9 Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet – Buyer’s Guide


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Prior to purchasing any shoes, you should ensure that they are the right size for you. There is a similar formula for ski boots. For anyone with a regular foot, there are numerous options on the market; however, if you have wide feet, you should research first.

Following years of research and testing, I have brought to you the Best Ski Boots for Wide Feet for Men and Women based on my belief that the right boots can boost your performance while also providing good comfort.

In addition, I have created an article that will guide you through the process of choosing the right ski boot. I recommend that you read this product description before purchasing, so you will know what you should be looking for in a product. When you choose a boot based on my guide, you will have an even better skiing experience and will have a great time in the snow.

In order to help you choose the best ski boot for wide feet, we have put together a list of the best ski boots available for men, women, beginners, intermediates, and advanced skiers. Below is a list of some of the best.

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9 Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet





Best Overall

Best Overall

1. Dalbello Il Moro Ski Boots 2021

  •  flex is 120

  • Las width 98mm

  • aluminum FP-100

Best Budget

2. Nordica Sportmachine 80 Ski Boots

  • width of 102 mm

  • 35 mm strap

  • Bimat PP cuff

3. Atomic HAWX Magna 110

  • width of 102 mm

  • Memory Fit liner

  • flex rating of 110

4. Rossignol Track 130

  • 130 flex rating

  • experienced skier 

  •  sensor matrix technology 

5. Salomon X Access 70 Wide Ski Boot 

  •  70 flex rating

  • last is 104mm

  •  flex liner

6. Dalbello Sports Krypton 110 ID Ski Boot

  • 98mm last

  • freestyle performance

  • Flex of 120

7. Rossignol Track 110 

  • Last 104mm

  • perfect for expert

  • Velcro 40mm

Best Affordable

8. Salomon X Access 60 Wide Ski Boot 

  •  Flex-Line 

  • width of 104 mm

  • TwinFrame

9. Tecnica Mach Sport EHV 120 Ski Boots 

  • last of 106mm

  •  four buckles

  • 120 flex

1. Dalbello Il Moro Ski Boots 2021


  • Item Weight: 10.15 Pounds
  • Brand Name: ‎Dalbello
  • Color: ‎Sublimation
  • Users: Men’s

For those looking to indulge in freestyle skiing and venture into ‘natural’ terrain, the Dalbello Il Moro is an excellent choice. A 120 flex rating gives them the power to take on variable snow and stomp huge landings.

Designed with shock absorption and cushioning in mind, these boots have a sole, footbed, and liner. Furthermore, the shoes have a solid power strap and a secure 98mm last for reduced shin pain.

If You should consider the Dalbello II Moro if you’re a park skier who enjoys hitting big off-piste kickers. Designed specifically for park skiing, this ski is progressive and responsive, providing excellent shock absorption.


  • The shell is made of polyurethane, the cuff is made of PU, and the tongue is made of PA Griflex B.
  • The flex is 120 degrees.
  • 98mm is the last width.
  • The number of buckles is three.
  • The buckle is made of aluminum FP-100.
  • The boot you choose should be responsive enough to handle park rails or side-country booters without feeling stiff.
  • Freeskiers need the progressive forward flex of the Dalbello IL Moro ID Ski Boot, but it also maintains the aggressive feeling needed to drive wide pow skis down big lines.
  • Dalbello cars aren’t Dalbello cars unless they feature the famous three-part Cabrio shell. With a PU shell, cuff, and tongue, the boot offers greater forward flex and forgiving comfort.
  • The IL Moro’s shock-absorbing footboard, combined with sliding rails and 30-foot cliff drops, make it a great landing gear if you’re sending rails, cliff drops, or launching from a massive booter.

2. Nordica Sportmachine 80 Ski Boots


  • Item Weight: ‎8 Ounces
  • Sport Type: ‎Multi-Sport
  • Color: Black/Anthracite/Red
  • Brand Name: Nordica
  • Best for: Mens

Designed for newbie skiers with minimal experience or who are just learning skiing, the Nordica Sport Machine 80 ski boots are great. There is no better pair of boots for them than these.

It The flex rating of this skate is 80, which makes it suitable for beginners and comfortable as well. A width of 102 mm makes it quite comfortable and suitable for wide feet.

Heat-moldable liners and a comfortable fit make the Nordica Sport Machine 80 a great choice. The wide ski boots offer excellent comfort for men and are one of the best-selling on the market.

People with wide feet will benefit from the alpine high-traction soles on these shoes. Tri-Force Construction is also included and a 35 mm strap is included. If you’re a beginner or expert skier looking for precision and comfort, this is the ski for you. In addition to width, stability, and comfort, it has a good balance of width, support, and comfort.

