Apple’s iPhone 14 might not have a SIM card slot


Apple has privately considered the possibility of releasing some iPhone models without a SIM card slot by the end of the year, According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. In his most recent Power On newsletter, Gurman also stated that the action will be a part of Apple’s push toward eSIMs.

Although Gurman suggested that the change may not occur until the iPhone 15 next year, which Apple is scheduled to introduce in only three days, some iPhone 14 models may no longer have a SIM card port, he claimed. It has previously been claimed that the SIM card slot will eventually be eliminated.

In his newsletter, Gurman predicted that “Apple will give eSIM a larger push this time around, with carriers planning to guide consumers toward the digital, integrated SIM cards rather than physical ones.” In fact, Apple has thought about doing away with the physical SIM card port entirely, starting this year or next for some models.

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Users can activate a cellular plan using an eSIM, or electronic SIM, instead of a physical nano-SIM card. Some iPhone models with a SIM card slot may continue to be accessible for at least a few years during the transition, despite the fact that eSIM availability is quickly expanding but the technology is still not available in all nations.

Customers can often activate a cellular plan via eSIM by turning on the iPhone, connecting to a Wi-Fi network, and following the on-screen instructions. Nano-SIM cards are already missing from iPhone 13 models sold at Apple Stores and on Additionally, iPhone 13 models enable several eSIM profiles, enabling users to digitally sign up for a variety of cellular plans and swap between them, which is practical for travelling.

The removal of the SIM card port could increase the iPhone’s water resistance even more and possibly free up a tiny bit of inside space.

Apple is rumored to hold a special event at Steve Jobs Theater where the iPhone 14 lineup would be unveiled. The new Apple Watch Series 8 models, a new Apple Watch SE, an Apple Watch Pro, and new AirPods Pro are among the additional devices that are anticipated to be unveiled.

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