8 Best Nunchucks – Buyer’s Guide


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The nunchuck or nunchaku is a magnificent tool or weapon. Historically, this martial arts weapon has an interesting background. Since the 10th century, it has been used as an agricultural tool. Okinawa is believed to have invented this weapon. 

A pair of sticks and a chain are used in this form of martial arts, along with a couple of blades. A rope or chain is usually used to connect two wooden sticks. A Chinese villager would use it to harvest crops like rice or wheat during the 10th century. The brutal side of this weapon was discovered, however, by a Chinese Emperor of the Sung Dynasty. 

After losing territory to the Mongolians, Chinese emperors had no choice but to retreat to Chinese mainland territory. During his stay in a village, nunchucks were found. It was the weapon he believed would prevent him from losing that helped him defeat the Mongolians. 

Mongolian territory was retaken by the Chinese after the Chinese defeated them. Historically, nunchaku has been considered fighting and martial arts weapons of the ninja. There is no doubt that Bruce Lee made great use of this spectacular weapon in his 1970s films. There are a lot of nunchaku fighting scenes in some popular movies, such as Enter the Dragon. 

Nunchucks are merely collectibles among modern enthusiasts. It is not uncommon for people to seek them out as collectibles even though they serve as self-defense weapons. Our goal is to give modern nunchuck collectors a list of the best nunchucks collectibles. We have selected our top 8 picks below.

Exactly What Are Nunchucks?

Japanese nunchucks, or rather those made in Okinawa, are supposed to be the origin of the tool. Oriental martial arts, including karate, often employ this technique. Wooden rods were originally produced, but now metal, fiberglass, and plastic rods are available.

In addition to being an offensive weapon, nunchucks can also injure you as they are made of solid wood. Due to this, padded nunchucks have been developed, which are usually made of foam, and are designed to minimize the risk of injury while training.

Children can be trained to use the latter with little risk of injury when using it. The former is primarily intended for adults, and the latter is mostly for children. The shape of the two rods also affects the type of nun-chuck (pure cylindrical, twisted, hexagonal, clamped or striped, etc).

8 Best Nunchucks





Best Overall

1. Nunchucks, Safe Foam Rubber Training

  • Durability

  • Heavier weight

  • Flexibility and agility

Best Budget

2. Ausemku Nunchucks

  • Stainless steel

  • 6.3 inches

  • Weight-regulation technology

3. Sensei David Foam Nunchucks 

  • Firm sponge core

  • 13-inch length

  • Golden Dragon graphic

4. MSGumiho Safe Solid Rubber Training Nunchucks 

  • Rubber nunchuck

  • Versatility.

  • Lightweight

5. A-Parts Training Equipment with a Carry Bag

  • Stainless steel chain

  • More durable

  • Rubber covers

6. zalani Nunchucks Nunchakus-Foam

  • Lightweight core

  • Completely customize

  • Designed to be safe

7. REALHUNLEE Nunchucks

  • Easy-grip padding

  • 360 degree welding

  • Most suitable

8. REALHUNLEE Nunchucks Safe Foam Rubber 

  • Stainless steel

  • Firm sponge core

  • Greatest versatility

1. Nunchucks, Safe Foam Rubber Training Nunchucks Nunchakus Beginners Practice Nunchucks with Steel Swivel Chain for Beginners Adults Professionals Perform Practice Training Exercise


  • Package Weight: 0.66 Kilograms
  • Brand Name: ‎Estink
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ‎rubber

With the Estink safety nunchucks, you won’t have to worry whether you are using them for practicing, training, or exercising. They’re made from a durable rubber that’s easy to grip and balances perfectly, unlike most other similar models that rely on foam.

As a result, they can be easily used by anyone regardless of their experience level. Their usefulness alone makes them amazing, but their durability and strong chain also make them stand out. There is no need to worry about it falling apart after a few months of use. It is made to hold up to a lot of use.

In addition to preventing accidents, these measures make sure you get the most value for your money. In spite of the heavier weight of these nunchucks, students looking for a sturdier item and a stronger workout will find them to be a great choice.


