Apple’s iPhone saves the life of a man


According to Zee News, an iPhone feature saved the life of a man who was stranded on the ice for 15 feet.

41-year-old Tim Blakey was snowboarding alone in Switzerland when he fell into a crevice and was unable to get out. He was thrown 15 feet onto a snow bridge when the crack opened up. Because of the bridge, he was saved from drowning.

The adventurer had no choice but to use his phone, which had only 3% of its battery remaining.

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Even though he had fallen so far, he was able to use 3G. According to Blakey, who shared his story on Instagram, the screen of his phone was constantly wet from the constant drips.

In spite of this, the iPhone’s emergency services were able to save the day for him.

Thanks to Apple’s side button, five clicks to emergency services (especially excellent when your screen is constantly dripping on), as well as a 3G connection provided by the service provider, he wrote on Instagram.

An SOS can be called by pressing the iPhone’s side button five times, which alerts the police to the situation. It must be activated in the iPhone’s settings by the individual user.

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