8 Best Sit On Top kayak Australia – Buyer’s Guide


Whether you are an advanced or beginner kayaker, a sit on top kayak offers an affordable kayaking experience. For those wanting to build their skills and challenge their abilities, this type of kayak is perfect for a family outing. It is great for sightseeing, fishing, fitness, or just relaxing and meditating on the water with a kayak like this.

Here is the complete review guide about “Best sit on top kayak Australia”  and buying guide that will help you choose the best one.

8 Best Sit on Top Kayak Australia





Best Overall

1. Speedy – 3.4m Sit On Top Touring Kayak

  • Stable

  • Safe

  • Convenient

2. Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Foot Sit-on top Kayak

Editor's Choice

  • Easy to use

  • Stable

  • Seat well is shaped fot female passenger

3. Nereus 2-3.7m Sit On Top Family 3-Person Kayak

  • Excellent tracking 

  • seating space is big and comfy

  • Large storage space 

4. Perception Tribe 11.5 | Sit on Top Kayak

  • Easy to transport

  • Provides optimal stability

  • Easy to transport

5. Pedal Pro Fish XL – 4m Pedal-Powered Fishing Kayak

  • Built in fishing rod holders

  • Strongly built

  • Waterproof storage

6. Lifetime Tioga Sit-On-Top Kayak Lime 120

  •  Numerous customising options

  • Height-adjustable seat

  • It is effective. Convertible paddle

7. Hug – Sit-in Double 5.2m Touring Kayak

  • High level of stability

  • Tankwell storage

  • carrying a lot of weight

8. Pelican – Sentinel 100X Angler Fishing Kayak

  • High level of stability

  • Safe to use

  • Extremely Durable

1. Speedy – 3.4m Sit On Top Touring Kayak


  • Brand: Bay Sports
  • Colour: Aqua
  • Item weight: 26000 Grams

With its sit-on-top design, the Speedy lives up to its name and makes for a nice ocean paddle when you’re on a casual vacation. While it is best suited to protected waters, it’s sufficiently stable to get out and through light surf on calm days.

Unlike traditional toggle-style handles, these kayak’s carry handles are molded-in to reduce the chance of breaking. Furthermore, the boat has an efficient hull that makes it easy for you to glide through the water.

Speedy is best for beginners and intermediate paddlers looking for quick paddles on calm waters. While this kayak has a limited amount of storage space, long paddles up to about five kilometers can be carried.


  • A Sit on Top kayak can offer the freedom and stability of a Sit In kayak, but with speed and glide normally associated with a Sit On Top kayak.
  • The single seater Sit on Top kayak is a great option for those looking for a kayak that can paddle some distance and has a bit of power.
  • Sit-On-Top Touring Kayak Speedy 3 4M
  • An excellent option for beginner to intermediate paddlers, this sit-on-top kayak is similar to a sit-in kayak as it offers a hybrid design. 
  • The lightweight 23kg design makes this kayak one of the lightest single-seaters in the market.
  • The kayak is also popular among kayak rental businesses due to its moulded-in carry handles, so there is no risk of customers ripping off the nylon handles. Speedy kayaks are made to last. With a 3.4 metre length and an aquadynamic hull shape, they are capable of delivering excellent performance on the water. 
  • Paddling distances up to 5 km are easily achievable
  • This kayak is easy to paddle and maneuver and is suitable for rivers, lakes, and estuaries. 

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2. Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Foot Sit-on top Kayak


  • Item weight: 44 Pounds
  • Seating capacity: 1
  • Weight limit: 250 Pounds
  • Colour: Blue

The recreational sit-on-top kayak is ideal for kayakers who want a lightweight, comfortable, and spacious kayak. For beginners looking for an easy-to-use and accessible kayak to take out on the weekends, the Sun Dolphin Bali is an excellent option. Sit-on-top kayaks like the Sun Dolphin Bali are designed for smaller bodies of water like lakes and rivers. No matter what your skill level is, you can easily paddle this kayak, which has a plush, comfortable seat. 

