12 Best Axe For Cutting Down Trees – Buyer’s Guide


Every one of us wishes to live a simple life with easy access to products and services that are free of complications. Even when we are on vacation, spending time outdoors, or hiking, we make a point of bringing all of the necessary equipment to ensure that we do not run into any difficulties.

It is equally crucial to have a powerful axe by your side when going on such journeys. Specifically, one that is lightweight, edgy, portable, and sturdy enough to cut down trees in order to make space for camping and gather wood for the bonfire. So you have covered a top 12 Best Axe For Cutting Down Trees guides for you have a look & choose as per your need.

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Best Axe For Cutting Down Trees

1: Snow and Nealley 3.5 lbs. Single Bit Axe


  • Brand: Snow & Nealley
  • Item Weight: 0.2 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 29 x 7.4 x 3.15 inches

Snow and Nealley are well-known for manufacturing things that are both long-lasting and of exceptional quality. A carbon steel finish has been applied to this particular product, and the handle is composed of a hickory wood composite. When compared to other things, its durable construction, along with high-quality components such as grain steel and hickory, ensures that it will survive for a long time.

With a weight of only 7 ounces, it is more compact and portable than the other axes now available on the market. Despite the fact that it performs flawlessly, it also has a majestic aesthetic to go along with its faultless operation. With a range of functions, including a strong saw, a chopping blade, and a knife for cutting and chopping hardwood, it is a versatile tool. Despite the fact that it is a little heavy, it is a well-balanced tool that will assist you to the maximum extent possible with all of your key cutting needs. You may be able to pass this model along to your children and grandkids because it is a durable model with a long lifespan.

An additional leather sheath is provided by the manufacturer in order to keep it safe from rust and dust. It has a contemporary appearance and finishes, but it is just as powerful in its operation as it is in its appearance. If you need to go outside, the Snow and Nealley Single Bit Axe is a good choice because it is lightweight and perfect for harsh use. It is also easy to carry.


  • 30.00 inches overall length – 7.50 inches in width at the top of the head.
  • Carbon Steel is used for the head. the colour of the finish: black – Cutting Edge: 4.375″ in length.
  • Hickory is used for the handle. – Gross weight: 5 lbs. 2 oz.
  • Sheath:Leather.
  • Model Number: 026S – Country of Origin: United States of America.
  • Please keep in mind that products with electrical plugs are intended for usage in the United States. Because electrical outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device may require an adapter or converter to be used in your destination. Please double-check compatibility before making a purchase.
  • The appearance is contemporary.
  • Product with a long shelf life.
  • Made with high-quality ingredients, this dish is sure to please.
  • Carrying it around is relatively simple.
  • It combines attractive appearances with excellent functionality.
  • It is packaged with a sheath.
  • None

2: Gränsfors Bruks American Felling Axe 31″ Curved Handle


  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: 32 x 8 x 1.5 inches
  • Package Weight: ‎2.52 Kilograms
  • Item Weight: 2.1 Kilograms
  • Brand Name: Gränsfors Bruks
  • Material: ‎Forged
  • Manufacturer: Gränsfors Bruks

If you are seeking a working axe that is fit for professionals, the Gransfors Bruks is the greatest option available. The brand provides a smooth experience of chopping off the rough bark of trees, as part of its commitment to providing authentic traditional experiences in the most seamless manner.

Heavy-duty work, such as down enormous trees in the forest, is made possible by the long handle and sturdy design of this tool. This product has a distinct advantage over the competition due to its curved handle and robust body construction. Cutting down difficult and rough trees like spruce or pine with this particular product will show to be really beneficial.

When fully assembled, it weighs 5.27 pounds and has an unusually long and curving handle with a pronounced curve that distinguishes it from the competition and provides it with a professional edge over the competition in the axe arena.

This will serve as a one-stop shop for all of your quick wood cutting necessities. It weighs nearly twice as much like a Scandinavian Forest Axe in terms of weight. Every axe has the initials of the blacksmiths who forged it, as well as the mark of the company that made it. All of the axes are precisely made, with the handle being smooth yet robust, and the head being sharp and edgy, ensuring that the wood is cut off with ease, as is the case with all of our products.

Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe is a good choice if you need to remove rough bark off large trees of all kinds and wish to do so in a hassle-free and efficient manner. Its professional appearance also contributes to its merit as a finalist.


  • An American Felling Axe from Gränsfors is a professional axe for individuals who prefer to work in the forest in the old-fashioned method.
  • The 412″ long and wide edge of the axe makes it particularly well suited for felling really massive trees.
  • This is the thirty-first “Curved Handle version (79cm) (MPN: 434-1) – forged to a curved bit, which makes it appropriate for cutting into fresh, resinous wood such as spruce or pine (MPN: 434-1) In addition, the large head and lengthy handle provide a significant amount of cutting force. The axe weighs about twice as much as the Scandinavian Forest Axe, which is a good thing (430).
  • 4.2 inches of cutting edge ” (115mm), Weight with handle: 5.3 lb (3.3 kg), total weight: 3.3 lb (1.5 kg) (2.4 kg) 31″ in length when the handle is attached (79cm)
  • Along with the knife is Gransfors Bruks “The Axe Book,” which is made of full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather.
  • The manufacturer provides a 20-year warranty on this product. PLEASE NOTE: In March 2017, Gransfors announced that they will be discontinuing the use of the steel wedge on all of their axes (with the exception of Splitting Axes for now). Please refer to one of the images on the left for the whole announcement.
  • The handle is long and curved.
  • Design that is both durable and functional.
  • The weight distribution is perfect.
  • Long logs and hardwoods are no problem for this saw.
  • Its length and breadth make it an excellent choice for professional applications.
  • It is packaged with a sheath made of vegetable-tanned leather.
  • Because it lacks a hammer edge, it cannot be used to drive wedges into the ground.