  • Rubber is durable and high quality, making it perfect for practice. Wood and metal materials are not as safe as outer rubber.
  • Performance: Depending on the stage of technology and the occasion, a different nunchaku can be chosen for exercise.
  • It is generally designed for adults or children who are capable of playing with nunchaku.
  • Practicing flexibility and agility enables the body to move more fluidly, more quickly, and with greater agility. Enhance potential capability by developing the right brain. The ability to react instantly is cultured.
  • When practicing with nunchaku, use the chain attached to ensure safety. Enough strength and durability.

2. Ausemku Nunchucks – Safe Foam Rubber Training Nunchucks/Nunchakus with Steel Chain


  • Size: One Size
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Ausemku
  • Sport Type: Foam

To prevent injuries during training, each stick consists of durable materials surrounded by foam. Their chains are made of stainless steel and are strong.

This weapon can be fully mastered due to the standard size of the nunchuck. It is possible to detach the stick tail from the nunchucks. The sticks can be adjusted to differing in weight, allowing you to learn new techniques as you go.


  • Their strong stainless steel chains connect them and make them the perfect size. Its length is 12.2 inches, its diameter is 1.25 inches, and its distance between 2 sticks is 6.3 inches. Furthermore, this standard size can be used for an extensive range of applications due to its reliable performance.
  • This stick is equipped with weight-regulation technology, allowing you to adjust the stick’s weight in practice or defense as you need to.
  • Products made of soft cushion foam that weigh less than half a pound, that are comfortable to hold, that are safe enough for training and practice, as well as security systems of the highest standard.
  • The brand will provide a satisfactory solution within 24 hours if you have any problems during the use process!
  • The practice of nunchaku will improve the body’s flexibility, coordination, and agility, and is an excellent recreation and exercise choice.

3. Sensei David Foam Nunchucks and Online Training Videos/Nunchaku for Practice and Beginner Foam Nunchucks for Kids Training (Red)


  • Brand Name: Sensei David
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Foam
  • Handle Material: ‎Foam
  • Grip Material: ‎Soft

The Sensei David Red Foam nunchakus are both good-looking and practical and they’re perfect for any martial arts practice.

Featuring a firm sponge core and foam padding, they provide a strong grip while maintaining an incredibly safe design. Due to its soft construction, it is totally safe to use, even if you accidentally hit yourself or someone else.

Moreover, safety is not compromised by the design. This 13-inch ball bearing solution provides a reliable and versatile solution for most users, thanks to its ball bearings and chain attachment.

These gloves are exceptionally comfortable and provide excellent grip for use in a variety of applications. No matter if you’re practicing, having fun, or even using it for a prop, it’s great.

When you combine the Golden Dragon graphic with the impressive read design, it gets even better. The piece is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the culture of martial arts while also adding that touch of martial art to it. Furthermore, it comes with an impressive video lesson set that will enhance your skills, improve your coordination, and increase your agility.

When you combine all the factors, you’ll definitely get one of the best choices. As a result of its style, overall quality, grip and build, this is an excellent choice for users looking for something that will last a lifetime.


  • Soft padded foam surrounds firm sponge core handles to create a product suitable for safety and training. Controllable and easy to grip. This is a lightweight device that weighs less than half a pound! Each stick measures 1 ft in length and 1-1/4 inches in diameter. With this standard size, you will be comfortable and you will be able to rely on it.
  • Flexibility, balance, agility, and strength can be improved. The right brain needs to be developed and potential abilities stimulated. The ability to react instantly in culture.
  • The nunchaku can be played with by adults or by young people who are capable of defensive and offensive skills.
  • For exercise, it may be appropriate to use a different nunchaku depending on the stage of technology.
  • While practicing with nunchaku, ensure the safety of the chain attachment. The material must be strong enough to prevent it from flying and harming others.

