12 Best Deck Boats 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


Almost no one outside the boating industry knows anything about deck boats. There is finally some attention being paid to them.

Whether it’s Bayliner or Tahoe, or more specialized brands such as Starcraft and Hurricane, you’ll always find new deck boat models.

In my opinion, their popularity is mainly due to the fact that boating, water skiing, and fishing are all more enjoyable when friends and family are present. 

Groups can only be accommodated on your vessel if it has the capacity for passengers and is large enough to accommodate them. Although pontoon boats are great for large groups, have you ever seen one that’s fast? The deck boat is here to introduce itself to you!

Deck boats are becoming increasingly popular among boating enthusiasts as they offer speed and maneuverability while accommodating more guests.

Here we have done this hard work for you in listing the best deck boats 2022 also provides the important factors that you should consider while purchasing the boats.

12 Best Deck Boats 2022





Best Overall

1. Sea Ray SDX 250

  • Changeable

  • Eye-catching helm

  • Monohull top

Best  Affordable

2. Bayliner Element E18

  • Customized

  • M-shaped hull

  • Excellent handling

Best Budget

3. Tahoe 195 

  • High-speed

  • 220-horsepower

  • 8 people seat

4. Hurricane SunDeck 2690 OB

  • Adaptability

  • Additional protection

  • Modifiable

5. Bayliner Element E21

  • Affordable

  • Dual-console 

  • Practical design

6. Crownline E 305 XS

  • Enormous size

  • Aluminum hardtop

  • Comfortable

7. Chaparral 230 Suncoast

  • Windsurfing boat

  • Comfortable seats

  • Bow-mounted

8. Starcraft SVX 231 22′ 8″ Deck Boat

  • Windsurfing boat

  • Extremely high

  • Safety awareness


  • More enjoyable

  • Collapsible Bimini top

  • Storage containers

10. Lowe Sport SD224

  • Manoeuvrability

  • Drop-down enclosure

  • Anti-feedback steering

11. Eliminator 28 Fundeck

  • Eight passengers

  • 565 horsepower

  • Large built-in

12. Concept 392 Family Edition

  • Comfortable

  • Sound system

  • Climate-controlled

1. Sea Ray SDX 250


  • Year:  2019
  • Model:  SDX 250
  • Make:  Sea Ray
  • Length: 25′
  • Class:  Deck
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

In Sea Ray’s SDX 250 deck boat, you can see the brand’s commitment to upscale comfort. A fantastic combination of quality upholstery, reversible double-wide transom lounges, innovative face-to-face bow seating, Bimini top, expanded swim platform, stylish glass-paneled helm, audiophile Fusion stereo system with VesselView remote data system and an audiophile Fusion stereo system, there’s a lot to love about this boat before you even go near the drool-worthy option list. The deck boat is one of the best available on the market today.

2. Bayliner Element E18


  • Length:  18′
  • Year:  2022
  • Model:  Element E18
  • Make:  Bayliner
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline

Featuring seating for up to nine people and a 115hp Mercury outboard, the Bayliner E18 starts at under $19,000 and tops out at just over $34,000 with trailer and Mercury outboard.

For a fishing boat, some of these features include a live bait well, rod holders, fishing chairs, and a trolling motor, while for a watersports boat they include wakeboard racks and a sport arch.

As a result of its M-shaped hull, the boat is incredibly stable and quick to plane at low and high speeds. When the E18’s engine is down, it draws only 2ft 5in, which makes it perfect for sandbar trips and day trips. Bayliner offers excellent value compared to its competitors.

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3. Tahoe 195


  • Boat type:  Deck boat
  • Beam:  2.6 m (8′6″)
  • Fuel tank:  136 l (36 gal)
  • Max hp:  260 hp
  • Engine type:  V6

In our list of the 12 best deck boats, Tahoe’s deck boat deserves a place. Deck boats like this one are known for their overall satisfaction. No matter what kind of water sports you enjoy, such as fishing or scuba diving, the Tahoe 195 is sure to meet your expectations.

In addition to having a wide range of customization options, this boat offers a wide range of features as well. You can choose the quality of your music based on your tastes and preferences with many sound packages. In addition to fishing, you can also enjoy water sports, such as wakeboarding, with trolling motors.

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An eight-person maximum can be seated on this spacious deck boat. All your favorite people can fit here comfortably. Several comfortable seats are arranged in a room-like layout in the cockpit. With the standard storage underneath, the bow seating is just as great as it is without it.