3: Cold Steel All-Purpose Axe with Hickory Handle, Great for Camping, Survival, Outdoors, Wood Cutting and Splitting


  • Brand: Cold Steel
  • Colour: Trail Boss Axe
  • Item Weight: 0.5 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 23 x 8 x 2 inches
  • Blade Length: 4 Inches

A tremendous bite is taken out of anything it comes into contact with thanks to the Trail Boss Axe from Cold Steel, which has a 4-inch European-style blade and a 4.5-inch cutting edge that is great for felling trees, among other features. The blade is also made of drop-forged carbon steel, which ensures that it will last for years to come.

A classic aesthetic is provided by the straight-grained, American hickory handle; nonetheless, the knife is more than just a beautiful piece of wood. This handle was created with performance in mind, and it is solid, resilient, and absorbs a significant amount of shock when it is struck. It is an excellent choice for anyone who has to take an axe around with them throughout the day because it is lightweight and small while yet being extremely sturdy.

Its charm resides in its simplicity as well, and it does not require any additional features in order to handle difficult hardwood. Also subjected to extensive testing, this axe was put through its paces in the Australian Outback, where it performed admirably when it came to tree felling, clearing trails, and cutting wood. A 6-month warranty is included with the purchase.


  • Featuring a European-style head with a 4″ blade and a 4 1/2″ cutting edge, this tool is perfect for any job.
  • Every time you swing, it takes a large chunk out of you. Additionally, it has a straight-grained American Hickory handle that is extremely robust and durable.
  • The Trail Boss was put through its paces in our thorough field testing in Australia’s outback, chopping kindling.
  • Clearing roads and trails, constructing blinds, and even chopping down a reasonably sized tree are all part of the job.
  • It has a 4-inch European-style blade with a 4.5-inch cutting edge, which means it is sharp and well-suited for its intended use.
  • Drop-forged steel is used in the construction of the blade, which ensures long-lasting endurance.
  • The handle is made of straight-grained American hickory, which ensures that it will not fall out of your hands or cause you to lose your hold easily.
  • As a result, it is lightweight and compact without sacrificing performance, making it simple to transport and use.
  • If you encounter any problems with it, you may take advantage of a 6-month warranty.
  • Because it lacks a hammer edge, it cannot be used to drive wedges into the ground.

4: Estwing Double Bit Axe – 38 oz Wood Spitting Tool with Forged Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip – EBDBA,Black


  • Brand: Estwing
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 1.16 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 17.19 x 7.5 x 1.25 inches.

The term “heavy-duty” might come to mind if we were asked to describe the Estwing Double-Bit Axe in a single word or phrase. Because it is drop forged from a single piece of American steel, there are no joints to bother about shattering or needing to be tightened up afterwards. The two blades, which have been hand-sharpened and polished, give an outstanding cutting performance. The handle has been particularly engineered to lessen impact shock by up to 70% while still remaining easy to hold and hold comfortably.

It also has a shock-reduction grip, which allows you to maintain a tight grip on the axe while working and prevents any impact shock from travelling to your body. This double-bit axe, which is made in the United States, is only 17 inches in length. However, what it lacks in physical bulk, it more than makes up for in raw strength. A powerful blow is guaranteed with every swing since it is appropriately weighted and balanced.

You also have the option of choosing from three different colour schemes, which, while not having much of an impact on performance, is always great to inject a little personality wherever you can! A sheath is also included, which perfectly suits the contour of the axe-head and serves to keep the blades properly protected when the axe is not in use. This, combined with its compact size, makes it ideal for camping and hiking. It will also keep the blades dry if you’re caught in an unexpected deluge while you’re out exploring.


  • Construction of forged steel provides maximum strength and durability for a lifetime of hard work.
  • Outdoor Versatility – This tool is ideal for chopping logs, small trees, and branches, as well as splitting fuel and kindling for the fireplace.
  • Strong Sheath – This set includes a ballistic nylon sheath to preserve the cutting edge that has been hand honed.
  • Patented Shock Reduction Grip — This grip is comfortable, long-lasting, and decreases impact vibration by up to 70%.
  • The best American steel is used in the production of our tools, which are proudly made in Rockford, Illinois.
  • Heavy-duty double-bit axe made from a single piece of American steel and drop-forged in the traditional manner.
  • This axe is extremely sharp and cuts much more easily than normal axes because the blades have been hand-sharpened and polished to achieve greater cutting ability.
  • Features a grip that has been particularly developed to absorb 70% of the impact shock, preventing harm to your hands and arms.
  • It also has a grip design that makes it easier to maintain a strong, tight hold on the axe so that you don’t drop it.
  • When the axe is not in use, the blades are protected by a sheath, which prevents rust from forming on them.
  • Some consumers who acquired this axe expressed concern about the metal’s tendency to scratch readily. This, on the other hand, had no effect on the performance.

5: 1844 Helko Werk Traditional Hinterland Double Bit Axe – Double Edge Axe or Double Head Axe Felling Axe Best Double Bladed Axe for Large Timber Double Axe 13575


  • Brand: 1844 Helko Werk Germany
  • Item Weight:  6 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 30 x 10 x 1.5 inches
  • Head Type: Felling

Helko Werk is one of the most well-known brands in the business, and it manufactures items that are distinctive in the axe industry. What makes these axes stand out is that they are double-bladed and are individually manufactured by highly talented blacksmiths. They provide a traditional, age-old feeling while also being extremely durable. Their heavy-duty construction makes them perfect for chopping down enormous pieces of lumber and majestic trees, but their applications are not confined to the cutting field.

Because they have two heads, these axes can be used for a variety of additional tasks, such as splitting, peeling, and fine and coarse chopping, among others. The fact that they are made of premium quality C50 carbon steel and have a hickory handle that has been finished with linseed oil makes this particular product extremely efficient.

It allows consumers to enjoy their time without getting blisters. The brand ensures that the product undergoes comprehensive quality tests and is completed with particular materials that prevent rusting and protect it from cutting friction during the manufacturing process. The axe is also packaged in a protective leather case, as well as a bottle of oil for maintenance.

