16 Best Hedge Shears – Top Buyer’s Guide


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Neither a gardener nor an artist would be able to create a detailed image without hedge shears. The job of a gardener or landscaper would not be complete without shears.

Hedges, shrubs, and bushes are pruned and maintained using these tools. If you don’t have the right tools, trimming hedges can be a tedious task. You might not realize how versatile hedge shears are! By using the best hedge shears, you can manage delicate gardening situations and experiment with topiary.

Hedge shears can be used to cut and snip multiple small branches at the same time. Trimming your hedge is like having it trimmed! In many ways, pruning shears are similar to heavy-duty pruning shears, but they are capable of handling a greater volume of work.

It is generally possible to cut wood up to a thickness of 1/2 inch. Their size is similar to large scissors, as well as coming in different lengths. Different handles can be used for them

  • Handles made from wood
  • Handles made from rubber
  • Handles made of metal

Blades come in a variety of types

  • Edges that are straight
  • Blades with a curved shape
  • A blade with serrations
  • Blade with wavy edges

If you have to cover large areas and more than shape, it is cutting, that is your priority, then, you can try the best hedge shears. The right shears will make all the difference between a so-so garden and an incredible one!

We focus here on hedge shears in this review of the best 16 products. Most people use this type of shear because it is more affordable. When it comes to gardening and doing things on your own, hedge shears are a necessity.

16 Best Hedge Shears

Here is the list of each and every product with their review, key features, and their pros & cons. So, you must read this buyer’s guide before buying.





Our Top Pick

1. ARS 28- to 41-1/2-Inch Hedge Shears

  • Lightweight 

  • Rust free

  • Customizeable

Best Budget

2. Colwelt Hedge Clippers 21”Hedge Shears

  • Excellent quality

  • Extremely adaptable

  • Incredibly light

3. GARTOL Garden Hedge Shears

  • Steel blades 

  • Long-lasting grip

  • Money back guarantees

4. ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears

  • Powder-coated edges 

  • High-quality steel 

  • Replaceable

5. OARA Garden Hedge Shears for Trimming

  • Unpleasant sensations

  • Strong material

  • Comfortable  to use

6. Steve & Leif Hedge Pruning

  • Adjustable

  • Lightweight

  • Stainless steel blades

7. Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears

  • Completely stretched

  • Long-lasting

  • Excellent quality

8. Corona HS 3950 Extendable Hedge Shear

  • Adjustable

  • Strong steel

  • Comfortable  to use

9. FLORA GUARD 26 Inch Professional Extensible

  • All-purpose tool

  • Retractable handles

  • Money-back guarantee

Best Value

10. TABOR TOOLS B212A Telescopic Hedge Shears

  • High-quality results 

  • Perfect for cutting

  • Easy to use

11. Gonicc Professional Adjustable 33″+ 13

  • Durable 

  • Changeable handles

  • Shock Absorbers

12. TABOR TOOLS B228A Hedge Shears 

  • Excellent Longevity

  • High-quality steel

  • Lightweight

13. Gnome 25″ Garden Hedge Shears

  • High-quality steel

  • Effective

  • Cleanest cutting

14. Fiskars Power Lever 8-Inch Hedge Shears

  • Extremely precise 

  • Optimal performance

  • Great effectiveness

15. Jardineer 2Pcs Professional Hedge Clippers

  • Effectiveness 

  • Non-slip grip

  • Convenient storing

16.  Fiskars 23 Inch PowerGear Hedge Shears

  • Greater productivity

  • Powder-coated blade

  • Lightweight

1. ARS 28- to 41-1/2-Inch Hedge Shears HS-K900Z


  • Brand: ARS
  • Item Weight: 2.16 Pounds
  • Color: Red, Silver
  • Blade Material: Aluminum

The fact that this hedge shear is so flexible makes it one of the best options available on the market among extendable hedge shears. With a length of 28 inches and a width of 41.5 inches, 

With this length, you are able to reach difficult-to-reach places and reach high hedges, shrubs, and trees. 

You just have to remember that three points are locked between 28 and 41.5 inches. Therefore, you cannot completely customize the area to which it extends. A 28-inch, 35-inch, and 41.5-inch setting can be selected.

Our super lightweight push button spring handles and super lightweight handles are sure to please. You can use your handles safely and securely with these springs locked in place. In comparison with some of our other recommendations, the blades are hard-chrome plated. With this plating, you can be sure that each cut will be strong. 

A slight curve on the blades allows the user to cut quickly and cleanly without any issues. As a result, using this product is extremely simple. Blades remain high-quality and are easy to clean because they are rust and sap-resistant.


  • This telescopic hedge shear is designed for cutting trees and shrubs in hard-to-reach places.
  • Easy to use and portable with an overall length of 28- to 41-1/2 inches.
  • High-cutting strength blades plated with hard chrome.
  • Blades with a slight curve for optimal cutting performance.
  • It is suitable for use either personally or professionally.
  • From 28 to 41.5 inches in length, the handles can be extended.
  • Chrome-plated blades are resistant to rust and sap.
  • Hedges and high shrubs benefit from this product.
  • The price is almost three times that of shears on average.
  • Six inches is quite a short cutting blade.

