10 Best Beginner kayak Australia – Buyer’s Guide


With the best kayaks Australia has to offer, camping trips or days on the water will be so much more enjoyable!  As a family, couple, or group of friends, paddling on the water adds a whole new dimension to your experience.

It is easy to rent kayaks these days – but the costs can quickly add up. Without having to worry about renting or returning beginner kayaks Australia offers, you can paddle whenever and wherever you want.

10 Best Beginner Kayak Australia





Best Overall

1. Intex Challenger Kayak, Inflatable Kayak

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • Easy to use

2. Hydroten Big Dace Pro 10Ft Fishing Kayak

Editor's Choice

  • Comfortable

  • Easy to use

  • Durable

3. AQUAGLIDE Navarro 130 Convertible


  • Lightweight

  • Simple to use

  • easy to use

4. Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Recreational 

  • Comfortable

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight


  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

6. Sevylor Tahiti Plus 2+1 Man Canadian

  • Comfortable

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight

7. Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight

  • Comfort in mind

8. Speedy – 3.4m Sit On Top Touring Kayak

  • Efficient Design

  • Perfect for beginner

  • With an easy paddle

9. Hug – Sit-in Double 5.2m Touring Kayak

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight

  • Stable

10. KXone Slider 375 Superlite

  • Provide excellent back support

  • Durable

  • Excellent stability

1. Intex Challenger Kayak, Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air-Pump


  • Brand: INTEX
  • Colour: Assorted
  • Style: K2 Kayak
  • Material: Inflatable
  • Item weight: 35 Pounds
  • Seating capacity: 2

There are a few reasons why the Intex Challenger might be the best kayak for beginners – it is affordable, lightweight, and portable. The Challenger is one of the best inflatable kayaks Australia offers at this price range. It is available in both single occupancy and double occupancy models. The PVC vinyl material is durable, looks great, and works well on calm days. 

This inflatable kayak has fairly comfortable seats for shorter trips on open waters, making it one of the best in its range for 2 people. Tracking fins, paddles, pumps, repair patches, and oversized carry bags are included with both versions.

Despite being both secure and reliable in the water, inflation can be tricky since the holes are inside the kayak, and the included accessories are relatively cheap, but given what it offers, this is an excellent value.


  • For long-term durability, it’s made of rugged, Super-Tough vinyl that is puncture-resistant and UV resistant
  • The seat is adjustable and has a backrest; the floor has an inflatable I beam for rigidity and comfort; and the skeg can be detached to provide directional stability.
  • A full-size inflatable measures 11’6″ x 2’6″ x 1’3″ (351x76x38cm), is made of 30 gauge (0.75mm), and has a weight capacity of 400 lbs (180kg).
  • A sporty design for high visibility; Low-profile for lakes and mild rivers; Streamlined cockpit for easy paddling; Rugged vinyl construction; Grab lines on both ends; Cargo net for storage; Cargo net for extra storage.

2. Hydroten Big Dace Pro 10Ft Fishing Kayak Sit On Top


  • Brand: Hydroten
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Item weight: 23 Kilograms

For those still asking what kayak is the best for fishing in oceans, we suggest the Hydroten Big Dace Pro Fishing Kayak. There are a lot of great features in this fishing kayak, including a sharp design, a great load capacity, and elevated aluminium frame seats that provide comfort.

In addition to one 360-degree swivel rod holder, two others, and room for bait, this kayak for fly fishing also includes a center console specifically designed for fishing. Additionally, there is a front hinged storage box, a rear bungee storage area, and a drain plug for releasing excess water.

There’s no doubt that this kayak is one of the most comfortable options for days spent on the water due to its unique rudder system.


  • It is very easy to use the rudder system. It allows the kayak to be tracked and maneuvered more easily.
  • Incredibly comfortable raised aluminium seat that provides superior comfort during long hours spent on the water.
  • Integrated track rails for mounting a GoPro, fish finder, rod holders and other accessories. The fisherman with a passion for the outdoors will have plenty of rod holders, two built-in and one 360° swivel.
  • A large front hatch with a hard hinged lid provides spacious hinged storage. An ice box is enclosed in a large square deep hatch with a hard hinged lid at the back. A larger wet storage area and bungee straps with a 1.5m length. With a fish measuring ruler, this multi-purpose center console holds bait, bottles, and fishing rods.
  • There are three sizes available: 310xW84xH36cm for the single size, and 285kg for the larger size.