4. MSGumiho Safe Solid Rubber Training Nunchucks Nunchakus with Steel Chain and Bearing Ball System only for Beginners, Adults and Professionals Perform, Practice, Training, Exercise (1PCS)


  • Brand Name: MSGumiho
  • Color: Black
  • Package Weight: 0.61 Kilograms

Using a rubber nunchuck is an extremely handy training method, whether you’re training, exercising, or practicing. Since it’s made of rubber, it’s incredibly powerful, yet it is also soft and light enough that beginners can easily control it.

Your reaction time will be dramatically improved as well as your ability to break a sweat. It can be beneficial to purchase a heavier nunchuck, but lighter ones also have several advantages. MSGumiho can be used however you like with this functionality.

It can be used for casual training as well as more serious training due to its versatility. There are so many different workouts that people can do with this one, but some people want something more durable and lightweight.


  • This nunchuck is made of rubber and has a steel chain and smooth bearing balls that make these rubber nunchucks ideal for practicing, performing, and exercising by adults and professionals.
  • Double-stick rubber has very good toughness, is not easily broken, and is very long-lasting.
  • Chain length:7.48 inches, handle length:11.4 inches, weight:1.39 pounds
  • Unless a child is already very professional, it is not suitable for them to practice.
  • It has a smooth bearing ball design, which makes it easy to operate, and the chain is welded, which makes it very durable.

5. A-Parts Training Equipment with a Carry Bag, Blue


  • Brand Name: A-Parts
  • Color: Blue
  • Package Weight: ‎0.23 Kilograms
  • Size: Medium

In addition to their outstanding foam and rubber construction, heavy-duty construction and stainless steel chain, training nunchucks from A-Parts are among the best on the market.

Even if they bump into you during your workout, they won’t hurt, but they remain sturdy enough to handle drops and prolonged use. Further reductions in accidental impacts are achieved due to the rubber covers. The sticks are perfect for little ones who are just beginning to use them.

These nunchucks have only one downside: their plastic bag. Even though it is useful, it does not seem to last as long as many would like. It’s a good thing everything else is so much more durable

Using A-Parts Practice nunchucks is as simple as possible; however, they are stiff enough that learning how to use them does not interfere with it. Beginners and children will benefit from this product. In both cases, metal and foam are used, but the metal parts are only found in the chains and the ends of the sticks.


  • The chain is made of stainless steel, rubber, and foam
  • This metal chain ensures smooth swiveling, which is durable and sturdy
  • Suitable for those who love Kungfu as well as beginners
  • There is a carrying bag included
  • It will make sure you and your children are never hurt

6. zalani Nunchucks Nunchakus-Foam Safe Rubber Martial Arts Nunchakus for Kids/Beginner Practice(Black-2 Pack)


  • Brand: zalani
  • Color: 2p-Black
  • Age Range: Kid
  • Outer Material: Rubber

Several workout nunchakus are designed to be safe, as we talked about earlier. Zalani’s model is the only model on this list that emphasizes safety above all other models. There is no risk of injury with these since they are covered in soft foam.

You will experience minimal shock or impact during your workout because of the soft exterior and lightweight core. As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting injured while working on agility and flexibility exercises.

Additionally, the poles are adjustable as well as completely removable. It gives you the option of selecting a heavier weight if you wish. By using this method, you can completely customize them. All levels of students can benefit from them, even though they may not be the most durable.


  • With a weight of only 0.2 pounds, this is a safe and secure toy, which can’t harm any objects.
  • Rubber and foam are used to make the product, and a flexible and soft rubber tube is used on the inside.
  • In addition to being a great tool for learning, foam nunchucks are also suited for indoor or outdoor exercise.
  • You will receive a satisfactory solution within 24 hours if you have any problems while using the product.
  • With these practice sticks, users can improve their flexibility, agility, and coordination. Maintain a healthy, happy body by stimulating reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

7. REALHUNLEE Nunchucks, Safe Solid Rubber Training Nunchucks/Nunchakus with Steel Swivel Chain


  • Brand Name: ‎REALHUNLEE
  • Fill Material Type: Nnylon
  • Material:‎ Foam
  • Sport Type: Kung Fu
  • Grip Material: Foam
  • Handle Material: ‎Foam+nylon

In addition to having a striking look and a powerful core, the nunchucks from Realhunlee also have soft, easy-grip padding that makes them a pleasure to hold and use. 