An impressive 220-horsepower V6 MerCruiser motor makes the Tahoe 195 a beast on the water, capable of speeds up to 50 mph. For those speed demons who like nothing more than to zoom across the water in a hail of water, this deck boat is perfect.

There are 36 gallons of fuel capacity, 3005 pounds of dry weight, and 8 seats on the Tahoe 195. A deck boat like this can be purchased for around $33,000. This is a great deal. This boat is without a doubt one of the most affordable on the market. ‘Bang for your buck’ doesn’t come close to this anywhere else.

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4. Hurricane SunDeck 2690 OB


  • Year: 2022
  • Model: SunDeck 2690 OB
  • Make: Hurricane
  • Length: 26′
  • Class: Deck
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

It would be impossible to find a better deck boat when it comes to high-end deck boats than Hurricane SunDeck OB, available in 26-ft. A 4-inches long yacht certified deck boat provides an unmatched level of flexibility and convenience when it comes to boating.

Adding additional protection against the elements or keeping your kids and pets safe can be achieved with the bi-fold door on the center deck. It comes with several convenience features, including cup and cell phone holders, charging ports, and keeper netting.

As for the windshield that allows you to walk through, it can be rolled up, rolled down, and adjusted to shield you wherever the wind blows. There are a variety of features that enable the SunDeck OB to feel like a home away from home for at least an afternoon.

5. Bayliner Element E21


  • Year:  2022
  • Model:  Element E21
  • Make:  Bayliner
  • Length:  21′
  • Class:  Deck
  • Fuel Type:  Other

A new model from Bayliner, the Element E21, reflects the company’s mission to create affordable, easy-to-use boats, so more people will take up boating. Introducing the 20-foot-8-inch E21, the 20-foot-8-inch boat that can be purchased for as little as $25,500, offers a practical design that can beat out pre-owned boats, and unlike Craigslist specials, it comes with a warranty.

An E21 is a wide-open, multi-console deck boat without a windshield in its base configuration (glass windshields cost $1,271). Fiberglass hulls, stringers, and decks, as well as all the seat bases and consoles on the deck, help reduce molded parts and cut costs, a theme that runs throughout the boat.

We tested the upgraded Mercury 150 FourStroke off-road outboard, which adds $4,142 to the cost. The base boat is rigged with a Mercury 115 four-stroke outboard. There are two wing platforms port and starboard aft of the transom platform on the E21.

Motorwells on platforms are covered so that walking across them is easy. Each U-lounge seat cushion has fiberglass-lined stowage under the cockpit’s self-bailing cockpit. You will be able to easily access the battery and battery switch beneath the starboard seat.

Turn-button fasteners are used on the front of the cushions to secure them. Boats without hinges or gas struts are not available. Its basic no-frills interior is spruced up by its curve-shaped backrests and dual-colored upholstery.

In addition to the console seats, the deck has bases molded into it for the bases of the console seats to mount on. Some gear can be stored in the console on the port side. Plastic wheels and analog gauges are found at the helm. Among the options on our test boat, we chose the Jensen sound system ($507).

All three boats use the same seat cushions to keep costs down, so the bow area is identical to the Element E16/18. The anchor locker is hidden beneath the center cushion, but there is no dedicated storage compartment.

In addition to a modified M-hull, the E21 rides on the same platform as the E16/18, which was introduced in previous models. With its V-shaped center section, deep chines, and outboard sponsors, the M-Hull was designed for outstanding small boat stability and maneuverability. Sponsons are slightly deeper than keels, like chines on a deck boat, and help stabilize the boat at rest.

6. Crownline E 305 XS


  • Length: 29′
  • Year: 2022
  • Model: E 305 XS
  • Make: Crownline
  • Class: Bowrider
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

There is no comparison between the Crownline E 305 XS and the M15 at the other end of the deck boat spectrum. It measures 30’1″ in length, 9’2″ in width, and is capable of carrying up to 700 horsepower on the transom. Furthermore, it comes with a 10-speaker stereo system with Wet Sounds and joystick steering.

With a level of luxury out of this world, the E 305 X stands out from the crowd of deck boats. An enclosed head compartment with a sink and vanity, snap-in woven cockpit mats, a pull-out SureShade canvas extension, and a drawer refrigerator are some of the goodies on board.

It is also a luxury experience simply to sit in the seats and also made of aluminum material which is rust-free.

