Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro has large pill-shaped scallops that display cameras and microphones for privacy


The huge pill-shaped combo cutout intended for the iPhone 14 Pro models of Apple would show privacy indicators for the microphone and camera, according to a source who revealed information.

The TrueDepth camera system hardware for Face ID will be housed in two pill-shaped and hole-punched cutouts that will replace the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro models, but as we discovered today, the cutouts will be combined together using software, making the cutout appear as a single long, pill-shaped cutout when the iPhone is in use.

The orange and green dots that signal whether the camera or microphone has been engaged by an app will reportedly be displayed in the space between the two cutouts. When the hardware is actively being used, these indications are now displayed to the right of the notch, but placing them front and centre on the iPhone’s display will make it clearer when the camera and the microphone are being used.

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When the camera is on, the green dot will be prominently shown, giving users of iPhones a Mac-like experience. When the webcam is active on a Mac, a green indicator light adjacent to the camera flashes green and cannot be turned off.

According to reports, Apple will allow users to tap on the green and orange dots to learn more about the apps that are exploiting the iPhone’s hardware. These details are now made available in Control Center, where Apple lists the applications that most recently used the camera, microphone, and location.

The same source believes that Apple will also restructure the Camera app, relocating most of the controls to the top of the display to give customers a larger view of the camera preview, but this change is “still not totally locked in.”

The area between the two cutouts on the iPhone 14 Pro models will be blacked out when the privacy indicators are not turned on, giving the impression that there is only one cutout. Since the iPhone 14 models will employ a conventional notch, they will probably still have the same hardware indications as the iPhone 13 models.

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