April 22 Overwatch fix notes nerfs to daze and group control capacities


Another Overwatch fix is hitting the live servers with some major nerfs to various saints with dazes, or other CC (swarm control) capacities in their units for testing in the Experimental Mode.

In a post on the game’s authentic gatherings, Game Director Jeff Kaplan tended to the issue with CC capacities, and how the group is attempting to make them less harsh.

“The term ‘swarm control’ or ‘cc’ is utilized to allude to capacities that legends can do to different saints that cause them to lose control of their character,” he clarified. “Models incorporate Mei’s capacity to freeze you, Reinhardt wrecking you with Earthshatter or stalling out in Junkrat’s snare.”

“We comprehend that group control capacities can cause a ton of disappointment. Whenever control is detracted from you it for the most part doesn’t feel better,” he included.

While the fix highlights nerfs to the term of Mei’s freeze, Brigitte’s Shield Bash, McCree’s Flashbang, Ana’s Sleep Dart and Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, there were a few little buffs and equalization changes likely to work out, as well.

Sigma’s Accretion knockdown currently has a fixed span of 0.8 seconds, paying little mind to where the stone is tossed from. All things considered, the cast time has been diminished from 0.75 to 0.65 seconds, so Sigma players will have the option to dispatch their stone quicker – regardless of whether it implies their objective will be on the ground less frequently.

Also, Roadhog got a straight buff – kind of. As Kaplan clarified, “We really need to attempt to buff his Ultimate a smidgen to make it progressively significant. It’s not as quite a bit of an unadulterated buff as it would appear from the start – while you will thump foes back additional, you’re likewise liable to push them out of harm progressively (except if you corner them).”

In the fix takes note of, the knockback of Wholehog got expanded by 20% – and keeping in mind that this may sound better, the way that he thumps targets away could really be a slight nerf, as enemies will be overwhelmed from his harm. We’ll need to perceive how it plays out.

As indicated by Kaplan, the group has some enormous CC changes made arrangements for Overwatch 2 that they’re taking a shot at inside. What those are, we’ll need to sit back and watch, however this fix should give players tired of being dazed something to appreciate.

The full fix notes can be found underneath:



Entire Hog knockback expanded 20%


Earthshatter knockdown term brought from 3 down to 2.5 seconds


Knockdown term is presently a fixed 0.8 second as opposed to scaling with separation

Cast time diminished from 0.75 to 0.65 seconds


Flashbang paralyze term brought from 0.85 down to 0.7 seconds


Endothermic Blaster freeze paralyze term brought from 1.5 down to 1.3 seconds

Snowstorm term brought from 5 down to 4.25 seconds


Rest term brought from 6 down to 5 seconds


Shield Bash paralyze term brought from 0.75 down to 0.65 seconds


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