Apps in the dock are not pushed out by Apple Music in the iOS 15.6 beta


In the newest iOS developer beta, the error that caused Apple Music to push any other app out of the fourth place in the dock has been corrected.

The fact that Apple Music’s app mysteriously pushed Spotify’s out of iPhone docks was viewed as odd given the rivalry between Apple Music and Spotify. On the other hand, Apple contacted AppleInsider to indicate that this was a bug and that they were investigating it.

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The second developer beta for iOS 15.6 appears to have addressed the issue when it was reported and investigated. YouTuber Aaron Zollo has noticed that Spotify has been removed from the dock in iOS 15.6.

The Macro photography toggle feature for iPhone 13 models was discovered by Zollo in an iOS 15.2 beta test, making him the first to discover it.

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