This specific instrument, with its double head and classic design, is a traditional true axe from the bygone days in all its glory. Splitting and cutting are possible with one head while chopping with the other head are possible. The precise design and expertise required to obtain the immaculate polished appearance of this piece, which has two heads, is demanding. Choose the Helko Werk Traditional Hinterland Double Bit Axe if you desire a double-headed axe that is efficient and if you require an axe that can be used in a variety of situations.


  • The Hinterland twin-bit axe, made in Germany, is a powerful and effective cutting axe that can also be used for heavy wood felling. This composition was inspired by the American frontier. You can profile each blade in any way you choose and use one for splitting and the other for cutting depending on the work at hand if you like. When a blade’s edge was first honed and sharpened, it was done so using two different types of bits: one for hard labour, and one for light labour.
  • Having a hardness range of 53-56 HRC, high-carbon steel C50 can be categorised as “medium-hard.” An great choice for outdoor use, this hand forged axe head is made of C50 high carbon steel and open dies, achieving a traditional finish and polished cutting surface that is both rust resistant and reduces cutting friction. Axes made by hand are finished by skilled blacksmiths with an old-world finish and polished cutting surface to improve corrosion resistance and to reduce cutting friction.
  • Linseed Oil finish and 150 grit sanding give this American Hickory handle a rich, warm appearance. Axe handles are checked for grain orientation and density before being shipped out after being meticulously built with a smooth, 150-grit sanded finish and coated with crushed boiled linseed to ensure that they do not blister when in use. Double bit axe heads are held in place by a premium two-wedge system that includes a wood wedge and steel ring, ensuring the best possible level of protection for each axe head’s blade.
  • Along with the full grain leather sheath, you’ll receive an 8 oz. bottle of Axe Guard Protective Oil as well. Axes and hatchets are kept safe and secure in a vegetable-tanned premium leather axe sheath that comes with every Helko Werk Axe.
  • There is a total of 3.5 pounds in the skull, and 43.4 pounds in the body. Head: 30 inches long and 3.5 pounds.
  • High Effective cutting axe.
  • Expert artisans have created this piece by hand.
  • The axe has two blades, which makes it extremely efficient.
  • Use for a variety of purposes.
  • Blister-free experience is provided to users because of the utilisation of high-quality materials in its construction.
  • It is packaged in a leather sheath with a protective oil.
  • None

6: Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe, 35 Curved Handle

best axe for cutting down trees


  • Brand: HENSITA
  • Item Weight: 5.27 Pounds
  • Head Type: Felling
  • Total Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Handle Length: 31″
  • Head Material: C50 high carbon steel 
  • Handle Material: American hickory 
  • Head Weight: 3.5lbs

It is a full-size all-purpose axe that is outfitted with a range of handy features to make your life easier. When you use it to fell trees, it has a 3.5-pound head, which means it will offer you enough strength and bulk to use.

Because of its reduced size, it is also suitable for a wide range of other jobs, while being robust and durable enough to be utilised by the average person to bring down a large tree. A reflecting finish has been achieved by cleaning and buffing the head to a high gloss, which boosts rust resistance while decreasing friction. It is included with the purchase of the product.

This axe, among other attributes, achieves an exceptional balance between capability, quality, and overall value for money, among other things. In the globe, it is unusual to get high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship at such a competitive price as you will find with the Germany Classic Forester, especially at this price point. Because the handle length is 31 inches, this would be a decent pick for the ordinary person to tote around.


  • With handle, the length is 90 cm (35.5 inches) with a curved handle.
  • Weight: 2.2 kg (4.8 lb).
  • Vegetable-tanned leather is used for the sheath.
  • 434-2 is the item number.
  • A Helko Master Smith crafted the head from scratch.
  • Material for the handle was chosen based on grain orientation, strength, and density.
  • The head is made of C50 high carbon steel with a hardness of 53-56 HRC.
  • It includes a 1 oz. bottle of Axe Guard protection oil as well as a full-grain leather sheath for carrying convenience.
  • Although not expressly built for felling, it is capable of doing so.

7: Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe


  • Brand: Hults Bruk
  • Item Weight: 1.99 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 33 x 8 x 2 inches
  • Head Type: Felling

Despite the fact that this is yet another efficient axe that is widely available on the market, it is also quite durable and long-lasting. Its sturdy body, which is composed of Swedish steel, makes it perfect for cutting through a wide range of animals and vegetation. In order to ensure that the end product is faultless, the steel used to forge the head is hand-forged. Additionally, as it is being created, it is built with the convenience of use of the consumer in mind.

The axe is constructed differently from the other players in order to let users use it comfortably while holding the sharp edges in their hands while playing. Linseed oil is used in the construction of the handle, which further ensures that the users have a hassle-free experience. These are created by talented craftsmen using their knowledge and immaculate clear lacquered ironwork to create a curving design for these.

During the process of making this axe, the steel is hit and tampered with numerous times in order to raise its density and ensure that the axe is durable and solid. Among the features included are premium quality Swedish steel and hickory handles, as well as the typical features of premium quality and Swedish steel. In addition to the felling axe, Hults Bruk Atran includes a user handbook and a protective case.

The Hults Bruk Atran Handheld Axe is an excellent choice because it was designed with the user’s safety and convenience in mind, as well as the ability to cut through various types of trees.