In spite of how much you use the chain, its 360-degree welding treatment will not cause it to break. It has a strong sponge core without being dangerous as well. You can buy these sticks with a 1-year money-back guarantee which means there’s no risk involved. 

In spite of the fact that they may not be the most suitable option if you are an experienced user, they are a great option for beginners who are looking for something they can use without any hassle.


  • Training and safety products can be created with solid rubber. A 360-degree welding treatment chain weighing 1.39 lb has no risk of breaking!
  • Designed to be easy to handle and control and safe for training and practicing, ensures you won’t get injured during the practice process, and lets you practice to the fullest!
  • Using these practice sticks, you can increase your body’s coordination, agility, and flexibility. For a healthier and happier body, stimulate reflexes and hand-eye coordination.
  • The handle length is 11.4 inches, the chain length is 7.48 inches, and the weight is 1.39 pounds! In addition to performing reliably, this standard size is ideal for use.
  • The nunchaku is suitable for beginners, children, and adults! There is no need to worry about it breaking or deforming.
  • The manufacturer guarantee 100% satisfaction with this foam training nunchucks kit! Whenever there is a problem, the manufacturer will provide you with a satisfactory solution within 24 hours! Offering you a better after-sales service of up to one year! IF YOUR nunchucks have any problems, they will refund or replace them.

8. REALHUNLEE Nunchucks Safe Foam Rubber Training Nunchucks Nunchakus for Children Kids & Adults Practicing 2 Pack


  • Brand Name: REALHUNLEE
  • Material: Foam
  • Color: ‎Black
  • Suggested Users: ‎unisex-child
  • Style: Practice
  • Sport Type: Martial Arts Cord Nunchakus
  • Fill Material Type: Plastic
  • Grip Material: Foam

Nunchakus from Realhunlee will immediately catch your attention once you see them. With their amazing looks and build, they make the perfect choice for both practitioners and recreational users alike.

A firm sponge core is combined with a soft foam exterior to create the first thing you notice. As a result, you receive light and safe products that you can use over and over again without ever harming anyone or breaking anything. In terms of durability and grip, this product immediately stands out as a top choice.

Additional features include a stainless steel ball-bearing cap and a quality stainless steel chain. As a result, you will be able to experience the greatest versatility while using it. Ideal for those seeking the maximum degree of agility, they will move anywhere you want, however you like.

With a diameter of 1.18 inches and a length of 12.2 inches, this product is excellent. Neither adults nor children will have difficulty using them since they are relatively easy to grasp.

This stick head is detachable, which makes it stand out. You can add any type of material to the nunchaku by removing the cover, which eventually will result in it becoming heavier. It will be pretty handy over time, whether you are an expert or a competitor.

Additionally, this stylish product comes in a unique golden dragon design and comes in a stylish black color. With all of these features combined, there is no competition for these nunchakus.


  • The foam pad surrounds the core of the sponge stick, which weighs less than half a pound. There is no risk of the chain breaking during 360-degree welding treatment!
  • Safe enough for kids & adults to practice. It makes practicing and training easy, ensures you don’t get hurt if you make mistakes, and gives you the best experience!
  • It features a detachable tail, so you can adjust the weight according to the technology stage to practice or defend!
  • In addition to foam padding, the sticks are made from durable firm sponge cores, with a plastic sponge core inside.
  • With welding, stainless steel chains attach the sticks to each other. The sticks have a diameter of 1.18 inches and a length of 12.2 inches. Between the two sticks, there is a 7-inch distance! It is the perfect size for use and will perform reliably.
  • The manufacturer guarantee 100% satisfaction with this foam training nunchucks kit! If you have any problems, they will resolve them within 24 hours. They offer you a 1-year warranty on after-sales service! Nunchucks can be refunded or replaced if there is a problem.
  • Your body’s coordination, agility, and flexibility could be improved with these training nunchakus! It stimulates reflexes and improves the coordination of hands and eyes, making it an excellent way to keep active and entertain yourself!

