Apple’s latest version of Boot Camp has enhanced Wi-Fi and bug fixes


Boot Camp, the program that enables Windows to operate on Macs with Intel processors, received an update from Apple today. Boot Camp 6.1.16 is a bug repair update that fixes small problems, replacing Boot Camp 6.1.12, which fixed stability problems with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi drivers.

The software adds Wi-Fi WPA3 functionality and resolves a Bluetooth driver problem that occasionally occurred while waking up from Sleep or Hibernation, according to the release notes for the upgrade.

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Back in March, Apple released the Boot Camp 6.1.17 upgrade, which is accessible to Studio Display-using Intel Mac users.

Users of Boot Camp can access the Apple Software Update app from the Start menu in Windows and launch it to install the most recent Boot Camp drivers.

On earlier Macs with Intel-based processors, a function called Boot Camp is only accessible. The only way Apple silicon Macs can run Windows is through virtualization software, hence it is incompatible with these devices.

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