  • This axe head is hand-forged from Swedish axe steel in a foundry that has been in operation since 1697, and it is the first of its kind.
  • Axes are made more durable by repeatedly striking the steel throughout the manufacturing process. This increases the density of the steel and increases its durability.
  • Because of the way the head is formed, there is a tempered zone that is designed to maintain a razor-sharp edge even after several sharpenings is there.
  • Each axe is packaged in a traditional leather protective sheath that has been adorned with some distinctively Swedish decorative accents to complete the look. A comprehensive user’s manual is included with the axe.
  • Blacksmiths create each piece by hand.
  • Produced with high-quality raw materials and components
  • The design was created with the user’s comfort in mind.
  • All varieties of trees can be chopped using this tool.
  • It is included with a user handbook and a leather sheath.
  • None

8: Fiskars 375501-1001 Hatchet with Sheath, 14″, Black


  • Brand: Fiskars
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 1.55 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7 x 1 x 15.8 inches
  • Style: Traditional

It is possible that the Fiskar’s 14″ Hatchet, which is designed to assist you in felling trees swiftly and easily, is just what you are looking for. This tool’s geometric blade and ultra-sharp edge make creating an entrance point more straightforward than ever before, and it bites deeply with each swing, aiding in the rapid removal of trees from the ground.

It also has a low-friction coating to help protect it from becoming stuck and to give you the power to keep swinging for longer periods of time. Meanwhile, the DuraFrameTM handle absorbs the impact shock while being lightweight enough to be used comfortably for extended periods of time without tiring the user.

This axe also boasts excellent weight distribution, which helps to maintain an even and forceful swing while lowering the likelihood of muscle fatigue during use. Because of the inseparable PermaHeadTM moulded insert, you won’t have to be concerned about the head coming loose from the handle. Overstrike and, eventually, breakage is avoided as a result. There is also a blade guard provided, which allows you to feel secure knowing that the blade will be covered even when the axe is not being used. Because of this, it is also ideal for camping excursions and for carrying around all day. The quality and performance of this extremely powerful axe are guaranteed for the rest of its life by a lifetime warranty.


  • Kindling and small- to medium-sized logs are ideal for chopping with this tool.
  • A proprietary blade-grinding procedure produces a sharper edge for greater contact and cleaner cuts, resulting in increased productivity.
  • The low-friction blade coating cuts through wood with ease and prevents the head from becoming snagged.
  • It is impossible for the moulded head to loosen, and it prevents overstrike fracture.
  • Shock-absorbing In order to prevent overstrike damage, the Dura frame handle is lightweight and stronger than steel.
  • With its geometric blade and extremely sharp edge, this tree felling tool makes tree felling rapid and simple.
  • It also has a low-friction coating, which lowers the likelihood of the blade being caught in the material.
  • The DuraFrameTM handle is extremely durable and absorbs impact shock, allowing you to avoid injuring your hands in the process.
  • Has an inseparable PermaHeadTM insert that prevents the blade from breaking free of the handle, reducing the risk of injuring yourself or getting the blade stuck in a tree by accident.
  • Contain a blade guard as well as a lifetime warranty in the event of a malfunction.
  • Despite the fact that the handle is extremely sturdy, it does not provide much grip, making it more difficult to use in damp situations.

9: Council Tool Dayton Axe,4-3/4 in Edge,36 in L,Hickory


  • Brand: Council Tool
  • Item Weight: 0.01 Ounces
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 35 x 7 x 1.5 inches
  • Head Type: Dayton

The product is equipped with the Dayton technology that has become synonymous with the company. This is a single-headed axe with a long handle that is suitable for large hands. It is yet another durable device that is an excellent choice for cutting and splitting wood of all types and varieties. While it is steel that has been forged by hand and tempered by the artists, the product has an edge in terms of perfection over the other options available to consumers.

Aspects of this axe that are considered modernistic include the red enamel on the head and the use of transparent lacquer iron in its production. It is rustproof due to the use of high-quality materials in its construction. The added protection given by the head being sealed and fixed within the handle will be appreciated by the user as they use the product. Axes like this one are recognised for their distinctive designs, as well as for their durability, light weightiness, and compactness, all of which are available at competitive pricing.

There is yet another wonderful alternative in this product, which boasts the brand’s signature Dayton pattern and a full-sized body. Among its many advantages are its cutting and splitting capabilities, as well as its unique design, efficient operation, and portability, which all combine to make it a fantastic choice for woodworking projects.


  • Equipment for the outdoors.
  • Council Tool is the one who created this.
  • The United States is the country where the product is manufactured.
  • This tool is suitable for cutting and splitting various types of trees.
  • Hand forging and tempering are used to create the steel.
  • It has a contemporary appearance.
  • High-quality materials were used in the manufacturing process.
  • Body that is both compact and light.
  • Prices that are affordable.
  • None

10: GEDORE OX 20 H-1257 Universal Forestry Axe, Hickory Handle 1250 g


  • Brand: GEDORE
  • Item Weight: 1.88 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11.02 x 7.09 x 3.15 inches
  • Style: 1250 g

The GEDORE OX universal forestry axe did not meet our expectations, and we returned it. To be fair, it is one of the more reasonably priced products on this list, though there was still other, less expensive equipment we tested that performed significantly better. We believe the GEDORE OX is overpriced for the level of quality it provides, as competing axes offered significantly higher levels of quality for significantly less money.

Our overall impression of this axe after testing is that it is well balanced and comfortable to use. The 28-inch handle is a touch too short in our opinion, but that is a personal preference. The bad grain alignment on the handle, on the other hand, is a quality concern because it makes the handle weaker and more prone to breaking, which is undesirable.

Even worse, the blade is extremely pliable. It has difficulty taking a turn and even tends to roll over when hit with a powerful blow. Normally, a leather blade cover is included, however, because this sheath isn’t made of genuine leather, it isn’t strong enough to withstand the force of the blade. Overall, we believe that we spent too much on this axe, especially considering its poor quality. We urge that you learn from our error and avoid using this tool in favour of something that is of higher build quality.


  • In woodworking and gardening, this tool is indispensable.
  • Axe head that has been finely polished and has blade protection.
  • With a high-quality hickory wood handle for a comfortable grip.
  • Axe weight 1850g (4 lbs), head weight 1250g (3 lbs), blade 120mm (5″), handle length 700mm (28″), spare handle OX E-94 H-0700, head weight 1250g (3 lbs), blade 120mm (5″), handle length 700mm (28″), head weight 1250g (3 lbs).
  • The head weighs three pounds.
  • It’s a well-balanced piece.
  • The price is high in comparison to the quality.
  • On the handle, the grain alignment is poor.
  • The sheath is made of synthetic material rather than leather.
  • The blade is supple.