2. Colwelt Hedge Clippers 21”, Hedge Shears for Trimming Borders, Boxwood, and Bushes, Hedge Gardening Shears with Carbon Steel Sharp Blades & Ergonomic Comfortable Handle


  • Brand: Colwelt
  • Item Weight: 1.8 Pounds
  • Color: Yellow, Grey
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Style: 21” Hedge Shears

There are a variety of hedge shears available, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money on them. For a decent price, you can buy a pair of shears that are perfectly useful. Colwelt hedge clippers are the result of that recommendation.

The hedge shears you’ll receive are 21 inches long and come at an affordable price. The same model comes with extendable handles, so if you spend a couple of dollars more, you’ll get a superior product. Additionally, these weigh just 1.8 pounds, making them extremely lightweight. Consequently, you should be able to move around the garden easily without feeling tired.

Our favorite thing about these clippers is how versatile they are. Besides shrubs, boxwood, and topiary plants, they’re perfect for trimming hedges, too. This tool might just be the tool you’ve been looking for to spruce up your garden!

They are so versatile because of their wavy blades. They can be used on a wide variety of stems due to their versatility. These carbon steel blades are non-stick coated for effortless cutting and will stay sharp for a lifetime. You can also easily clean it and it doesn’t stick.


  • Its length is 21”, and it weighs 1.8lbs. It delivers clean, smooth cuts and is lightweight, sharp, and durable. It will be a joy to cut your shrubs, and they will return nicely after each cut. Shapes and grooms hedges, shrubs, and ornamental topiary plants with ease.
  • With their forged carbon steel blades and anti-stick surface, these bush trimmers are easy to use and provide excellent cutting results. Designed with wavy blades, it makes cutting smooth and easy, so twigs don’t slip off. Plants are healthier when they have clean, smooth cuts.
  • Stainless steel blades and steel handles make shrub trimming easier. With a weight of 1.8 pounds, the hedge shears are lightweight enough to lift your arms for long-term yard work. Trimming close to the body at an optimal angle is possible with hedge shears because of their shorter handles.
  • These hedge clippers are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable: They have some special features to make trimming more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Soft-grip Handles are ergonomically designed and nonslip to make trimming more comfortable for longer periods of time. An anti-shock bumper reduces wrist and shoulder pain associated with abrupt stops and softens jarring vibrations.
  • Compared to other hedge shears, this one is more affordable.
  • Handles with a soft grip for ergonomic comfort.
  • Blades made of carbon steel coated with nonstick material.
  • Long gardening sessions are made easier with this lightweight tool.
  • Their sharpness quickly dulled for some customers.
  • Blades are reported to be bent.

3. GARTOL Garden Hedge Shears for Trimming and Shaping Borders, Decorative Shrubs, and Bushes, Hedge Clippers & Shears with Strong Comfort Grip Handles, 23 Inch Carbon Steel Bush Cutter


  • Brand: GARTOL
  • Blade Material: Carbon,High Carbon Steel, Steel
  • Color: Black and red
  • Handle Material: Thermoplastic Rubbers

Hedge clippers by GARTOL feature a curved blade that holds branches better during cutting with their 23-inch Hedge Shears. A steel handle with non-slip rubber grips makes this tool more comfortable and shock-absorbing

A shock-absorbing bumper reduces impact fatigue while you can adjust blade tension accordingly and close it more or less hard. This tool has an overall length of 23 inches and a blade that measures 9 inches long.

Due to the dullness of the blades, we had to sharpen the GARTOL extensively before it could be used. In addition to rusting rapidly, these blades become heavy, which makes this tool almost three pounds in weight. The pain in our hands was accompanied by a sore throat as well.


  • Precise cuts with undulating blade design: With this hedge pruning shears feature a wavy-blade design so you can trim shrubs without making mistakes. 9-inch SK5 High Carbon steel that has been fully hardened and precision ground.
  • Each cut is easier with blades that stay sharp right up to the tip, along with low-friction, rust-resistant coatings.
  • With a simple twist of the flower-shaped tension knob, you can adjust blade tension to cut denser branches.
  • TPR non-slip rubber and tubular steel construction provide an ergonomic handle with long-lasting durability.
  • Steel construction provides lasting durability and comfortable TPR grips. An enhanced level of comfort and control is provided by soft-grip touch points.
  • Why not enjoy a full lifetime warranty? These gardening tools are covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Bumpers with shock absorbing material: The manufacturer has added a shock absorber to the manual hedge trimmer to reduce vibration and noise during operation. Comfort and control are enhanced when arm and shoulder fatigue is reduced.
  • Blades with a curved shape
  • Handles made of steel
  • Rubber grips that are non-slip
  • Tension adjustment for blades
  • Bumpers that absorb shock
  • Blade measures 9 inches
  • A length of 23 inches
  • Weight: 94 lbs
  • They don’t have sharp blades
  • There is a rapid rusting process
  • Hands are hurting

4. ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears


  • Color: Steel
  • Brand: ARS
  • Item Weight: 1.85 Pounds
  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel

For superior resistance to rusting and sap damage, ARS’ hedge shears feature chrome-plated blades made of high-carbon steel. With a blade length of 7 inches, these shears are suitable for trimming tall hedges, measuring 25.7 inches in length. They are extremely light with a weight of fewer than 2 pounds, despite their size.

This model is ideal for professional landscapers or dedicated home gardeners who frequently use shears, as the straight-edge blades can be sharpened at home and replaced if they wear out. A well-balanced design and ergonomic handles make these durable shears ideal for long landscape sessions. Their ergonomic handles and shock-absorbing bumpers make them even easier to use.

