10 Best Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak – Buyer’s Guide


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Fishing from a pedal kayak is an unforgettable experience. Pedal casting makes casting stealthy and easy, and both devices are hands-free. Kayaks that can be pedaled are excellent choices if you plan to fish and travel at the same time.

You can’t tell the difference between pedal kayaks just by looking at the photos, but there are some great ones available on the market. Our review has included a comparison of the best pedal drive fishing kayaks currently available.

When making a purchase decision, you should consider these features and benefits. Toward the end of the article, we review the 10 most popular pedal kayaks available on the market today. 

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10 Best Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak





Best Editor's Choice

1. Perception Pescador Pilot 12

  • Easy to travel

  • easy to customize

  • Seat adjustability

2nd Editor's Choice

2. Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120 Pedal Fishing 

  • V-shaped hull

  • Durable enough

  • Outstanding support

3rd Editor's Choice

3. Hobie 2020 Mirage Outback (Papaya Orange)

  • Several storage

  • Versatile

  • Multi-adjustable

4. Native Watercraft 2021 Titan 10.5 Pedal Drive

  • Additional attachments

  • Rod racks

  • Portable

5. BKC PK13 13′ Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak 

  • Durable

  • Effectiveness.

  • Water-resistant

6. Wilderness Systems Radar 115  Sit on Top Fishing

  • Maximum weight 

  • Portable enough

  • Customizable

7. Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Angler Fishing Kayak

  • Lightweight

  • Long-lasting

  • Customizable element Air seat

8. Fishing pedal kayak for anglers 11’  sit on top

  • Anti-slip hanging

  • Other capabilities

  • 6 rod grabbers

9. BKC PK12 12′ Single Propeller Pedal Drive Fishing 

  • Adjustable

  • Stability

  • Aluminum frame

10. Ocean Kayak Malibu Pedal Recreational Kayak

  • Long

  • Predictability

  • Ultimate pedal

1. Perception Pescador Pilot 12 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak with Pedal Drive | Adjustable Lawn Chair Seat and Tackle Storage Areas | 12′


  • Item Weight:  50 Pounds
  • Brand: Perception Kayaks
  • Color: Sonic Camo
  • Material: Polyethylene

There is no comparison between the Pescador Pilot Drive and the pedal drive fishing kayak when it comes to value, features, and ease of use. Despite being a narrower kayak than some others, this kayak can tow up to 475 pounds.

The boat is equipped with a Pilot Drive pedal that drives the propeller beneath the hull, allowing you to move through the water at a rapid pace without making a lot of noise or disturbance. This design allows you to steer the yak easily while taking up minimal deck space because the rudder handle is low-profile.

A weight of 85 pounds and comfortable grip handles make it easy to transport. As it weighs a considerable amount, you may need a trolley. There may be some people who are turned off by this.

This kayak seat features gear tracks and tension knobs that can be adjusted ‘on-the-fly’ for a comfortable kayaking experience.

A molded-in storage compartment is included in each of the four rod holders so you can store all your extra gear. Two places where electronics, such as fish finders, transducers, and GPS equipment, can be attached include mesh bow covers, tackle storage pods, bungees, and mesh bow covers.


  • High-performance pedal-driven made in the USA at an unbelievable price.
  • This mesh lawn chair will provide you with ultimate all-day comfort and no back pain thanks to the 2-level adjustment and the breathable mesh.
  • It is possible to fully recess the pilot drive pedals into the hull for zero drafts.
  • Safety is enhanced by the built-in buoyancy of the one-piece construction.
  • Coolers tackle, and other gear can be stored in large open storage spaces in the front and back.
  • A fish finder console, four-rod holders, and gear tracks.
  • There is an integrated rail system on each gunwale for an accessory such as a fish finder, rod holder, etc.
  • Lakes, ponds, streams and rivers, and coastal waters with a calm current are perfect for this product.
  • The boat measures 12’5″ in length and 33.75″ in width. 
  • The boat weighs 85 pounds. It has a maximum capacity of 475 pounds.
  • Easily transportable.
  • A quick crossing of water.
  • Rudder powered by hand.
  • Holders for flush-mounted rods.
  • Heavy stuff.

2. Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120 Pedal Fishing Kayak


  • Item Weight:  85 Pounds
  • Brand:  Old Town Canoes & Kayaks
  • Color:  Photic Camo
  • Material:  Single Layer Polyethylene

Freshwater kayaks are usually not suitable for anglers fishing in coastal areas because of choppy conditions. You’re sure to be at home in salty swells with the Sportsman Salty PDL 120 kayak from Old Town. 

Users are able to stand and fish when they choose with the V-shaped hull design that cuts through the waves. There is no better pedal kayak for saltwater fishing than this one. It is easy to use and reliable. 

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With its comfortable seat design and breathable mesh material, the Sportsman Salty PDL 120 provides users with excellent lower back support and is made to handle the ocean spray that accompanies coastal kayak fishing. A super-smooth pedal propeller system makes this kayak an excellent choice for average anglers.


  • The Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120 pedal kayak is perfect for fishing and fun on coastal sea waters. It features a forward/reverse pedal drive for easy and hands-free operation.
  • Additionally, to customizable accessory tracks, padded floor pads, a custom tackle box, and multiple rod holders, all Old Town Sportsman fishing kayaks come with handy convenience features.
  • With big open areas in the bow and stern for coolers, tackle crates, dry bags, or a dog, the Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120 is an excellent kayak for fishing as well as kayaking fun.

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  • Premium mesh seats provide superior lumbar support, ensuring maximum comfort on the water over long periods of time. They can also be easily adjusted to fit your leg length for optimal fit.
  • With a maximum capacity of 450 pounds, this 12-foot kayak can carry people and gear up to 346 pounds. There is an 85-pound weight limit on the kayak, and 19 pounds on the removable pedal console. Paddles are available separately.
  • Seating that is comfortable
  • Ready for transducer
  • A good level of stability
  • Storage is not dry
  • There is a limited capacity

3. Hobie 2020 Mirage Outback (Papaya Orange)


  • Color: ‎Papaya Orange
  • Brand:  Hobie
  • Material:  ‎Polyethylene
  • Sport Type:  ‎Kayaking

Pedal kayaks manufactured by Hobie are my favorites. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, the 2020 Mirage is a great choice. With almost 13 feet in length, the Hobies have unsurpassed stability, even though they weigh over 100 pounds. 

With a fish finder that is ready to use immediately, this kayak is made in the USA and is of top quality. Also included are two hatches and four-rod holders – this is a true fisherman’s choice.

When choosing a product, consider the larger dimensions will this fit in your garage, in your truck, or wherever else you plan to put it.


  • The Vantage CTW chair features multiple adjustment options.
  • There are four steering handles, dual steering handles, a Guardian transducer shield, and H-Track storage pockets.
  • It is equipped with a kickup rudder system to make shallow water navigation easier.
  • A Mirage Drive 180 Turbo is included.
  • Capacity for Lowrance-Ready navigation.
  • Even when there is a swell, the kayak remains stable
  • Kayak pedal mechanisms are fantastically made by Hobie
  • It weighs more than 100 pounds.

4. Native Watercraft Titan 10.5 Pedal Drive Kayak with Propel Drive


  • Item Weight: 97 Pounds
  • Brand: Native Watercraft
  • Color: Hidden Oak
  • Material: Titan

We put our Plastifoam technology into all Titan models to add flotation and stiffness for improved performance. Providing plenty of leverage to reel in the catch, the Titan 10.5 offers unsurpassed stability ideal for sight casting.

With an easy-to-reach rod storage compartment and rod tip protection, this boat provides comfortable transitions between standing and sitting. The boat is also equipped with a Micro Anchor Power-Pole system, which is easily mounted.


  • Using Native Propel Drive, you can move forward and reverse handsfree.
  • This fishing rod is small, lightweight, and stable enough to stand on, but small and light enough to carry in a truck’s bed.

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  • Holders for horizontal rods are integrated into the design.
  • In the hull or on the deck, there is ample storage.
  • Tracks for mounting accessories are built into the grooves.
  • A relatively portable and lightweight device.
  • Color selection.
  • Designed for performance.
  • Storage for horizontal rods.
  • An environmentally friendly company.
  • There is no retractable pedal drive.
  • It’s expensive.

