11 Best Park Skis – Buyer’s Guide


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A park ski might be what you need if you’re only thinking of rails, lips, pretzels, and jibs. A more specific product is probably what you need, even though “park skis” fall under a general umbrella term.

When skis with twinned tails were capable of being skied backwards, they were sold as park skis. Since decades of innovation, skiers and snowboarders have many options when it comes to sliding and spinning through terrain parks.

Whether you’re looking for narrow, stiff, or wide,  precision competition skis, buttery, buttery jib noodles, we have it all. There are now many factors to consider when choosing the right park skis. Park skis used to be just anything that could withstand being slammed into rails for the entire season.

There is no one best pair of park skis for every skier, so there is no best pair for everyone. What ski is right for you depends on your skiing style and goals. Are you interested in learning tricks and butter techniques at slower speeds?

Skis that are wider and softer will be the best choice for you. If you like to do big tricks and spin to win, get something that has a lot of edge control and backbone. 

The reason we compiled this list of the best park skis of 2022 is to make sure you get the best ski for your money. The range of park skiing options available to them is extensive, so everyone can find something they enjoy.

11 Best Park Skis





Best Editor's Choice

1. 2022 Armada ARV 96 Men’s Skis

  • Poplar Ash material

  • Versatility

  • Slim edges (2.2mm)

2. 2022 Line Tom Wallisch Pro Skis 

  • New professional model

  • Durable 

  • Bomber construction

3. 2022 Armada ARW 96 Women’s Skis

  • Big park jumps

  • All-mountain ski

  • Camber-rocker profile

4. Atomic Punx 5 Skis Mens

  • Full Cap side wall

  • Tip and curve outwards

  • Densolite layer

2nd Editor's Choice

5. K2 Poacher Skis Mens

  • Long-term durability.

  • All-terrain twin rocker profile

  • Adult version

6. 2022 Line Honey Bee Skis (144)

  • Lightweight and snappy

  • 92 millimeters

  • Durability

7. Line 2022 Blend Skis – 178

  • Park and all-mountain

  • Park riding and jibbing

  • Super-jibby

8. 2022 Armada Edollo Men’s Skis

  • Henrik Harlaut

  • 2.5 Impact Edge

  • Soft flex profile

9.  Volkl 2022 Blaze 94 Women’s Ski

  • Multilayer Wood Composite Core

  • Volkl’s 3D.

  • Variety of terrain

10. Volkl 2021 Bash 86 Womens Skis

  • Well-rounded ski

  • Twin tips

  • Quickness and flexibility

11. Volkl Revolt 104 Flat 172 2021

  • Multi-layer wood core

  • All-mountain 

  • Tip and tail rocker

1. 2022 Armada ARV 96 Men’s Skis


  • Ability level: From intermediate to advanced
  • Sizes: 163
  • Best For: For men 
  • Brand: HYGLOSS armada
  • Age Range: Adult

While lacking soft snow, I consider it a versatile all-mountain ski that can handle many terrains and is responsive and versatile. Skis such as the ARV 96 are designed with versatility in mind. Due to its responsiveness and playful nature, it is able to be ridden both inside and outside the park.

The Poplar Ash material, AR75 sidewalls, and general durability make it an outstanding all-mountain option. For all-mountain skiers, this is a good model because it has some limits in powder, but requires some effort.

An excellent choice for those who are interested in both groomers and landings is the ARV 96. Higher speeds also yield the same results. It is ideal for skiers of all levels because it provides stability on groomed snow. 

Due to that ability, they are a good choice for parks and can be used as an all-mountain ski as well. The tough construction of these skis is another thing I like about them. As we will cover in more detail later, their beefy design makes them much better at handling mixed snow.

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They are less reliable in crud due to their rough rocket profile, but they are still usable. Aside from that, the skis are capable of handling icy conditions. Their weakness is that they’re not as good in soft snow. Although this, they can still be used in a variety of terrains.

In addition to being an excellent ski in the park, the ARV 96 is a truly versatile ski. A strong takeoff and a steady landing make this option a great choice. The stiffer construction improves landings on larger features because it allows for landings that are more firm.

When I touch down with these, it feels good, which isn’t always the case. As well as pop, there is a lot of energy. As far as shape and physical design are concerned, the ARV 96 does little to reinvent the wheel.

In terms of waist measurement, 96mm is average, while sidecuts are medium and tip/rail rockers are mellow. There is a fairly full sidewall underfoot (extended to both ends of the ski) in combination with slim edges (2.2mm).

