Apple’s iPhone gaming is more enjoyable now that Razer has launched the Kishi V2 game controller for the iPhone


The new Kishi V2 gaming controller for the iPhone, which has a number of upgrades over the original controller, was just released by Razer.

A more “ergonomic” design, “console-quality controls” with improved responsiveness for the A/B/X/Y buttons and d-pad, two programmable multifunction buttons (L4/R4), and an “extendable bridge” for use with the iPhone 6s and newer, including all iPhone SE models, are some of the main new features of the Kishi V2.

The controller receives electricity from an iPhone and has a Lightning connector built in for a quick, low-latency connection. The controller’s bottom features an additional Lightning port that enables pass-through charging of the iPhone.

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The new Kishi V2 controller can be purchased right away from Razer’s website for ninety-nine points and ninety-nine percent in the US. The Kishi V2 is also available for the same price for Android-powered devices, which were released in June.

The Backbone is another well-liked iPhone game controller, and since iOS 14.5 was released last year, iPhones of Apple have also supported PS5 DualSense and Xbox Series X/S controllers over Bluetooth. iOS 16 included support for Nintendo’s Joy-Cons as well.

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