Additional support is provided by adjustable foot braces in the seating area. In case you’re planning a long trip, the open tank can be expanded for more storage space. Additionally, there are carrying handles to make transportation easier. The Sun Dolphin Bali is an easy-to-use kayak that is comfortable for new kayakers.  

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  • Deck rigging with shock cord storage compartment
  • A cockpit with an open door allows for easier access
  • Provides maximum stability while tracking and paddling with ease
  • Paddle holders, adjustable foot braces, and protective thigh pads are located in the spacious, comfortable seating area
  • The Portable Accessory Carrier (P.A.C.) can be used for additional storage as well

3. Nereus 2-3.7m Sit On Top Family 3-Person Kayak


  • Brand: Bay Sports
  • Colour: Jungle Camo
  • Number of Items: ‎1
  • Item weight: 25000 Grams

Essentially, the Nereus from Bay Sports is the rigid version of the Sevylor Tahiti kayak we began with. In addition to two adults, it can carry one smaller passenger (dog or human), although it has a slightly higher maximum weight capacity than other models.

Also, if you and your paddling partner are interested in casual ocean fishing, it’s equipped with a pair of rods. The kayak has fishing rod holders mounted on swivels at the front and center, as well as flush-mounted ones at the stern.

Each kayak seat is fully adjustable, so you can find a comfortable position no matter how long you paddle. The seats can also be removed if you’re only going out with one other person or if you’d like to use this kayak for fishing alone.


  • When out on the water, everyone onboard will enjoy the added comfort of the middle seat’s backrest.
  • Kayaks with extra width and room are even capable of carrying an esky.
  • In reality, the Nereus 2 triple kayak is designed for 3 people.
  • For some quality family time on the water, paddle solo on your favourite harbour, river, or lake; with a friend; or with one of your kids hopping in the middle seat. 
  • With the Nereus 2 triple kayak, you’ll be able to paddle easily, track well in the water, and be ready for anything.
  • pros 1
  • pros 2
  • Cons
  • Cons

4. Perception Tribe 11.5 | Sit on Top Kayak for All-Around Fun | Large Rear Storage with Tie Downs | 11′ 5″ | Sunset


  • Item weight: 52 Pounds
  • Colour: Sunset
  • Brand: Perception Kayaks
  • Seating capacity: 1
  • Material: Polyethylene

Kayakers love the Tribe, Perception’s most popular sit on top, which is a great choice for both beginners and advanced kayakers. With its comfortable seating and stable design, the Perception Tribe is a tremendously versatile recreational sit-on-top kayak. In addition, it’s also considered adequate to handle choppy coastal conditions due to its substantial maneuverability and control.

Besides its molded footrests and padded seats, the Tribe also has nose and tail handles as well as front and back toggles. In addition to being robust and durable, this kayak is easy to maintain and store. Overall, the Perception Tribe is a unique sit-on-top kayak that ideally suits kayakers who are familiar with kayaking and have some experience.


  • Paddle with greater comfort – Adjustable framed seatback with cushy padded seat pan
  • Knee/thigh areas are molded for added comfort and fit.
  • It’s Perception’s best-selling sit-on-top kayak – Made in the USA – Best for beginners and intermediates
  • The front and rear tank wells are bungee-tied together
  • Keys and small items can be stored in the center hatch as well as a drink holder
  • Toggle handles at the bow and stern for easy transport.
  • Paddlers of different sizes can use the integrated footrests
  • The boat measures 11’5″ long by 30-1/4″ wide
  • The boat weighs 52 lbs and has a maximum capacity of 350 lbs; the sport type is boating.
  • Providing drainage while still allowing your boat to remain buoyant, scupper holes are ideal for lakes, ponds, and slow moving rivers and streams

5. Pedal Pro Fish XL – 4m Pedal-Powered Fishing Kayak


  • Brand: Bay Sports
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Item Weight: ‎32.01 Kilograms
  • Colour: Blue/Black Camo

If you are looking for a fishing machine that can make the most of bays, harbors, and other protected waterways, the Pedal Pro Fish XL is a great option. Your hands remain free for casting and reeling in your next biggest catch as you propel it with your feet and legs. Adding to its functionality is a hand-controlled stern rudder system that you can operate from the comfort of the cockpit. With this method, you can steer the kayak by pedaling with your feet, making the use of a traditional kayak paddle almost unnecessary (despite bringing one for safety reasons).

