Apple’s iPhone 13 is helping it demolish Android’s market share in the premium smartphone segment


Research from Counterpoint shows that Apple has a commanding lead over its rivals when it comes to the global premium smartphone market’s market share.

According to new research published Thursday, Apple’s Q1 share of the premium market ($400 or more) has increased from 57% last year to 62% this year, an increase of 57%. For the ninth straight quarter, the premium smartphone market outperformed the entire smartphone market in terms of year-over-year growth.

According to the report, over 60% of the premium market was controlled by Apple, which has now done so for two quarters in a row. Specifically, the iPhone 13 series was the driving force behind this. Every month since October 2021, the best-selling model in the world has been Apple’s iPhone 13. Moreover, this was also Apple’s greatest Q1 share in the premium segment since the first quarter of 2017.

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The research claims that Apple’s greatest iPhone, the iPhone 13, has been the number one model globally every month since October 2021, providing Apple with its biggest Q1 share in the premium sector in five years.

In the meantime, Android competitor Samsung is having trouble, and as a result, the company’s market share has fallen from 18 percent to 16 percent year on year due to delays in the S22 series.

This year’s most popular high-end smartphones, according to Counterpoint Research, were the Apple iPhone 13 (23% of total sales), the iPhone 13 Pro Max (13%), the Apple iPhone 13 Pro (9%), and finally, the Apple iPhone 12. 3 percent of the list is occupied by Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra-the first Android device. With the iPhone 14 due out in a few months, Apple’s newest flagship phone has already captured 45% of the market.

Apple isn’t expected to make major changes to the iPhone 14’s design this year, but if reports are to be believed, we may anticipate a new 48MP camera, a hole-punch notch, an always-on display, and more in the Pro variants.

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