Apple’s iPhone plant operated by Foxconn is based in a Chinese region that is currently under lockdown


In accordance with authorities’ concession to allow key employees to continue working, the Foxconn Technology Group plant in central China, which is Apple Inc.’s largest iPhone assembler, continues to run despite a government COVID lockdown of the area.

According to a government notice obtained by Bloomberg News, officials closed the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, which houses Foxconn’s iPhone City campus, on Thursday for an indefinite period of time. Residents are not permitted to leave their homes unless it is deemed necessary during the lockdown, according to the notice, but employees of critical businesses are permitted to commute.

As part of the government’s relentless campaign to eliminate COVID cases throughout the country, it has imposed a lockdown.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Foxconn said that “the Zhengzhou campus is still operating normally and the site continues to comply with government measures to curb the spread of the virus.”

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When contacted outside of regular business hours, the Zhengzhou airport zone did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Zhengzhou’s Weibo account announced on Saturday that passenger and cargo flights to and from the central Chinese city were operating normally. Foxconn relies on the airport to ship iPhones to countries around the world.

A variety of Apple suppliers in China have been affected to varying degrees by China’s pursuit of its COVID Zero policy, but the impact has remained limited because demand for consumer electronics is traditionally low during this time of year.

Smaller Foxconn competitor Pegatron Corp. ceased operations at its two iPhone factories in Shanghai and Kunshan. A few days ago, Quanta Computer Inc., a manufacturer of Apple laptop computers, resumed some production. Zhengzhou shut down parts of the area around the Foxconn iPhone City campus in mid-April, but this had no effect on the factory.

China is still fighting the virus’s spread despite the country’s strict anti-virus measures. In the current outbreak, Shanghai’s daily COVID-19 death toll reached a record high on Saturday, according to figures released. As many as 15 new infections were reported in Beijing as of 4 p.m. Saturday, and the Chinese capital warned that more cases were likely in store.

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