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With a full-length chaise lounge on each side of the bow cockpit and fold-down arm rests on the transom seats, the bow cockpit doubles as a full-length lounge with headrests and armrests. You’ll find this deck boat to be one of the top picks if you’re looking for a boat with a yacht-like feel.

7. Chaparral 230 Suncoast


  • LOA:  22’10”
  • Fuel: 70
  • Beam:  8’6″
  • Weight: 3,500
  • Passenger Capacity: 12/1850

In addition to being a deck boat, the Chaparral 230 Suncoast is also a watersports boat, a day cruiser, and a bowrider for a sticker price of $57,595 (which includes a trailer and a Yamaha F200 four-stroke outboard).

Considering it’s like having three boats in one, what’s not to like for around $20K per boat? With almost 23 feet of length and the capacity to carry a dozen people, this is one of the best deck boats you’re likely to find.

A cruising complement includes an enclosed head, a fold-out center windshield, and a telescopic boarding ladder for easy access to the beach, while sports features include ski and wakeboard storage on the deck and an optional arch with an elevated towing bit.

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For beach access, the bow telescopic boarding ladder and a folding center windshield are bowrider-like features.

8. Starcraft SVX 231 OB DH 23′


  • Model: SVX 231 OB DH
  • Make: Starcraft
  • Length:  23′
  • Class: Deck
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

The next deck boat on the list is by Starcraft, which knows how to have fun on the water, as you can see by the new 2022 SVX 231 OB deck boat. She is absolutely stunning, too!

Family-friendly and high-performance, this deck boat boasts an outstanding 250-horsepower Yamaha engine. You can take smaller children on board the boat because it features a deep and wide cockpit and long-lasting components. Its adaptability of it is one of its strengths. A wide range of activities can be handled by the SVX 231.

There’s something for everyone, from relaxing cruises on bright Sunday afternoons to watersports that give you an adrenaline rush or simply relaxing at the beach bar. Those are just some of the things you can achieve with this deck boat.

In addition, to rub rails, hydraulic tilt steering, a bimini cover, bow traction mats, and a wireless AM/FM radio, the boat is equipped with everything it’s necessary to enjoy its time on the water.



  • Year: 2022
  • Model: 212SC
  • Make: Stingray
  • Length: 22′
  • Class: Bowrider
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

Boating on this incredible deck boat is great for sociable boating with family and friends. There is plenty of space for guests with a maximum seating capacity of 12. There is an old saying that states that ‘The more, the merrier. A limit on the number of guests you have is like limiting the amount of fun you can have.

With a lot of storage and space, the 212SC is a great choice. With plenty of room for equipment, you’ll never run out of space. With so much equipment to bring, you won’t have to budget for it. When there are more guests on board, you’ll need more material to fit everyone, which is especially important.

Designed for optimal speed and maneuverability, this speed boat is one of the best on the water.  It is possible for owners to choose either a Mercury four-stroke engine or a Yamaha engine. With this boat, speeds can reach over 50 mph in a matter of seconds. This is ideal for speed freaks and adrenaline junkies.

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212SC deck boats have 57 gallons of fuel capacity and 3,100 pounds of dry weight. A deck boat like this can be purchased for around $40,000. A boat of this caliber may seem expensive, but for a well-made vessel of this quality, it’s a great deal. There should be a lot more money involved in purchasing a deck boat such as this, so you’re getting a good deal.

10. Lowe Sport SD224


  • Fuel Capacity: 32 gal
  • Max Weight Capacity: 2,404 lbs
  • Max Person Weight: 1,660 lbs

The cost of a boat isn’t cheap. Although we use the word “budget” in our descriptions, this does not mean “low cost.” Instead, we mean a boat that delivers a high level of value for its price.

This can be seen in the Lowe Sport SD224. You can enjoy your favorite water sports with friends or on a fishing adventure with this high-performance boat. To give you the best of both worlds, a pontoon boat provides a lot of comfort while a powerful sports boat provides speed and agility.

There are two bow chaise lounges, a maximum 200hp engine, and anti-feedback steering four-to-one as standard amenities. Besides the two pedestal fishing seats, it also features vinyl flooring, a timed aerated live well, and a drop-down enclosure for extra privacy.

With a base price of about $43,000, the SD224 can be financed over a four-year term at about $400 per month.

11. Eliminator 28 Fundeck


  • Length: 28.2′ 
  • Weight: 5500lbs.
  • Beam: 102″

Although not your average deck boat, the high-speed performance Eliminator can reach speeds over 120mph due to 1,050 horsepower. It is still possible to reach 80mph with even the more sedate Mercury Racing outboard/inboard (565hp).

