12 Best Heat Resistant Gloves – Buyer’s Guide


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Maybe you can come up with fun recipes, but have you ever looked at the burns on your hand after you transferred a boiling hot chicken? It is essential to wear heat-resistant gloves when cooking to stay comfortable and achieve the best results. The necessity of fireproof gloves cannot be overstated, no matter where you live or what you do.

The 12 best heat resistant gloves are discussed in our article, their pros and cons. You will be provided with a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best heat resistant gloves! Let’s begin!

12 Best Heat Resistant Gloves





Best Overall

1. Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves by Dragon Knuckle New

  • Heat resistance

  • Flexible

  • Breathable

Editor's Choice

2. Grillin Chill Gear Meat Claws – Best Bear Claw Pulled 

  • Durable

  • Easy to wear

  • Lightweight

Best Budget

3. Artisan Griller Protective BBQ Smoker Grill Gloves

  • Oil-resistant 

  • Waterproof

  • Thick flame proof

4. Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Glove

  • Flexible design

  • Easy to use 

  • Thick flame proof

5. BlueFire Gloves BBQ Grill Firepit Oven Mitts 

  • Easily interchangeable

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Durable

6. BBQ Grill Gloves, Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

  • It is triple-layered

  • Lightweigh design

  • Durable protection against heat

7. Premium BBQ Gloves, 1472°F Extreme Heat Resistant

  • Cut resistance

  • Easy to use

  • Durable

8. Jolly Green Products Ekogrips Premium Heat-Resistant

  • Longlasting

  • Heat resistance

  • easy to clean 

9. WZQH 16 Inches,932℉,Leather Forge Welding Gloves

  • Wear resistance

  • Cut resistance

  • Easy to use 

10. Gülife BBQ Glove Withstands Heat 

  • Suitable for ovens

  • Grip that is strong

  • Heat resistance

11. Cuisinart CGM-520 Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves

  • Oil-resistant

  • Completely waterproof

  • Durable

12. ICCKER Grill Gloves – 1112°F (600°C) Extremely Heat

  • Easy to use and clean

  • Durable

  • Best Gift

1. Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves by Dragon Knuckle New and Improved to Withstand 1472ºF – Grilling Barbecue Charcoal Grill Tools Kevlar Nomex Cut Resistant Great Gift


  • Color: Red/Black
  • Brand: Dragon Knuckle
  • Outer Material: Cotton, Silicone
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13 x 7 x 1.25 inches
  • Shape: Hand
  • Fill Material: Cotton

Firemen’s coats and bulletproof vests are made from the same fabric as Dragon Knuckle’s grilling gloves.  Whenever you work with high temperatures, Meta- and Para-Aramid materials keep your hands safe.  They are useful for building and tending fires as well as cooking in the kitchen or operating the grill.  The gloves weigh 13 ounces, which is heavier than other gloves on the market.  In addition to protecting your hands and wrists from abrasions, cuts, and scrapes, the heavyweight material also protects you from flames and heat.

Dragon Knuckle promises that these grill gloves are the best for dexterity despite the weight.  You won’t sweat or get sticky hands thanks to the fabric’s breathable properties.  No matter how nimble your grip is or how flexible you are, you won’t sacrifice flexibility or struggle to remove it.  There is no difference in comfort between these gloves and cloth gloves, according to the brand.  Considering the 12 inch cuffs, you may even be able to use them as winter gloves in colder climates.


  • Featuring improved silicone, aramid fibers, and heavier construction, these dragon knuckle gloves last even longer than the original.
  • Make sure you check the weight! You get more protection for your money with heavy-weight construction. In comparison, the competition weighs between 7-9 ounces of heat-resistant material. Make sure your gloves aren’t flimsy. It’s time to treat your hands better. It is resistant to heat, cuts, abrasions, and flames due to its blend of fibers. Wrists are protected by extra long 12″ cuffs.
  • The gloves are heat resistant up to 1472 degrees Fahrenheit so your hands won’t be burned. Don’t be afraid to grab the hottest pans. Meta-aramid and para-aramid are the same fabrics found in firefighter’s coats and bullet-proof vests. With our exclusive blend of fibers, you can cook at the highest temperatures with your oven, stove, grill, barbecue, or campfire.
  • You can be confident in your purchase with our satisfaction guarantee. There is no need to worry about dragon knuckle gloves. We stand behind our product. You can request a full refund if you don’t like these gloves. Now is the time to order your dragon knuckle barbecue gloves.
  • You won’t lose dexterity since it’s breathable, flexible, and nimble. Flexibility and breathability make our gloves perfect for full range of motion, confident grip, and a comfortable fit. There’s no sweat, clumsiness, or sticky feeling like all-silicone galoshes. Just pull off your gloves without struggle. With dragon knuckles, you feel like you are wearing a cloth glove but you are protected like you are wearing armor. After you’ve finished with them, throw them in the washing machine.
  • Material from the Meta-Aramid and Para-Aramid periods
  • Protective forearm cuffs measuring 12″
  • Construction of heavy weight.
  • After extended use, it might feel heavy
  • There can be a learning curve with the additional weight