5. BKC PK13 13′ Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak W/Rudder System and Instant Reverse, Paddle, Upright Back Support Aluminum Frame Seat, 1 Person Foot Operated Kayak


  • Item Weight: 80 Pounds
  • Brand: BKC
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Seating Capacity: 1
  • Color: Blue

The BKC PK13 is our next pick, which is perfect for cruising around calm waters or having fun outside. A high-efficiency propeller allows you to use the paddle holder for hands-free fishing, which is ideal for anglers. 

A pedal drive system allows you to go faster and stop at any time while also allowing you to go backward. It would also be easier to do your job if you were to upgrade this to a trolling motor

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Its ability to remain stable even in choppy waters is one of the things we love most about this kayak. High-density polyethylene outer shell makes it thick and durable, making it resistant to harsh weather and transportation.

There are several features that make the kayak a great choice for fishing, including multiple rod holders, storage under the front cover, and several other features.


  • The perfect kayak for outdoor fun: The Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC PK13 kayak has been designed exclusively for cruising. Your paddle is tucked into the paddle keeper when you’re not using it, and a high-efficiency propeller turns the pedals.
  • You can make sharp and quick turns with the help of the hand-operated rudder controls while underway.
  • Fully equipped: This kayak comes with a paddle with an aluminum frame, an ergonomic aluminum seat, two water-resistant hatches, three-rod holders, a paddle park, and bungee cable cargo tie downs. Our accessories will enable you to have a great time on your next adventure.
  • A pedal-driven propeller system and hand-operated rudder are included to help you get your kayak moving faster than ever before.
  • Pedal backward to reverse or stop on a dime. Customize your cruising for an even more effortless experience with optional trolling motor upgrades.
  • This rotomolded single-piece high-density polyethylene kayak is superior to inflatable kayaks, providing a stable, comfortable, and reliable craft for ocean, lake, and river excursions capable of supporting 550 pounds of weight.
  • The sail glides over still water with effortless grace, riding currents, cutting through chop, and gliding across currents.
  • Features exceptional for fishing: Three flush-mount rod holders make fishing a breeze, whether you are paddling or riding a bike.
  • A bungee tie-down can be used to secure the front cover storage and a drain hole with a plug can be used to keep the ice cold.
  • You can choose convenience based on your preferences.
  • By using the rotational drive system, you can propel the kayak forward faster while expelling less energy in the process, so you can use this extra energy to fish.
  • This kayak can accommodate 550 lbs of weight at its maximum capacity.
  • Easily transportable: The kayak weighs only 80 pounds, so you won’t have problems carrying it wherever you go.
  • Smooth and accurate tracking will make your journey across the water smooth and enjoyable.
  • In the event that the kayak develops any problems down the road, it can be difficult to obtain replacement parts.

6. Wilderness Systems Radar 115 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak | Premium Angler Kayak | 11′ 6″


  • Item Weight: 82 Pounds
  • Brand: Wilderness Systems
  • Color: Midnight
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Style: Flat

The Wilderness Systems Radar pedal kayak is the fifth recommended pedal kayak. Due to its smaller size and smaller size, it provides less stability than the Perception options. Despite the reduction, the carrying capacity is still quite high at 450 lbs.

In spite of its 82-pound weight, it is still portable enough to be transported to remote locations without a problem. 

An array of accessories can be added to make this vessel completely customizable to suit your needs. When comparing this with other options, just keep that in mind.


  • This is a popular tri-powered kayak that can be paddled, powered, or pedaled
  • Both the Helix MD Motor Drive and Helix PD Pedal Drive are compatible (sold separately).
  • The flat platform allows you to stand freely and is outfitted with the latest technology
  • The S. M. A. R. T. Hull technology features performance characteristics that include stability, flexibility, speed, adaptability, and ability to track
  • AirPro Max Seat is ultra-comfortable and adjustable; it can be adjusted to 3 different positions and travels most of the boat’s length.
  • Pod OS provides full removable compartments for fish finders, batteries, cables, transducers, or pedal drive or motor drive.
  • A wide variety of angling accessories are included, as well as a front paddle park, multiple hatches, and a generous amount of storage in the tankwell; Padded footrests are also available to accommodate paddlers of different heights.
  • Sport type: Boating; maximum capacity: 450 pounds.
  • Support for the back and extremely comfortable seating.
  • The center storage area is easily accessible.
  • A maximum length of 14 feet is available.
  • To outfit it according to your needs, you may need to purchase some accessories

7. Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Angler Fishing Kayak


  • Brand: Old Town Canoes & Kayaks
  • Color: Boreal
  • Material: Single Layer Polyethylene
  • Item Weight: 76.5 Pounds
  • Style: Platform

With Old Town’s performance fishing kayak, you can maneuver it easily and transport it without sacrificing comfort or convenience. With a length of only 10.5′ and a weight of only 100 lbs.