3. AQUAGLIDE Navarro 130 Convertible Inflatable Kayak with Drop Stitch Floor- 1 Person Touring Kayak Without Cover, Green


  • Brand: Aquaglide
  • Colour: green
  • Seating capacity: 1
  • Item weight: 40.24 Pounds
  • Material: Nylon

The Aquaglide Navarro 130 Convertible is one of the best inflatable kayaks for rivers and lakes. The design of this inflatable kayak is one of the best we’ve seen.

With an optional zip-in deck, this model can be converted from an open deck to a closed deck. With a hard dropstick bottom and excellent tracking, it is speedy, manoeuvrable, and designed for strength. If you need your hands for fishing, the kayak comes with paddle holders, front storage, and a comfortable mesh seat. 

This kayak comes without a pump or zip-in deck, which have to be ordered separately, but paddles are included, so its a versatile option for a beginner kayak that’s good for fishing.


  • There is a weight of 35 lbs. The capacity of the unit is 300 pounds. (136 kg) One person. This kayak comes with a seat and a storage bag. Limited warranty of one year. There is an optional cover available, but it is not included.
  • In terms of boat capabilities, Navarro is well suited to handle the unexpected. The durable lightweight inflatable features a drop stitched floor, zip-on deck, and Hex Shell pontoons.
  • Water sports are what drive us to engineer some of the best boating technologies available so you can enjoy the performance you want without sacrificing portability.
  • The inflatable kayaks we offer are designed to play hard as you do, so you can make it your own adventure. Designed for rapid waters and touring, they’re portable, lightweight, and built to last.

4. Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Recreational Touring Kayak with EVA Padded Seats with High Back Support, Includes Paddles, Pump ( 1 Person, 2 Person, 2 Plus 1 Child )


  • Brand: Driftsun
  • Colour: Yellow – 1 Person
  • Item weight: 23 Pounds
  • Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate,Polyester

There is a significant difference between the Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Kayak and other inflatable kayaks in that it can actually be used for extended periods of time and offers a bit more speed and maneuverability than other inflatable kayaks. It is designed to tackle challenging conditions with relative ease due to its length, sharp bow, and rounded hull.

A great sit-on-top surf kayak with quality accessories and a comfortable seat, this kayak is ideal for touring. Even though it is not as stable as some other white water kayaks, it has a foot rest and travel bag, along with paddles and pump, making it the best white water kayak for beginners.


  • Providing high level cushion and support our EVA padded high back seats are adjustable for almost any seating position, providing you with a comfortable ride.
  • The package includes: (1) Padded Seat with Adjustable Back Support, (1) Dual Blade Kayak Paddle, (1) Deluxe Dual Action Pump, (1) Quick-release fin, (1) Foot Rest, and (1) Travel Bag.
  • A long waterline is designed for speed and long glides in the Almanor series of touring and recreational kayaks. It works best on flat water and in mild ocean chop. It is great for distance paddling.
  • It has an exterior dimension of 11′(L) x 34″(W) / and weighs 23 pounds. 300 lbs. capacity. Inflation Time: 9 minutes / 1 adult, gear, or furry friend. The side tubes and the floor are inflated at a pressure of 1 PSI each
  • A rugged 600d polyester hull is designed for long-term fun and UV protection. Air bladders are made from 24 gauge steel, the best in the industry. The Almanor 146 was engineered to perform at peak levels both in durability and safety



  • Item weight: 23 Pounds
  • Colour: Orange/Gray
  • Seating capacity: 1
  • Weight limit: 250 Pounds
  • Material: Rip-stop Polyester/PVC Tarpaulin

Lagoon is an inflatable kayak from Advanced Elements, one of the top brands in the industry. It’s one of the best choices for casual bay paddling. Even though it’s a little small for the open ocean, it stands out for being one of the lightest models on our list. Therefore, you can transport it when you can’t park right next to the launch location.

You can also pack it down to fit inside the trunk of a small sedan or SUV. It takes no longer than ten minutes to inflate when you are ready to use it. The Lagoon 1 features rigid panels, which provide extra structure and improve the boat’s performance. In addition, kayaks are also covered with thicker materials that improve their stiffness and protect them from abrasions on rocky beaches.


