Apps steal millions from users with outrageous fake iPhone 13 apps; how it happened


According to the FBI, CryptoRom is a new online scam where criminals are using romance scam tactics to swindle innocent victims of their money. Fake iPhone 13 apps are being used to attack cryptocurrency assets this time around as well. With the promise of big returns on investments, scammers entice victims to invest, and once they’ve done so, the scammers seize control of the cryptocurrency and disappear. To make matters worse, the hacker is likely to do it in the name of romance.

What they did with CryptoRom

First, the thieves form a bond with the victim and attempt to entice her into a romantic relationship with them. When they are a couple, they can start to build trust. Once the trust has been established, they will begin their scam. Find out how this crypto scam works and how you can protect yourself from it in the following paragraphs.

The CryptoRom romance scam targets cryptocurrency users

Sophos Lab researcher Jagadeesh Chandraiah described CryptoRom as “a trifecta of malice, combining romance scams, cryptocurrency scams, and malicious Android and iPhone apps,” according to Tom’s Guide. Despite the fact that the first two are relatively easy to find, the latter is rare, and that is why this online scam involving fake iPhone 13 apps is so dangerous.

CryptScam’s first stage

The first step taken by these romance thieves is to make contact via online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Facebook Dating, and Hinge. However, some of the victims were also approached on WhatsApp, which suggests that the hackers are likely to have a profile of their victims and select the most likely targets. After a couple of days, the scammer pretends to build trust with the victim. This can go on for weeks at a time.

CryptoScam’s Second Stage

During this second phase of the romance scam, the criminal tells the victim about a secret cryptocurrency investment that promises to double or triple the victim’s money in just a few days or weeks. Initially, the victim receives a small amount of money back, but once they invest a large sum, the scammer disappears with the money. This is the only time the victim realises the platform for the secret crypto investment was fraudulent. In other words, this is how the CryptoRom online scam works.

Apps for the fake iPhone 13

One thing that sets this online scam apart from the rest is the use of 13 phoney iPhone apps in the scam. Security is generally regarded as a strong suit for smartphones, especially the most recent models like the Apple iPhone 13. Hackers exploited the iOS TestFlight feature by exploiting Apple’s enterprise application deployment scheme and the “super signature” scheme, according to a report from Sophos Lab.

The iPhone 13 and other iPhones allow large corporations to install company-specific apps that are not available in the App store. The criminals use this technology to trick the iPhone into thinking the app is genuine. Once the romance scammer gets the app installed on the victim’s phone, it’s game over.

What to do to avoid getting infected with CryptoRom

Step 1: Don’t download any apps until they’ve been thoroughly vetted online.

Step 2: Be cautious when using online dating apps; thoroughly check the background of the person or persons you are interested in.

Step 3: When using a dating app to find a romantic partner, make sure to request photos, phone numbers, addresses, passport information, and other forms of identification.

Step 4: It is common for scammers to try to move the conversation out of these online dating scams to email or phone. If you want to keep using Tindr, Bumble, Facebook Dating, and other online dating platforms like these because they’re more secure, you should do so.

When someone asks you to do something, such as invest money, always tell your immediate family about it.

Step 6: People who want to hold a private meeting in a house should be avoided. Always go to a public place like a well-known restaurant where a lot of people are around.

Step 7: Make sure you’ve activated the iPhone 13’s numerous safety features, especially for women, before you leave home.

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