11: Hultafors Hand-forged Swedish Felling Axe with American Hickory Handle


  • Brand: Hultafors
  • Item Weight: 2 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.48 x 1.18 x 32.68 inches
  • Head Type: Felling

This Swedish Felling Axe by Hultafors boasts a massive 3.3-pound head made of hand-forged high carbon steel, making it a fantastic addition to any collection of Swedish weapons. For a finished aesthetic, a light hickory wood handle is used in conjunction with it. Because the axe is designed to make deep and wide cuts, you can rely on the weight of the axe to do the majority of the heavy lifting for you when cutting wood.

Due to the fact that this well-designed product comes directly from the world’s oldest axe maker, you can be assured of its high quality and craftsmanship when you purchase it. It is a fantastic lightweight axe for the money, as it is constructed of high-quality components. With a total package weight of only 4.4lb, this incredible product would be a wonderful pick for anyone making their first purchase of any type.

Even better, it’s one of the more reasonable options on this list, allowing you to obtain a high-quality and durable device without having to shell out an extravagant sum of money for the privilege.


  • Sweden is the country of origin.
  • Steel with a high carbon content.
  • Hand forged in the traditional manner.
  • Materials of superior grade.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • A broadhead that produces thick cuts.
  • Precision has been reduced.

12: Ochsenkopf OX 16 Twin-ILTIS


  • Brand: Ochsenkopf
  • Model: OX 16 Twin-ILTIS
  • Overall weight: 4.6 lbs
  • Head weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Handle Length: 35-inches
  • Drop Forged with High Carbon Steel
  • Hickory Handle

A smile always appears on my face whenever I see the Ochsenkopf brand, also known as “Ox head.” According to the company’s website, Ochsenkopf is Germany’s oldest axe-forging establishment. They’re well-known all over the world for their exceptional design, originality, and eye-catching colour combinations. The majority of their axes feature a polished head with a yellow or red handle on the handle of the axe, depending on the model.

For this list, I’ve chosen their double-bit axe as a favourite. Why? Because their double-bit axe is competitively priced when compared to the prices of comparable products from other manufacturers. Each side of the head has a uniform thickness and shape in terms of thickness and contour. For example, it is not uncommon for a double-bit axe to have a thin and a thick side, the thin side intended for felling and the thick side intended for splitting. This is not the case with this particular one. When limbing or debarking, I recommend using one cutting edge while saving the other side for felling. Some of the technical specifications are provided below.


  • The top model of the Canadian lumbermen – with two edges, for example, for making two separate cuts with a single axe, is seen here. “Twin-ILTIS” Model Axe from Canada 2,20lbs.
  • For debarking, falling, and agricultural purposes.
  • The uniformly thin blade, which has been toughened virtually up to the level of the eye, ensures a high use value, a long life, and a low weight while maintaining uniform thickness.
  • At a reasonable cost.
  • Each side of the head has a uniform thickness and shape in terms of thickness and contour.
  • None

How to choose the best axe for cutting down trees?

When you don’t have the correct tool for the job, chopping down trees may become a time-consuming and irritating chore. Despite the fact that chain saws have begun to supplant axes in the woodworking industry, axes remain a valuable item for traditional woodworkers. Aside from that, if you have the correct kind of axe with you, you’ve already completed half of the process of cutting down a tree. Although there are many different types of axes available on the market, deciding which one is the best might be a challenging task for you to navigate your way through.

Consider the following factors while buying for an axe: 1. Size and weight of the axe. When shopping for an axe, keep these points in mind to ensure that you make the best decision possible.

1: High-quality build materials

When looking for the best felling axe for chopping trees, the first thing to consider is the overall construction quality. Because you intend to use your axe to cut down trees, you need one that is well-constructed and will not break after a few uses.

It must be made of high-quality materials, including the handle and axe head, in order to provide you with an added advantage. The handles of these axes are typically constructed of wood, while the heads are typically made of steel.

As a result, you must make certain that the wood used in the handle is of the highest quality possible to guarantee that it does not crack or break when you strike the tree with it. In addition, the head should be made of high-quality steel that will not rust.

2: Length of the handle

When looking for the best axe for felling trees, the length of the axe handle is an additional significant feature to consider. The basic rule of thumb is that the longer the handle, the less force will be required to bring the tree to a complete and complete stop. The ability to manage the axe, on the other hand, diminishes as the length of the handle is increased in length. As a result, it is important that you keep this in mind also.

As a result, we recommend that you get an axe with a handle that is medium in length. The length of the axe’s handle impacts how well you will be able to control it. For the finest cutting performance, a short handle should be used by someone who is short.

Keep in mind that a short handle provides far less leverage than a longer handle. Therefore, when picking the most felling axes, you must strike the right balance between strength and weight. Additionally, when making your choices, keep the handle form in mind. While some people prefer straight-handled axes for dealing with large trees, others prefer curved-handled axes for working with medium-sized trees or mauls for splitting wood.

3: Sharpness

Sharpness is another feature that you should look for in a tree-felling axe before purchasing it. Although this is typical in practically all of the axes available for purchase, it is not the case in all of them. This is due to the fact that developing sharpness is not difficult.

It does not provide any information on the overall quality of the material. You must, however, make certain that you acquire a cutting head that is extremely sharp in order to be able to chop down trees with relative ease. When working with little trees, the sharpness of the cutting edge becomes even more vital to the job. When dealing with large trees, it is recommended to use greater weight.