There is also a great deal of value in this ski. There are a variety of environments in which the ARV 96 delivers excellent results. The ski has a lot of features without breaking the bank, and that versatility is nice to have. You can find it on sale for not much money, especially if you’re lucky.

2. 2022 Line Tom Wallisch Pro Skis (157), Blue, 157cm


  • Sidecut:118/90/116 
  • Radius: 19 m
  • Weight: 1800 grams per ski
  • Tip and Tail Rocker
  • Capwall Construction
  • Ability Level: Advanced to expert skiers

Line’s first signing of park phenomenon Tom Wallisch caused an uproar on the internet. As we waited for his first new professional model, we were all holding our breath. As a result, the Line Tom Wallisch Pro has proven to be one of the best park skis on the market over the years.

In terms of width, it fits comfortably in between the narrower comp skis of old and the more modern jib skis. There is a nice split between those two differences.

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As a butter ski that can hit a tightly kinked urban rail, and jump lines that are pristine, the Tom Wallisch Pro can perform similarly to the best skis for buttering. With its durable construction, it can withstand a lot of abuse without sacrificing performance.

You can use the Line Tom Wallisch Pro if you haven’t yet figured out which style of park skiing makes you happy, or if you’re still figuring out your own style. Easily adapted to a variety of skiing styles, it is versatile, easy to use, and approachable.

It has been rave reviews since Tom Wallisch’s signature ski arrived with a redesigned model, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. With a quick swing weight, snappy feel, and bomber construction, the LINE Tom Wallisch Pro quickly become one of the most popular skis among skiers of all abilities. 

In Shape Flex 30, the steel edges are 2.5mm wide and 2mm high. The base is 1.7mm thick, which enables the skis to be more durable and tuned for longer. This boot features Symmetric Flex, which conforms to terrain equally regardless of how you ride forward or backward.

The skis sidecut includes 5 different radiuses for the base edges. Intuitive turn shapes and a wide range of turns can be achieved. MACROBLOCK CORE 100% MAPLE This hardwood core is constructed using two maple stringers surrounded by aspen.

With a 2-year warranty and the lightweight durability of the cap construction, the Capwell Construction offers the best of both worlds underfoot and in the tip and tail of the shoe. For added pop and play, the ski is constructed with stretched carbon across the center

3. 2022 Armada ARW 96 Women’s Skis


  • Length: 124/96/115 mm at 170-centimeter length
  • Radius of turns: 18.5 meters at 170-centimeter length
  • AR Freestyle Rocker
  • Sizes: 156, 163, 170.
  • Best for: Women

Among the park skis specifically designed for women, the Armada ARW 96 is the best. No matter what level of ability you have, you can count on these to perform well in freestyle. 

You can easily switch on them by adjusting to the AR freestyle rocker and the camber underfoot that gives them their pop. Also, skiers can do softer snow skiing with the skis without feeling limited by the skis’ capabilities because of this rocker profile. 

In addition to being super lightweight, the ARW 96 is also easy to maneuver in both parks and pipes. It doesn’t matter if you like spinning or getting big airs, they can handle it all.  A classic Armada design is evident in the ARW 96. As with most Armada skis and the ARW 96 is no exception, the ARW 96 is snappy, playful, durable, and light. 

With an S7 base, the ARW offers durability while remaining quick on the snow, and also sheds ounces while maintaining stability.  While the Poplar wood core provides some good stability when ripping groomers and straightening for big park jumps, the Ash stringer wood core gives the ski life.

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In addition to providing a hook-free experience, a camber-rocker profile increases the ski’s hangtime for big airs and buttering off rollers.  While they may not be the best choice for variable conditions outdoors, they are fine for spinning laps in the park.

With the Armada ARW 96, you can get the best of both worlds: an all-mountain ski and a park ski. You would love this ski whether you are an avid park skier or prefer something more flexible for all-mountain skiing.

Some of Armada’s top skiers use the ARW 96 on large competition courses, whereas we as mere mortals enjoy skiing it more leisurely at our home resort as a testament to its versatility. For ladies who want a ski that allows them to explore the terrain beyond the groomed trails with confidence, this ski would be ideal.

4. Atomic Punx 5 Skis Mens


  • Category: Freestyle
  • Camber type: Camber
  • Level: Beginner / Intermediate
  • Rocker type: Double Rocker
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Size: 150 – 170cm
  • Brand: Atomic
  • Color: Grey/Black
  • Material:  Compound

The finest, precise, and competition-oriented skis have been associated with Atomic Punx for years. While Atomic has redesigned the Punx Five to offer more versatility across the mountain, they have also added some new features to help make it a better all-around board.

