Arizona users can now access driver’s license information in Apple’s Wallet app


In Arizona, Apple Inc. has reportedly launched a feature that makes state IDs and driver’s licenses available in the iPhone Wallet app.

If you’re flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, you can show the TSA your state ID or driver’s license by tapping your Apple Watch or iPhone at the security checkpoints there.

A statement from Apple Wallet and Apple Pay Vice President Jennifer Bailey stated that the company is excited to bring the first driver’s license and state ID in Wallet to Arizona today, allowing Arizonans to securely, easily, and secludedly show their ID while travelling via a tap of their Apple Watch or iPhone.

Soon, Wallet will support the storage of state ID cards from more states than it does right now. Also included in this list are states such as Hawaii, Colorado, and the territory of Puerto Rico that Apple previously stated would have this feature available.

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Customers can present their state ID or driver’s license to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at participating airport security checkpoints by touching their iPhone or Apple Watch to the identification scanner. Once registered to Wallet,

Users will be able to see what information the TSA is requesting on their Apple Watch or iPhone and can consent to submit it with Touch ID or Face ID without unlocking their phone or displaying their ID card.

Furthermore, users don’t have to show or hand over their smartphone to show their ID because all information is shared digitally. The TSA will also take a photo of the traveller for verification purposes.

Some states have TSA checkpoints where wallet-enabled state IDs and drivers’ licenses are currently accepted. Signage at TSA checkpoints should be consulted to verify availability.

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