Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro lead times are long indicating high demand


Analysis of availability reveals that there is greater consumer demand for the iPhone 14 Pro models than for the iPhone 13 Pro range from Apple, while the Apple Watch Ultra is selling well.

According to JP Morgan’s Apple Product Availability Tracker, the lead times for the recently introduced iPhones are low for the ordinary iPhone 14, but they are still lengthy for the Pro variants. It appears that customers may get an iPhone 14 delivered in an average of just three days after the second week of tracking delivery times across several areas.

According to the note to investors obtained by AppleInsider, the average delivery time for the iPhone 14 Pro is 35 days, while it takes 41 days for the Pro Max. Although the letter warns that availability for the iPhone 14 Plus starts on October 7, the delivery time for that model is specified at 21 days.

According to the note, lead times are lower for the base iPhone 14 model than they were for the iPhone 13 series, but they are longer for the Pro and Pro Max models.

Regionally speaking, the US times give the iPhone 14 a 4-day lead over the Plus, which is still on schedule for its launch date. The lead times for the iPhone 13 and 13 mini, which were 19 to 21 days at this point, are “less favorable” than this. With the exception of a few iPhone 14 Pro Max models, the Pro and Pro Max are at 35 and 42 days, respectively, and the majority are available for same-day in-store pickup.

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The lead times for the Pro model in China have slowed down a little bit, but they are still lengthy at 39 and 46 days for the corresponding sizes, as opposed to 40 days for the iPhone 13 Pro versions. Both timelines are significantly shorter than the 21-day lead periods for the iPhone 13 and mini in 2021. The iPhone 14 Plus is still on pace for its first available date, while the iPhone 14 is available the next day.

The demand for the iPhone 14 Pro models was similarly strong in both Germany and the UK, with the 14 at 3 days having a less favorable demand profile than the iPhone 13. The lead times for the Pro variants are expected to be comparable to those for the iPhone 13 Pro.

According to reports, the Apple Watch Ultra has sustained global demand, with a 37-day supply compared to a 34-day supply one week ago. Compared to 28 days a week ago.

The timelines for the Apple Watch SE were reduced from 8 days in the first week to 6 days. Lead times have extended past the initial launch date of September 23 for the AirPods Pro Gen 2 in the US and Germany due to high demand.

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