A compact, lightweight, agile fishing kayak, The Topwater PDL is fully equipped for large-scale fishing. With its ultra-stable DoubleUTM Hull, the Topwater provides a stable hands-free fishing platform in any water condition while quietly gliding through it.

Topwater PDL features the award-winning PDLTM Drive, which is highly reliable and easy to operate, and an integrated fishing rod and tackles management system.


  • It provides easy-to-maneuver, secure, comfortable, and fishing hands-free in a compact, nimble package with Old Town’s Topwater PDL Angler fishing kayak.
  • With its patent-pending easy-docking system and low-maintenance forward/reverse pedal drive, the Topwater PDL Angler allows for hands-free fishing performance.
  • Aside from a top-quality air seat, the Topwater PDL Angler is equipped with a stern tank well with oversized storage space for gear, three-rod holders, rod and tackle storage, as well as EVA foam deck pads for added comfort during fishing.
  • Topwater PDL Angler boasts an incredibly stable, easy-to-transport design and precision handling possible due to its ultra-stable double hull.
  • You can mount your favorite fish finder on the kayak with its revolutionary universal transducer mounting system.
  • With a maximum load capacity of 450 pounds, this kayak has a limited lifetime warranty. Separate paddles are available.
  • The Old Town company manufactures canoes and kayaks around the world.
  • Its long heritage of quality craftsmanship and Northeast heritage has led the company to innovate boat after boat for more than a century.
  • In the paddle board, you’ll find a huge amount of storage space.
  • Kayaks are easy to get out of for everyone.
  • I enjoy driving it.
  • A pre-installed recording and owner for maps are included. The charts can be read more easily by paddlers with these.
  • Kayaks are difficult to load onto car racks.

8. Fishing pedal kayak for anglers 11’ | sit on top or stand | 500lbs capacity for adult youths kids| suitable for ocean lakes rivers | paddle or effortless foot drive motor| easy to carry | pesca canoas


  • Item Weight: 62 Pounds
  • Brand: Reel Yaks
  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: 127.5 x 32.5 x 13 inches

Designed with a flap drive pedal system, this pedal fishing kayak from Reel Yaks weighs just 11 pounds (as opposed to 33 pounds for propeller drives). Furthermore, along with not getting stuck in weeds and grass, the flexible fins have also been designed so they won’t get tangled.

It has a stable, lightweight standing platform, adding comfort to long fishing trips, as well as a stadium-style seat with additional cushioning. Also, the boat’s length of 11 feet makes it easier to maneuver compared to boats longer than that.

Additionally, all your gadgets can be mounted on gear tracks and mounting points. Also included in the hull is a transducer scupper. There is also an integrated rudder system that improves boat control.

In addition to six-rod holders and a bow hatch, this pedal kayak also has a rear cargo deck with bungees for carrying fishing equipment. Trolling motor batteries can also be stored here. Kayak anglers or those who need to carry lots of equipment will appreciate the kayak’s capacity of 500 pounds


