10 Best Spearfishing Fins – Buyer’s Guide


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The fins of spearfishers assist them in moving quickly through water and maintaining a favorable body position while spearfishing. You use different fins if you are wearing open-heeled shoes or closed-heeled shoes. Wearing open-heeled fins with dive boots allows fishermen to safely navigate rough terrain. A closed-footed fin’s streamlined design provides more power and a more secure fit when diving.

Several factors should be considered when selecting a fin, including the blade length, the material, and the stiffness. Even if you’re new to spearfishing, you should compare features to find a fin set that fits your comfort level, experience level, and budget.

With a limited amount of air, underwater diving requires efficiency. You’ll be able to move more quickly and easily when you wear the right pair of fins. It’s important to make sure that your fins fit snugly, no matter what type you choose. When your fins are too loose, you’ll not only be unable to perform well, but you’ll also get blisters and foot cramps. Wearing neoprene socks can make fins fit better

10 Best Spearfishing Fins





Best overall

1. Maverick America DJ Sand Tiger

  • Easy to manage

  • Comfortable

  • Efficient

2. Mares Razor Pro Spearfishing

2nd Best Overall

  • Comfortable

  • Efficient

  • Easy to use

3. Cressi Men’s Gara 3000 LD Long Distane Long Blade 

  • Perfect for beginners

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight

4. Cressi High Duty Full Foot Pocket Scuba Diving Fins

  • Durable

  • Flexible

  • Easy to use

5. MAKO Spearguns Competition Freediving Spearfishing

  • Comfortable

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight

6. SEAC Shout Adult Long Fins for Scuba Diving

  • High Quality

  • Durable

  • Lightweight

7. Cressi Long Free Diving Fins with Interchangeable

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • Adaptable

8. Seac Motus Italian Design Long Blade Fin

  • Easy to use and manage

  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable


  • Durable

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use

10. Mares Unisex’s Fins Razor Pro Flipper Black,

  • Comfortable

  • Durable

  • Easy to manage

1. Maverick America DJ Sand Tiger Carbon Freediving, Spearfishing, Scuba Diving Fins


  • Brand Name: ‎Maverick America
  • Size: ‎36/37

Taking a look at this premium spearfishing and freediving fin from Maverick America, we can see an excellent example from the other end of the spectrum. With a 25-degree angle fin to help you kick efficiently on the backstroke, these carbon fiber kicks offer top performance without causing leg fatigue.

As a result of the parabolic shape, you have more space in the middle for a displacement of water, ensuring better trust over the water and propulsion while minimizing blade wobble.

It would take a lot to beat this kind of quality, which has been tested and recommended by spearfishing and freediving professionals.


  • In order to increase comfort and efficiency during the backstroke of the kick, the fins have an angle of 25 degrees
  • The performance is outstanding without fatiguing the legs excessively
  • The stiffness is 30/medium
  • This shorter, more agile fin is designed to thrust water efficiently during the strongest part of the kicking stroke
  • A parabolic shape in the fin’s central section displaces more water volume than a normal blade, which taper down to the tip.
  • Fins of world-class quality.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • A medium degree of stiffness.
  • Designed and manufactured with premium quality materials.
  • It is very expensive.

2. Mares Razor Pro Spearfishing Freediving Long Blade Fins


  • Color: Black
  • Material: other
  • Suggested Users: ‎unisex-adult
  • Brand: Mares

In freediving fins reviews, users agree that these are the best fins to buy if you are serious about the sport. The blend of materials used in their construction is only found in the best fins: 10% fiberglass and 90% Borealis. Designed to grow with your experience level, these fins can be adapted to suit your needs. A system has been developed by MAKO Spearguns that allows you to swap out blades when they wear out. That’s right, you heard it correctly. You can change your fins according to what you’re doing depending on what you’re doing. You can, for instance, change your fin blades if you need spearfishing fins one day and advanced freediving fins the next. It isn’t a lengthy process, which is the best part. Then you can jump in the water by undoing a few screws.