2. Grillin Chill Gear Meat Claws – Best Bear Claw Pulled Pork Meat Shredders in BBQ Grill Accessories +Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves, Heavy Duty Aramid Fiber & Non Slip Silicone, Soft Cotton Liner


  • Color: Meat Claws+Grill Gloves Combo
  • Handle Material: Silicone
  • Brand: Grillin Chill Gear

Choosing the right kitchen accessories doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all affair.  You can use Brijtek’s Grillin Chill Gear BBQ gloves as a protection against wood, oil, charcoal, or propane heat.  You can use a smoker or a deep fryer with confidence.  Get the fire started in the fireplace, wood stove, or fire pit.  A 14-inch long cuff also protects your wrists and forearms, though the amount depends on how long is your arm.

This glove is made from heavy-duty, heat-resistant, high-quality Aramid material, which prevents skin from getting burned, as well as having a cotton lining to keep hands drier.


  • GEAR PERMEABLE TO HIGH HEAT: The Grillin Chill Gear BBQ gloves are rated to withstand heat exceeding 932F, so go ahead and load up the smoker, fireplace, and deep fryer with charcoal, propane, oil, and wood.
  • With a 14″ long design, you can protect more of your hand and arm from heat with the high performance, heat resistant, heavy duty Aramid fabric. A soft cotton liner prevents sweaty hands and makes it easier to put on and take off
  • The pros know that having proper barbecue tools is essential to grilling like a boss. The pros know!
  • WORKS WELL FOR MORE THAN SHREDDING MEAT – Also works well to lift turkeys, chickens, and large cuts of meat off the grill or out of a pan. The perfect tool for holding melons while slicing them. You can also shred pork or chicken with this!
  • A multi-purpose device
  • It can withstand a temperature of 932°F
  • You can shield more of your arm with long sleeves
  • It is quite heavy to use Aramid material
  • Flexibility is affected by the bulkiness of the fingers

3. Artisan Griller Protective BBQ Smoker Grill Gloves/Oven Mitt- Insulated Extreme Heat Resistan Grilling Smoker Fryer Kitchen Oven Cooking Gloves. Oil, Water Resistant (Size 9/LG)


  • Color: Black
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 14 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Outer Material: Neoprene, Silicone

There is nothing ordinary about these gloves when it comes to fire resistance. With thick materials designed specifically for barbecues and grills, these gloves can give you protection from radiant heat from coals and burners. It is also possible to protect your hands against accidental contact with hot surfaces with these gloves.

The textured surface of these gloves provides enhanced grip, which is another advantage of these extreme heat-resistant gloves. It allows tools to be gripped even if they are covered in grease and oil. If you need to pick up pans or pots off a hot stove, you can use these in place of oven mitts.

In addition to being heat-resistant, these grilling gloves are waterproof and oil-proof. Having wet or greasy hands after barbecuing all day won’t hinder their ability to grip things normally. The importance of this cannot be overstated, especially when you work for a barbecue restaurant. Your products should not be tainted by dropping your utensils on the floor.

It is the fourteen-inch length and the neoprene coating of these waterproof heat-resistant gloves that made me like them so much. If you are using them for handling hot grease, steam, or heat, this will prevent your entire hand and forearm from being damaged.


  • It has a non-slip five finger design that is insulated and makes it easy for you to manage hot meat in your smoker, rotisserie, or BBQ and make pulled pork like the pros! These black Large size 9 gloves fit most people and are easy to put on and take off. The 14″ length adds extended protection for most of your arm. They work just as well in the kitchen as they do on the grill or in the fryer.
  • THE FDA-compliant neoprene rubber coating assures maximum protection from boiling water and steam while offering great flexibility over knitted gloves. Heat, grease, oil, water and stains are not a problem with the waterproof neoprene coating on this glove. You can clean them as easily with just your hands and hang them to dry as silicone – they’re just as flexible and as easy to clean as silicone
  • The glove is so great that you’ll have to hide it from your friends – so do yourself a favor and buy several as gifts.
  • With a soft jersey cotton lining, the Pit Glove keeps your hands cool and comfortable while smoked meats, pulled pork, baking, pickling, and other housework tasks. As a great camping accessory, they feature a food grade neoprene coating that resists melting and is fire resistant, protecting your hands around smokers, grill flames, and fire.
  • Designed with thick flame-proof materials that can withstand coal heat
  • Allows you to hold glowing hot coals for a short period of time without burning yourself
  • Oil-resistant and completely waterproof
  • Maintains a strong grip on utensils even when greased
  • As well as protecting the forearms, it has enough length
  • There are large sizes available, so people with smaller hands might not be able to find the right size

4. Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Glove for Hair Styling Heat Blocking for Curling, Flat Iron and Curling Wand Suitable for Left and Right Hands


  • Brand: Kiloline
  • Material: Cotton
  • Item Weight: 0.04 Pounds
  • Hair Type: All
  • Size: One Size (1 Count)

These are the best heat-resistant gloves for hairstyling made specifically for hairdressers, so their hands can be protected from instantaneous burns. The accident might occur when they accidentally touch hot hair styling tools, such as curling irons. While your hands will still feel a bit of heat, you can prevent them from getting burned. Even though the gloves protect the hands from burns, they are not very thick. There is not much loss of finger dexterity because these are still thin enough. When styling the hair of their clients, hairdressers need to use their hands completely.

Heat-resistant gloves for women often come with curling wands, heated hair styling appliances, and other heated hair styling tools. These gloves are made of thick, tightly-knitted fabric. In other words, when you put the gloves on, they aren’t going to stretch around your fingertips and create holes for heat to escape. Material used for the gloves is very stretchable, allowing them to fit snugly but still remain comfortable. The only way these gloves won’t fit you is if you have extremely long and thin fingers. It might mean that the gloves are a bit loose, but I’m sure your hands will still be able to move freely.


  • Suitable for both left and right hands, one size fits all.
  • Hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons are all made from this material.
  • The use of heat blockers for hair styling.
  • Composed of cotton with a moderate thickness density, it is a comfortable and flexible garment.
  • The glove is heat-resistant and designed to protect from instant burns while using heated hair tools, you can still feel the heat but will not be burned if you touch very hot surfaces.
  • Designed for professionals in the hairstyling industry
  • Hands and fingers can be fully used due to its thin and flexible design
  • Skin can be easily protected for a few seconds from burns on hot surfaces
  • The gloves are made of stretchable materials to ensure a snug fit
  • Even when stretched tightly, the fingertips do not develop holes
  • The gloves only protect against direct heat; radiant heat still passes through.

5. BlueFire Gloves BBQ Grill Firepit Oven Mitts Heat Resistant 932 Degrees F Lab Certified Professional Grade (X-Large, Blue)


  • Color: Blue
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13.39 x 6.69 x 1.18 inches
  • Shape: Hand
  • Outer Material: Silicone
  • Brand: BlueFire Gloves
  • Number of Pieces: 2

This pair of gloves is long-lasting, efficient, and holds out heat well for a long period of time. There might only be two colors to choose from when it comes to the BlueFire BBQ Gloves, but the material sure isn’t ordinary! Regarding the material, it is easy to carry a hot plate for 5 to 10 seconds without feeling any heat. As soon as your hands feel the warmth, they don’t drop the plate, it’s just a little bit of warmth.

It comes with an added cuff length on the gloves themselves. When you wear both of these together, your hands are protected from flames to the utmost! Aside from that, knives’ sharp edges are protected by the cut-resistant fabric. Each glove features a silicon slip coating that can be worn on either hand. Get more use out of your gloves by spending less time figuring out how to wear them!

Wearing these gloves has been attributed to transferring burning charcoal. While that is possible, keep in mind that the color will fade if that much heat is applied to it. Nevertheless, its heat-resistance will remain unchanged!


  • This extra-long cuff provides additional coverage for your forearms when reaching deep into ovens, grills, fireplaces, or during welding.
  • CE-Level 3 Cut Resistant Fiber allows you to work with knives and sharp utensils while holding hot pots and pans or welding with hot metal.
  • The original Blue Fire gloves are made of pure Aramid, Nomex, or Silicone. Make sure you are using BlueFire on your skin instead of cheaper imitation brands!
  • The gloves can be used for a variety of reasons, including oven mitts, grilling gloves, fireplace gloves, and wood burning stove gloves. You can even use them as hot pads to protect your counter tops and tables.
  • Heat is better protected by materials that are robust.
  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • Defends against knives with sharp edges.
  • A silicon grip is included.
  • Easily interchangeable.
  • It’s worth the money.
  • Objects that are wet cannot be processed.
  • It fades when it comes into contact with very hot items, such as charcoal.

6. BBQ Grill Gloves, Heat Resistant Oven Gloves Used for High Temperature Protection in Oven, Barbecue and Other Occasions, Protect Your Hands from Scorching Heat.