With a very light core and softer flex, this board has a narrow waist, very subtle taper, and a moderate rocker that you would like.

 In other words, you don’t have to jump high and ride fast to get the most out of the Punx Five. Instead, it’s very versatile and approachable. It jibs around the mini-park, butters every roller, but holds up well on larger jumps and firmer snow, and it is easy to spin.

Atomic Punx Five offers excellent value as well. A great skiing experience everywhere makes it one of the best terrain park skis because it’s affordable, high-performance, and fun to use.

With exceptional edge control and grip without sacrificing freestyle performance, the Atomic Punx Five is an excellent upgrade from the Punx Seven.

Designed with the lightweight Densolite Core for maximum shock absorption, Dura Cap sidewalls, and Resist Edge, this ski slides rails effortlessly. This is a light wood core. Core made of Densolite.

The edges that resist. Shape with a direction. Topsheet with a structured design. 15/70/15 Park Rocker. The weight is 1750g/ 170cm.

5. K2 Poacher Skis Mens


  • Suitable for: Parks and Powder
  • Performance in the park and deeper snow. Double barrel core, carbon laminate, all-terrain twin rocker; Performance in the park and deep snow.
  • Sizes: 163, 170, 177, 184
  • Color: Grey
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Brand: K2

Whether you’re skiing in the park or in powder, the K2 Poacher will deliver the performance you’re looking for. 

Featuring an all-terrain twin rocker profile, these give you plenty of floats when the snow gets deep, but give you everything you need for freestyle. 

Poacher enjoys a powerful but playful ride in part due to a double-barrel core that reduces impact. When carving and riding park features, carbon laminates provide another element of response. Although they are not as affordable as some powder skis on the market, these are still better than most park skis. 

The twin-tipped gnarliest street skier and Olympic Gold Medalist alike make use of this versatile hybrid. These greasy whips are built tough with a Carbon Boost Braid.

With the Poacher, you can push your limits without fear with cat-track airs or heady street spots. The dimensions (mm): 124-96-118 Rocker: Twin All-Terrain Rocker Radius (m): 19.0m at 184cm Core: Double Barrel Fir/Aspen Carbon Boost Braid TwinTech Sidewalls.

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6. 2022 Line Honey Bee Skis (144)


  • Sidecut:120/92/116
  • Weight: 1449 grams per ski
  • Symmetric Flex
  • Radius: 16.5 meters
  • Tip and tail rocker
  • Full Cap Construction
  • Ability Level: Intermediate to advanced skiers

There is no reason to overcomplicate things when it comes to parking skiing, as they are one of the simplest ski categories in terms of their design and construction. The most important things you should look for are something light, snappy, durable, and somewhat symmetrical.

Any more than that would be detrimental to the overall purpose of the ski. An excellent choice for getting creative in the park, The Line Honey Bee is a lightweight, durable park ski designed specifically for women.

Line’s Honey Bee features the Aspenlite wood core that keeps things lightweight and snappy. This ski features a full cap construction, improving durability and speed, allowing you to handle those switch-ups and shiftiest turns with ease.

This park ski is wider than most traditional skis under the boot at 92 millimeters. In today’s park skiing world, many prefer a wider ski because of its ability to provide more platforms to land on and give them an edge over their competitors during tricks such as butter, surface swaps, and presses that require a lot of surface area.

These skis are also more fun throughout the mountain because of their wider waist. No matter how much you love the park, it still requires you to take the lift down to the park, so why not make it as enjoyable as you can?.

Its quickness, durability, and versatility will make it a great choice for park skiers looking for a ski that offers quickness, durability, and versatility at an amazing value.

7. Line 2022 Blend Skis


  • Sidecut:133/100/122 Radius: 20 meters
  • Weighs: 1940 grams per skis
  • Blunted tips and tails
  • Ability Level: Advanced to expert skiers
  • Capwall Construction Symmetric Flex

In search of the perfect ski to blur the lines between park and all-mountain, Line created a ski that crossed over and blurred those lines for years. Many of the staff at the Line Traveling Circus have chosen it as their favorite for years. This was the same bestseller from 2013 for many years.