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  • A size range of 24 to 32 is available
  • It is made of Bimat PP (Adult)
  • (Adult) Bimat PP cuff
  • Comfort is the footprint
  • A comfortable fit is provided by the liner.
  • The first impression matters a lot. As a result of this philosophy, Nordica’s Sportmachine 80 emphasizes comfort as a means to encourage the enjoyment of skiing in entry-level skiers.
  • Shipping fees apply to oversized items. It has 4 micro aluminum buckles, a 35mm power strap, a flex of 80, and a list of 102.
  • It has a high volume.

3. Atomic HAWX Magna 110 S GW Ski Boots Mens


  • Brand Name: ‎Atomic
  • Users: ‎Men’s
  • Style: ‎Atomic Hawx Magna 110 S Gw Ski Boot Men’s
  • Color: Black/Anthracite/Green

When it comes to alleviating pain caused by wide feet, there is no other model better than the Atomic Hawx Magna. In the alpine industry, these boots have won rave reviews, with a number of categories in which they have dominated.

This boot has a width of 102 mm. Although they are smaller than normal widths, they still manage to alleviate pain in wide feet. There are other features in the boot that make it a great choice for people with wide feet in addition to the last one. 

By using a Memory Fit liner, the boot can be shaped to fit wide feet. A person’s foot width will determine how large the boot will expand over time. Atomic is able to distinguish itself from the competition due to this technology.

Just because it’s comfortable for many skiers doesn’t mean it loses out in the performance category. You’ll feel locked in and ready to attack any trail when you wear the Hawx Magna with four buckles and a power strap.

An ideal fit for intermediate skiers is the Atomic Hawx, which has a flex rating of 110. Atomic incorporated screw technology into the boot that can be used to adjust its flex rating.

Boots like this cost a lot of money. That’s the only complaint I have about the model. In spite of this, it’s extremely hard to put a price on comfort, which is why the Hawx Magna comes out on top.


  • Your power has a direct path to the snow by using the Reinforced Energy Backbone running from the top of your boot down to the outside edges of your sole.
  • Because of the multi-density polyurethane, TruFlex Construction consistently provides support and rebound no matter what the temperature is.
  • 102mm size shell with Mimic Gold Liner offers seamless customization in areas essential to fit and performance. With a 102mm last, the shell offers a Legendary Hawx Feel and performance. 
  • The Atomic Hawx Magna 110 S GW Ski Boot delivers all the performance of a traditional ski boot without sacrificing comfort 
  • As well as the Memory Fit design of the TruFlex shell, the Mimic Gold Liner will feel good on your feet.
  • With this cuff, your boot fitter can achieve a custom fit with ease, combined with an Energy Backbone that runs along the boot’s back and along the boot’s outside edges, providing incredible edge control with far less discomfort than you would expect with a stiff boot SPECSLast Width 102Expert Flex Stiff.

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4. Rossignol Track 130


  • Color: Black / Blue
  • Brand: Rossignol
  • Outer Material: Shell

Skiers who have years of experience in the snow will find the Rossignol Track 130 to be the most suitable wide-footed boot. Wide-footed skiers will appreciate the extra space this boot offers at the toes and ankles.

It has a 104 mm width (that’s really wide) and a 130 flex rating, which makes it appropriate for pro skiers. Even in freezing weather, your feet will be kept warm and comfortable with the Wintherm insulated liner.

This boot is very lightweight because of its sensor matrix technology. Moreover, its strong and stiff heel area can provide additional support to skiers. As a result of its design for people with really wide feet, a skier might have difficulties switching between ski mode and walk mode.

If You can count on this if you are experienced skier looking to combine comfort and precision. With its balance of width, stability, support, and comfort, it is perfect for all types of users.


  • Forefoot width: Wide, calf volume: Medium
  • Easy entry with bi-injected technology
  • Range of motion of 41 degrees
  • Mode of Hiking
  • Custom T2 Liners.
  • With its wide fit in the forefoot, medium to high calf volume, and medium to advanced intermediate to expert level skiers will find the Rossignol Track 130 to be a powerful ski boot. 
  • With Rossignol’s Sensor Matrix Shell, a grid is positioned both across the upper cuff and bottom shell to ensure the boots are lightweight, transmit energy efficiently, and provide responsive torsion.
  • The WinTherm insulation is made of an aluminum membrane that is highly breathable and insulates you against the cold. 
  • With the Rossi Optisensor Liner, you get a performance-oriented wrap with a comfortable feel that is made from 3D molded padding and more rigid material in the heel. 
  • The Posi-Block Ski/Hike Mechanism allows you to easily remove various parts of the upper cuff to hike deeper and more challenging terrain with ease. 
  • Using an Easy Entry Insert, you can slip your feet effortlessly into the Track 130 due to a softer plastic insert across the instep. 
  • Heel Pieces Comfort and Sensor Matrix Technology are features of the Winther thermal insulator.