4: Number of bits

The vast majority of axes are delivered with only one business end attached. Some axes and cutting hatchets, on the other hand, are made up of two sections, which you will come across. If you want greater control over your cutting and easier cutting capabilities, a dual-bit axe may be preferable to a single-bit one for the majority of applications. Generally speaking, dual bit axes are slightly heavier than single-bit axes, and as a result, cutting is a little easier with them in some situations.

5: Rust resistance

As we’ve already said, you’ll want to get an axe made of high-quality materials that won’t rust with time. That is to say, we are requesting that you select a product that is resistant to rust. Rust resistance will extend the life of the axe and ensure that it retains its sharpness for a longer amount of time, even when the hand tool is not being used.

6: Edge cover

If you’re travelling with an axe, this is a crucial consideration. When travelling with a sharp and heavy instrument, such as an axe, it is always advisable to keep them covered for your own safety and that of others.

As a result, look for a product that has an edge cover. However, if you want a high-quality output, you can forego this choice because it is not difficult to create an edge cover. You should have little trouble finding edge coverings. Getting one with the axe in the first instance, on the other hand, is always a good thing, is it not?

7: Weight of the Axe

The weight of axes, like the length of the blade, is an important consideration. Because the weight makes it possible to cut more quickly without exerting much force. However, there is a drawback to this as well. You will be unable to work for an extended period of time if your product is overweight. After only a few minutes of hard exertion, you will be completely weary.

As a result, we propose one that you are comfortable with. Neither light nor heavy, but in the middle. A well-balanced axe is what will make your job simple and straightforward. Additionally, the head weight and the handle weight should be considered independently. A large difference in weight between the handle and the head of the axe can make it unbalanced for climbing.

8: Length

The length of an axe is calculated from the bottom of the handle all the way up to the top of the head of the axe. Axes with a length of roughly 27 inches are the most effective for felling, but the length you choose will vary according to the size of the tree you’re aiming to bring down. Generally speaking, the shorter the axe should be, the larger the tree it is cutting.

This is due to the fact that you’ll need to be willing to put together a nice, steady rally of swings. Working your way slowly and methodically through a massive tree with an extremely little axe will take an extremely long time. When determining the length of your axe, you’ll want to consider the situation in which you’ll be employing it as well.

If you’re planning on spending time in the great outdoors and hiking between campsites, a smaller axe with a lighter weight may be more manageable for you. In contrast, if you intend to use your axe to down some trees in your garden, it will not be required to be as lightweight and compact.

9: Blade

If not the most vital portion of your axe, the blade should certainly be given extra consideration when you are out shopping for your new axe of preference. In order to determine the material used in the blade’s manufacturing, the first step is to inspect it closely and carefully. When it comes to producing axe blades, carbon steel and decline steel are by far the most efficient materials available.

They are naturally strong, and as a result, when they come into touch with wood, even if it is extremely thick, they will not easily break. The blade of your axe should likewise be sharpened to a razor’s edge. This will make the process of creating an entry point much easier, as well as give you something to shoot for on each blow.

Once again, carbon steel and drop-forged steel are the finest materials to use in this situation. It’s also possible to sharpen them over and over again, allowing you to get many years of use out of your axe.

10: Joints

In most cases, axes are composed of two primary parts: the axehead and the handle (or pommel). The manner in which these components are assembled to produce the axe as a whole will have an effect on its longevity and performance.

We recommend that you choose an axe that has either been constructed from one piece of material or that has been specially joined using special joining techniques to ensure the strongest possible bond.

Roland-PlusTM and PermaHeadTM are two of the most notable features to look for in this category, as they create a connection between the axe head and handle that makes them essentially independent from one another.

11: Extra Features

When purchasing anything, it’s usually a good idea to browse around to see what else you can purchase for the same amount of money. An axe is an exception to the rule, and there are a few extra characteristics to look for that will help you get even more bang for your buck when purchasing an axe.

Blade guards are one of the most prevalent types of optional extras. They are more like an accessory than anything else, but they are still something to keep an eye out for. A blade guard is a piece of equipment that is designed to be placed over the axe’s blades while it is not in use to keep the axehead clean and protected. This is an especially important feature if you’re planning on carrying your sword into the woods. Several axes include steel handle sleeves that are positioned underneath the axehead. In the event that you mistakenly miss your target when swinging, this will keep the handle secure by cushioning the shock.

Consequently, instead of a tree branch smashing through the axe’s handle, the branch will ricochet off the sleeve and into the ground. Swords with minimal coatings are another wonderful bonus feature to look out for when purchasing a new blade. When the blade strikes the wood, this will avoid the blade from being trapped, allowing you to continue swinging with a strong rally.

12: Multi-Purpose

Additionally, you might want to consider what else you can do with your axe in addition to cutting wood. Felling is unquestionably at the top of your priority list. Once your trees have been cleared, do you really want to be stuck with an axe that you won’t use again?

A multi-purpose axe that is not only effective for felling trees and can also be used for a range of other jobs should be your first choice.

Clearing roads and chopping firewood are examples of such tasks. The use of an axe for demolition can sometimes be advantageous, allowing you to remove old sheds with little effort.

13: Balance

Of course, if you want to have both control and power at the same time, the weight of the head must be appropriate to the weight and length of the handle as well. It will be considerably more difficult to control an axe that is not well-balanced. Although it is possible to read off a spec sheet, this is not something you should do. Therefore, balance is determined by the length and weight of the head and shaft combined. Therefore, you must swing the axe to get a true sense of how well it is balanced in the hand.

Additional Useful Tips & Info

When it comes to cutting down a tree, having the correct axe will make the work a whole lot easier. A hefty maul would be inefficient and uncomfortable to use to down a tree, and splitting logs with an axe designed exclusively for felling would be similarly inefficient and unpleasant to use to split logs.

As well as having a slight taper as opposed to a thick wedge in the design of the head, the weight is on the lighter side of the spectrum as well. While log splitting axe heads can range in weight from 4 to 12 pounds, felling axe heads are typically between 2.5 and 4 pounds, depending on the application.