  • With this incredibly powerful fin pedal drive system, that’s easy on the knees, you can easily propel yourself from your favorite lake fishing spot to your favorite surfing spot.
  • Take advantage of the flaps for a quieter drive, allows you to drive in shallow water near stumps and docks, and is much lighter (11lbs) than a prop drive, which means more gear can be carried.
  • With its stable “W” hull shape, this innovative kayak is suitable for both seated and standing use, and it features a spacious cockpit with three secure storage hatches, 4 fishery accessories and rod storage rails, and six-rod holders along with a bottle holder to keep you hydrated.
  • You will never have to think about your travel plans again with this stadium-style cushioned chair that has a breathable fabric that dries quickly, providing increased comfort, and you can customize the adjustable backrest and rails according to your preferences.
  • You will be able to stand comfortably and grip the ground with maximum grip with these thick footpads.
  • You can easily lug this professional pedal drive kayak onto the roof of your car or carry it by the rear tailgate to get quickly to your favorite fishing spot.
  • It weighs only 62lbs unloaded and is easy to lift onto your roof or tailgate. No matter what bites, it has a 500-pound load capacity to carry you and your gear.
  • Its 11′ length and easy maneuverability make it a breeze to store and move around. The kayak’s build quality and testing make it suitable for flat storage, side storage, or storage on racks.
  • A flat shape and lightweight design of the flap pedal drive system allows it to be stored conveniently under the car seat or on the shelf at home.
  • You’ll find everything you need for fishing here
  • Standing stability.
  • Fins without weeds.
  • Capacity for large amounts of storage.
  • Other kayaks may have more durable features.

9. BKC PK12 12′ Single Propeller Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak W/Rudder System and Instant Reverse, Paddle and Upright Back Support Aluminum Frame Seat Person Foot Operated Kayak


  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Brand: BKC
  • Color: Grey Camo
  • Weight Limit:  460 Pounds
  • Seating Capacity: 1

In  our review, we discussed a BKC kayak that is ideal for a number of purposes but specializes in fishing. It is the PK12 12′ Single Propeller Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak.

In addition to being packed with convenient features, it is also packed with accessories.  In addition to its 3 built-in rod holders, you can also organize all of your other rods neatly and easily with its built-in rod holders.

With the pedal drive system, you are able to propel yourself forward quickly and efficiently with minimal effort. If you wish, you can switch to a trolling motor if you would like to come to a swift halt or put it in reverse.

Its rotomolded, high-density polyethylene construction providing outstanding durability, as well as the ability to move with agility across the water, makes this one of the most stable pedal kayaks we’ve seen. 


  • KAYAKS BKC PK12 is built for excitement. They are the perfect kayak for outdoor fun. Your paddle is held in the paddle keeper while you pedal a high-efficiency propeller.
  • In addition to enhancing your steering capabilities, the hand-operated rudder controls will allow you to turn sharply and quickly while underway.
  • It is fully equipped with a comfortable aluminum frame seat, paddles that are adjustable, two watertight hatches, integrated rod holders, paddle parks, and a bungee cord to keep you on the water cargo tie down.
  • If you’re planning an adventure, we’ve got you covered.
  • Pedal-driven propeller system: With this pedal-driven propeller system, you can move your kayak faster than ever before. Pedaling backward allows you to go in reverse or stop quickly. It is possible to customize your boat even further with an optional trolling motor upgrade.
  • Crafted to stay strong: Made of rotomolded, high-density polyethylene,  kayaks are capable of handling oceans, lakes, and rivers while supporting 460 pounds. As it glides effortlessly through currents and chops, it slices through still water with ease.
  • Fishing Features: 3 flush-mount rod holders hold multiple baited lines simultaneously or can just be used to keep your rods out of your way while paddling or pedaling. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are, convenience never goes out of style.
  • An anchor trolley has now been added to the BKC PK 12, so avid fishermen won’t lose their next catch while drifting at sea.
  • By using the rotational drive system, you can propel the kayak forward faster while expelling less energy in the process, so you can use this extra energy to fish.
  • There is also a rotational pedal system that makes it more comfortable to operate. The seat is ergonomically designed with an aluminum frame.
  • Hand-operated rudder controls make steering sharper and more effective while underway, allowing you to track while underway.
  • We didn’t include this kayak because of its low capacity due to its maximum weight limit of 420 pounds, making it one of the least capable kayaks we’ve seen.

10. Ocean Kayak Malibu Pedal Recreational Kayak


  • Brand: Ocean Kayak
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 48.49 Pounds
  • Color:  Sunrise

In our list with the Ocean Kayak Malibu pedal kayak. A different perspective on what is available can be found in this alternative product. 

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A decent carrying capacity of 450 pounds comes with this kayak that was made in the USA. Having a 12-foot length and a 100-pound weight, it is stable. In addition, there are no hatches, so storage capacity is not as good as you might like.