  • Brand: LauKingdom
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.87 x 1.57 x 7.87 inches
  • Color: Red001
  • Shape: Hand
  • Outer Material: Polyester, Cotton, Silicone

When you are looking for triple the protection, then LauKingdom’s triple-layer gloves are the right choice. The first layer of the jacket is made up of Aramid fibers — P-Aramid fiber, engineered using M-Aramid fiber to give you the same level of protection as firefighters.  There is then a second layer of latex rubber on the mitts, which serves to make them steam-resistant as well as heat-resistant up to 932 Fahrenheit.  Thirdly, cotton is used as a component of the third layer, which ensures a comfortable and breathable fit.


  • Providing durable protection against heat and flame. Hands are protected even in extreme conditions by premium heavy-duty leather and heat resistant Kevlar thread.
  • It fits all types of hands and can be easily put on and taken off. With the inside loop, it hangs easily.
  • It consists of 3 layers of different materials and functions. The 1st layer is made of Aramid fiber for flame resistance, the 2nd layer is latex rubber for steam resistance, and the 3rd layer is soft cotton for comfort. Excellent thermal protection, strength, and durability.
  • For multiple tasks, this is an excellent idea. This includes welding, working, barbecues, fireplaces, gardening, camping, etc. Without worrying about hot items or sharp objects.
  • A form-fitting garment
  • It is triple-layered
  • A lightweight design
  • They may be clumsy because they are thick
  • There isn’t much length to the cuffs

7. Premium BBQ Gloves, 1472°F Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves, Grilling Gloves with Cut Resistant, Durable Fireproof Kitchen Oven Mitts Designed for Cooking, Grill, Frying, Baking, Barbecue-1 Pair


  • Outer Material: Silicone
  • Shape: Hand
  • Brand: MVZAWINO
  • Fill Material: Cotton

They are most likely premium-quality cooking gloves based on their appearance. The top layer of the gloves is covered with strips of silicone rubber, which are highly heat-resistant. Because of this feature, the glove can grip grease-coated surfaces.

As a result of their fingers being able to wrap around the handles, these gloves allow you to easily hold onto pots and pans. Second layers provide the greatest protection from heat, so my opinion is that they are the most important.

High-quality aramid fabric is used to make this layer, the same kind used for ballistic body armor by the military. Over 1,400 degrees F can be reached without burning this layer. It is the equivalent of a blast furnace. As a result, these gloves will not even be affected by your backyard barbecue grill.

In addition to being highly heat-resistant, they are also cut, puncture, and wear-resistant. Bulletproof vests are made of Aramid, so your regular kitchen knives will not damage them. By doing this, you can switch between grilling and slicing the previously cooked meat without missing a beat.

These gloves are also useful for flaking barbecued meat. As the gloves will not feel any heat from the cooked meat, you can continue to pull the meat even when it is still warm. Each pair of these gloves comes with a warranty from the manufacturer, which is one of the best things about them.


  • Cooking gloves are versatile, perfect for grilling, baking, cooking, broiling, deep frying, rotisserie, smoking, welding, bonfires, fireplaces, and many more! With our BBQ grilling gloves, you’ll always be protected and safe, regardless of what you’re grilling. You can wash them with soap or wash them in the washing machine.
  • THE PREMIUM WAY TO PROTECT YOUR HANDS FROM BURNING: We produce high quality grilling gloves using high quality Aramid Fabric and imported yarn that are heat resistant, cut resistant, and heavy duty synthetic that is known for its ability to withstand high temperatures of 1472°F (800°C). Cut resistance is 4 times higher than leather.
  • SIZING & FOREARM PROTECTION: Our grill gloves fit most men’s hands (just a bit big for women’s hands), no differences between right and left hands, you can wear them both sides. When you are deep in the oven, barbecuing, long cuffs protect your forearms and wrists. The oven gloves come with handy cotton loops so you can hang them up easily.
  • The pan’s surface is silicone, so you won’t have to worry about it sliding off your hands again! With dense anti-slip silicone on both sides, our BBQ gloves are heat-proof and anti-slip. Additionally, the separate fingers make it easier for you to move comfortably and with more flexibility. Different kinds of hot and slick kitchen items can be held safely and securely with them.
  • With MVZAWINO BBQ gloves, you can protect your spouse, parents, and friends from the heat. Cooking gloves make great gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year. There should be one in every kitchen. Make sure you have the best kitchen gloves for your cooking needs by adding them to your cart!
  • Extreme temperatures of 1,400 degrees F are withstandable for a short period of time
  • Its outer surface is padded with silicone that provides traction
  • The main fabric is military-grade aramid for maximum durability
  • It is cut-resistant and puncture-proof
  • Guaranteed lifetime satisfaction
  • Even if you have large hands, it’s a bit loose

