Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro could come with a constant-on screen


Although the iPhone 14 Pro won’t likely go on sale for another few weeks, the usual assortment of CAD models and rumors have already given us a solid idea of what to expect from Apple’s upcoming flagship device.

In order to offer us a vivid representation of what the phone might appear like when the screen comes to life, graphic artist AR7(opens in new tab) has combined all of the reported design cues and rumoured functionality with a few iOS 16 beta test screenshots.

Accordingly, the preview depicts both the constant-on screen

It is planned to make use of the younger generation of advertising phone screens, as well as the now-familiar substitute for the notch, a dual pinhole camera and pill cutout, allegedly intended for just the two Pro iPhone 14 versions. 

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Thus, according to rumors, the iPhone 14 Pro will enable the promotion display to have a refresh rate as low as 1Hz, which is even lower than the 10Hz now supported by the iPhone 13 Pro series. As a result, the battery life wouldn’t be fully destroyed when the display was still showing some data while the user was sleeping.

AR7 believes that this will most likely take the shape of a muted display that only displays important information until you fully awaken the screen from its 1Hz refresh-rate dormancy. That’s a lot of information in this case: the date, the weather, the time, the iPhone 14 Pro’s battery life left, the phone’s signal, Wi-Fi connectivity, the fitness ring’s condition, the associated Apple Watch battery, and the fact that an alarm has been set.

The final three of these are to be included as widgets with iOS 16, bringing Apple closer to the finest Android phones’ more information-dense homescreens.

In spite of this, Craig Federighi revealed earlier this year in an interview with our sister site TechRadar that Apple is limiting customizing innovation in an effort to keep things from getting too crowded. At the time, he said, “This is completely intentional.” We could have easily told them, “Hey, drag anything anyplace.” In all honesty, this would not have been a challenge.

There are undoubtedly further improvements to the iPhone 14 Pro that aren’t visible in still images. For example, the main camera’s megapixel count will reportedly increase for the first time since 2015’s iPhone 6S, and only the Pro models will supposedly gain from the new, faster A16 Bionic chipset.

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