5. Salomon X Access 70 Wide Ski Boot – Men’s


  • Color: Black/Race Blue/White
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Brand:  Salomon

In spite of that, Salomon’s X Access is a great ski boot at an amazing price point for casual skiers. There are numerous categories in which Salomon delivers on this model. 

In this model, the last is 104mm, allowing skiers with wide feet to reduce pinching. If Because of the boots’ flex rating, you shouldn’t consider them if you are an expert skier.

It’s likely that you won’t be able to achieve the performance you expect from these boots with a 70 flex rating.

In the upper region of the boot, Salomon included features that allowed it to make the last so wide. With these boots, you’ll be able to adjust them in so many ways. Your calf region can be locked in tight with the boot. Your feet will feel secure while breathing freely as a result.

As well as keeping the cold out, the X Access has a flex liner that makes the shoe fit like a glove. As a result of the many technologies Salomon incorporated into the boot, they are built to last.

A boot like this probably isn’t the best option unless you plan to participate in the future. There is no doubt that the comfort of the X Access is exceptional, despite the excellent price point.

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  • The width is wide.
  • The lightest possible.
  • Last 104 days for Alpine Boots.
  • There are 70 Flexes.
  • For skiers who place comfort above all else, these skis offer generous fit and good performance.

6. Dalbello Sports Krypton 110 ID Ski Boot


  • Brand Name: Dalbello Sports
  • Style: ‎Sport Boots
  • Color:  Back/Red

If The Dalbello Krypton 110 ID might be your best bet if you’re interested in turning the whole mountain into a playground. When landing jumps or skiing powder, these freeride boots have a smooth and powerful feeling due to their progressive 110 flex.

They have a snug and secure feeling due to a heel retention system that combines with a 98mm last. There is an anatomical ‘contour fit’ design inside the boot, along with a customizable liner.

Dalbello Krypton 110 ID ski boots are ideal for park lovers looking to explore off-piste terrain. Power and shock absorption are combined with a smooth and progressive flex for excellent all-around freestyle performance.


  • The shell is made of polyurethane.
  • 110 degrees of flex.
  • 98mm is the last width.
  • There are three buckles.
  • Material of the buckle: metal.
  • If The Krypton 110 from Dalbello is a great freeride boot that can withstand the whole mountain and still offer a little flexibility.
  • Offering smooth, progressive power transfer through its unique Cabrio shell, this freeride-specific boot provides smooth, progressive power transfer through its unique Cabrio shell.

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7. Rossignol Track 110 


  • Forefoot Width:  104 mm
  • Flex Index: 110
  • Number of Buckles: 4
  • Liner Type:  Semi-Custom

A Rossignol Track 110 boot can be compared to a Cruise 70 boot, but with more performance capabilities. This boot would be ideal for beginners who have graduated from green trails, but it is also a true intermediate model that is capable of handling moderately aggressive skiing while maintaining a comfortable fit, even for individuals with bigger feet.

The last of the boots measures 104mm, so they fall into the wide category. It is extremely rare for skiers to experience foot pinching because of this.  Rossignol made the Track 110 slightly tighter in order to maximize performance, so someone with big calves may have difficulty wearing it.

Although they are designed to be comfortable, they are also made to perform. Warmth is provided by the custom liner, which conforms to your feet perfectly. It will keep you cozy while you’re tearing up the slopes due to an amazing fit.

These boots were designed by Rossignol with a minimum amount of extra material. Skiers who put on Track 110 will be able to see how well they did. Since they are lightweight, they are great for walking around the resort in between runs as well as on the slopes.

Given that you will still find them useful as you improve your skill, the price is outstanding for what you’re getting. The boot will be perfect for expert skiers who want to explore the backcountry off-piste without having to buy a new boot.


  • A forgiving fit for wider feet is provided by the last of 104 mm. The internal list has been updated to have a wider forefoot, toe box, and ankle area while maintaining a firm heel pocket for long-lasting comfort.
  • Powerstrap with Velcro 40mm
  • The new Rossignol pre-shaped custom liners are a good balance between weight and function. They contain WinthermTM insulation. Comfort and performance have been maintained by keeping the structure intact. Based on a traditional alpine structure, the tongue plays an important role in flex quality and power transfer. A comfortable and easy walking liner is designed with a back that provides a good fit.
  • An aluminum buckle with 4 micro-adjustments.
  • Skis with a 110 flex are suitable for advanced skiers.

