Arizona iPhone users can get digital licenses from TECHApple


Only iPhone users in Arizona can currently access the tool.

Those IDs will not be accepted in traffic, but they will be accepted at Sky Harbor International Airport’s security checkpoints.

A further step toward eliminating the need for physical credit cards is being taken by Apple, which is replacing them with digital ones on iPhones and iPads.

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Among the new states to get the feature are Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio, and Puerto Rico, which will join seven others previously announced.

In order to create an ID, users will need to go to the Wallet app to take a selfie and upload their driver’s licence information.

Travelers’ digital IDs will be checked by scanning them into machines and taking a photo of the person.

The digital ID is distinct from the physical one in that it does not include a photograph or any other personal information.

More than two years have passed since Apple began developing this technology, and it is working closely with state governments to issue IDs and gain approval.

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