8. Jolly Green Products Ekogrips Premium Heat-Resistant BBQ Gloves for Cooking and Meat Handling, Kitchen Oven Gloves, Fireplace Accessory, Campfire Gloves, BBQ Mitt, Dishwashing Gloves (Orange, One-Size Fits Most)


  • Brand: Jolly Green Products
  • Outer Material: Silicone
  • Color: Orange
  • Product Care Instructions: Machine Wash
  • Shape: Hand
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1 x 3 x 11 inches

Both homemakers and professionals have been raving about Jolly Green’s BPA-free silicone gloves. There is no reason to not praise these gloves. Starting with the amazing silicone material that covers the entire glove, keeping it stain-free, odor-free, and tear-proof. As you can imagine, it comes in handy for many things, including transferring hot food, taking potatoes out of boiling water, and pulling pork.

Yes, they are waterproof! Heat cannot be retained by this fabric for any length of time due to its resistance to steam and liquids. Thanks to the silicone material, these Jolly Green Premium BBQ Gloves can easily be cleaned of all kinds of dirt and grime. You can either wash them by hand or place them in the washer to prepare them for use again.

There are, however, some downsides to silicon. There is no additional cotton lining inside the gloves to provide comfort. Consequently, taking them out can be a little sticky.

These gloves are most fun to wear because of their color. The bright orange would lighten the mood while doing chores if you are a funky person. Conversely, the gray is there to save the day if you prefer something a little more basic.


  • Backyard tested: With Ekogrips and a practiced hand, you’ll look and cook like a pro grill master. Even with the gloves gripped tightly around pork shoulders, you can still turn soft burger buns on the hot grill rack with ease. With the firepit, you don’t have to worry about burning yourself while adding wood.
  • Silicone makes Ekogrips easy to clean, and they resist stains and odors. You can clean them by putting them in the dishwasher. Use these food-grade silicone gloves instead of your old cloth oven mitts. It’s time to say goodbye to greasy, messy dishtowels!
  • The Ekogrips are strong, protective gloves that pitmasters trust for their safety and heat resistance to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. A silicone glove with extra-long cuffs keeps you safe from grill or smoker heat while gripping and handling most hot foods.
  • With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Ekogrips by Jolly Green are strong and heat-resistant to 425°F. Ekogrips are a product that Jolly Green is committed to providing quality customer care and ready to assist you with any questions you might have.
  • KITCHEN HELPER: Ekogrips can also be used indoors. You can use them to wash dishes in hot water. Handling wet breakables is made easier with the waterproof gloves’ sure-grip design. With these gloves, opening airtight jars and moving hot slow cookers is easier and safer.
  • It does not absorb stains or odors.
  • Oil or boiling water can be used with this product.
  • Long-lasting heat resistance.
  • Since they are machine washable, they are easy to clean.
  • As soon as you take it off, it cools down rapidly.
  • Two colors are available.
  • When you attempt to take it off, it feels sticky.
  • There aren’t many size options available.

9. WZQH 16 Inches,932℉,Leather Forge Welding Gloves, Heat/Fire Resistant,Mitts for BBQ,Oven,Grill,Fireplace,Tig,Mig,Baking,Furnace,Stove,Pot Holder,Animal Handling Glove.Black-gray


  • Material: Leather
  • Size: One Size (Pack of 1)
  • Unit Count: 1.00 Count
  • Brand: WZQH
  • Color: Black-gray

Because these gloves are designed specifically for forge welding, a line of work that involves a great deal of radiant heat, they far exceeded my expectations in protecting my hands from barbecue pits, backyard grillers, and barrel smokers. All of those can be handled with ease by this product. These campfire gloves are durable, which is what I liked most about them. A 1.2mm-thick split cowhide outer layer provides heat resistance, cut resistance, puncture resistance, and wear resistance. Furthermore, flame retardant Kevlar thread is used to double stitch the seams.

As a result, the seams are not the weakest part of these gloves. Forearms are also protected by long cuffs made of tough denim. By adding more inner layers of heat-resistant material to the outer cowhide layer, the glove already provides significant heat resistance.

A thin layer of flame retardant cotton is layered underneath the air-isolated aluminum foil underneath the cowhide. When these layers are combined, a blacksmith’s forge running at full bore will generate enough heat to penetrate them.

When manufacturing these gloves, the manufacturers also considered the comfort of the wearers in addition to protecting the hands against extreme heat. It has a soft, insulated cloth lining that provides enough padding on the inside. Also, it keeps the inside of the gloves dry and cool by wicking away sweat on top of your skin.