A high-performance boat like this can carry eight passengers. The Kicker speakers, as well as the dual subwoofers and straight-through exhaust, are all 6.5 inches in size and made of RGB material.

A deck boat with a large built-in bathing platform and open bow loungers, the layout is a pure deck boat. Also below the rear seats is a large cooler and a removable dining table.

In terms of speed and looks, there is very little that can match the Eliminator at an initial price of $180,000. It is, however, built by a thoroughbred boatbuilder known for its high-quality hulls and custom finishes.

12. Concept 392 Family Edition


  • Maximum Outboard Rating:  1,600 H.P.
  • Beam: 10′ 9”
  • Length (L. O. A.): 39’
  • Weight:  10,500 Lbs.
  • Draft:  30”
  • Fuel Capacity:  400 Gallons

It is hard to imagine a deck boat like the Concept 392 Family Edition that isn’t a beast on the water. Among other things, it’s huge. With a center console layout and a lot of seating on deck and in the bow, it is perfect for a family boat. We are impressed with the long-term durability of the product, as well as its comfort and utility.

A day spent out on the open waters reeling in some huge catches on the 392 FE is perfect for a day spent with it. It is fully customizable and comes with a number of fishing features. There is also an aft bench, bow, deck, and forward-console seating included in the standard features, as well as four powerful Mercury throttles, and a powerful marine sound system.

The helm seat is made from fiberglass, and there are coaming pads, aluminum powder-coated grab rails, and a lot more. A dockside freshwater inlet and insulated fish boxes are built into the 392 FE as fishing-friendly features.

No matter what you want to do, the 392 FE will get you there in style, whether you are on a fishing adventure or relaxing on the water with family and friends.

How To Choose The Best Deck Boats 2022?

The cost of a deck boat is high. The right one is something you want to buy with your money, so make sure you spend it wisely. A deck boat buying guide can be found here.

1. Budget

Deck boats aren’t for everyone, so if you can’t afford $20,000, don’t purchase one! To determine how much you should invest, you must determine how much you can afford.

Some people can take out a loan to finance their purchases, while others can use their credit cards. Set a budget for yourself and decide how much money you can invest.

If you are interested in finding out how much the average price of a deck boat will cost, check out our guide. In addition, you need to consider how much it will cost you to maintain the boat, as well as what licenses you’ll need to operate it legally.

2. Requirements

Are you looking for a place for guests? Perhaps you and your family just want a relaxing place to relax? Consider your needs before making a decision.

When you’re alone, you may not need a lot of space for passengers if you want a quiet retreat. You might need a bigger boat if you entertain large groups regularly.

3. Research Boat Dealers

A deck boat should be purchased from a reputable manufacturer if you want it to last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a place to start, check out any of the brands presented in this review.

Explore the different boats that the deck boat manufacturers offer on their official websites, as well as their standard features, before choosing one. Moreover, if you want any comfort or convenience features added, check if they have any customization options.

As soon as you’ve decided which boat you want to buy, search for local dealers for the manufacturer. You can reach them by phone or email and get all the information you need about a particular vessel and whether it is right for you.

There are a number of things you should discuss, such as availability, models, customization, pricing, and even financing, if it is available. Set up an appointment to see the boat once you’re satisfied with everything you’ve heard.

4. New vs. Used

Having determined the size and features you want in your deck boat, as well as its expected running costs, and knowing how much you’ll have to spend on boat maintenance, you’ll now need to decide whether to purchase a new boat or a used one.

When you hear the word “used,” probably the first thing that comes to mind is a rusty old boat. There is no truth to this statement.

Buying a deck boat used means that it has been previously owned. Many people sell deck boats purchased in 2017 and 2018. Even people selling 2019 vessels may be selling them, though prices may not be much lower as they are still quite new.

You can save lots of money by finding boats whose year of manufacture is between 2012 and 2015 if you’re looking for a vessel that’s as good as new. The initial cost of buying an older boat may be cheaper, but the long-term maintenance and repairs will be more expensive.

A brand new boat is always better if you can afford it. However, if you find one that is in great shape and has all the features you want, it could cost less than a new boat of the same size. You don’t want to end up with a lemon, so be careful what you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here below is the list of the most commonly asked questions about the best deck boats in 2022.

What are Deck Boats?

Among similar-sized runabouts, deck boat is comparable to that of a pontoon boat, by their large decks and storage capacity, compared to bowriders. In addition to dock lines, anchor buoys, life jackets, bags of towels, and coolers of snacks (as well as essential water toys) have to have a place to be stored.

