Apple’s iPhone 14 users are unable to use AirDrop with contacts


There have been multiple reports of AirDrop not working properly on some iPhone 14 models in the MacRumors forums and from users of the site. Affected users are unable to complete the file transfer while sending a file from an iPhone 14 to the iPhone of a contact.

When a file is transferred to a contact, it displays a “Waiting” message forever, and the recipient never gets a message asking them to accept the AirDrop transfer. From Bexx of the MacRumors forum:

Yes! I’m experiencing the same problem. My iPhone X stated it was connected when I tried to email my husband a photo earlier, but nothing happened. But if I enable “everyone” so that he appears as just about anyone, it allows me to send without a hitch. But I can airdrop to my own devices. Not even contact.

Although iOS 16 does not appear to be the cause of the issue, some iOS 16 users may be. The issue appears to be with the iPhone 14 models. As of yet, we have only heard reports from iPhone 14 owners.

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The forums have mentioned that there is a limited workaround that can be applied. The AirDrop settings must be adjusted from “Contacts” to “Everyone” in order to send a file to a contact. You may access the AirDrop settings by launching the Control Center and holding down the top-left block for a long time. Select “Everyone” from the drop-down menu after tapping “AirDrop.”

This workaround, however, is incompatible with password sharing because in order to transfer a password to someone else, both parties must already have each other’s contact details saved on their iPhones. Patrick is a reader of MacRumors.

The Airdrop wasn’t functioning between the two new 14:00 PM, so I contacted Apple through support today. They forced me to reset my carrier settings and change contacts for everyone before they could get it to function. The peculiar part is that the standard airdrop person emoji I would use doesn’t function; instead, I have to be on “everyone” before I can see my spouse’s phone under “other.” I tried to share a password using Apple Passwords, but I got a notice that the person wasn’t in my contacts. Perhaps iCloud contacts are not matching?

Numerous readers who contacted Apple Support claim that Apple is aware of the problem, and that a remedy should be available soon.

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