The featherlight tool could have kept us busy all day. There seems to be more cutting force delivered by its slightly arched handle design. A narrow, pointed blade offered excellent cutting precision and was super sharp.

 Those who work with large quantities of boxwoods or other hedges requiring precision, power, and comfort will find these shears ideal. It will cost you a bit more, but it’s worth it.


  • Unsurpassed cutting performance from superior steel and blade treatments
  • The blade can be adjusted via a pivot bolt for long-lasting sharpness.
  • Designed with perfect balance and shape for years of use.
  • Blades that can be replaced.
  • Continuous professional use is ensured by superior durability.
  • The lightest possible
  • Design with a balance and maneuverability
  • A wider reach
  • Blades made of high-grade steel that can be replaced
  • The price is high

5. OARA Garden Hedge Shears for trimming Borders, Boxwood, and Bushes, Hedge Clippers & Shears with Comfort Grip Handles,21 Inch Carbon Steel Bush Cutter


  • Brand: OARA
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Color: Red
  • Cutting Width: 20 months

Boxwood, hedges, and topiary can all be cut with these shears. A Teflon coating is also applied to the blades, which are made from 65MN carbon steel.

All kinds of branches can be cut with ease with these knives due to their strength and sharpness. Additionally, Teflon coating reduces friction and prevents rusting.

In contrast to most shears, this one does not show signs of corrosion or oxidation. A soft vinyl cushion grip is used on the handles, which are ergonomically designed. There is a good balance and it is very comfortable.

Your arms will be protected from unnecessary stress by shock absorbers. Gardeners, not professionals, should use these shears to maintain their gardens. Weighing the machine and making it easy to use are both important considerations.

These shears have a length of 22 inches and a weight of 1.9 pounds. Although lightweight, it has quite a bit of strength and is quite accurate. Since the handles are shorter, the cutting angle can be optimized because of their proximity to the body. Construction of the shears is done with steel, and they are also made with high-quality steel.

Teflon coatings are easy to clean. Before storing it, make sure it has been cleaned after every use. It is easy to maintain this tool.In order for this product to be successful, it needed to be designed and manufactured by skilled designers and manufacturers. As one of the lowest-priced products in its class, this is an affordable product.


  • Soft vinyl cushion grips provide extra comfort when trimming hedges with clipper shears. Vibrations are reduced, arms are relieved of fatigue, and the shock-absorbing bumpers prevent harsh vibrations. Trimming closer to the body is possible with shorter handles because the angle of the cut can be adjusted more easily.
  • A high-quality 65MN carbon steel is used for this trimming hedges shear. Home hedge shears are capable of cutting a wide variety of branches due to their sharp edges.
  • It can be used to shape and manicure boxwood,  shrubs, hedges, and ornamental topiary plants.
  • There is a Teflon coating on the blade that prevents rust, reduces shearing friction, prevents corrosion, enhances wear resistance, reduces dirt cling, and simplifies maintenance.
  • You won’t damage your beautiful boxwood shrubs while trimming them with a power hedge trimmer when you use these delicate manual shears.
  • They will offer you a full refund or a replacement as soon as possible if you have any concerns about these pruning shears garden tools.
  • Rust-resistant and sharp blades.
  • For comfortable cutting, these knives have shock-absorbing handles and cushioned grips
  • Shears that are lightweight and affordable
  • It is difficult to replace parts and the handles cannot be extended.

6. Steve & Leif Hedge Pruning Shear for Trimming Borders,23 Inch Hedge Clippers, Aluminum Light-Weight Garden Hedge Pruners


  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Brand: Steve&leif
  • Blade Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel
  • Cutting Width: 25 months

Hedge trimming can be made much more difficult and cumbersome with too-heavy shears. It weighs only 2.14 pounds, making it one of the lighter shears on the market.

Aluminum handles are responsible for their lightweight nature. Despite remaining strong and durable, these handles are also lightweight. As well as improving comfort and control, the handle features soft grips. The touchpoints on these gloves will reduce blisters – all gardeners’ dreams!

In addition to having nice handles, the blade is also very good. Made of stainless steel, it has a wavy blade that is rust-resistant and low-friction. Despite its strength and durability, it is slick and easy to cut without sticking. Due to its wavy blade, thick branches are best suited to this blade.

This shear has the unique feature of adjusting the blade tension. It is possible to adjust the blade’s tension by pivoting the bolt on the blade. The tool can be used to prune many types of plants, which makes it very versatile.


  • The 65Mn stainless steel blades are coated in a low-friction, rust-resistant coating so they are easy to use, prevent gumming, and resist rust.
  • Twigs will not slide off due to the wavy design.
  • Different types of plants can be pruned using the pivot bolt in a lower-shaped form.
  • Using shock-guard bumpers reduces the chance of arm or shoulder fatigue caused by jarring vibrations.
  • With lightweight aluminum handles and soft touch points, blisters are prevented and comfort is improved.
  • An anti-fatigue bumper that absorbs shocks.
  • Different types of plants require different blade tensions.
  • Handles are light and comfortable, so blisters are reduced.
  • The coating reduces sticking by making it non-stick.
  • Branches that are dead, dry, or old should not be used.

7. Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears, 7 5/8″ Blade, 22″ Overall Length (One Pack)


  • Brand: Okatsune
  • Item Weight: 1.5 Pounds
  • Color: Brown/Black
  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel

Cut hedges, branches, and shrubs with these heavy-duty shears. To ensure that it’s high-quality and highly effective, a number of important factors have been taken into consideration when designing it.