You’ll notice that as you compare and contrast different felling axes in your search for the best felling axe, you’ll notice that some of them have a city or state in their name as well, such as the Truper Double Bit Michigan Axe and the Council Tool Dayton Axe, both of which are listed in our felling axe reviews chart. As smiths from different parts of the country experimented with different designs, the places indicate where the head form originated. And, while some axes are designed exclusively for felling trees, there are others that are more multi-purpose in nature and can be used to fell trees as well as split logs.

Some frequently asked questions related to the best axe for cutting down trees!

How to Cut a Tree with a Felling Axe?

Cutting down a tiny tree with a good feeling axe isn’t a big deal if you have the right tools. When it comes to cutting large trees, however, there are some safety precautions that must be taken. Be cautious, and use the proper approach to cut through the material. Aside from that, you might have been wondering about the technique used to fell the tree in a specific way.
Ensure that you wear safety goggles while cutting the tree to ensure that your eyes are protected from any flying objects while cutting the tree. You can also cut the tree more comfortably if you use protective gloves.

1. Pick the Direction to Fell

The first step is determining the best path to take in order to cut down the tree. This is critical for both the trunk’s safety and the subsequent processing of the trunk.
Choose a location where there will be no hindrance between the tree and the ground surface. If the area is densely packed with trees, it may be difficult to clear a path for the tree to be felled.

2. Create the Notch Carefully

To begin felling the tree, start cutting at around shoulder level in the direction in which you wish to feel it. Make a cut halfway through into the tree and then begin cutting from the other side.
Continue cutting through the remaining amount of the tree and be prepared to flee immediately if you notice traces of the tree being felled on the ground.
3. Fell the Tree

After you’ve cut enough of the small to medium-sized trees, the vast majority of them should begin to feel on their own after a while.
If you believe you have made enough cuts but the tree is still standing firm, slowly swing the axe another few times to make things more even and smooth out the surface.

The following are the safety precautions that I should take when using an axe.
1:The first safety precaution you should take is to choose an axe that is appropriate for your height and strength. One that is difficult for you to control will put you in danger.

2: Other safety precautions include carrying the axe in a sheath when transporting it, wearing gloves to keep your hands protected when using it, and wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying objects after you have struck the tree with the axe.

How to Prolong the Life of Axe?

The most effective method of extending the life of any metal object is to use it on a regular basis. If you want your axe to last for a long time, you must make sure to use it on a regular basis.
We understand that using an axe on a regular basis when you have nothing to do with it is not practicable. If this is the case, important to clean the axe after each use. Protect it against rust and corrosion by rubbing it with oil. And don’t hesitate to cover the top of its head with a cloth.

How to Sharpen the Axe?

The process of sharpening an axe is not difficult at all. This is especially true if you have a grinder for sharpening knives or a bench grinder for chisel sharpening.
If you don’t have any of the tools described above, you can sharpen the edge of your axe head with a sharpening stone. In addition, if the edge has been displaced from its original position, honing steel can be used to restore it to its original position.

What type of AXE is best for cutting down trees?

When it comes to down trees, the Felling Axe is the most effective equipment available. Due to its big handle and heavy head, it is simple to cut through tree trunks. You should keep one around the house in case you find yourself in a scenario where you need to cut wood.

What size axe should I use?

It is vital for the user to be able to effectively wield the axe that is the appropriate size. A long enough blade to chop through trees without becoming difficult to manage during the cutting process is ideal. The weight must be distributed in such a way that it may swing with the greatest amount of force, and it must have a handle as well. The factors of strength, body weight, and height all play a role in selecting the size that you require. Consequently, it’s a little tough to determine. Anything that allows you to be comfortable should be considered appropriate.

What’s the difference between a hatchet and an ax?

In the case of tiny logs or branches, a Hatchet is employed, whereas a high-quality Felling Axe is used for larger portions of wood, such as those required for construction projects. Perfect Featured on the cover Axes is bigger than hatchets, have lengthier handles, and are more powerful than hatchets in their respective categories.

What kind of AXE do lumberjacks use?

Loggers utilise falling axes for the primary purpose of felling small trees in their work as lumberjacks. A big, razor-sharp blade is located on one side of the tool that can be hammered into the tree to serve as an anchor point before being swung around at full force to cut through the tree’s bark. The other end is designed like a machete, which allows them to clear a passage to the next tree with relative ease.

What is the difference between a felling AXE and a splitting AXE?

I like a felling AXE, which is designed to cut through trees rapidly, a splitting AXE has a bigger blade that may be used for a range of tasks, such as knot removal, and is, therefore, more versatile. When at all feasible, use an axe in conjunction with the proper equipment for the job!

How heavy should an AXE be?

The type of axe used has a considerable impact on the weight of the axe, as does the size of the axe. An axe for every situation can be found, ranging from lightweight one-handed axes that are good for limbing to larger two- or three-handed hatchet and felling axes that are designed specifically for cutting down trees.
Because heavier axes need a bit more time to swing than smaller ones, they are less effective at cutting little branches.
When limbing and chopping smaller limbs, a one- of the two-pound axe will enough for the majority of tasks; but, for larger work, a three- to five-pound hatchet will be more appropriate. In any case, a six- to eight-pound felling axe should be sufficient for speedy and efficient tree removal.

What is a forest AXE?

With regards to felling trees, limbing logs, cutting firewood, and clearing waste, a forest axe is a versatile piece of equipment that may be used by both professional and recreational loggers. Axes are often designed to be multi-purpose instruments, with a sharp edge on one side of the blade and ahead on the other. Blades can be single or double-bladed, straight-edged or curved, and fashioned of any material you like, including wood.
A forest axe is typically short and can be used for a variety of purposes, including removing stubs from a felled tree, splitting firewood longitudinally, and chopping around the edges of logs to create kindling. Although they are not designed to be used as choppers, they do have one side of the blade that has been sharpened in order to cut through wood fibres.

What is the best steel for an AXE?