  • ANTIQUE WEAR RESISTANT PROTECTION- The gloves are made of 1.2mm thick and soft shoulder split natural cowhide leather that is heat, wear, puncture, cut, and oil resistant. Double leather stitching and high strength sewing on the palm of the hand, not easily removable.
  • PERFECT HAND AND FORERAM PROTECTION-The 16 inches grill glove with an extra long 7.5 inch sleeve protects your hands and forearms from open flames, grinding debris, welding sparks, hot kitchen ware, hot cooking steam, and sharp objects. Its most extreme heat protection makes it ideal for stick welding (SMAW), mig welding (GMAW), flux core welding (FCAW), forging gloves, and other high temperature applications.
  • ULTRA HEAT RESISTANT- Finished in genuine cowhide split leather on its outermost layer. An intermediate layer made by laminating an air-isolated aluminum foil and a flame retardant cotton cloth. The inner layer is made of 100% soft cotton lining. The stitching is flame retardant and it allows advanced heat and cold resistance, sweat absorption, breathability, and allergy-free. They can withstand high temperatures up to 932°F (500°C).
  • This is the perfect gift for yourself or a friend as they can also be used for a number of other tasks and tasks around the home or work. Forge, Grill, Barbecue, Stove, Oven, Fireplace, Cooking, Baking, Pruning flowers,Gardening,Camping,Campfire,Furnace,Animal handling, Whitewash are all ideal uses for these gloves. If you are working in the kitchen, garden, backyard or outside, whether you are a man or woman, this product is kindly to people as well as the environment (black-gray).
  • The grill and barbeque will not be affected by high-temperature metalworking tasks
  • For a couple of seconds, it can be exposed to extremely high heat without suffering any damage
  • Wear-resistant, cut-resistant, and puncture-resistant
  • It requires very little care and maintenance to last for many years
  • Soft inner lining makes this item comfortable to wear
  • Your fingers may lose all sense of touch if you suffer from this condition

10. Gülife BBQ Glove Withstands Heat Up to 932F-EN407 Standard Level3, Oven Glove (Gift Packaging, 1 Pair)


  • Brand: Gülife
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.5 x 1.7 x 10.4 inches
  • Shape: Hand
  • Fill Material: Polyester, Cotton
  • Outer Material: Silicone

It is a blessing to have Gulife Oven Gloves around the kitchen. The material is capable of withstanding heat up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much higher than what is usually required. These gloves are made with P-Aramid fiber, which makes them extra special. This material is used in firefighters’ body armor because of its amazing heat resistance. As a result, you can’t dispute Gulife BBQ Gloves’ heat-resistant design!

Although you might think that this sturdy material makes it heavy, it’s not. Your hands will feel right at home thanks to the soft material inside! Moreover, the silicone gripped exterior makes it more reliable.

You can easily wash and dry them down within a short period of time. Additionally, the loop on them makes them easy to store and gives your kitchen an aesthetically pleasing look!


  • Withstands extreme heat up to 662F over 15 seconds
  • Grill or smoker gloves provide ultimate protection, perfect for either left or right handed people.
  • Comfortable operation is made possible by the large size and soft material of the interior. Gulife Gloves are made with a soft, double knit inner layer that’s 83% cotton and 17% polyester.
  • The hang rope design makes it easy to store, and it can be machine washed.
  • The 5-finger flexible design has a nonslip silicone grip for easy operation.
  • Kevlar is used to manufacture this product.
  • Heat resistance is high.
  • Suitable for ovens.
  • Grip that is strong.
  • Interior is soft.
  • It might be too big for some people.
  • It’s expensive
  • The product does not work at very high temperatures.

11. Cuisinart CGM-520 Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves, Black (2-Pack)


  • Color: Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves
  • Outer Material: Silicone
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 10.5 x 0.2 x 7.5 inches
  • Brand: Cuisinart

As these gloves are made entirely of high-heat-resistant silicone, they are a nice upgrade to the usual silicone mitts and pot holders. In comparison with ordinary mitts, these gloves provide better control and grip. Using these, I am able to wrap my fingers over pot handles and pan handles for a more secure grip.

These silicone heat-resistant gloves have textured surfaces on both sides to enhance grip. Having these raised bumps made it easier for me to grip my grilling utensils. As a result, you do not have to worry about which glove is appropriate for your right hand and which is appropriate for your left hand. No matter which way you look at them, they look the same.

These gloves are heat-resistant to 500 degrees and waterproof. You would not get a painful burn if you accidentally poured scalding hot water on your hands. No amount of hot oil will make a difference.

The dishwasher-safe nature of these gloves was another feature I loved. To the best of my knowledge, these are the only cooking gloves you can wash with your dishes.