  • Inner tube cover – Provides abrasion resistance and stiffness.
  • A twistlok valve or high flow spring valve allows you to set up the unit quickly and easily.
  • An improved landing plate and tracking fin are included in the hull design.
  • Defining and improving tracking of the bow and stern are rigid panels that are built into the boat.
  • A carrying duffel bag, a repair kit, a folding seat, and a user manual are included with this inflatable kayak.
  • Seat integrated into the kayak – This inflatable kayak features a comfortable seat built into the boat.
  • It measures 8’4″ long, 34″ wide, and weighs 23 lb (10 kg).
  • Capacity – Maximum. The weight of the machine is 250 pounds (113 kilograms).
  • Lightweight and durable – Unique outer cover provides durability without sacrificing weight.

6. Sevylor Tahiti Plus 2+1 Man Canadian Canoe Inflatable Sea Kayak, 361 x 90 cm


  • Brand: Sevylor
  • Colour: Tahiti Plus
  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Item weight: 11.7 Kilograms
  • Style: Tahiti Plus

The Sevylor Tahiti Plus can comfortably hold two adults and one smaller passenger—whether it’s a child or a pet. Since it is inflatable, it is ideal for paddling in calm saltwater bays or protected inland waterways. It can, however, be rolled up very compactly for storage and transportation because it is inflatable. In addition, it comes with a backpack-style carrying bag that makes walking this kayak to the water much easier.

It is made out of PVC and is constructed with three chambers that prevent it from sinking even if one chamber is compromised. The kayak can be fitted with several Sevylor-designed skeg systems to improve tracking. There is a separate charge for the skegs. As soon as you arrive at your paddling destination, you can inflate the kayak and get paddling within ten minutes. With three seats, it is easy to remove or reposition them, so this kayak can carry up to three people.


  • The broad shape of this kayak offers stability and comfort for two adults and one child when out on the water. The spray deck at the bow and stern provides added comfort.
  • This Kayak has a size of 361 x 90 cm when inflated, the maximum load capacity is 200 kg; it comes with a boat repair kit; however, make sure to inflate it on level surfaces only.
  • The canoe has an enhanced backpack system for greater portability
  • Designed for high stability and safety on the water, the compact Canadian canoe has a durable PVC hull, two side chambers and a floor chamber constructed with i-beams.
  • Paddling is made easier with the two inflatable kayak seats, which are easily adjusted and removed. An integrated pressure gauge ensures that they are inflated accurately.

7. Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars, Manual and Electric Pumps…


  • Brand: INTEX
  • Seating capacity: 2
  • Item weight: 15.88 Kilograms
  • Colour:   yellow
  • Style: Prior Version
  • Material: Polypropylene

The Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak is an excellent option if you are wondering what is the best kayak for a beginner or what is the best tandem sit-on-top kayak. Its affordability, solid and stable design, and inclusion of everything you need to get into the water straight away (apart from a life jacket) make it the perfect beginner kayak. 

In spite of the wind hull’s limitations, this is one of the best kayaks for beginners (and their friends!). The wind hull provides good stability, and these aren’t the most comfortable kayaks for long sessions on the water.


  • 10 Feet 3 Inches By 3 Feet 8 Inches By 1 Feet 8 Inches Sizing; Maximum Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds
  • The SKEG can be removed to provide direction stability
  • It is suggested by the manufacturer to store the boat in a cool, dry place and to ensure that it is clean and dry before storing it
  • A bright yellow color helps increase visibility in an emergency
  • An inflatable seat with a backrest makes the kayak comfortable for anyone; the cockpit is designed with space and comfort in mind
  • The Explorer K2 is designed for smaller bodies of water, such as lakes and mild rivers.

8. Speedy – 3.4m Sit On Top Touring Kayak


  • Brand: Bay Sports
  • Colour: Aqua
  • Item weight: 26000 Grams

With its sit-on-top design and true to its name, the Speedy is a great ocean paddleboard. When the wind is minimal, it will be most suitable for protected waterways, but it’s stable enough to get out and through light surf.

There are molded-in handles on this kayak, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking and having to replace them as often as you would with traditional toggle handles. As well as the efficient design of the hull, you can glide through the water with ease.

Beginner-to-intermediate paddlers who want to mostly explore quick paddles on calm water will benefit most from the Speedy. While this kayak can handle longer paddles up to about five kilometers, there is not enough storage space to carry them.