A key factor in ensuring the durability of the Izumo Yasuki steel blades is their heat-treatment, hammer-forging, and polishing. With its durability, sharpness, and versatility, this is a premium-grade material.

Next, it weighs only 1.5 pounds. Heavy-duty models will likely last you a long time, so choose one carefully. It makes sense to get something that you’ll feel comfortable in and won’t tire you out as you work. 

It is easy to grip, provides ultimate control, and is very comfortable to hold. These are a favorite among many customers because of their ergonomic design and easy hold.


  • A professional gardener throughout Japan uses these short garden shears.
  • Approximately 21 inches (535 millimeters) long.
  • The blade measures 6.9 inches (175 millimeters) in length.
  • 800 grams (1lb12oz).
  • Japanese White Oak is used for the handles.
  • Professional gardeners use this product.
  • Quality that lasts.
  • Handles that are ergonomic and comfortable.
  • At 1.5 pounds, it is lightweight.
  • Pricey.

8. Corona HS 3950 Extendable Hedge Shear, 10-Inch Blade,Red


  • Brand: Corona
  • Handle Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Red
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Steel,Steel

Featuring a 13 to 20 inch handle, these Corona hedge shears help you trim tall privacy hedges. These blades are made of high-carbon steel and have a length of 10 inches. Using a millstone or sharpening stone, they can be sharpened at home easily.

Shock-guard bumpers reduce shoulder fatigue, and ergonomically designed handle grips make operation easier. Smooth cutting action is provided by the precision-made pivot bolt. Most extendable shears weigh about 3.6 pounds, but these are heavier.

With these Corona extendable hedge shears, we had more reach than we expected. As a result, they saved us from having to climb a ladder to remove the tops of the tall hedges across our sloped front yard. 

After being set up, the extendable handle remained securely in place. In spite of the longer blades, we did not find it comfortable to work with for any longer than an hour or two due to the overall weight of the tool.


  • An extendable 15-inch to 26-inch lightweight steel handle with a comfortable grip is included
  • Warranties for life
  • Arm and shoulder fatigue is reduced by the ShockStop bumper
  • Steel blades are forged for strength and durability in 8.5″
  • The smooth cutting action is provided by precision-made pivot bolts
  • A pruning notch is included on the blade to allow thick branches to be trimmed
  • Pruning tall hedges with extended reach
  • Handles that lock in place with a twist
  • Fatigue increases with heavier shears
  • Precision pruning is not recommended

9. FLORA GUARD 26 Inch Professional Extensible Hedge Shears with 9 Inch Blade


  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Brand: FLORA GUARD
  • Cutting Width: 35 months

Flamingo Garden HA1814R-10 Professional Extensible Hedge Shears are yet another set of retractable hedge shears, and they are also the longest on this list so far, measuring 10 inches in length. Flamingo Garden HA1814R-10 Professional Extensible Hedge Shears are another

Another set of extendable shears on this list is Flora Guard HA1814R-10 Professional Extensible Hedge Shears. Their maximum opening length is 34.6 inches, so you have the leverage you need for cutting thick branches. 

In closed position, it measures 26 inches in length, which is the standard hedge shears length. Hardened steel blades with curved ends grip thick branches better, and they have a 9-inch blade length

Designed with ergonomic handles that prevent slippage, they are non-slip. They are quite heavy at 2.64 pounds, however, their long length shouldn’t come as a surprise since they are FLORA GUARD HA1814R-10.

 Though we had no problems, we found that the materials were cheap and flimsy and that the bumpers failed prematurely due to misalignment.


  • You can trim and shape your well-groomed plants and topiaries with this hedge trimmer. Your ability to reach any branch far and high is made possible by the extendable handles! 26 inches is the regular length, and 34.6 inches is the extended length.
  • Your arm and shoulder muscles will be relieved of fatigue by the shock-absorbing bumpers. Featuring comfortable non-slip grips, the lightweight steel handles extend telescopically for easy handling.
  • The overall result is a balanced, powerful, dependable garden tool that you will be able to rely on whenever you need help around the yard.
  • A forged carbon steel wavy blade produces smooth, crisp cuts and cuts all the way to the tip. This tool’s precision cuts will keep your plants healthy. With a powered hedge trimmer, you are hacking away at the beauty of your shrubs and they are not going to grow back as well.
  • It’s easy to order with Tabor Tool when you know you’re getting a satisfaction guarantee.
  • After-sale service. It is possible to return the lopper within 3 months if you are not satisfied with it.
  • A flexible option
  • Blade measures 9 inches
  • Longer than 6 inches
  • Blade with a curve
  • Steel that is hard
  • Grip that is non-slip
  • Weight: 64 lbs.
  • The feeling is cheap
  • Lines up incorrectly

10. TABOR TOOLS B212A Telescopic Hedge Shears with Wavy Blade and Extendable Steel Handles. Extendable Manual Hedge Clippers for Trimming Borders, Boxwood, and Tall Bushes.


  • Brand: TABOR TOOLS
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Color: Red

When you buy a garden tool, do you sometimes find yourself frustrated by it and all the challenges it presents? It is difficult enough to garden as it is. Therefore, we recommend tools that make the process simpler instead of more challenging. Tabor Tool’s hedge shears are included in this category.

There are a few key features that make these shears easy to use. First of all, the handles can be extended. Using this, you can get into places that are difficult to reach or hedges that are directly in front of you. Depending on the job at hand, adjust the handles between 25 and 33 inches.

