Beginning wages for Apple workers in the US have been raised to $22 an hour


Apple announced on Wednesday that it would boost the beginning salary for its US employees, citing a tight labor market and an increase in unionization activities in the face of growing inflation.

According to a statement from Apple (AAPL) sent to Reuters, starting compensation for the company’s U.S. team members will rise to $22 per hour, or higher depending on market conditions.

A spokeswoman for the company stated that this year, as part of the yearly performance review process, they will be raising the overall budget for employee remuneration.

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The Wall Street Journal, which originally reported the changes in remuneration, stated that Apple has informed some employees that their annual reviews will be accelerated by three months and that the increased pay will take effect in early July.

Further information on the new compensation arrangements was not immediately available from Apple.

Culminating in Cupertino, California. Since last year, numerous present and ex-employees of Apple have been criticising the company’s working conditions on the internet.

At Apple’s Atlanta store in April, workers began the process of petitioning to have a union election, which would make it the company’s first U.S. shop to join the labor movement.

Other big firms, such as Google (GOOGL) and Microsoft (MSFT), have updated performance reviews or adjusted pay in an effort to retain employees this year.

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