Ark: Survival Evolved 310.41 Server Network Update

Ark: Survival Evolved 310.41 Server Network Update

The well known dinosaur endurance game Ark: Survival Evolved won’t delayed down on refreshes in any event, during the on-going episode. The engineers keep on supporting the game with updates and fixes in wants to improve the general player experience. Recently, another fix was made accessible, titled Server Update v310.41

The fix is for the most part centered around bug fixing alongside some minor changes. The Eggcellent Adventure occasion has at long last finished and 2x collect, XP, restraining and rearing have been empowered. The Rock Drake misuse was fixed and MEK’s will currently assault structures as proposed. The cloning cost for Thyla was decreased and Valguero class is changed to Ragnarok Ice Wyvern. A couple of level structure issues were settled and server crashes have been incredibly diminished.

You can peruse the total fix notes beneath or on the official site.

Ark: Survival Evolved Update v310.41 Patch Notes

  • End of Eggcellent Adventure.
  • Empowering 2x gather, rearing, XP and restraining
  • Fixed a bug with Cruise Missiles which made them explode on the player terminating
  • Fixed a bug which kept MEKs from assaulting structures
  • Fixed an adventure with the Rock Drake
  • Fixed different level structure issues identified with openings, skimming foliage, volumes, and lighting
  • Fixed various server accidents and server slows down
  • Fixed a bug with specific animals assaulting through structure dividers
  • Diminished the Giant Turtle’s air pocket blowing assault on when over the ground
  • Denoted Valgeuro’s Ice Golem and Chalk Golem as incapable to move
  • Valguero Ice wyvern class changed to Ragnarok Ice Wyvern
  • Fixed an adventure that permitted mission animals to be utilized in unintended manners
  • Added extra execute volumes to unintended playable zones
  • Fixed an adventure which permitted certain animals to assault structures through dividers
  • Fixed a bug that could make things move back to your own stock while moving from individual to remote with the T key.
  • Balanced (decreased) the Thyla cost for cloning
  • Fixed a bug with the explosive launcher where it some of the time wouldn’t utilize all its ammunition

So what do you think? Have you been playing Ark: Survival Evolved? Did you appreciate the Eggcellent Adventure Event? Tell us your musings in the remarks area underneath.


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