  • Kayak with a sit-on-top design that has a length of 3-4 meters
  • In terms of design, this kayak is a hybrid between a sit-in kayak and a sit-on-top kayak that is perfect for beginners and intermediate paddlers. 
  • It weighs just 23kg, making it one of the lightest single seater kayaks on the market.
  • The Speedy kayak has a 3.4m length and an aquadynamic shaped hull design, making it a capable kayak that glides well on water. 
  • Paddles up to 5km easily
  • Speedy single touring kayaks combine the freedom and stability of sit-on-top kayaks with the speed and glide of sit-in kayaks.
  • With some oomph and the ability to paddle some distance, this kayak is perfect for single seater Sit on Top kayakers.
  • With an easy paddle and maneuverability, this kayak is perfect for rivers, lakes, and estuaries. 

9. Hug – Sit-in Double 5.2m Touring Kayak


  • Brand: Bay Sports
  • Colour: White/Blue
  • Item weight: 34000 Grams

The Hug Double kayak is an excellent choice if you and your partner want a seaworthy kayak that you can paddle together. If you’re interested in extended kayak camping trips, this kayak is suitable for longer paddles.

This kayak is best suited to intermediate-to-advanced paddlers because it is slightly longer and skinnier than the traditional kayaks. You can attach a kayak spray skirt to each of the two cockpit compartments if you are paddling in adverse conditions.

Foot pedals are located in the rear cockpit compartment for adjusting the rudder at the stern. In addition to an enclosed storage compartment, this sit-inside kayak has two open compartments to hold all your kayaking essentials.

Those compartments are complemented by bungee rigging and deck lines that can secure additional items to the kayak, such as deck bags. When your partner bails on you one day, you can paddle it alone in the rear compartment!


  • In addition to its rounded, “torpedo” hull design, the Hug has an auxiliary rudder that can be controlled by your feet, so you can effortlessly glide through the water.
  • Featuring an open cockpit design, the Hug is an ideal ocean kayak for two people due to its comfort, speed, and stability.
  • A noteworthy feature of this design is the ability to paddle solo from the rear seat.
  • Despite windy conditions and strong currents, the deep blade rudder system ensures excellent tracking.
  • This boat is versatile enough for cruising, fishing, camping, and just having fun.
  • For beginners new to kayaking, it is surprisingly stable, making it a great touring sea kayak.

10. KXone Slider 375 Superlite – 3.75M Single Inflatable Kayak


  • Item weight: 7000 Grams
  • Brand: Woosung

Our last inflatable beginner kayak australia on our list is the KXone Slider 375, which is designed for performance over stability. Despite the incredibly lightweight design, the longer and skinnier design allows you to paddle longer distances with less effort.

With its single paddler design and ample covered storage space at the bow and stern, it is perfect for a solo paddler. A lot of the best inflatable paddle boards for beginners today are made with drop-stitch technology.

There is a comfortable and adjustable seat in the cockpit, as well as a padded footrest that’s uncommon in inflatables. If you capsize or water splashes into your kayak, the cockpit includes a water drainage channel.


  • An inflatable kayak with higher operating pressure (8 PSI) than a regular inflatable kayak.
  • The large detachable skeg keeps the kayak on a straight course while paddling
  • With great maneuverability and excellent stability, it is tough, durable, compact, and lightweight.
  • SUP foam pad designed specifically for stand-up paddling
  • A number of D-rings are attached for adjusting the seat
  • Seats with adjustable 4-point highbacks provide excellent back support.
  • With this kayak, you can enjoy the speed of a hard-shell kayak while enjoying the portability of an inflatable kayak.
  • Designed for all ages with a unique ultralight, universal design.
  • A system that uses Smart Dry Zones with drain plugs for air conditioning
  • Providing a high level of reliability and airtightness, H3 high-pressure valves are replaceable and airtight.
  • The large screw-type drain valves make it easy to drain the kayak quickly and easily.

How to choose the best beginner kayak Australia?

Kayaks come in different types, capacities, skills levels, means of transportation, and more, so it’s important to consider what is most suitable for you. It is important to consider each of these factors when choosing a kayak since they will be directly related to how you can use it.

1. Type

It is probably best to begin by thinking about the type of kayak you want to buy. Kayaks come in a variety of styles: sit-in kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, inflatable kayaks, and pedal kayaks. 

Each of these is discussed below.

Sit-On-Top Kayak

Sit-on-top kayaks are ones that allow you to sit above the water as their name implies. Compared to sit-in kayaks, they are less agile and more stable, making them great for beginners. A variety of sit-on-top kayaks are available, including double sit-on-top kayaks, 12-foot sit-on-top kayaks, sit-on-top angler kayaks, fiberglass sit-on-top kayaks, and tandem kayaks.