Who Should Get This?

It is most common to use nunchucks as a tool for weight training or workouts today. These are therefore ideal for improving posture, quickness, and hand movements in students learning karate/taekwondo. In addition to promoting coordination, they are also beneficial for general fitness.

For students looking to put more effort in on their own time, or anyone looking for a unique way to sweat, nunchucks can help you burn off some calories in a more efficient manner.

How To Choose The Best Nunchucks?

Prior to purchasing your preferred nunchucks, there are a few things you should consider. You will ultimately be able to decide which nunchucks are the best fit for you based on these factors.

You can research all the nunchucks available on the market by using the internet. Whether you are purchasing online or in person, this information is helpful. Consider the most trustworthy online store if you are shopping on an online marketplace. The best online shops are usually those with the largest followings.

In addition to providing reliable products, these shops offer a wide variety of options for buyers. Browse the online store for various kinds of nunchucks and choose one that suits you.

You can learn more about this particular nunchucks by reading the reviews on online pages. By reading other people’s reviews, you can also determine if a particular nunchuck is right for you. A very common practice is to evaluate products online before purchasing them in retail stores.

The following questions might help you determine what nunchuck is right for you while researching nunchucks on the market:

  • What is the value of nunchucks?
  • When purchasing nunchucks, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • If you want to buy the best nunchucks at the best price, what should you consider?
  • Nunchucks are available in a variety of brands today. What are some of them? How will the future look?
  • How much information is available about what you are looking for?
  • Even if the nunchucks I own aren’t the sharpest, why should I own them?

Meanwhile, You should consider the below-listed factors if you want to purchase a good one.

1. Material

Nunchakus are made from different materials, which influence their cost, safety, functionality, and practicality. 

There is a huge difference between a Nunchuk for practice, a Nunchuk for competition, and a Nunchuk just for playing. You’ll find explanations of all the materials here.

2. Foam

Another great choice for Nunchuk users on a budget is foam. Because foam chunks are really soft and completely harmless, most people use them for training. Depending on the alternative, the foam may be combined with rubber or another material.

3. Plastic

The core of most nunchucks is made of plastic. Due to its cheapness and reliability, this is pretty common. Rubber or foam is normally covered over plastic, but some plastics are completely plastic, mainly for fun.

4. Rubber

There will be a rubber next. Although it is cheaper than both foam and plastic, it is a bit more expensive than both. As a result of its weight and hardness, rubber is commonly found inside foam chunks.

In addition, they make decent competition nunchakus as well as great training nunchakus. The rubber over foam or entire rubber handles of chunks provides excellent grip, making them extremely useful for professionals. 

5. Wood

Wooden nunchakus are not commonly sold. Competitors and experts are the only ones who use wooden models. It is, however, necessary for the wood to be strong and durable to endure its use. As a result, some countries prohibit their sale since they can be somewhat dangerous.

6. Cord

For low-cost alternatives, the cord is an excellent choice. The cord is usually made from polyester. A user can move their Nunchuk around without being restricted since it is pretty safe and offers ideal versatility.

There is, of course, the problem of the nylon cord not being particularly durable. Wear and tear tend to be faster with this option and it may eventually break. In terms of nunchakus for children, this is a popular choice.

7. Steel

Lastly, steel is used to make entire nunchucks. Many countries do not allow the sale of these types of alternatives, and it is not very common to see them. Even so, for self-defense or for achieving the highest realism, they offer the best results.

8. Metal

Chains are usually made of steel when metal is used. The line and collar-like builds are some of the alternatives, but the chain is the most common. A cap is attached to the sticks so they can be connected together. A ball bearing allows the pieces to move freely around, adding to their flexibility.

Weight is one of the problems with chain-linking materials. It can be difficult to use them when they are more than 2 pounds in weight. Experts and competitors generally choose this option because of its complexity.