  • The gloves are waterproof and resistant to grease and sticky sauces, so they can be washed with just a simple rinse, or cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Handling hot foods requires gloves with non-slip texture that provide maximum grip and flexibility.
  • The two ambidextrous gloves meet the hand sizes of most people, allowing you to share them or use them both simultaneously. There is no need to identify a right or left hand since both gloves are identical.
  • Heat-resistant silicon gloves can withstand up to 425 degrees, making them perfect for working with grills or smokers. They allow you to adjust air vents, fish racks, or remove anything from a hot surface with ease.
  • When you work around flames and heat, you will have more flexibility and control thanks to silicone gloves that allow you to use your fingers.
  • Pots, pans, and baking dishes are easily gripped with this product
  • Comparable to potholders and oven mitts, this product offers greater control
  • Oil-resistant and completely waterproof
  • Without showing any signs of damage, it can withstand high temperatures
  • Put them in the dishwasher with your dishes
  • There is very little to no tactile feel due to its tightness and thickness

12. ICCKER Grill Gloves – 1112°F (600°C) Extremely Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves, 14″(36CM) Grilling Cooking Gloves, Premium Insulated & Anti-Slip Aramid Oven Mitts, 1 Pair


  • Color: VP57
  • Style: Modern
  • Brand: Kwister
  • Package Type: Standard Packaging
  • Material: Armid Fiber, Polyester, Cotton

From the very beginning, KAshop ensures versatility.  You can handle fireplace tools, start a fire, and maintain it while wearing grill gloves in addition to safely cooking on the grill, smoker, or stove.  In addition to their high quality, functional material, these grilling gloves are made with four functional layers that prevent intense temperatures from contacting your skin.

Firstly, food-grade silicone prevents your grip from slipping at inopportune times. Take a firm hold of anything you pick up, including food and cooking tools.  A second layer is made of aramid fiber, which provides additional fire and high temperature protection.  With its EN407 certification, the aramid has the assurance of quality.  With cotton and polyester in the inner two layers, these gloves are breathable, comfortable, and flexible.


  • One size fits all. These fireproof gloves are 14″ long and protect your hands and forearms from heat. Good for welding due to Kevlar.
  • These barbecue gloves are heat resistant. They are grill accessories with maximum hand protection from heat and open fire. The fire protection level is 4 – up to 932°F. High-quality and protective levels are guaranteed by EN407 certification. Kevlar is available.
  • GRILL GLOVES. BEST GIFT. Our grill gloves make the perfect gift for any holiday or party, whether it’s for a friend, husband, wife, father, grandfather, sister, brother, or colleague.
  • AVOID THE DANGER OF BURNING. Protect your hands against heat when grilling, cooking, baking, smoking, or handling hot items outdoors or in the kitchen with our premium BBQ grill accessories.
  • Provide protection at temperatures up to 932°F
  • Forearm protection is provided by sleeves 14″ long
  • Cutting-resistant
  • It is possible for some people to have tight sleeves

How to choose the best heat resistant gloves?

Heat resistant gloves might seem straightforward, but once you get them, they might not meet your expectations. In order to avoid unwanted surprises, we have prepared a comprehensive buying guide for you!

1. Silicone Grip

Whenever you handle hot items straight from the oven or grill, it is possible that they will slip from your grasp. In addition, you don’t want to let your favorite, mouthwatering food lie around!

Hence, heat-resistant gloves with silicone grips are necessary for preventing plates and food from falling. The gloves are normally not covered by these, but they come in enough lines to do the job!

A full silicone cover covers the Jolly Green Products Ekogrips Premium BBQ Oven Gloves. These heat-resistant gloves feature a solid grip and are perfect for grilling!

Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves are the perfect choice for those looking for a more subtle silicon lined glove. Additionally, their silicon lining on top prevents your heated plates from slipping off your hands, not only do they look all mighty, but they are excellent at what they do as well!

2. Waterproof or Not?

Most heat-resistant gloves do not come with waterproof features. It is best to look for waterproof materials if you will be handling items straight out of boiling water or oil.

Rubber makes the Artisan Griller Redefining Heat Resistant Gloves the best for removing potatoes or shrimp from hot oil and water. Due to their waterproof nature, these gloves protect your hands from dry heat, steam, and oil.

3. Heat Resisting Time

The gloves i discussed are all heat resistant and not heatproof. You will only be able to protect your hands completely for a few seconds with them. It is unlikely that your fingers will burn afterward, but they may feel warm, which may or may not be uncomfortable.

Gloves with a heat-resistance time under 10 seconds, however, are not recommended since hot items can need more time to be transferred. Keeping out heat for a long time is impossible without SUMPRO Hot BBQ Gloves Heat Resistant Kitchen Oven Mitts!

4. High Temperatures

Gloves can withstand temperatures of more than 900 degrees Fahrenheit, while others stop at around 600 degrees. Depending on how much heat you will be cooking with or can tolerate, there is no right choice here.