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8. Salomon X Access 60 Wide Ski Boot – Women’s


  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Salomon
  • Best For: Women’s

Newbie skiers or those who just want to learn how to ski will benefit from the Salomon X Access 60 boots. It is well suited for them to wear these boots.

It In addition to being comfortable, this shoe has a flex rating of 60, making it suitable for beginners. A wide foot will find it quite comfortable and useful since it has an additional width of 104 mm.

There’s a Flex-Line Comfort liner on the Salmon X Access 60 that makes it comfortable to wear. In addition to being comfortable, wide ski boots for women are also one of the most popular types.

It By combining TwinFrame technology with precision, accuracy, and rebound, along with wrapping and rebounding, you get power transmission, precision, and durability.

If It’s the perfect ski for beginner and expert skiers alike, regardless of your skill level. There is a great balance between width, support, and comfort in addition to width, stability, and comfort.


  • These skis offer good performance and a generous fit for skiers who value comfort above all else.
  • Design that is lightweight.
  • The width is wide.
  • There is a 60-degree flex in it.
  • Last 104 Alpine Boots.

9. Tecnica Mach Sport EHV 120 Ski Boots 2022


  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  • Forefoot Width: 103 mm
  • iner Type: Semi-Custom
  • Number of Buckles: 4
  • Flex Index: 120

For advanced skiers looking for a boot that can carve thoroughly on the frontside, as well as shred deep in the backcountry, Tecnicas are a great choice. It has a massive last of 106mm, making it the perfect ski boots for anyone who loves snow sports. 

The performance of an advanced boot is usually dulled by space, so this is rare. In addition to putting emphasis on space, Tecnica implemented the technology required for skiers to push their limits in every part of the resort. 

Boots are equipped with four buckles and a strong power strap to help you stay secure. Many boots with this design do not have a power strap that acts as a fifth buckle.

There are specific pressure points that can be adjusted on the shell if necessary. Customizing it to your liking can be done by a boot fitter at your local ski shop. For long days on the mountain, this is a great choice for comfort and performance.

This boot has a 120 flex, which means you can power down any trail with ease. In addition to giving you better control through trees, this will also improve your visibility.

If These boots may make your feet swim if you have narrow feet. To feel great in these boots, you have to have thicker legs. The calf area of these boots is also massive, so you’ll need big legs to wear them comfortably. If The Tecnica Mach Sport EVH 120 Ski Boots are a perfect choice if you fit these qualifications.

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  • This N.F.S. liner is made with thin walls to allow for more foot space.
  • The 120 flex is recommended for heavy or expert skiers who need quick bounceback and ski response.
  • Last: 103 mm: The wide last help you walk comfortably for a long time, especially if you have wide feet. C.A.S. Shell – This shell is anatomically shaped to match the shape of the foot.
  • As a result, the shoe fits better straight out of the box. It is easier for a boot fitter to modify a shell to fit your foot due to the dimples on the shell, which reduce surface tension.
  • A set of 4 aluminum micro-adjustable buckles is included. A ratchet on the top of the cuff makes it easy to adjust. With lift lock buckles, you can easily step into and out of your boots without having to worry about the buckles closing.
  • Power strap with a 45mm width.

Why You Should Buy Best Park Ski Boots?

Ski boots made specifically for the park will benefit you if you spend most of your time there. Your shins won’t be damaged on impact with these ski boots, because they have a softer flex than regular ski boots.

The soft design of their boots also makes them more versatile than stiffer alpine boots. You will also be able to absorb shock, which is essential if you are planning on hitting big jumps.

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Ski boots designed for regular skiing aren’t suitable for freestyle skiing. In their rigid and solid design, they are often lacking in the absorption necessary for comfort while jumping and doing tricks.

Your performance will be greatly improved by the best park ski boots. These are great tools for improving your chances of successfully mastering your tricks. Our best park ski bindings and best park skis reviews will help you find the right setup for your park skiing needs.

How To Choose The Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet?

1. Type

There are 4 different types of skis boots that you can buy. It is essentially possible to categorize ski boots types: cross-country ski boots,  alpine ski boots, Telemark ski boots, and Alpine touring ski boots. Every boot has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at it.