The size, stability and number of accessories offered by this model make it a middle-of-the-road alternative to premium models that are much more expensive.


  • Jump in with your feet first! PDL drive system on the Malibu Pedal makes kayaking faster than ever – no more paddling. With a turn-on-a-dime performance, the Malibu Pedal has fun and stability.
  • For a full day on the water, you’ll be very comfortable in the Element Beach seat from Malibu Pedal. It features a mesh pocket underneath that keeps small items safe and lets you keep your hands free.
  • In addition to the Click Seal hatch in the seat, a two-track accessory system, carrying handles at the bow and stern, as well as three cupholders, the Malibu Pedal is filled with features.
  • With a removable bungee strap, you can secure gear to the well in the bow tank for your pet.
  • With a maximum load capacity of 450 pounds and a limited lifetime warranty, this twelve-foot kayak is an excellent choice. Paddle sold separately.
  • We make it in the USA
  • Capacity of 450 lbs
  • To transport the 100lb of weight toward the body of water
  • It is not possible to use compartments for water resistant containers.

How To Choose The Best Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak?

You can check out several kayak and pedal drive manufacturers, so we’ve compiled a list of some key features you should consider before buying.

A variety of specifications have been examined, including kayak length, carrying capacity, weight, storage, and rod holders. You will need to select accessories that will suit your kayak based on what you plan to use it for.

Feel free to add any additional tips you think people need to consider before purchasing a pedal kayak in the comments below.

1. Weight

Depending on the kayak’s size and the materials it is constructed from, it will weigh more or less. A kayak can become an important consideration if you plan to transport it from your truck to the river by yourself.

That extra 20 pounds you can save on the kayak is extremely valuable if you will also have to carry a cooler, hiking gear, fishing equipment, etc. One person may have difficulty carrying some kayaks on our list because they weigh well over 100 pounds.

As a result, you might have to ask for help launching the boat, and you cannot ever go fishing on your own. Fishing buddies can be helpful if you always have one, but they can also limit the effectiveness of the method if you do not.

2. Kayak Length

Kayak stability is often determined by the kayak’s size. If you’re planning to fish from a kayak, you’ll need one that is longer than average so you can stand up and cast.

A majority of the kayaks we recommend are longer than 12 feet. Even in large swells, this provides good stability.

There is also an increase in the length of ocean kayaks. You should consider the size of the kayak when making a selection because it will help stabilize your kayak.

In addition to how you will transport your kayak to the river or lake, you should also think about how you will carry it back home. Think about the length of your kayak and the size of your vehicle if you plan on mounting it on your truck roof with roof racks.

If you plan to store your kayak, you should also consider whether the longest models are comfortable to store.

3. Storage (Number of Hatches)

Besides highlighting your carrying capacity, hatches also illustrate the amount of waterproof storage available to you.

The kayaks have varying numbers of hatches, with some having just one and others having as many as four. It is also possible to tie a dry bag to the outside of your kayak instead of using a hatch.

4. Carrying Capacity

Kayak buoyancy determines how much you can carry, which is very important if you plan to go fishing or camping for an extended period of time. A person can easily need more than 500 pounds (including their body weight) when they have all their fishing gear, tents, coolers, clothes, and food.

If you choose a kayak cooler with a low carrying capacity, you won’t have to worry about adding weight to the kayak.

This list includes kayaks with a carrying capacity of up to 550 pounds and some with a carrying capacity of fewer than 325 pounds. You should make this number 1 on your list if you are going to carry a lot of equipment.

5. Number of Rod Holders

A rod holder is one of the most important factors on this list because it is primarily for fishermen. The number of rod holders you need should be at least as many as the number of rods you have. The purpose of this is to store hooks while traveling, as well as to hold them while fishing.

There is also something to consider about the rod holders. If both rod holders are on the sides of the kayak, it might be difficult to cast simultaneously.

6. Rudder

Any kayak’s performance on the water is often improved by having a quality rudder system. Over the past decade, pedal kayak manufacturers have developed better rudders for their models. In some models, top brands offer retractable rudders that are similar to those on fins and propellers. 

A kayak’s cockpit area controls the rudder, so it’s important to pay attention to this. Many popular kayak models have easy-to-use knobs or other controls for steering the kayak and provide little resistance to the user. 