High Carbon Material is the most suitable steel for an AXE. Depending on how it is hardened and tempered, it can achieve the appropriate balance of hardness and performance while also providing corrosion resistance, durability, and edge retention. When compared to other popular steels such as vanadium or chrome stainless steel, which are less hard but offer better corrosion resistance, the carbon content of a high-quality axe blade is higher.

What is the best size for a tree felling axe?

This will vary depending on the size of the tree you’re attempting to remove. A larger tree will necessitate the use of a larger axe, whereas a little sapling can be felled with a smaller axe. Most tree felling may be accomplished efficiently using an axe measuring approximately 27 inches in length, as a general rule.

What to Look for in a Quality Felling Axe

Not sure which tree-cutting axe is the best fit for your needs? We’ve taken care of everything. Take a look at the following list of characteristics that you should consider before making a purchasing decision.

It takes much effort to cut down a tree. If you’re opting for physical labour rather than using a chainsaw, you’ll need to be sure you have the correct tool for the task. Selection of appropriate quality, a feel-good axe for the job at hand is critical.
The head and the handle are the two most important components of an axe, and axes designed expressly for felling trees are no exception to this rule. The shape of the head of a felling axe, on the other hand, is particularly specialised to the job it is intended to perform.
While the head of an axe designed for splitting logs is very thick and resembles a wedge, the head of a felling axe is considerably thinner and does not resemble a wedge at all. The goal of this thin head is to make it simpler to slice through the wood rather than fracturing it into several pieces, as a wedge does, rather than breaking it into multiple pieces. Another distinguishing feature of some axes designed exclusively for chopping down trees as opposed to splitting logs or carving wood is that some are double-bitted, meaning that they have two cutting edges rather than just one, as compared to other types of axes. The primary advantage of utilising a twin bit axe is that you have twice as much time to work (chop trees) before you need to sharpen the bit. However, unless you’re doing some severe feeling, it may be overkill unless you’re doing some significant feeling.

The handles are often somewhat long in order to provide you with plenty of leverage when swinging the club. The majority of the time, they are made of wood, most commonly hickory, or another form of hardened composite material, such as Fiskars’ employs.

What Kind of Head Material Is The Axe?

Felling axes are made from a number of different head materials, which are all forged together. As a result of the high cost of manufacturing carbon steel heads, they are sharper and lighter than other options. However, they are also more expensive than other options as a result of their higher price. Carbon alloys are capable of producing some of the finest cutting edges known, while strong, durable steels are capable of producing cutting edges that are equally as effective.

What Handle Material Is The Axe?

Grip and comfort, as well as shock absorption, can all be affected by the material used for the handle’s construction. It is for this reason that the bulk of the axes on this list have a hickory wood handle, and for good cause.
Hickory is superior to all other types of wood in terms of its ability to absorb the stress of each stroke. In other words, you won’t have to be concerned about harming the handle of your axe if you use it for lengthy periods of time and with great force.

What Is The Weight of The Axe?

It is not necessary for your axe to be too hefty in order to be efficient. The curve of the handle, the substance of the head, and the accuracy and speed with which you swing all contribute to getting a good cut against the tree grain.
You should consider factors such as portability and the amount of weight you are comfortable carrying with you. This will decide whether you should use a heavier or a lighter axe to cut wood. If you are new to tree felling, you may want to start with a smaller tree so that you can get acquainted with the process without stressing your muscles.

What Is The Weight of The Axe Head?

It is necessary to consider which of the several head weights available for these tree cutting axes will be most suitable for your needs. If you are just getting started in tree felling, you should start with a lighter weight head to avoid injury. This will help to keep your arm from becoming too fatigued before you’ve finished cutting through the tree’s trunk. The weight of the head should be between 2.5 and 3 pounds as a starting point.
The weight of your head can also have an impact on the accuracy of your swings. Axes that are heavier in weight are naturally more powerful than their lighter equivalents, but they are less accurate when you’re trying to hit a target precisely.

What Handle Length Is The Axe?

You should opt for an axe with a handle length that will allow you to use it with ease and comfort while cutting. While it is true that axes with longer handles can produce a more powerful swing, this will only be effective if the person using the axe is both physically and mentally strong enough to manage the axe as intended.
Because of this, you should consider selecting a handle length that gives you a decent balance between power and precision. This should be based on the following:
1: Height
2: Strength
3: Experience in tree felling
Even if you choose a handle that is medium or short in length, you may find that it is more effective and productive for you. Choose the smallest, lightest choice available unless you are confident that you will be able to hold the axe for an extended amount of time.

What are Popular Axe Brands?

Similar to the case with most other instruments, there are numerous different manufacturers and brands available from across the world. Many popular brands are manufactured in America, Sweden, Mexico, and China, with the United States and Sweden having a reputation for producing higher-quality products than their counterparts in other countries.
Some of the more well-known brands are: 
1: Council Tool.
2: Granfors Bruks.
3: Husqvarna.
4: Truper.
5: Snow & Nealley.
6: Helko Werk.
7: Fiskars.
Each brand has a varied pricing point, so there are affordable options for those looking for a good deal for less than $40 and more pricey options for the discerning lumberjack or collector.


Axes are essential not just for gardening and preserving our magnificent lawns, but they are also extremely useful when camping or hiking in the great outdoors.

As a result, an axe is a necessary tool for cutting down trees without causing damage. Ideal axe characteristics include being lightweight and small, which makes it easier to transport. At the same time, it needs to be powerful enough to slice and dice the wood while still being comfortable to hold and operate. Despite the fact that the majority of the axes are made by expert blacksmiths and include traditional designs combined with modern functionality, choosing one would be difficult.

Whether you require a single-headed or a double-bladed axe will be determined by your needs. Following that, you must examine the demand, such as whether it is for personal or professional usage, as well as the sort of flora that will be removed. Durability, the amount of maintenance required, and the cost of the product are all factors to consider when selecting the right instrument.

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