prosperous period in team history.

According to Swimming Australia’s performance solutions manager, Jess Coroners, “data is the important element when it comes to designing performance outcomes for our athletes.” We’ve noticed a rise in athlete involvement among those sporting Apple Watches, which provides us with more data for analysis and coaching decisions.

The iPad has evolved into a crucial coaching tool, according to Coroners, because it gives us rapid access to race footage and athlete health information from any location.

She says that because most athletes learn best visually, it’s quite effective to demonstrate what has to be done to them while they are focused on a training session.

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The ability to create performance programmers that help our athletes swim faster in the water so they can win more gold is provided by technology, according to Coronas.

A “powerful ecosystem” is what Apple refers to as the collection of gadgets and applications, including its own Workout app and ones made specifically for them. It implies that trainers “can more precisely capture a complete picture of their athletes’ overall health and performance.”

Swimmer Zac Stubblety-Cook, a gold medalist and world record holder, said to Apple: “As an elite athlete, it’s crucial for me to access heart rate and activity data in real time so I can make immediate adjustments and avoid overtraining.” My coach and I have found that being able to precisely measure my heart rate in between sets has been a really helpful data point for determining how well I am reacting to training.

Additionally, Apple claims that the next watchOS 9 would bring enhancements to swimming. According to the manufacturer, “Apple Watch will automatically identify when users are swimming with a kickboard and classify the stroke type in the workout summary, along with distance swum.”

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