If you will be dealing with high temperatures, the GRILL HEAT AID Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves are an excellent choice! A top choice for professionals, these gloves can withstand temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 seconds.

Alternatively, if you are not looking for high heat resistance, you should consider the Gülife Oven Glove. Despite its fancy appearance, this beauty resists temperatures up to 662 degrees! Ultimately, that’s enough for what we deal with in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions related to the best heat resistant gloves?

What are heat-resistant gloves made of?

Today, aramid fiber is the most common material used in heat-resistant gloves. Because they are lightweight, provide excellent heat insulation, and are very affordable, they are extremely popular.

In addition to leather gloves, there are also cheaper options available. They last, however, much longer. The silicone rubber used in these can also be heat-resistant. There aren’t many options like these, however.

How to use heat-resistant gloves?

The only thing that sets heat-resistant gloves apart from other work gloves is their heat-resistance. Your gloves should be able to resist a certain maximum temperature, so keep that in mind. Keep them from being pushed to their limits.

In spite of the fact that most silicone gloves can be used up to 500 degrees F, it is not wise to use them at those temperatures as they might still fail catastrophically, resulting in serious burns.

Are all leather gloves heat-resistant?

There are some leather gloves that do not heat- or are flame-resistant. Fashion gloves made of leather are not tested for heat resistance. Even though they probably prevent your hands from being scalded when you spill coffee, using them in the kitchen or in industrial applications is not a good idea.
It is essential to wear gloves that can provide adequate heat protection if you are welding, grilling, baking, or using a furnace as part of your job. Worker and employer safety standards are ensured through testing and certification of these gloves.

There are also other options on the market besides leather. The ASTM or ANSI rating is equally important to consider when buying gloves as the material. It may be more practical to wear cotton gloves coated with latex in certain situations. These are sometimes used for sublimation, especially when fire-retardant properties aren’t required.

Cooking gloves made of heat-resistant rubber are popular among culinary professionals. It is made of a material that is suitable for handling food even though it is not made of leather. However, leather does not burn easily. For you to actually use them at work, they need to go through certain processes in the tannery.

Are cowhide gloves heat-resistant?

Heat-resistant gloves are often made from cowhide. However, keep in mind that “heat resistant” is different from “fire-resistant.” Furthermore, if you are planning to use the gloves at work, they must meet the industry’s strict requirements.

It is necessary to process and treat animal skin in order to make it more fire-retardant. A protective layer of fabric is added to some leather gloves to enhance their durability.

What fabric is heat-resistant?

The term heat-resistant fabric refers to a variety of materials with thermal insulation properties. Among the best heat-resistant fabrics used to make gloves are leather and Kevlar.

Newtex is likely to come up if you search for “heat-resistant gloves 3,000 degrees” on Google. Many different types of fabrics were produced by Zetex®, including fiberglass, aluminized, welding, and steel fabrics. High temperatures can be tolerated by all of these materials. Cotton can also be coated with silicone to create heat-resistant textiles.

Manufacturers continue to invent new products to meet the high demand for protection, which is why these examples are just a few.

Are nitrile gloves heat-resistant? 

As a heat-resistant glove material, nitrile is popular in many industries. It’s important to clarify that I’m not talking about thin, disposable nitrile gloves. It is important to consider the material’s construction and thickness, as well as the ANSI or ASTM rating.

What is the warranty?

The majority of heat-resistant gloves come with a one-week warranty against factory defects. There are, however, some manufacturers that go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Their gloves are covered by a lifetime warranty. The fact that they have such confidence in their products just goes to show how much they value them.

Make sure the leather heat-resistant gloves you purchase come with at least a one-year warranty. Regular use of these gloves is expected to extend their lifespan beyond a year.

Where to buy heat-resistant gloves?

Go to your local brick-and-mortar store, like Lowe’s, if you want to try gloves before you buy them. Shopping at these stores wIn the absence of such protective equipment, you will experience serious third-degree burns on your hands


Gloves that are heat-resistant are the only barrier of protection you have for your hands when working with high temperatures. Your hands will be covered in painful third-degree burns without such protective equipment. Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves by Dragon Knuckle is our best overall product which contains features like comfortable fir, durable, lightweight, and easy and simple to wear.

Grillin Chill Gear Meat Claws – Best Bear Claw Pulled is the editor’s choice which contains features like lightweight, heat resistance, high-quality aramid material, durable. If you are looking for an affordable and good quality product then I recommend Artisan Griller Protective BBQ Smoker Grill Gloves which contain features like oil resistance, durability, completely waterproof, and many more.

Each kind of heat-resistant glove works slightly differently and is available in a variety of styles. See just how much of an improvement your life can be when you find the best heat-resistant gloves suited to your needs.


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