There have been many changes since 2020, which also applies to Line Blend. By blunting the tip of the ski, Line has increased the ski’s effectiveness and built a more stable platform to make nose stalls/blocks easier (according to Line pro rider Will Wesson’s request).

Over the core of the Blend, Line also uses a Carbon Ollieband that provides extra pop to help you get onto those tall rails. While the construction of this ski is relatively simple, it features a number of other design features that set it apart from other skis. 

The sidecut of the ski has also been moved forward to facilitate a more central mount point, which results in better performance when riding the switch. In many ways, the updates to the Blend reflect the ways in which the use of the Blend has changed, with a movement towards park riding and jibbing.

 A 100mm park ski with super-jibby, buttery properties is definitely what most Blend riders are looking for these days, and Line has delivered on that request.

Anything you can think of, such as nose blocks and grab grinds can be done with the blunted tips and tails. The blend is a fantastic park ski, but due to its dual rocker profile and wider waist, it can be used all over the mountain.

The snow float is also good for beginners who want something wide to provide them with enough flotation during snowstorms.

Designed for the park’s most playful skiers, the Line Blend is an oversized park ski. Aspen cores with Maple stringers form the base of the Blend’s Maple Macroblock wood core. You can easily butter and press over the tips and tails of the Blend thanks to its Flex Zones.

Among the freestyle team’s favorites, the Blend has a lot to do with it. In a terrain park, you can control any feature creatively with Blends.

8. 2022 Armada Edollo Men’s Skis


  • Size: 164 – 172 cm
  • Freestyle ski
  • Color: Multi
  • Ability Level: Advanced to Expert
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 67 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Turning Radius: Medium
  • Brand: HYGLOSS armada

The Armada Edollo Skis allow you to huck it like Henrik. This park slayer of skis was developed with Henrik Harlaut in mind. It allows your creativity to run wild while still holding up to the toughest jumps and jibs. It would bring the fun characteristics of a buttery park ski to different terrain with its 98mm underfoot.

Many freestyle lovers would find this ski a fun all-mountain option. There is no doubt that the Edollo is built to last and is built with Armada’s beefiest construction elements such as the 2.5 Impact Edge and the Comp Series Base.

Skis are put under a lot of stress when it comes to big jumps and rail slides, yet Armada’s signature construction keeps its reliability for those of us who pay far too little attention to the condition of our skis.

When you watch Henrik ski, you’ll notice he uses the entire length of his ski as he rides through a terrain park as he uses his whole ski. His favorite has a medium to soft flex profile, so he can perform his trademark butter, grabs, and presses with ease.

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In comparison, these tricks and maneuvers would be rather difficult on a stiff, completely cambered ski. However, Edollo’s relatively soft flex and rocker profile make these maneuvers a lot easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the World Cup Circuit slopestyle course or every day down rail in your local park, we welcome it all.

9.  Volkl 2022 Blaze 94 Women’s Ski


  • Size: 151/158/165 cm
  • The radius of turn: 14 meters at 165 cm length.
  • Tip and Tail Rocker
  • Sidecut: 134/94/116
  • Hybrid Multi-Layer Wood with Titanal Power Plate Underfoot
  • Weight: 1427 Grams per ski at 165 cm length
  • Suspension Tips and Tails
  • Color: 151
  • Brand:  Volk

As a lightweight all-mountain ski with excellent maneuverability and awesome versatility, the Volkl Blaze 94 W is the perfect choice for the all-season. In Blaze 94, Volkl used a Multilayer Wood Composite Core, which combines wood fibers of varied densities with synthetic materials for maximum vibration dampening.

In addition to the Titanal Binding Platform, there is a slight increase in power underfoot and increases binding retention. Lastly, Volkl’s Suspension Tips and Tails further reduce chatter by integrating rubber into the tips and tails.

Underfoot there is a camber and rocker at the tip and tail of the ski. In this width range, the ski has a relatively long rocker, but there isn’t much play.

We also get Volkl’s 3D. It allows for a multitude of different turn shapes and styles due to its longer radius at the tips and tails and shorter radius underfoot. It received mostly positive reviews from our testers.

In addition to its versatility for a variety of terrain and conditions, it is also suitable for people with a range of abilities. In our testers’ discussions, we did not mention the Blaze 94’s capability as a touring ski, but that is certainly true.

If you add a binding like the Marker Duke PT, you’ll have a binding that can take you from resort to backcountry.

