Apple’s new MacBook Air 2022 renders show a refreshed design that we like


The rumored MacBook Air 2022’s design has been given a fresh look thanks to a series of new renders. They’re also strikingly attractive in person. 

They were created by YouTuber ZoneofTech and are based on what we know about the upcoming MacBook Air 2022, which is expected to come in a wide range of colours, including the new Alpine Green hue that was introduced on the iPhone 13.

Rumors have been circulating for a while that the MacBook Air 2022 will have a flat, rounded design that is more in line with the design of the current MacBook Pro models. Although the next Air is expected to have a notch-free display, these renders also show off that design, which includes slimmer screen bezels and a new display notch for the MacBook Pro, which was introduced for the first time.

ZoneofTech says the renderings are accurate to within “I’m almost very certain I have a near 100 percent accurate picture of what the new MacBook Air will be like.”

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The Apple M2 chip, which differs from the M1 Pro and M1 Max silicon in focusing on efficiency rather than raw power, is also expected to power the MacBook Air in 2022, according to reports. This is a reasonable compromise for the MacBook Air. Rather than catering to power-hungry professionals, the Air line is aimed at consumers who are more concerned with battery life than raw performance.

The next-generation MacBook Air is also expected to follow in the footsteps of the MacBook Pro in terms of the configuration of its ports. The rumoured reintroduction of MagSafe charging and an HDMI port would be greatly appreciated, as the current MacBook Air M1 only has two USB-C ports. We’d love to see an SD card reader on the MacBook Air, but it’s likely to remain a MacBook Pro-exclusive feature.

The display of the MacBook Air 2022 is also expected to receive a major upgrade. It’s possible that the current Air models could be replaced with a mini-LED display. As with the MacBook Pro 2021, this would be a borrowed upgrade that would be welcomed nonetheless. However, the MacBook Air’s starting price would almost certainly rise above $1,000 if it had a mini-LED display. According to these reports, the next MacBook Air may use an LCD panel, despite claims to the contrary.

Awaiting confirmation of all the rumoured upgrades and features, as well as how close these renderings are to the real thing, we can only speculate. However, if all of the above holds up, we could be looking at the most exciting MacBook Air in years.

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