Apple’s Siri is now supported by another streaming music service


Apple users will undoubtedly agree that using Siri to play and control the playback of your favourite streaming music is a time-saving convenience. The only thing you need to do to begin listening to your favourite song, if you prefer Spotify, is to simply say, “Play.” “Greetings, Siri! Stream [song name] on Spotify!” is all you need to do.

Tidal is now available for iPhone and iPad users, allowing them to do the same thing. Tidal now works with Siri, according to a tweet from the music streaming service. The answer is yes, that is correct! Add “on Tidal” at the end of your request to Siri’s song playback.

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Even though the HomePod and HomePod mini are compatible with Tidal, you can’t use Siri to control it. You won’t be able to control Tidal playback with your voice if you prefer to listen to music on Apple’s smart speaker while bingeing. But if you prefer, you can start the song on your phone and then send it to the HomePod via AirPlay. Don’t waste your time thinking about requesting that HomePod play Taylor Swift for you.

Apple Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Pandora are all other services you can use to control your music playback on HomePod. Even though the API is freely available to other companies like Spotify, Amazon, and YouTube, they are under no obligation to do so.

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