10. Volkl 2021 Bash 86 Womens Skis


  • Sidecut: 120/86/110 mm at 156 cm length
  • Tough Box Construction
  • Turn Radius: 16.6 meters at 156 cm length
  • Multi-Layer Wood Core
  • Weight: 1590 grams at 164 cm length
  • Level of skill: Intermediate
  • Tip/Wasit/Tail: 120/86/110
  • Size: 150 – 170 cm

Volkl’s 2021 Bash 86 W is incredibly light, quick, and versatile, which makes it a good pick for freestyle skiers and all-mountain skiers. Bash 86 is an agile and versatile ski that is great for cruising around the trees and bumps, whether you are an aspiring park skier or just love cruising around in the trees and bumps.

With Volkl’s multilayer wood core, made from Poplar and beech woods, these skis are extremely energetic and snappy. It’s pretty simple to build, but fiberglass laminate keeps it together and adds some strength. A well-rounded ski can sometimes be made with a simple build.

The skis have a better grip and control along the edge than expected with mainly sidewalls underfoot. The skis become full cap skis at the tips and tails, reducing the swing weight and increasing quickness.

We see a range of 16.6 meters in the 156cm with a length-dependent turn radius. As a result, skis of different sizes and abilities can be fine-tuned more easily.

The flex and shape of these skis make them ideal for park skiers who are working on buttering skills. The tips and tails of these have more rocker, making them float better and smear easier. Due to their versatility, twin tips can be used anywhere and in any way you choose.

I With tight trees here in Vermont, you can back out of tricky spots in them, which is particularly useful in the woods. Skiers from intermediates to lighter weight experts will enjoy the 86 mm underfoot, which makes them very quick and easy to turn. I was amazed at how much energy and snap I got out of the turn.

 Ski is an excellent option for ski trips with my kids, especially if I’m navigating tight woods and glades, though I wish it had a bit more substance for my everyday use. This kneepad keeps up with the fastest zipper lines in bumps due to its quickness and flexibility.

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11. Volkl Revolt 104 Flat 172 2021


  • Size: 172
  • Brand: Volkl
  • Color: Blue
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Rocker: Tip and Tail Rocker (Rocker/Camber/Rocker)
  • Item Weight: 901 Kilograms
  • Tip/Wasit/Tail: 132/104/122
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Best Use: Freestyle

The Volkl Revolt 104 is an excellent ski that is designed specifically for fun, and that means you can be sure to have a good time with it. With its backcountry booter, freeride, and park ski functions all in one, the Revolt 104 is built primarily for soft snow and freestyle skiing.

These skis have 104mm underfoot for good flotation, but with the help of a dramatic taper at the tail and gratuitous tip and tail rocker, you can slice through any soft snow conditions.

When the going gets tricky and technical, the Revolt 104 has a sturdy foundation built from the same multi-layer wood core as the Mantra and Kendo.

As the ski was built to follow the driver’s instructions without complaint, the Revolt 104 is great for smears, slaves, skids, and carves. A large turn radius is made possible by the increased taper, which allows the pilot to make a lot of decisions for soft snow and big lines.

Despite the fact that skiers have to tell them what to do, all they put into the ski will be returned to them in return. Certainly, Neagle and Siegel are different skiers. In comparison to Siegel, Neagle has a much more freestyle background.

He comes from a more PSIA background. Siegel was looking for some more tip-to-tail response and overall performance from the 180 cm test pair that we had, rather than a more centrally-mounted 180 cm pair that Neagle liked a lot. 

All-mountain skiers looking for a little flair can add the all-new Volkl Revolt 104 to their quiver, whether they are park skiers or all-mountain skiers. The Revolt 104 was designed with the concept of skiing being fun, and enjoyable, and your playground is the mountains. During the upcoming ski season, it is sure to make skiers smile.

How To Choose The Best Park Skis?

During the early 1990s, when dinosaurs were being replaced by mammals, sweaters were layered over each other, and terrain parks were just getting started. A skate-inspired trick that boarders favored disrupting the status quo was an attempt at bringing snowboarding to the resorts (unsuccessfully).

As a youth, skiers were initially forbidden from entering parks, but despite marketing efforts, restrictions became more tempting than a marketing campaign could ever hope to accomplish.

Several weeks later, the K2 Poacher was the first production twin-tip ski that was released to the market. Park and pipe skis were made by bending a head mold upward, adding some graphics, and attaching it to a top sheet. For almost a decade, manufacturers could do no more than that.

What Thing Should Be Considered For Choosing  Skis?