The handles are now set in place after adding the length and activating the lock feature. You won’t slip or slide. Easy to cut. In addition, the tension control knob adds to the ease of use. Rather than struggling against the shears when working with dense leaves, work with them.

Furthermore, these blades have super sharp low-friction blades that make them super easy to use. With their effortless glide through the branches, they make each cut super effortless.


  • Trim and shape your shrubs and topiaries with this hedge trimmer’s strong telescoping handles. No shrub is too high or too far to reach! This strong extendable handle has an overall length of 25″ in the closed position and 33″ in extended mode, so no cut is out of reach.
  • The shock-absorbing bumpers will reduce arm and shoulder fatigue by absorbing all jarring vibrations. Lightweight steel handles with extendable telescopic adjustability feature non-slip grips that are comfortable to hold.
  • You will soon find this to be your best garden friend as it is powerful, dependable, and perfectly balanced, so you won’t want to leave the house without it.
  • The forged carbon steel wavy blade delivers smooth and crisp cuts thanks to the wavy design. By using this tool, you will be able to preserve the health of your plants.
  • You will enjoy the experience of cutting your shrubs, and the bushes will grow back quickly. Don’t use a powered hedge trimmer on your beautiful bushes!
  • You can adjust the tension of the blade with the help of the flower-shaped pivot bolt, which allows you to prune plants of different types with ease.
  • Carbon steel blades are coated with a coating that allows for superb cutting capabilities. It is guaranteed that these clippers will produce superior results.
  • Enhances plant health through precision cutting.
  • Anti-fatigue bumpers that absorb shock.
  • Blade tension can be adjusted for versatility.
  • 25-33 inch extendable handles.
  • It sometimes slips out of the hand, and the handle doesn’t seem to be very secure either.
  • The quality is a little pricey.
  • Some customers find it a bit heavy at 3.24 pounds.

11. Gonicc Professional Adjustable 33″+ 13″ Hedge Shears. Handle Length Range 19″-32″, with Wavy SK-5 Steel Blade, Adjustable Blade Pressure, Garden Pruning Hand Hedge Trimmers, Grass Clippers Shears


  • Brand: Gonicc
  • Style: Adjustable 33″+ 13″ Hedge Shears
  • Cutting Width: 45 months
  • Blade Material: Carbon, Aluminium,High Carbon Steel, Steel

The shears can be used for many different tasks around the garden. Comfortable aluminum alloy handles provide a great deal of support. Extend it to reach 46 inches for a total length of 33 inches.

Blades made from SK-5 high carbon steel are hollow, thus reducing resistance and allowing smooth cutting. The blade pressure of the shears can be adjusted by twisting the bottom screw.

3.4 pounds is the weight of the tool. However, despite its weight, it has a good reach and can easily reach areas that are high or deep. There is no problem using the telescopic handles, and they are well-balanced, even with the extension.

Compared to other shears, these are excellent value. The money you spend on this tool will be well spent. A good hedge trimmer should be comfortable to handle and cut sharply, and that is exactly what you get here. Long-term use of the blades does not affect their sharpness.

A very high shock-absorbing capacity reduces arm fatigue due to its shock-absorbing qualities. A lifetime warranty is also offered by the company.

The company will either replace the product or refund you if you send some photos of the problem. It is a sign of the quality of a product when few companies offer such a warranty.


  • Trim and shape your shrubs and ornamental plants with this hedge trimmer with durable adjustable handles. Any shrub can be reached far and high! It measures 33 inches when closed and 46 inches when extended. 
  • Non-slip handle made of aluminum alloy and rubber. The ergonomic design makes any gardening work more comfortable, stable, and durable.
  • These blades are made of SK-5 steel, which is high-carbon steel. SK5 carbon steel blades last longer, are ultra-sharp and stay sharper longer than ordinary blades.
  • Pruning lopper blades are no longer likely to dull after a few cuts. By using the new hollow blade technology, you will be able to trim and shape more easily.
  • With the shock-absorbing design, most shock will be prevented during trimming, which reduces fatigue in the arms and shoulders.
  • Changing Blade Pressure – By adjusting the screw at the base of the blade, you can easily prune different plants by changing the pressure between the two blades.
  • This product is made of high-quality materials, so it is sure to last for many years.
  • A coating of Antirust Oil was applied to the blade to prevent rust. As such, receiving a product with some oil on the blade is normal.
  • Adjustable handles offer great reach at 36 inches for taller branches.
  • Hollow steel blades are ultra sharp and remain sharp for a long time.
  • Comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee for replacement or refund
  • Relatively heavier at 3.4 pounds and can rust easily.

12. TABOR TOOLS B228A Hedge Shears with Straight Blade and Aluminum Handles Manual Hedge Clippers for Trimming Borders, Topiaries Boxwood, and Decorative Grasses.


  • Brand: TABOR TOOLS
  • Blade Material: Aluminum,Steel
  • Color: Silver, Black
  • Handle Material: Aluminum

For an easy-to-use hedge shear that delivers good results, the TABOR TOOLS B228A Hedge Shears are an excellent option. Designed specifically for trimming and shaping close-to-ground plants, these hedge shears work well. 

Hedge shears from Tabor Tools feature razor-sharp steel blades that can be used to cut through branches effortlessly.