7. Prop/fin protection (Shallow water and obstacles)

There are now manufacturers of pedal kayaks creating systems capable of handling solid underwater objects without damaging the delicate fins or propellers of a delicate pedal system.

If you hit an object that cracks or damages your system’s components, look for models that can retract upon impact so that you can save yourself a lot of hassle and money.

8. Reverse

There are not all pedal kayaks that allow for simple, easy reverse operation. Kayaks with efficient reverse mechanisms make it easier to travel in reverse in tight spots if you expect to fish in tight areas.

9. Price

Better, more efficient gear or equipment frequently has a higher price tag. You will have to shell out a significant amount of money regardless of whether you prefer paddle kayaking or pedal kayaking.

Pedal-driven kayaks are more expensive than paddle kayaks, but experts consider them a worthwhile investment because they will offer a variety of advantages.

10. Deck Space

The downside of pedal-driven kayaks is that they don’t have as much deck space. If you’re used to fishing from a kayak that has a large, protruding pedal system, it can be quite an adjustment for anglers who like an open deck.

Users can sometimes choose models with pedals that can be flipped up and out of the way for more deck space for fishing.

Pedal Drive Kayak Advantages

1. Quieter

As the fins and propellers of pedal-driven kayaks are already below the surface, they won’t make splashes when moving through the water, unlike paddles.

By using a fishing kayak paddle instead of a paddle for fishing, you will not disturb the surface of the water as much, making it easier for you to creep up on fish.

2. Speed

As humans, we typically have a lot more strength in our legs since we evolved to walk on our legs rather than our arms. As a result, you will be able to cross the water a lot faster if you use your legs instead of your arms to propel yourself.

3. Less Energy

You will be able to paddle your kayak much more easily using your feet and legs than you would with your arms. By using a kayak, you will likely be able to travel further and more efficiently than if you used a paddle alone.

When you paddle your yak at the same speed or over the same distance, you’ll use a lot less energy than if you paddled traditionally. The bicycle-style pedals allow you to continue to move even after you stop pedaling, giving your legs and feet a moment of rest. By starting pedaling again without stopping, the energy required to return to the same speed will be less.

4. Hands-Free Fishing Kayak

By Fishing will be easier when you use foot pedals, and you won’t have to worry about paddling. You can cast or unhook your fish with both hands when you use the foot pedals to stabilize your yak.

The majority of the time, you won’t have to use both hands to control your rudder, so you can enjoy a relaxing time out on the water fishing, taking photos or eating snacks while your hands are free.

5. Less Skills Needed

Paddling a kayak requires more skill than pedaling a yak. Despite kayaking’s accessibility to everyone, skills must be developed over time For advanced levels, this is required. It is easy to get started with paddling after you learn some simple techniques.

The advantage of pedaling is that you don’t need any particular technique to ride it. Using your legs and feet like a bicycle or walking, you can swiftly cross the water in your kayak – ideal for new kayak anglers.

Moreover, you are less likely to flip over since they are more stable vessels.

6. Stay Drier

With a sit-on-top kayak, you typically stay wet with the device that propels you through the water. With an underwater kayak, you remain dry below the surface.

In a sit-on-top yak, paddling is almost always going to get you wet since your paddle will enter and exit the water as you paddle. As a result of removing the paddle, the likelihood of getting wet also decreases, so you may stay dry.

What Are The Instructions For Using A Kayak With Pedals?

It can take some time to get used to using a pedal-powered kayak if you’ve only ever paddled one. To start with, it might be a little difficult to get it from your car to the water. 

Due to the extra mechanisms, pedal-equipped kayaks tend to be heavier than those without, as well as harder to transport from your car to the water. When you get to the water, the drive system must be installed so that it doesn’t get damaged in transport.

Waterside installation of the seat is also usually required. Besides that, the seat and drive system will add quite a bit of weight, so you’ll probably prefer installing them all at the waterside.

You’ll be able to ensure that your seat is at a comfortable angle if you’re pedaling over a long distance and in the correct position so you can comfortably reach the pedals. Changing positions on the water is easier due to the fact that many seats can be adjusted.