  • Alpine Ski Boots: Considered the best ski boots, these are the most durable. Ski resorts are built with cable cars carrying people to the slopes, and easy skiing is required to get back down.
  • Cross-Country Ski Boots: There are many variations of cross-country skiing boots. In addition to skiing and racing on thick snow, gliding is another variation. Unlike ski boots, these boots have no heel attachment, so you can adjust to terrain changes. Leaning forward allows the skier to move by leaning on the heels of this type of boot.
  • Telemark Ski Boots: Suitable for riding down a slope, these boots are specially designed. Ski boots such as these feature bindings that lock the front part of the foot, as well as customized cables in the heel for adjusting the fit on rolling terrain and tightening for skiing downhill.
  • Alpine Touring Ski Boots: All-rounder ski boots fall under this category. Cross-Country boots and Alpine boots are both included in these boots. With the help of a small lever, you can switch between walking and touring modes on these boots.

2. Design

If In order to find the best fit for wide feet, you shouldn’t only focus on design, style, or color. Take into consideration other specs such as fit, comfort, wear life, warmth, performance, and the flex of the boot.

If there are straps, buckles, or binding systems in them, these will be helpful to you while skiing. Make sure any clips, belts, or binding systems you purchase are of high quality and made from quality materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few important questions that most people asked about skis boots for wide feet. If you have any other questions instead of you can ask us in the comment section.

What Ski Boot Brands Are Best For Wide Feet?

It is better to wear some boots if you have wide feet than others. I don’t think Atomic emphasizes wide feet like other brands despite taking the top spot. In Hawx Magna 110 S, you can find superior performance, but Atomic tends to focus on smaller widths and performance boots.

The Rossignol brand is excellent for people with wide feet. The company makes a wide range of ski models that would suit any skier with wide feet. There are also a number of wide models available from Nordica. Do your research before making any purchases since they also manufacture narrow models.

In addition to Salomon, there are many other great brands of wide boots. Skiers’ feet remain comfortable all day long while they wear this amazing alpine brand.

What is a Wide Ski Boot?

Footbed Width
Before buying a wide feet ski boot, the footbed width is the most important factor to consider. The forefoot width (measured in millimeters) of a boot is measured with this size.

In addition to offers three types of widths, these are narrow, average, and wide. The width of your ski boot is also important when choosing one for yourself since most skiing downhill occurs on the side.

So The negative impact of very loose or tight boots will be seen in your performance as they may compromise your accuracy and speed. Therefore, you should be careful. I have included the standard range of Footbed Widths for wide feet ski boots below. Make a wise selection for yourself.

Width of Narrow Footbed: 97-98 mm
Width of Average Footbed: 100-102 mm
Width of Wide Footbed: 103+ mm

How Do I Know If My Boots Are Too Narrow?

First thins you have to do id to analyze what is the ski boots fit. When you wear a narrow boot while skiing and have wide feet, you may feel uncomfortable. It should feel like your feet are being pressed on their sides. You might feel pain or aches across your midfoot or forefoot area, or you might feel the sensation of burning or discomfort.

If Measure your feet and then measure the liner’s and material’s width when you feel your feet are too wide for your ski boots.
By subtracting the ski boot liner’s width from the material’s width, you can determine how wide the material will be.

It should be large enough for your foot to rest comfortably, so it doesn’t feel compressed.


I hope you enjoyed the information given here, and it helped you choose ski boots for your feet. Best ski boots for wide feet/ski boots for wide feet with a level sole are as follows:

Here are 3 best products that I choose from the list of all these boots. These 3 can help out in quickly choose according to your specific requirements.

Dalbello Il Moro Ski Boots is overall the best product we have listed above. It is best for men’s also made of a solid power strap and a secure 98mm last which reduced shin pain. It’s price little bit high due to its high-quality material and great performance.

Salomon X Access 60 Wide Ski Boot is our 2nd recommended product which is best for women who love smooth and comfortable skiing. There’s a Flex-Line Comfort liner made up of TwinFrame technology that makes it the best one. You can easily affordable due to not high price.

Our 3rd suggested product is Nordica Sportmachine 80 Ski Boots which is best for budget-friendly users. Anyone can purchase it without worrying about their budget.

The following article provides you with a step-by-step guide and some points to consider when buying a wide-footed ski boot. In case you are truly interested in buying them, we have also provided links to the purchasing pages for each boot. As a result, you can access them from this page.

A major purpose of our guide was to provide tips on how to pick the right ski boots for you. The wrong fit affects an individual’s performance in a competition, so they pick the wrong fit for themselves.

The Top 9 list of wide fitting ski boots for men and women is a great place to begin if you’re an experienced pro player or know which boots will fit you well.


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