Best New Feature In The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Revealed Through A Leak


The iPhone 14 Pro is just one of four iPhones that will likely be unveiled in just three days, on September 7, on Wednesday. Additionally, an iPhone 14 with a larger display, possibly called the iPhone 14 Plus, and the large-screen iPhone 14 Pro Max will be available.

However, it appears that the two Pro phones will be the only ones to enjoy the nicest new feature, which is an always-on display.

Apple is not the only firm to provide this useful feature, so you can check the time and any pending notifications without having to pick up or tap on your phone. However, a recent report indicates that the always-on screen of Apple will have been worth the wait.

According to the source, the iOS 16 lock screen will operate differently on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max than it will on other iOS 16-compatible iPhones.

The lock screen on the upcoming Pro iPhones will interact with the always-on display and use, for example, background colors and depth effects. This is some really neat stuff.

On the Apple Watch, Apple has already given us a hint as to how it will seem. There has been an always-on display since Series 5. The Watch faces have two states: an active state when you raise your wrist, for example; and a less-active state that uses less energy on the watch’s OLED screen that takes effect after a short period of time.

This second condition has significantly fewer details, much dimmer hues, and doesn’t indicate the passage of time. until you again raise your wrist.

The leak claims that the lock screen wallpapers would be darker, lack depth effects, and have a darker foreground. The foreground will be “tinted with colour and feature edge highlights based on user settings,” though it won’t just be in black and white.

To avoid OLED burn-in, widgets like text message notifications and the weather will be visible but fade in and out.

Similar to how they do on the standard lock screen, notifications will slide in from the bottom of the always-on screen and remain visible for 10 seconds.

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