Apple’s iPhone controls a compact coffee cup that makes it possible to control the temperature


This week, Ember added a new 6-ounce Ember Cup to their collection of temperature-controlled cups. The new cup is meant for espresso-based beverages such as cappuccinos, cortados, and flat whites. The Ember Cup has a starting price of $99.95 in the United States, making it the most affordable option in the Ember series. Nevertheless, it is also the most compact.

For up to 90 minutes, or as long as necessary when put on the provided charging coaster, the Ember Cup’s built-in battery keeps your coffee or other hot beverage at your desired drinking temperature. The Ember app can be used to adjust the temperature of the cup through Bluetooth, allowing you to choose your favorite temperature between 120°F and 145°F, as well as preset settings based on the type of beverage you’re drinking.

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The Ember Cup keeps beverages at 135°F by default when it is used without a mobile device. When the beverage has achieved the required temperature, which is then maintained by the cup, an intelligent LED on the bottom of the cup indicates that it has reached that temperature.

While the Ember Cup is currently the most affordable Ember model, we should point out that the original Ember Mug used to start at $79.95 when we evaluated it several years ago. Since then, the price of the 10-ounce Ember Mug has gone up to $129.95, and the 14-ounce version has gone up to $149.95. The Ember Travel Mug, $199.95, is also on sale.

Ember Cups may be purchased on Ember’s website for $99.95 for the black model and $129.95 for the copper model. Ember Mugs are available for purchase through Apple’s online shop; however, the Ember Cup is not yet available.

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