  • A professional hedge shear with superior durability: The lightweight, razor-sharp cutting edge and superb durability will make the hedge shears your favorite garden tool. This tool is perfect for shaping and grooming boxwoods, hedges, shrubs, and decorative topiaries.
  • At TABOR TOOLS, they’re committed to providing you with the best products possible. In case you require support, spare parts, or questions about these products, don’t hesitate to contact.
  • Blade and steel treatments provide unsurpassed cutting performance. With precision-ground, lightweight, hardened steel blades, your plants will enjoy smooth and crisp cuts that will maintain their health. Every cut you make will be appreciated by the plants.
  • With a soft vinyl cushion grip, these shears are extremely comfortable. They have the perfect shape and balance.
  • A shock-absorbing bumper reduces arm and shoulder fatigue by preventing jarring vibrations. With the shorter handles, you can trim closer to the body at an optimal angle.
  • Your boxwood shrubs will respond much better after you use these delicate manual shears: do not use powered hedge trimmers on your lovely shrubs.
  • A lightweight product
  • Bumpers with shock-guards
  • The handles are not extendable
  • Tension of blade is not adjustable

13. Gnome 25″ Garden Hedge Shears | Clippers Trimmers Pruners – Best in Class Carbon Steel Blades | Heavy Duty Soft Grip Handle – Manual Trimmer for Hedges, Bushes, and Large Areas of Small Growth


  • Brand: Gnome
  • Color: Steel
  • Style: Heavy Duty
  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel

The Gnome HS1G Garden Hedge Shears are made of high-quality carbon steel for optimum durability. In order to reduce slipping, the blades feature curved edges, while rubber impact bumpers reduce arm shock while cutting larger branches. 

In addition to reducing shock, soft rubber handles make it easier to hold. Its blade measures 9.5 inches and its overall length is 25 inches.

Gnome HS1G shears weigh almost 3 pounds and are another heavy pair. There is an inch or two at the tip that won’t cut, so it gets heavy quickly, especially when working up high.


  • Blades consistent of premium grade cast steel: Use this blade for bushes, cutting hedges, and shrubs.
  • Each clip is protected by rubber impact bumpers, ensuring a smooth cutting experience.
  • The soft rubber handles offer the ultimate in comfort and are heavy-duty, ergonomic, and ergonomically designed.
  • Heat treatment and surface polishing process ensure maximum durability and lifespan of the steel blades.
  • In order to prevent slipping when pruning branches, the blades have curved edges.
  • Blades made of carbon steel
  • Handles made from soft rubber
  • Bumpers made of rubber
  • Blades with curves
  • A length of 25 inches
  • Blades with a 5-inch diameter
  • Weight: 89 lbs
  • A blade doesn’t completely close

14. Fiskars Power Lever 8-Inch Hedge Shears


  • Brand: Fiskars
  • Style: Traditional
  • Item Weight: 2.88 Pounds
  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel

Fiskars’ hedge shears are equipped with stainless steel blades that are serrated for cutting through thick branches. Patented self-sharpening technology ensures that these serrated blades will remain sharp for a very long time. A low-friction coating makes the blades more resistant to rust and repels plant residue, which prevents clogging.

Each cut is more powerful with this hedge shear due to its compound-lever design. The handles have nonslip grips and shock-absorbing bumpers, so they are comfortable to use. With blades that measure 7.5 inches in length and weigh 2.88 pounds, these hedge shears measure 22 inches long.

Our tests showed that Fiskars Power Lever shears were able to grip branches with a diameter of 1.5 inches and cut them smoothly. They offered a comfortable grip, but they weighed quite a bit, due to their oval-profile padded handles. In our experience, these shears would be ideal for regular use, perhaps an hour at a time or fewer.


  • Hedge trimming and decorative shrub shaping are made easier with this tool.
  • A hedge shear with Power-Lever technology has two times the cutting power of a single-pivot shear because the leverage is multiplied
  • Branches and stems are gripped firmly by the serrated blade of the Gator-Blade
  • A patented design allows the blades to self-sharpen to maintain maximum performance
  • A pair of precision-ground, hardened steel blades produces clean cuts
  • The blades are coated with low-friction coatings, which enable them to glide through wood without gumming up with debris and sap, as well as resist rusting.
  • The blades on 8″ machines reach the tip of the blades
  • Price point that is affordable
  • Woody stems are easily grasped
  • Action that cuts powerfully
  • Design of the handle is ergonomic
  • It is not recommended to use for more than an hour due to its weight
  • Precision trimming is not best accomplished with serrated blades that are too wide

15. Jardineer 2Pcs Professional Hedge Clippers, 23.6” Heavy Duty Hedge Shears & 8.3” Cut Easy Hand Pruners, Manual Bush Trimmers with Sharp Blades Ergonomic Handle


  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Brand: Jardineer
  • Style: Heavy Duty
  • Color: Grey & Yellow
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel

There are a number of different hedge clippers on the market today, but these Jardineer Professional Hedge Clippers combine a pair of pruning shears so that you are equipped both for trimming big bushes and for trimming small ones, as well.

There is no doubt that the Jardineer hedge shears will make life easier whether you are a novice or a professional gardener. They are easy to operate and will offer great results every time.