It was essential that the most comfortable pair of boots possible be developed in order for this system to work. A set of shoes that won’t make your feet comfortable won’t make sense for you to use only. In addition to making comfortable boots, they have made them compatible with angled blades. High-quality carbon and fiberglass tips have been fitted with the same boots.


  • Construction of Techno-Polymer Structures designed by Leading Italian Podologists.
  • You can choose from 5 different sizes of foot pockets. Blades that can be interchanged.
  • Blades are supported by side ribs, which channel water flow. It prevents lateral slippage by using side ribs (stringers).
  • Kicks are prevented from slipping from side to side by a V-Tip
  • Comfort and efficiency are incorporated into the foot pocket. A freediving fin that is among the lightest.
  • Fins that can be modular
  • Blades that are angled can be used
  • The ability to upgrade over time
  • None

3. Cressi Men’s Gara 3000 LD Long Distane Long Blade Diving Fins (with Bag)


  • Color: Grey w/Bag
  • Brand: Cressi
  • Material: Other
  • Suggested users: ‎unisex-adult

A leading manufacturer of diving equipment, Cressi manufactures a wide range of equipment. This trend of excellence is also evident in their freediving fins. It’s possible to travel further with GARA 3000 fins because they are incredibly long. The best thing about these fins is that they can be used for both freediving and scuba diving. Scuba masks are designed to be both powerful and short, which makes them ideal for freediving. Even beginners can learn and grow their skills with the blades since they are made from a flexible material.

The Cressi boot is the most comfortable due to its patented 3-material molding process. In contrast to other fins, this set can be worn barefoot or even with a diving sock. If you live in cold or warm water, you will find these to be an excellent choice. When you wear these fins, you won’t feel uncomfortable.


  • Fin designed for spearfishing, freediving, and scuba diving. Long flexible plastic blade makes kicks easier and allows longer use.
  • Designed with custom-fit foot pockets, soft elastomer foot pockets, and anatomically wrapped around the foot, Designed to Develop Stamina in New Divers
  • This soft blade resists stiffening in cold water, which can be a problem for free divers who are not experienced or for those who have just begun diving.
  • Ideal for leg-fin thrust transmission, durable construction, and comfortable and secure transportation.
  • Fins with increased power for long distances, with less-demand, less muscle effort, and reduced fatigue in legs
  • Dive socks are not required but can be worn if desired
  • It’s perfect for beginners
  • Material combination is excellent
  • None

4. Cressi High Duty Full Foot Pocket Scuba Diving Fins | Hi-Surface: Below Blade Foot Pocket | Free Frog: Made in Italy


  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Cressi
  • Material: Other
  • Sport Type: Outdoor Lifestyle
  • Suggested Users: ‎unisex-adult

The Cressi Free Frog might be a good choice for spearfishers who are new to spearfishing or don’t want to spend a lot on fins. Due to its simple and straightforward design, this model has been a favorite in the industry for years. Adding thrust to every kick is made easier by this fin’s beneath-the-blade footbed, which gives you a bigger surface area. Its channeled and non-vented blade further enhance the Frog’s power. Unlike other construction types, this model’s injection molded design will not wear out and split as quickly, and its pull tab will not tear or rip as you wear it.


  • While maintaining the spirit of the Frog, the Free Frog has the characteristics of popular Cressi diving fins.
  • A foot pocket underneath the blade increases the kicking thrust due to the larger surface area.
  • In an effort to accommodate different foot shapes, Cressi’s Free Frog fin has been redesigned with a new molding technology.
  • A pioneer in diving, freediving, and spearfishing equipment, Cressi’s Free Frog is designed and developed in Italy. A limited 2-year warranty is provided with the product.
  • It’s made of low-modulus polypropylene and has a particular structure that allows it to be very flexible, soft, durable, and aesthetically pleasing (Even in rental and school settings).
  • For extra thrust, non-vented fin blades are used
  • An excellent transfer of energy is achieved
  • It is easy to use
  • A durable product
  • None