This kayak includes a fish finder transducer right in the hull, as well as six track rails that extend from the bow to the stern. You can attach many accessories to these rails, including kayak GPS units, GoPro cameras, and portable depth finders. For supreme comfort, the Pedal Pro has a luxury stadium-style seat with added width and length. Depending on how much legroom you need, the seat can even slide forward or backward on tracks.

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  • With its spacious cockpit and first-class Stadium seat, this boat is an angler’s dream.
  • A patented gear pedal drive system that weighs only 7.5kg lets you glide effortlessly through the water!
  • In addition to supporting bigger fisherman with a full day’s worth of gear, it has a massive 250 kg weight capacity.
  • You can cast a line from a standing position because it is 85cm wide, which puts it in the extra-stable kayak category.
  • Among pedal-powered watercraft, Bay Sports has the best value pedal kayak when compared to other high-quality, well-designed kayaks.
  • This kayak is easy to mount Lowrance or Garmin Fishfinders, with scupper or Track-mounting options.

6. Lifetime Tioga Sit-On-Top Kayak Lime 120


  • Brand: Lifetime
  • Length: 120 inches
  • Item weight: 56.5 Pounds
  • Width: ‎31 inches

Lifetime Tioga sit-on-top kayaks are popular among experienced kayakers, but they are ideal for beginners as well. This model is extremely maneuverable and provides excellent performance under most conditions, as well as a high level of comfort and stability. A fantastic sit-on-top kayak, this kayak has a great design and is fast on flat water due to its dimensions. In addition to being very maneuverable, the kayak tracks well. Furthermore, there is plenty of room in the kayak to move around, making it comfortable and enjoyable to use. Due to the carry handles on either side, it is also portable and easy to transport. 

With its deep hull channels, molded footrests, and toggles, the Lifetime Tioga is designed to improve tracking performance. The Tioga has a waterproof storage hatch for storing valuable items that need to remain dry. Clearly, the Lifetime Tioga is an outstanding sit-on-top kayak, suitable for kayakers of all abilities who want to explore lakes, rivers, bays, and coastal areas.


  • Paddling adventures can be made more comfortable thanks to the comfortable seat back. A flat bottom that is stable. Handles are easy to carry
  • Straps for front and rear shock cords. There is a 6-inch rear storage compartment.
  • For easy transport, there are t-handles on the front and back. Channels for tracking the hull that are deep.
  • Chine rails for stability. Polyethylene (HDPE) construction that is durable
  • High density polyethylene is UV protected. There are multiple footrest positions to accommodate riders of different sizes. A flat bottom that is stable

7. Hug – Sit-in Double 5.2m Touring Kayak


  • Brand: Bay Sports
  • Colour: White/Blue
  • Number of Items: ‎1
  • Item weight: 34000 Grams

The Hug Double Kayak is an excellent choice if you and your partner want a seaworthy kayak that you can paddle together. You can also explore extended kayak camping trips with this touring kayak if you’re ready for longer expeditions. It is more suitable for intermediate-to-advanced paddlers since it is slightly longer and skinnier than other kayaks. A kayak spray skirt can be attached to each of the two cockpit compartments if you are paddling in adverse weather conditions.

The rear cockpit compartment is equipped with foot pedals for controlling a drop-down rudder at the stern. The sit-inside kayak also comes with three waterproof storage compartments that can store all your sea kayaking accessories.