Your kayak will probably feel a little unbalanced at first after you sit in it and start paddling. While pedaling, you might find your hands are unsure of what to do if you’re used to using a paddle. 

You may feel your body weight shift from side to side at first since your feet are moving to power the fins or propeller, however, once you become accustomed to pedaling, you’ll find you’re fine.

It can be challenging to learn how to use the rudder properly at first due to its complexity. Since pedal vessels lack paddles, rudders help you stay on course due to the lack of paddles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here below is the most common questions that most people asked about the pedal drive fishing kayak. I try to answer all the questions but still if you have any then you can be asked in the comment section.

Are Pedal Kayaks faster than Paddle Kayaks?

Kayaks powered by pedals are almost twice as fast as kayaks powered by paddles. Due to the strength of your leg muscles as well as their design, pedal kayaks are designed to harness more energy.

Why do fishermen prefer pedal kayaks?

The pedal kayak is preferred by fishermen since it allows them to move without a paddle and hold their position even in strong currents.
The flexibility of pedal kayaks makes them the preferred choice of fishermen. Fishing hooks can be rebaited, lures can be changed, and structures can be cast while you are on the river bank.

Additionally, when you have reached your target location, it is unnecessary to anchor so much because you can simply move slowly around.

Can Pedal Kayaks go in reverse?

The majority of pedal kayaks are capable of going in reverse, so ask your favorite retailer if your favorite model is one that does. There are pedal kayaks with a reversing function, such as Hobbies, at the high end of the market.

It is particularly useful if you are launching from a bank in a small space or you have forwarded into some mangroves.

How fast can a Pedal Kayak go?

Pedal kayaks can go up to 8 mph for short bursts (and depending on strength of your legs), but for long distances they are unsustainable.
Generally, your speed will be slower and more difficult when you have to contend with current, wind, and swell.

A typical speed of 4 mph can be achieved for longer distances.

Are pedal kayaks easier to use than paddle kayaks?

Yes, a pedal kayak is more convenient than a propeller kayak to use. You’ll notice right away and just how much effort it takes to ride a kayak compared to a traditional one. Explanations for this include:
1. They seem to be more effective than arms, so feet don’t fatigue as rapidly. Having this means that you can travel further as well as for longer periods of time.
2. A high percentage of the pedal’s power generation is directed toward propelling the foot forward as rapidly as feasible. To begin with, it’s more cost-effective than a propeller when you’re an inexperienced kayaker who frequently splashes or hits the side of the bridge.

Are Hobie pedal kayaks worth the money?

A leading market leader in pedal drive kayaks, Hobie kayaks invented the technology. As users will tell you, their kick-up fin system is the best pedal kayak fishing system on the market. How much does it cost? Feel free to comment with your thoughts – I’m not the one to decide.

Is a pedal kayak good exercise?

Yes – especially if you aren’t getting any younger – it is a good way to keep in shape.
Fishing kayak pedaling is similar to exercising on a home exercise bike, which is not as challenging as using a paddle alone.

The only difference is this time, you get to fish in the great outdoors – so in my book, that’s a triple win. If you’re out under those harmful UV rays, make sure you wear a decent fishing hat.

Wishing you many more years on the water in a healthy and happy heart!


With the knowledge that you now have about pedal kayaks, you should be able to determine whether pedaling over paddle kayaks might be beneficial for you.

If you test drive both pedal styles before making your choice, you can decide which one you should use. Choosing the ideal boat on the market today really depends on personal preference!

Keeping in mind the transportation method, the size of the vessel, and the additional maintenance that the mechanisms will require will help you design a vessel that is suitable for transport. When you make your initial purchase, you should consider these extra costs. Here below these 2 are my favorite in different terms.

For example, the Hobie 2020 Mirage Outback is an excellent choice if the price is not an issue because you want a fast all-around paddle that performs so on a wide range of marine types.

In terms of price, the Perception Pescador Pilot 12 is an excellent choice for those on a tighter budget.

All of the pedal kayaks listed above are excellent choices. The functions that are most important to you should guide your decision. In addition, you should consider what type of water you plan to pedal in, as well as how much gear you plan to carry. If you plan to use the yak for fishing, make sure it has a weight capacity and storage areas that are suitable for your needs.


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