Choose a ski based on these considerations skiing discipline in history. There are a variety of park skis and pipe skis designed specifically for the sport, and though the variety may make choosing difficult, the differences between them are not that great.

There are a few specific goals that are usually addressed by park and pipe skis within a narrow design range.

1. Length

If you’re going big, you’ll want something a little short, but you don’t want something too short. Skis that feel squirrely when you land aren’t what you want, especially when going short.  You will usually find that bindings are mounted near the center of the ski (on true twin-tips) or just slightly off-center, which will result in them feeling shorter than, for example, an all-mountain ski with the binding mounted a little further back.

2. Construction

Although park and pipe ski construction is different from manufacturer to manufacturer, all of them strive for the same results: lightweight, durable, and with maximum rebound energy for the best takeoffs.

Park skis are subject to endless debate about cap versus sidewall construction because both designs have advantages, but no one design wins. Skis constructed with caps are lighter and more durable than those built with sidewalls due to the wraparound top sheet layer.

Skis with vertical sidewalls are less durable against chipping, but they handle hard impacts better, which adds carving skis vs all mountain skis ability, responsiveness, as well as torsional rigidity to keep you stable while skiing.

It is becoming more common for manufacturers to use sidewall-cap hybrids that are built to wear under the cap but leave the sidewall material in the tips and tails, creating a waste of weight and money. Atomic Punx and Armada Al Dente are park models that offer this feature.

You should also consider skis with a solid wood core; although they are heavier, they will last longer than those with synthetic cores that are common in entry-level park skis. The key to great ski performance is to keep in mind that park and pipe skiing can take a huge toll on your equipment.

You might be tempted by the lightweight of pro-model skis, but keep in mind that the pros have backup skis in the event that a ski breaks or the binding come off during practice or competition.

Thicker edges, bases, and cores will give you better durability for a few grams more weight if you are looking for more than a season of usage.

3. Width and Shape

Unlike carving skis, park skis aren’t meant to float on powder, nor do they need to rail rapid, high-speed turns, which is why they tend to be between carving skis and all-mountain skis, providing stability without making the skis sluggish or losing grip in hard snow.

A radius of between 11 and 16 meters seems to be the sweet spot, with 80-85mm underfoot. A few manufacturers offer “true twins” with identical dimensions in the tip and tail, 

The directional shape (in theory) is easier to switch ski and promotes balance when doing spins and rails, however, most people seem to prefer the slightly directional shape all around.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, we will provide quick answers to a few common questions about park skis.

What kind of skis are good for park?

You need twin-tipped skis if you want to take park skiing seriously. In addition to making ski switching much easier, these are also designed specifically for park skiing. A second option would be to use all-mountain skis.

Are shorter skis better for park?

In terrain parks and other freestyle settings, shorter skis are typically preferred. In addition to being more maneuverable and lighter, they are also suitable for aerials and other tricks because of their short length. Personal preference still plays a role in ski length.

Can park skis be used as all mountain skis?

Besides using park skis in parks, you can also use them in other mountain areas. Park skis will be less versatile than true all-mountain skis if you have a dedicated park ski. Usually, park skis are narrower than other types of skis, which limits their versatility.

Are J skis good for park?

The J ski is definitely a good choice for the park. In terms of performance, they have everything you need when it comes to top models designed specifically for use in terrain parks.

Useful Tips

In spite of the fun of terrain parks, some might find them too challenging. In order to attempt most of the park’s features, you must be an intermediate to advanced skier. Practicing and being patient will lead to success. 

Keep your abilities in mind and don’t attempt anything too challenging. When launching into features, wear a helmet and keep other skiers away from your lines and landings.


I would recommend the Armada ARV 96 as the best overall park ski. With everything you need and want in the terrain park and beyond, these have been a favorite among freestyle and park skiers for years. 

There are a number of options here that can assist you in improving your park skiing. All models are designed to make it simple to maneuver and to withstand the various challenges you’ll encounter. It’s up to you to unlock their potential.

In the park ski market, there are a lot of good options, making choosing the right ski difficult. Choosing a playful or stable park ski is an important consideration before getting one. Those skis made for large kickers are great for jibbing, railing, and buttering but less stable than those made for jibbing, railing, and buttering.

Each of these skis is the best in its category and is suitable for a different type of park skier. If you’re looking for a fun park ski, consider the K2 Poacher as an excellent beginner-intermediate option.

In addition, the Volkl Revolt is a good option for beginners and intermediates. Although less playful, it is much more versatile and stable on larger jumps.


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