Bungee rigging and deck lines allow you to attach additional items like deck bags to the top of the kayak, in addition to those compartments. If your partner bails on you one day, the kayak can even be paddled by you alone in the rear compartment.

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  • Featuring a spacious cockpit and a focus on comfort, speed, and stability, the Hug Mini is a great two-person touring kayak.
  • With its shorter length, you can also make quick turns to navigate narrow waters, or manoeuvre the kayak quickly and easily with its foot-controlled rudder system.
  • Its straight-line sailing ability is attributed to its flat hull design coupled with a foot-controlled rudder system.
  • The kayak is extremely stable, making it a good choice for beginners just starting out in kayaking.
  • Because of its deep blade rudder system, it tracks well even in windy conditions.
  • Through the rear seat, solo paddling is also possible.

8. Pelican – Sentinel 100X Angler Fishing Kayak – Sit-on-Top Kayak – Lightweight one Person Kayak – 9.6 ft


  • Material: Plastic
  • Seating capacity: 1
  • Brand: Pelican
  • Colour: EXO Neptune White
  • Style: Recreational
  • Item weight: 42 Pounds

The Pelican Sentinel is the perfect sit-on-top boat for cruising around lakes and rivers. Kayakers looking for a kayak that offers a little more bang for their buck will enjoy this kayak as it is made for comfort and stability. The Pelican Sentinel has an incredibly comfortable seat and a well-constructed seating area that makes it perfect for a relaxing day on the beach or at the lake. In addition to the large, easy-access tank storage area, the kayak also comes with a secure bungee system for securing gear.

Additionally, the Sentinel is one of the faster models on this list and is suitable for kayakers looking to try something different without committing to anything. A UV-resistant, exceptionally durable material, RAM-X, is also used in the construction of the kayak. Designed for kayakers who want a better-than-average kayak perfect for cruising around in, the Pelican Sentinel is an excellent recreational sit-on-top kayak.


  • With its twin-arched multichine hull, the boat provides excellent stability and a safe ride. Getting in and out of the kayak is also incredibly easy.
  • Upgraded Features include bungee cords for both the front and rear storage platforms of this kayak. EXOSHELL’s removable 13-litre storage compartment makes it easy to pack everything up at home and drop it into the tank well before you go kayaking. A bottle holder and paddle tie-downs keep your hands free when you need them. It is also equipped with molded footrests. You can also bring your pet along!
  • It’s comfortable: ERGOLOUNGE’s adjustable seating system lets you paddle in comfort. With extra-thick cushioning and a wide and high backrest, it offers extra comfort.
  • With high molecular density polyethylene, our kayaks are extremely durable and lightweight. With its 9 foot 6 inch length and 42 pound weight, this kayak makes for easy storage and transportation.
  • With our proprietary manufacturing process, we can include additional flotation inside the hull of all of our sit-on-tops in order to meet or exceed ABYC standards. It can hold 275 pounds at its maximum capacity. It is safe to use the kayak because scupper holes are added at the bottom. They aid in draining any excess water that might get into your kayak. In addition to its flatter hull design, it ensures you are safe on the water.

How to choose the best sit on top kayak Australia?

Kayaks with sit-on-tops are perfect for recreational kayaking as well as for beginners. One of the most popular outdoor water sports is kayaking, which has been practiced recreationally for over 4000 years. Getting out onto lakes, rivers, and coastal areas allows you to experience the heart of nature.

If you’ve decided to get a sit on top kayak rather than a sit in kayak (one with a cockpit), then you have a specific reason for doing so. There are many reasons for buying a kayak: some people like to get out of it and swim, others prefer to fish, pack a lot of gear, and have easy access to it in the front or rear cargo wells, while others prefer to have a kayak that can serve all purposes at the same time.

It is extremely stable and versatile to use a sit on top kayak. Despite the fact that some experienced kayakers use them for fishing in the ocean, they are not as well suited to surf conditions as sea kayaks. The performance of sit-on-top kayaks make them ideal for recreational use on flat water. Having said that, here are the most important things to consider when buying a sit on top kayak Australia.