5. MAKO Spearguns Competition Freediving Spearfishing Scuba Diving Fins | Black


  • Color: Black
  • Brand: MAKO Spearguns
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Sport Type: Diving

Additionally, these Mako Competition fins come with removable, interchangeable blades so that you can upgrade to fiberglass or carbon when you’re ready. You could start off with these and end up rocking high-end freediving fins later on in your underwater career because they accommodate different blades available on the market.

You don’t have to keep these affordable fins forever as your skills improve since they’re made from a composite of Borealis and fiberglass.


  • Blades that are removable
  • It is easy to upgrade blades to fiberglass or carbon fiber
  • A variety of angled blades can be accommodated in foot pockets
  • Our fiberglass & carbon fins have the same foot pockets
  • You can dive deeper and longer with less energy expenditure
  • Construction made of durable plastic.
  • The price is great.
  • A highly rated product.
  • A comfortable fit for the foot pocket.
  • Blades scratch easily.
  • Not the most attractive design.

6. SEAC Shout Adult Long Fins for Scuba Diving, Freediving and Spearfishing


  • Color: Camo Gray
  • Brand: SEAC
  • Material: plastic
  • Age Range (Description): Adult

As an entry-level brand, SEAC offers the Shout long fin model, which is a nice, affordable way to get started. Designed to fit a 2.5 millimeter neoprene booty, the foot pocket is made from thermoplastic rubber. This budget-level diving fin is made from thermoplastic technopolymers with high modulus of elasticity, ensuring you get the best performance possible.

For new freedivers and spearfishers who want to dip their fins in the water for the first time, the Shout model is highly rated.


  • The Seac Shout Camo diving fins are already designed for use with 2.5mm neoprene boots, and divers highly appreciate their comfort.
  • It’s the comfort of the fit and the return thrust of the blade that makes Seac Shout fins the favorite of divers around the world who enjoy their sport for longer with less effort.
  • If you’re searching for long fins with all the safety of an Italian-made product that will satisfy your passions for spearfishing, freediving or freediving, Seac Shout is the brand for you.
  • There are 6 sizes and 3 camo colors available for the Seac Shout Camo diving and scuba fins; the smallest weighs 1 kg and is 88 cm long, the largest weighs 1.24 kg and is 1 meter long.
  • Seac is the leading manufacturer of high-quality diving gear. The company was founded in Italy in 1971, and ensures that every product is individually verified and tested.
  • The price is excellent.
  • High-quality, rugged construction.
  • The colors are available in a variety.
  • It’s a bit heavy.
  • Use will require more effort.

7. Cressi Long Free Diving Fins with Interchangeable Blades System – Gara Modular: designed and made in Italy


  • Color: Modular Black
  • Brand: Cressi
  • Origin: Imported
  • Department:‎ Unisex-adult

Three unique materials are used to fabricate these fins, including polypropylene. The long sharp edge fins can provide extreme performance to divers because of this process. Lightweight and exceptionally receptive, these blades deliver the leg push of the swimmer specifically to the water, thereby ensuring force and responsiveness.

With or without neoprene socks, these free diving fins can be worn. Although they are designed for freediving, some scuba jumpers have also used them. In fact, these long blade fins are one of the most propelled fins on the market right now because of these highlights.

As one of the best fitting blades available today, these plunging fins stand out from the rest. They have formed elastic foot takes that are intended to prevent over-flexing. This allows the fin to receive more vitality from the leg of the swimmer.