Designed to maximize comfort and convenience for passengers, deck boats maximize every inch of space. Additionally, deck boats typically have wider beams and deep cockpits as well as bow and stern swim steps that fold away.

For the deck boat, the beam expands further into the bow which becomes more square in order to carry as much recreational equipment and activities as possible on the deck. Runabouts typically have pointed V-shaped bows, which are not compatible with this design concept.

There are some shorter and longer outliers among deck boats, but the average hull length is between 20 and 30 feet. With this range, you have a pretty good choice. You should ultimately select a deck boat whose size corresponds to the types of nautical activities you will be participating in.
It is best to look for a deck boat under 25 feet in length for anglers and water skiers since they will be able to move more quickly and maneuver more easily.

An upscale deck boat with upscale amenities is most likely to be used as a luxury party boat. As a result, you will be slower and less maneuverable, but this is what comes with having friends. 

Deck boats are primarily designed for use in protected inshore waters, regardless of whether they are outboard or inboard. No matter how nice the weather seems, taking a deck boat offshore can result in a tragic accident.

Deck boats are not too expensive as far as affordability is concerned. There is a wide range of pricing for new deck boats, ranging from as little as $20,000 to as much as $65,000 and beyond, depending on the features they include. There are even cheaper minimalist models available. An inexpensive secondhand deck boat can be a great deal if you are extra thrifty.

What Does a Deck Boat Look Like?

There are many variations of deck boats, but they all have some things in common, like a large amount of seating, making them a great choice for large families and groups. Sport-designed hulls ensure you won’t have to sacrifice performance or speed, and you’ll have lots of space, too.

Fishing-specific deck boats even come with storage and fishing equipment that aren’t included on standard models, such as fishing rods, reels, and other equipment.

The wide selection of boats available will enable you to make the most of your boating experience by choosing from a variety of included features and equipment. while Pontoon boats are great for transporting large groups of people.

What are the Benefits of Deck Boats?

Generally, deck boats are designed to maximize space without compromising performance. As a result, most deck boats have long beams above the sporty hull, sometimes rounded or squared at the bow. By doing this, additional seating can be added to the bow cockpit.

Unlike sharply tapering bows, many deck boats have rounded bows like the Bayliner M17. There is a significant increase in space up forward in the boat as a result. 

Are Deck Boats Good for Fishing?

Deck boats specifically designed for fishing are being built by some manufacturers. What type of fishing do you do? Would they be a good choice for you? 

There is no clear answer to this question: deck boats are often great for fishing smaller water bodies such as rivers, bays, and lakes, but they are not suitable for offshore and deep sea fishing. There are some builders who design their deck boat platforms with a dedicated fishing deck.

However, some people disagree with the concept of deck boats because they have a more wide bow and a similar hull.
A fishing-oriented version of some deck boats only has a center console deck design and no extra seating or side consoles.

Which Deck Boat Is The Best?

The increasing number of deck boat models and brands on the market is making choosing difficult for you (Isn’t that always the case?).
What do you do when there are so many options from choosing whether to attach a trolling motor and fish to choosing how much horsepower you need to whip skiers around?

In the end, the fundamental question is how much value you get for your money, no matter what the criteria are. What if you looked for the best value when buying a deck boat? It is nobody’s goal to waste money.


Everyone has their own preferences and tastes, which makes finding the ‘Best Deck Boat’ a challenging task. Therefore, it is easier for us to offer a list of the top-value deck boats. With these boats, you’re getting the best specification and features for your money.

If you’re considering buying a deck boat, I highly recommend doing some research. The last thing you want to do is buy a boat just to discover that you can get a better price the next week. If you still can’t differentiate between which one to choose from the above boats listed then here are my 3 top suggested products in terms of high-quality, affordable, and budget-friendly options.

1st one is Sea Ray SDX 250 which is our top pick due to its excellent performance, high level of comfortability, and also have extended rear swim platform. These features make this an ideal deck boat.

Our 2nd suggested boat is Bayliner Element E18. It has 115hp Mercury outboard, an M-shaped hull, also have low-speed handling. Most important it is an affordable option.

3rd recommended product is Tahoe 195 which is a budget-friendly option for those who can’t afford costly boats. It has speeds up to 50 mph, 220 horsepower, and V6 MerCruiser motor.

I will be happy to respond to any questions you might have or any comments you might like to make.


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