Apple’s new car is rumored to run a custom operating system to control all aspects of driving


According to an industry report, the long-rumored Apple Car will have its own centrally integrated operating system, similar to how Tesla has one system that controls both the vehicle’s driving controls and its entertainment systems.

The vast majority of patents and other regulatory filings pertaining to the upcoming “Apple Car” are concerned with hardware issues. The self-driving car, on the other hand, is unlikely to come with just an upgraded version of the CarPlay system.

Everything in the car is controlled by one central system, similar to Tesla’s design. There are a variety of options available, including navigation and lane control, as well as on-board Apple Music integration and air conditioning.

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In contrast, Tesla’s operating system is not entirely developed by the car company, but rather is a modified version of Linux Ubuntu.

Digitimes reports that sources say a Korean company “will assist in the development of the self-driving sensor” that will be part of the Domain Control Unit (DCU) (DCU).

For the most demanding aspects of car automation, a DCU is a dedicated unit that processes the information provided by sensors ranging from cameras to LiDAR.

It’s interesting to note that these rumours about the DCU and a “carOS”-like operating system come at a time when other rumours claim that progress on the “Apple Car” has stalled. Apple’s car team is said to have been disbanded, but other sources maintain that a 2025 release date is still feasible.

For Apple’s hardware supply chain, Digitimes has a long history of reporting on the company’s supply chain. When it comes to drawing conclusions about Apple’s future plans, it has a much worse one.

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