  • Let dry after use after rinsing with clear water.
  • Divers can change the blades according to their diving conditions with this interchangeable system. It is ideal to follow this guide to improve diving skills.
  • There is a wider foot pocket on the Gara Modular than on the other Gara fin models. In order to have a proper fit, it is recommended to wear it with neoprene socks.
  • It is very lightweight and reactive, and it is also very well adapted to the most demanding freediving conditions.
  • The long blade, full foot pocket system, and suitability for all types of divers make this a great choice for spear fishing and deep free diving.
  • When the stride is inverted, blade snap, which is gradually charged during the upward stride, acts like a spring.When the stride is inverted, blade snap, which is gradually charged during the upward stride, acts like a spring.
  • A lightweight product
  • A reactive response
  • Adaptable
  • System that can be interchanged
  • With use, they tend to become stiffer

8. Seac Motus Italian Design Long Blade Fin for Spearfishing and Freediving Fins


  • Color: Red Camo
  • Brand: SEAC
  • Material: other
  • Suggested Users: ‎unisex-adult

With these colorful fins from SEAC, you can do freediving and spearfishing at the same time. With its cutting-edge polymer, the Motus maximizes flexibility and reactivity, without being as expensive as carbon or fiberglass alternatives. There is a full interchangeable blade system, so you can replace it at a later date if you find something that works better for you. There is also a thermoplastic rubber foot pocket that is durable and provides a dual type density for flexible use.

With the long blades, you will be able to maximize your kick cycle’s thrust, while minimizing fatigue, and the blades are set at a 22-degree angle, which will help you get the most out of your kick cycle.


  • Divers and spearfishers will enjoy free diving in this design
  • Foot pocket consisting of two densities of thermoplastic rubber
  • With long blades, thrust is maximized and work is minimized
  • Specially designed blades made from a polymer that maximizes flexibility and reactivity
  • The price point is affordable.
  • Construction that is durable.
  • To maximize propulsion, blade edge rails are used.
  • Colors available, including camouflage.
  • The fit is perfect.
  • There are none to speak of.



  • Brand: Rob Allen
  • Color: ‎Green
  • Package Weight: ‎52.8 Ounces

For spearfishing and spearfishing veil applications in addition to freediving, Rob Allen Scorpia Freediving fins are a standout among other freediving fins. These float effortlessly through water because they have a 1-millimeter-thick neoprene and Teflon covering on the edges. If you use these fins, you’ll find that moving is much easier.

The foot pocket uses an unusual combination of materials as well. Your foot is conformed to by delicate EPDM elastic. When the majority of this is combined with elastic rails, you end up with a freediving fin that is unmatched in terms of performance and comfort.

In addition to their smooth edges, these fins have channels that allow water to channel efficiently and effectively around the blades. These blades are available in a wide range of U.S sizes from a little 6 to an XX-large 15. It does not really matter whether these fins are used for freediving or for some other purpose, such as spearfishing.

The blades are firm for real push, the foot pockets are delicate with hardened regions that enable a better exchange of vitality, and the handle is extremely tough for long-term use. To compensate for any shortfall, consider using neoprene socks if you are between the three sizes available.


  • These are among the most comfortable and durable fins available for freediving today
  • The blade is purpose-softened and features channels for optimal water transfer.
  • An engineered rubber foot pocket prevents over-flexing, which means your leg energy is transferred more effectively to the fin blades
  • The blade is coated with a special coating
  • It is designed to be camouflaged
  • Foot pocket made from EPDM rubber
  • Problems with sizing

10. Mares Unisex’s Fins Razor Pro Flipper Black, Size 39 039BK


  • Brand: Mares
  • Color: ‎Black
  • Item Weight: ‎1 Kilogram
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎10 x 12 x 32 inches

Those who prefer the lightest fins could benefit from the Mares set. Approximately 2 pounds weigh the pair. They are made from high-quality materials, which is one of the main reasons for their durability. According to some reports, they are also on the stiffer side of the chart, which is perfect for those who prefer this kind of ride.