Inflatable Kayak

It is possible to inflate an inflatable kayak when in use and deflate it when not. Their soft design uses lightweight materials and can easily be transported in a standard vehicle without roof racks, making them the best lightweight kayak Australia offers. Some can also be used as a stand on top kayak for exercising on the water. They are generally very stable. It is best to use them in calm conditions.

Sit-In Kayak

Kayaks with rounded hulls are super maneuverable and have low centers of gravity, which makes them great for rough waters. You can use them for kayaking on fast-moving rivers, but you should have some experience maneuvering them as they are a bit tricky to use. When you use a closed deck sit-in kayak, you can also stay dry.

2. Kayak Weight And Portability

The kayak’s weight and portability are also important factors, and are mainly determined by the materials used and the kayak’s size.

Inflatable kayaks are by far the most portable designs. The fact that they are lightweight (they’re usually under 10kg) makes them usable in a variety of settings as well as more portable and usable for a variety of applications. 

A typical sit-in or sit-on-top kayak can weigh over 20kg and reach up to 40kg (and sometimes even more). The advantage of roof racks is that they can be transported easily, but they are considerably less portable as they require roof racks for transport. 

The key is to consider your needs as well as the pros and cons of everything. A portable inflatable model may be a good choice if you are concerned about portability. A sit-on or sit-on-top option is certainly a better choice if you want better durability and performance.

3. Purpose

It’s important to think about why you want a kayak, since knowing this can help you find one that meets your requirements. In addition to fishing , kayaks are used for recreation and touring, as well as adventure sports.

Among the best fishing kayaks (Australia), there are many options to choose from. These options all have rod holders, bait storage (usually a compartment), and a sturdy and durable design. Both sit-in and sit-on-top models are available, and they share many of the same features as recreational kayaks.

It is possible to find touring kayaks that are shorter than standard kayaks and designed for longer periods on the water. 

You’ll want something more specific when you’re searching for adventure kayaks. If you want to kayak in the surf or on whitewater, you need one that is long, narrow, lightweight, and easy to steer.

4. Material And Durability

Materials and durability are closely related to each other (as are many other factors to consider). High-density polyethylene (HDPE), PVC, plastic, fiberglass, and carbon fiber are all popular kayak materials.

An inflatable PVC kayak is the lightest sit-on-top kayak option. It is possible to find these kayaks for under or around $200. Puncture resistance is increased by making them tough. It’s important to note, however, that these aren’t as durable as hardshell designs made of plastic or HDPE. Kayaks under or around $500 are usually lighter and more portable, but they’re best for recreational use.

Carbon fiber and fiberglass are both lightweight materials that are made to be extremely strong and lightweight. Nevertheless, they can be considerably more expensive, so consider how durable you need your kayak to be, and how often you intend to use it.

5. Seating And Load Capacity

It is important to examine the individual kayak in order to know how much it can handle based on its seating type and capacity.

Although most kayaks are designed for 1 or 2 people, there are also limited options for families and children. As the kayak seats more people, its weight will increase and it will become less maneuverable. You can use this for recreational purposes, but if you’re looking for adventure options, look for single person models.

In order to determine the load capacity of a kayak, you need to look at each one separately. When choosing the best 2 person kayak Australia, keep in mind the weight of the people and the capacity of the kayak. Make sure you have enough space for luggage as well. Even though there are a variety of capacities available, heavy people can find the best inflatable kayak.


There you have it. I hope this guide to the best beginner kayaks in Australia will help you choose the one that is right for you. You should keep in mind that there are plenty of similar-looking products. However, in order to determine which is the right one for you, you must consider all the factors we’ve discussed.

“Intex Challenger Kayak, Inflatable Kayak” is our overall product which contains features like durability, comfortable, and easy to use.

“Hydroten Big Dace Pro 10Ft Fishing Kayak Sit On Top” is the editor’s choice which offers features like lightweight, easy-to-use, spacious hinged storage.

If you are looking for an affordable best beginner kayak Australia then i recommend “AQUAGLIDE Navarro 130 Convertible Inflatable Kayak “ which contains features like Lightweight, easy to use, durable, and easy to use.

Make sure you don’t rush when you purchase the product. You should never give in to salesmen’s sway, no matter how impressive their ads are or how effective their marketing is. Do your research before buying, and then take your time. If you make the wrong choice, you will not only lose money, but you will also experience a bad taste in your mouth. Help your friends out by sharing this guide with them if they are interested in buying the product. Enjoy your shopping!


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