9. Linking Material

The material used for both the handles and the connector should also be considered. These are the things you should know about cord, rope, and metal:

10. Rope

There will then be a rope to be found. There are many similarities between nylon cord and this cord, especially in terms of construction. But rope nunchuks typically have a thicker link material than cord nunchucks, which makes them more durable.

Besides making nunchakus look realistic, the rope also gives them a sense of authenticity. It would probably be a great choice for those who love cosplay or who need it for videos, etc.

11. Weight & Size

Weight and size are important factors to consider when choosing the right product.

There should be no more than 2 pounds of weight on a Nunchuk. It becomes dangerous and too heavy if it is heavier than that. To get the best results, you should aim for a weight of no less than 0.4 pounds.

A minimum length of 10 inches is recommended. The piece will be easier to use without losing any grip if you do this. If you need something shorter, you may find that there are options that are shorter than that. Other than that, ensure it’s not longer than 14 inches this is the ideal length.

12. Durability

The durability of the nunchuck is still important, even if it is not as important as the durability of protective clothing. You will experience normal wear and tear on your pair even if you only use them for training.

It is therefore important to choose a durable item that will not fade too quickly while being worn frequently. There is a natural wear-out process that happens to nunchucks over time, so the longer you can delay the process, the better. If you’re looking for the best nunchucks on the market, then search for ones made with quality materials by well-known brands.

Here Is The Types Of Real Nunchucks That You Can Purchase

When looking for a nunchuck in the markets, you’ll find that they come in a variety of different styles. They are excellent weapons of excellent quality with a variety of styles and usages. Let’s take a closer look at the weapons.

  • Foam Nunchucks

A foam nunchuck is another easy-to-use weapon that falls into this category. They are foam weapons for children that are made out of foam. In most cases, it will be dangerous and expensive to give a child a real weapon while they are playing with it.

The foam-made weapons are inexpensive and not dangerous, so they are ideal for this purpose. They are safe for your kids to play with, so you don’t need to worry that they will get hurt.

  • Professional Nunchucks

Nunchucks are professional weapons used by professionals, as their name implies. Metal is the finest material used in making these weapons. A martial artist uses these weapons, which are similar to those used by ninjas. When practicing with a wooden weapon, it is always advisable to practice with the wooden weapon first.

There is a wide variety of weapons to choose from; however, you will find plain-colored weapons, as well as weapons with cool designs on top and you, will also find weapons of different colors and designs. It is easy to make a quick choice due to the variety of weapons available.

  • Metal Nunchucks

Among the weapons, the ninjas used for serious business were the metal nunchucks. Metal weapons cause serious harm to a person who is hit by them because they are made up of solid metal.

This weapon was one of the most effective martial arts weapons at the time. You had to learn how to use the weapon before you could take your target down, but once you learned, you could kill your target quickly.

  • Wooden Nunchucks

Weapons made from wood, such as nunchucks, are wooden nunchucks. These weapons were used by the ninjas to practice their skills with real weapons. It was necessary to use wooden weapons while learning how to use them in order to prevent injuries.

With the wooden weapon, you can practice your skills and do the same. As a self-defense mechanism, they can also be used in case you find yourself in trouble.

How To Use Nunchucks?

Nunchucks can be taught through videos, but the best way to learn is with an expert martial arts instructor. The nunchucks can easily be abused if not handled carefully, which is why exercise and discipline are so important.

A nunchaku can be used to defend yourself in sixteen different martial arts techniques, and they all require practice and dedication to master. The starting point is the same for all of them:

1. Invest in a quality pair of training nunchucks

If you’re not experienced with nunchucks, or if you don’t know how to use them, you may end up in trouble. Whether you use metal nunchucks or wooden ones, either one can be extremely dangerous. A quality pair of training nunchucks should not be too flexible, but should have enough padding to avoid injuring someone;

2. Dress comfortably for training

To effectively concentrate on your movements, you need to be comfortable. Make sure you wear clothes that don’t restrict your movement but avoid loose ones so the nunchaku won’t get caught;

3. Start slowly and pay attention to your movements

Bruce Lee’s reflexes aren’t something you will develop overnight. You should start with slow swings and pay attention to how your body moves. Once you are comfortable, you should speed up;

4. Juggling isn’t a good idea

Juggling with nunchaku and learning a nunchaku technique are completely different exercises. A training nunchuck isn’t a good choice if you’re trying to make your movements flashier than they should be.