  • The set includes two garden shears, a 24″ manual bush trimmer and an 8.3″ pruning shear. The perfect set for anyone who wants to freshen up their garden, no matter what level of expertise they possess. Your work will be more efficient and you will save time.
  • With hedge shears, you can easily trim thicker shrubs due to the heavy-duty steel handle. Handles with soft grips are comfortable and non-slip.
  • Designed ergonomically, the Hand Adjustable Tension Knob & Shock-absorbing Bumper provide the best tension control on the market.
  • The blades of these hedge clippers are sharp, and wavy, and make cutting effortless, keeping the twigs from slipping. As a result, plants benefit from clean, smooth cuts. Carbon steel blades are strong and durable due to their forged construction.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and quality service with Jardine. They have a commitment to providing reliable and efficient products. 
  • The precision-ground steel blades provide great cutting performance and can even be stored safely.
  • Storage is made easy and safe with the Safety Lock. Pruning is made easier by a spring embedded in the handle and a soft grip on the handle.
  • Tension adjustment for blades
  • Bumpers with shock-guards
  • Pruning shears are included in the set
  • Handles that cannot be extended
  • Heavily loaded

16.  Fiskars 23 Inch PowerGear Hedge Shears


  • Color: Black/Orange
  • Brand: Fiskars
  • Item Weight: 1.8 Pounds
  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel

A pair of Fiskars 391890-1001 PowerGear Hedge Shears has been recognized as an Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation winner for their ease of use. With a length of 23 inches and a weight of 2 pounds, this is a lightweight, all-steel design. Featuring a 9-inch steel blade and wide handle for greater torque, this tool is made from steel.

It also has a unique PowerGear mechanism that applies more force to the center of the cut with a non-circular gearing mechanism. Because it weighs only 1.8 pounds, you can cut for a long period of time without getting fatigued.

Fiskars 391890-1001 for the most part needed sharpening because it wasn’t very sharp, and even after we sharpened it, it remained dull because the blades have a small gap when the blade is closed and they seem warped. After looking online, we see we aren’t the only ones with the problem. We had thought we had received a faulty pair, but it seems the problem is widespread.


  • Hedge and shrub trimming and shaping made easy
  • These shears have been updated in 2012 to satisfy the needs of hedge trimmers and shrubbery alike
  • For a design that makes it easy for people with arthritis to use, the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation was given.
  • Cutting force is multiplied near the middle of the cut by the patented PowerGear non-circular gearing mechanism
  • Provides three times the cutting power of single-pivot tools
  • Warranties for life
  • A design that makes it easy for people with arthritis to use was recognized by the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation
  • Award winner for ease-of-use by the Arthritis Foundation
  • Longer than 23 inches
  • Powered Gear Mechanism Patented
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • There is not much sharpness
  • A blade isn’t straight

How Do Hedge Shears Work and Why Do You Need Them?

It is common for gardeners to maintain their gardens with the use of a variety of gardening tools. Manual hedge trimmers and pruners (also called hedge shears) are essential gardening tools.  Your garden can benefit from hedge shears in many ways. 

In addition to removing dead branches, they are also used for shaping trees, bushes, and shrubs in your garden. Plants will look nice and be healthy if you follow these guidelines.

Hedge shears are needed for 3 reasons:

1. Healthy & Beautiful Plants

In order to prune away branches or sections from your plants that have died or died of disease, head shears are needed.  By trimming your plants, you will allow new growth to flourish, while also preventing pests and animals from infesting your garden.

Your plants may be stunted or unhealthy if they are not trimmed regularly. In order to maintain their desired size and shape, some ornamental plants need to be regularly trimmed. 

2. Suitable For Small Gardens

Rather than buying the best gas or electric hedge trimmer on the market, choose the best manual hedge trimmer for your small garden. 

You probably only need hedge shears and cordless grass shears to maintain a neat, healthy garden if you have just a few smaller hedges and trees.

3. Affordable

For a manual hedge trimmer that will work well and last for a long time, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

How To Choosing the Best Hedge Shears

Here are some things to consider when purchasing hedge shears.

1. Weight

Weight may not seem important, but it is incredibly important when choosing hedge shears. If the clippers are too heavy, you will tire quickly working on hedges that are shoulder-high or higher. In spite of what you might think, a few ounces can make a big difference.

Weight is determined by each individual’s physical abilities when choosing hedge shears. As we noted in our hedge shear reviews, heavier shears become heavier quickly, and that’s how we referred to it. It is expected that extra-long shears will be heavier if you are using them.

2. Length

Hedge shears’ overall length determines your reach, so it is also important to pay attention to it. Trimming is also easier with longer shears since they deliver more power.

3. Blade Length

In order to determine the cutting surface, the blade length is essential. In addition to cutting more material, a larger cutting surface reduces the time needed to complete the task.

It is also possible to need more force to cut with longer blades as you move farther from the fulcrum. In addition to bending or warping easily, longer blades take more effort to maintain sharpness due to their larger surface area.

We found 7-8 inches to be the sweet spot for hedge shears, but most have blades that are 5-10 inches long. Each brand on our list has a blade length listed.

4. Handle Length

Power will be transmitted from the handles when you use them to cut. It will be easier to cut thicker branches using longer handles because your blades will be able to receive more power. 

You may experience clumsiness when trimming close to your body with long handles because they add weight to your trimmers.

Keeping the weight low while getting the longest handle possible is our recommendation. There is a good chance that most people will be able to use a handle between 20 and 25 inches long.

5. Blade Type

Almost all hedge shears have straight blades that come to a point, but there are some modern brands with wavy blade edges appearance. 

When you use a blade such as this, you won’t have to trim for as long as you would with a straight blade, as it can significantly reduce the amount of trimming time you need to spend.

