Apple’s upcoming iPad 10 will have a side-facing FaceTime HD camera as rumored


The FaceTime HD camera may be moved to another side of the display, according to a hazy rumor, while Touch ID may be shifted to a side button on the 10th-generation iPad.

In October, Apple is allegedly planning to refresh its iPad portfolio, including the entry-level model. There might be a few significant alterations to the model’s design, according to speculation in a report that was released on Monday.

Starting with the Home button, the render also revealed low bezels and a standard Home button with Touch ID adjacent to the screen. In contrast, the sources insist that the device will use a side-button Touch ID technology, similar to the iPad mini.

Early in August, speculation based on allegedly leaked CAD data of the iPad’s chassis suggested that the model would be slightly wider and slimmer than the ninth-gen model. Unnamed Chinese sources for Macotakara appear to concur with the general size information from that leak, but they disagree in several instances.

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The removal of the Home button would make it easier for the iPad’s display to expand from its current 10.2 inches. Given Apple’s prior use of the method on other smartphones, moving it to a side button is also conceivable.

The FaceTime HD camera may shift positions, according to the report’s sources, which is another significant alteration. The iPad’s camera is now situated halfway along the narrow edge opposite the Home button.

According to the report’s sources, it is possible to move the camera to the “right side.” The adjustment was made because it appears that the Center Stage reframing feature functions better when the device is held horizontally in landscape position. As a result, shifting the camera would make more sense to suit users of this feature.

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Although moving the camera to a different side could be advantageous in that situation, Apple has never done so before given where it is on all of its previous iPads and iPhones. Additionally, since the camera occupies a portion of the side bezel, it may become problematic if Apple reduces the bezel size to make room for a larger display.

It appears doubtful that the adjustments would be made as there were no additional widespread reports or leaks about the Touch ID or camera upgrades at the time of publishing. Additionally, it would be strange for Apple to make such a modification to the entry-level iPad when significant hardware updates are frequently made to higher models, notably the iPad Pro line.

Expectations regarding the speculation are also muted by the story itself. Readers are reminded in the text that it is “still an anticipation” and that specifics “remain uncertain.”

Ahead of Apple’s anticipated September event and its October presentation focused on the iPad and Mac, it is anticipated that rumors about the company’s hardware modifications will pick up in the following weeks.

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