Types of Nunchucks

The various types of nunchaku should be considered after reviewing all the factors to consider. The following is the demonstration we will be giving you:

1. Karate

Nowadays, nunchakus can be used for a wide range of purposes. Karate is a popular and common sport. Nunchucks are a skill every kid who does karate for a long time will need to learn eventually. A professional in that field may have to undergo this process as part of their overall development. These become a requirement if you want to use one.

There is nothing unusual about the karate model. In competition, it stands out due to its glossy design and medium size, made of wood and metal chain. In addition, it is usually colored in metallic tones and has a variety of graphics on it. For karate presentations, the Nunchuk should be ideal. Providing such results also needs to look good.

2. Speed & Agility

In order to improve agility and speed, martial arts training is imperative. In almost every martial art, the nunchakus are eventually mastered and practiced by practitioners. In addition to improving concentration, this helps develop rhythm during conflicts and presentations.

A Nunchuk resembles a weapon in appearance, but in actuality, it is a tool used for performance. A martial artist’s discipline is developed through a performance during training.

The surfaces are often foam, and the connector is usually a cord or rope. However, they are quite simple. Neither overdone graphics nor overdone colors will be found on training nunchakus. Performers need the ideal training tool, and that’s all we’re concerned with.

3. Offensive & Defensive

A nunchaku may be used for training, presenting, or attacking and defending, but some are used for both. In spite of the fact that they are mostly rare today due to their ability to serve as weapons fairly easily, you can still find them quite often.

It’s true that they aren’t as dangerous as guns, but they still have the potential to cause damage. These are usually made entirely of metal. There are even some that come with blades on the tips or pikes on the sides.

Most countries do not allow the use of these as weapons due to their potential for use as weapons. One may also cause harm to others or to oneself. Keep yourself and others safe by not getting one of these.

4. Cosplay

Cosplay nunchucks are another popular item. There are a lot of these models around nowadays, and they are reminiscent of other popular anime and manga models. A lot of people who love superheroes or movies or animations featuring their favorite characters end up getting one of these.

In order for people who are impersonating characters like Michaelangelo from Daredevil from DC Comics, Teenage Ninja Turtles, or even Bruce Lee himself these are all individuals who will eventually need one of these items to undoubtedly appear realistic in their appearances. Therefore, they go ahead and take them on.

Despite this, they are inoffensive as a whole. The majority of these are made of rubber or foam. Models may be enhanced with extra details. Cosplayers will find them a great choice, as they’re very safe.

How To Learn To Use Nunchucks?

This weapon requires 2-3 years of regular training and improvement to master. The following skills must also be developed:

  • Agility
  • The ability to predict enemy movements intuitively
  • Coordinating
  • Rate of reaction

1. Safety Engineering

The basics of nunchuck use need to be mastered under the strict supervision of a competent gym master. It is important to follow safety precautions if you plan on training without a trainer. Without the proper skills, it is possible to be injured when using a weapon.

  • Keeping things safe. The material used in soft weapons (for instance, foam) is soft. As you train, the implement can often strike sensitive areas of the body, bruising you or causing serious injuries like broken bones. Once basic techniques have been mastered and brought to automatism, wooden weapons can be used.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothing. Whenever possible, it should be free and should not hinder movement. It is considered that leotards without a T-shirt are the best solution.
  • Get your place ready. In order to accommodate a weapon of this length, furniture needs to be cleared from the room. It is recommended that you start training outside rather than in an enclosed space because you will have more space to maneuver.
  • Exercise should be warmed up before you begin. The exercise should be performed after stretching your torso and arm muscles.
  • As classes are conducted in a specialized hall along with a master, not only health is preserved, but also valuables, furniture, and other items are protected since damage to them might occur during the training.