The serrated blade is another popular blade style. For cutting thick branches, serrations are only present close to the handle and do not cover the blade. On straight and curved edges, you will find serrations.

6. Fulcrum

As the point of transfer of power from the handle to the blade, the fulcrum is an important element. A simple rivet or screw may serve as the fulcrum in some designs, much like in an ordinary pair of scissors, but other designs may involve a complex gear system to maximize the power transfer.

It can be difficult to trim hedges and cut thick branches with traditional gear systems, but these modern systems can make the job easier. On our list, we highlighted any model with an improved fulcrum system, and we recommend trying one out to see for yourself.

7. Handle Material

Wood, aluminum, or steel handles are commonly used for hedge shears. Lightest and least durable is aluminum, but also the most lightweight. Because aluminum shears can bend or break, they are only recommended for light-duty work where their lightweight makes them easier to use.

Extending handles are also commonly made from aluminum. Though they will add more weight than aluminum, wood or steel handles can be durable and will last a long time.

8. Shock Absorption

Hedge shears made you feel like your knuckles were slamming together, or the blades slamming shut after you used them. These problems can usually be solved by adding shock-absorbing features to modern clippers. If rubber grips are added to the handle, hedge shears can reduce shock by absorbing vibrations and sweat, making them more comfortable to use.

Rubber shock absorbers can also be added to your hedge shear handles to assist in absorbing impact. Your knuckles won’t collide with these shock absorbers, which prevents injury. By having rubber pads on the stoppers, you can work longer without becoming tired since the rubber pads reduce a lot of the impact shock from the slamming of two pieces together.

What Safety Equipment You Require For Hedge Shears?

Here is the following hedge trimmer safety tips that you should considered when trimming hedges, you don’t have to wear a lot of safety gear, but wearing some safety gear is still recommended.

1. Safety Glasses

We recommend wearing safety sunglasses with side protection while trimming hedges in order to prevent flying leaves, branches, and other debris from being lodged in your eyes. To prevent debris from getting into your eyes, you don’t need high-end glasses.

2. Work Gloves

The hedge trimming process will put a lot of pressure on your hands. It is also possible to find other gloves that do not have shock absorption and can cause shock to be transferred to your hands and arms when you knock your knuckles together.

It is possible to experience blisters when holding the handles and to have further damage to your hands when removing trimmings from the bush. 

3. Stepping Stool

When you can use a step stool, we recommend stopping reaching over your shoulders if you can. There are a number of inexpensive stepping stools that can reduce fatigue significantly, as well as help to create a more attractive hedge when you use them.

People often complain that their hedges aren’t that tall, so they struggle year after year with sore muscles and substandard trimming results.

What Are 5 Benefits of Using Hedge Shears?

1. Cheaper

A hedge shear is significantly less expensive and more affordable than an electric or petrol hedge trimmer.

A hedge trimmer is much more expensive than hedge shears, which offer many of the same benefits. Due to their lack of electrical or gas dependency, hedge shears are also cheaper to operate and maintain than electric and gas shears. 

2. Easy To Use

When you have hedge shears, you don’t have to worry about not knowing how to trim your hedges. It is very easy for most people to trim their plants with hedge shears, as they are very easy to use.

Using this device means that you won’t have to worry about charging cords or finding the right button. Once you’ve unpacked your new hedge shears, you can start cutting away right away

3. Precision

The cuts made with hedge shears are smoother, sharper, and more precise than those made with electric or gas-powered hedge trimmers. It will be easier for you to achieve your desired results if you can trim and shape your plants more efficiently.

4. Easy To Maintain & Sharpen Blades

The blades of hedge shears can be sharpened when they get blunt from wear since hedge shears are a less complicated tool.

With steel wool, you can clean the blades and then sharpen them along the bevel with a mill file. Whenever you have trouble trimming your plants with your hedge shears, you should sharpen them.

5. Not Noisy

When you get a spot of gardening done early in the morning with hedge shears, you won’t disturb your neighbors’ sleep.

There is a significant difference between the noise levels associated with chainsaws and hedge trimmers

FAQs About Hedge Shears

Due to the unique features of every property, you may be wondering which hedge shears would be best for you. These answers to some common hedge shear questions may help you in your search.

Should I oil hedge trimmer blades?

Steel blades are used in most hedge shears, while nonstick coatings are available on some models. Cleaning the blades after each use is the best way to ensure longevity and proper performance. If there are any non-coated metal parts on the blade pivot point, oil them before storing.

How do I sharpen hedge shears?

A millstone or sharpening stone can be used to sharpen straight-blade hedge shears.

How thick are the branches a hedge shear can cut?

A hedge shear can generally handle branches up to half an inch in diameter, depending on the model.


ARS 28- to 41-1/2-Inch Hedge Shears are the best hedge shears for your yard. A 28-inch, 35-inch, and 41.5-inch setting can be selected. The trimmer is extremely lightweight, and it’s one of the sharpest we’ve used. 

With an all-steel frame and a larger size than our top pick, the TABOR TOOLS B212A Telescopic Hedge Shears are also of great value. We have tried a number of brands, and this steel is definitely better than many of them. Although it is slightly heavier and requires a bit more effort to cut, it is still better than most.

Instead of these choices if you want a low-value product that can be budget friendly then you can choose Colwelt Hedge Clippers 21”Hedge Shears. It is also a lightweight and long-lasting product if you use it with care.

You should now have a better understanding of what kind of hedge shear is right for your home after reading over these hedge shear reviews. 


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