1. Quick Kayak Safety

To maximize your fun by minimizing potential mishaps, you’ll need to take some simple precautions unless you’ve tried kayaking before. Make sure you have a life vest. Kayaking life vests are typically smaller, so they don’t interfere with your paddling. Additionally, they won’t get in your way as much, so grab one today!

If you plan to go on a longer tour or out for a while, bring a buddy with you. You should take that into account especially if the water is not calm when you’ll be kayaking.

2. Material

Sit-on-top kayaks perform and last differently depending on materials used in their construction. Generally speaking, sit-on-top kayaks are constructed of polyethylene and ABS.

Sit-on-top kayaks are usually constructed from polyethylene and it’s a favorite material for a few reasons. Flexibility, abrasion resistance, and affordability are its main benefits. Because of its UV vulnerability, you should store this material in a dark environment with a minimum amount of sunlight. The materials used in the manufacture of more durable kayaks include high-density polyethylene, dual layer polyethylene, or blow-molded polyethylene.

3. Weight Capacity

Make sure your sit-on-top kayak is capable of withstanding the amount of weight you plan to use it for. You should take this into account, especially if you plan to bring a lot of gear.

To avoid sinking your kayak when it’s loaded with equipment, choose a kayak that has a higher weight capacity. Ideally, the boat should have 20-40 pounds free of load to be able to operate properly without being overloaded.

4. Budget 

Prices for sit on top kayaks vary depending on their build materials and the storage space they have. Some kayaks cost more due to their materials, while others are more affordable due to their smaller storage space. It is up to you to decide which features are most important to you and which you can live without.

The price range for sit-on-top kayaks ranges from $300 to $1500. When it comes to kayaks, you usually get what you pay for. Share your experience with sit-on-top kayaks in the comment section below if you have one or just bought one.

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5. Large rivers and lakes

Sit-on-top kayaks are an excellent choice for larger rivers and lakes that move slowly. You can fish, tour, day trip, and overnight camp at these locations, which offer the widest variety of activities. It would be perfect for any of these kayaks to be used in this situation.

6. Lakes

Lakes of average size are generally able to be handled by sit-on-tops. Larger lakes require larger boats – a boat with a longer and wider width will keep you stable. Sit on top kayaks for fishing perform well in this environment because they are stable and can handle heavy gear despite being designed for heavy gear. There is too much water in the Great Lakes if they produce waves with white caps.

7. Coast

There are still some uses for sit-on-top kayaks in this setting, even though they are pushed to their limit. A sit on top kayak will work perfectly if you kayak in warmer waters and don’t mind swimming, or if you kayak in coastal inlets where the waters tend to be calmer.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to the best sit on top kayak Australia.

What is a sit on top kayak used for?

Kayaks designed for recreational use on flat water are called sit-on-top kayaks. With good maneuverability, stability, ample storage space, and comfort, it can accommodate kayakers of all skill levels.

How fast is a sit on top kayak?

Depending on the kayaker’s ability and experience, the speed will vary. Average kayakers can maintain a speed of about 2.5 miles per hour (or 2 knots), while more experienced kayakers can go up to 6 miles per hour. It is faster to paddle a sit on top kayak that is over 10 feet long. In terms of sit-on-top kayaks, one of the fastest is the Sundolphin Bali or the Perception Tribe.


“Speedy – 3.4m Sit On Top Touring Kayak”  is our overall product which contains features like providing freedom, stability, lightweight, and suitable for rivers and lakes. 

“Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Foot Sit-on top Kayak” editor’s choice offers features like comfortable, easy-to-use, adjustable foot braces, and many more. Here you will get the complete review guide that helps you choose the best kayak. I also provide the buying guide that will help you before choosing the kayak. I hope you will find the best sit on top kayak Australia according to your budget and need. Happy kayaking!


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