2. Learning Plan in Steps

Using nunchucks successfully depends on mastering the basic movements and then repeating them enough to automate them when they are “put on a reflex”.

The following scheme can be followed to achieve this:

  • Make sure the cord is tensioned by doing the exercise at a low speed.
  • Understand how far the sticks go, why they return, etc., by studying their trajectory.
  • Slowly increase the speed at which you execute. Ensure that your movements are precise and clear.
  • Gradually increase the speed and power of impact with a variety of techniques.

Take your time! Using this pattern, you will get a feel for each exercise and be able to perform it automatically in the future.

3. Beginner’s Exercises

The following techniques are recommended at first to learn how to hold nunchucks properly:

  • An in-the-middle capture
  • Capturing in reverse
  • Bottom-end gripping
  • Top-end gripping, etc.

As you become familiar with the basic techniques, you’ll feel the weapon acting as an extension of your hands over time.

The most famous nunchuck technique  is as follows:

  • Your shoulder should be over your nunchaku
  • Take a diagonal swing down and inward toward your left hip
  • You can then swing the free stick diagonally to the right and down while swinging the stickup and down
  • The handle should be expanded up and to the right at the right thigh
  • Right and left diagonal swings are performed

The basics of block strikes can be studied after you have studied the basics. Blocks can be classified into three types by competent professionals:

  • Upper
  • Lower
  • Side

Afterward, you can start learning about nunchaku’s basics, namely, movements and swings. In general, swinging and basic movements follow a straight and reverse path.

A short rope should be used during initial training when swinging motions and basic movements are used, but never a projectile since improper movements can cause significant injuries. By automating all your actions, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills as you use the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best nunchucks?

In choosing the best nunchuck for you, factors such as material, size, safety, durability, and feel were taken into account when selecting the best nunchuck for you. The Estink Steel Swivel Nunchuck is one of the best nunchucks because of its durability, power, and ease of use.

Can I own nunchakus without infringing the law?

In some cases, yes, but not in all cases. It is possible that nunchucks are banned in a number of cities in the United States and other countries. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could be dangerous.

How much do nunchucks cost?

Nunchucks are normally not very expensive. Nunchucks with good quality range in price from 11 to 22 dollars. It is possible to find a model that meets all your needs.

What is the standard size for each nunchuck?

Nunchucks usually measure between 12 and 13 inches in length. A practical adult would benefit more from this measure. Nunchucks are available online in a variety of sizes.

What’s the minimum age for a child to use a nunchaku?

One of these can be started by children as young as four years old without any problems. For your kid to learn how to use a nunchuk properly, enlist him/her in karate or martial arts programs.

How cheap are nunchuks?

The prices are pretty reasonable, too. Several models can be purchased without problems for one hundred dollars. In case you are on a tight budget, there are always cheap nunchucks for sale to choose from. It just takes a good look or waiting for a sale to begin to find them.

Are Nunchucks effective in a fight?

Your approach to using them will determine whether they are effective. There are no good weapons in the films, despite their representation. The bottom line is that they are incredibly effective for improving athleticism and coordination as a workout tool.

Can I use Nunchucks for fitness?

Yes, definitely. The more advanced you get, the harder it becomes to turn around nunchucks. Burning calories and building strength will be easier if you learn to use them and spend time on individual workouts.


Today, nunchucks are a popular type of edged weapon in martial arts such as karate, Kobudo, and wushu. Weapons of this type enable warriors or athletes to face off against opponents armed with swords, spears, knives, sticks, pipes, or other kinds of weapons. To help you master the nunchuck technique, I listed the 8 best nunchucks.

Our first pick simply cannot go wrong with Nunchucks, Safe Foam Rubber Training, however, if you still cannot decide! You can learn a variety of techniques using them because they are a perfect size. As well as being safe to use, the sticks have soft foam surrounding them. There is no risk of harming yourself or getting injured.

While my 2nd recommendation is Ausemku Nunchucks. It is the best option for those who want a secure and lightweight. Their chains are made up of stainless steel. More importantly, it is a budget-friendly option for everyone. Its price doesn’t affect its quality and functionality.


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