Therefore, a softer option might be more appealing to you. It’s no problem since these are another pair of blades that can be interchanged. Mares has thought of this and designed a boot that is as comfortable as possible. The boot was designed in consultation with a leading Italian foot clinic. In response to this unique information, they have widened the insteps, which has led to more comfort and power. This fin has also been tweaked by Mares (22 degrees) and reinforced.

Added elasticity in the fin’s core allows it to snap naturally with every kick. During the entire motion, your foot remains in a natural relaxed position. As a result of the ribbed design, the water is also directed instead of spilling over the edges. In addition, a v-shaped tip keeps your foot on track during your kick without wandering off.


  • Comfortable Foot Pocket
  • Using techniques
  • Efficacy and effectiveness
  • The blades are interchangeable
  • Technology that’s superior
  • Tips with a V shape
  • None

How to choose the best spearfishing fins?

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing spearfishing fins. You will be able to make the best choice for your freedive fins if you understand these aspects.

1. Skill Level

You should ask yourself this question first. Are you a beginner or someone who has quite a bit of experience? The most common mistake people make is overshooting their skill level, resulting in them not choosing the best spearfishing  fins. Depending on your dive level and ideal freedive fin, you may choose different freedive fins from your buddies.

It’s also important to think about how much you will be using your fins at this stage. When you are just starting out, you may benefit from getting a fin that is able to move as your skill level changes rather than one that cannot.

If you’re a beginner, you’re better off opting for plastic polymer fins made of polymer. The diving skills you learn from these will be of great benefit to you as you advance. Additionally, divers with a higher level of skill might benefit from a fiberglass or carbon fiber fin that is of higher quality.

2. Material

It is not the same for every spearfishing fin. Material types can be categorized into three categories. Choosing the right type should take into account your skill level, the amount of use, and your budget. There are three materials you can choose from: polymer plastic, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

Polymer Plastic: A beginner diver’s most preferred material is this type of material because it is most affordable. It is a good value and offers a good amount of flexibility. As a result of its low price point and impressive durability, this type is most common on the market. Spearfishing fins such as these are great for traveling since they can withstand bumps and scratches. As a result of the affordability, the efficiency of these freedive fins generally doesn’t last as long. When used over time, this material molds into a curved shape due to the memory technology it possesses. With a curved blade, you won’t receive the same efficiency as with a straight blade, although it is still usable.

Fiberglass: As a result of its higher cost and inflexibility, this material is less flexible than polymer plastic. Their shape is maintained even after extended use, which is a great advantage. As a result, this type of fin can withstand some rough underwater use quite well.

Carbon Fiber: Divers who are avid divers should consider this type of fin, as it is the most expensive. Fins made from this material are of the highest quality. The efficiency of carbon blades is much greater than that of other materials. As a result, you get the most out of every kick because they feature the largest ratio between propulsion and energy. Since these fins are incredibly light, they are very popular among professional divers. Despite its benefits, this type of fin demands additional care because it is quite fragile. In spite of long-term use, they stay stiff and straight due to their memory-free design. As a result, they are a much better choice than polymer fins, which are less expensive.

3. Stiffness

In terms of performance in the water, and the level of control, power, and maneuverability you’ll have with your fin, this is an extremely important factor. Divers who are larger and heavier should have stiffer fins as a general rule. A soft fin is best if you weigh up to 150 pounds, a medium fin if you weigh up to 220 pounds, and a hard fin if you weigh over 220 pounds.

It should be noted, however, that stiffness levels between different manufacturers can vary significantly. If you’re considering diving fins, you should double-check with the manufacturer or look at reviews from divers of your size and weight.

It is also important to consider the specific conditions and environment you will be diving in. Choosing a stiffer diving fin is a good idea if you plan to fight strong currents and fish.

4. Interchangeable Blades

Interchangeable blades are available on spearfishing fins for convenience. The blade material or design can be changed later on if you wish to improve performance. Even if you don’t choose blades right away, the foot pockets can be bought separately, fitted, and then you can choose them at a later date.

During a previous dive, your blades may have been damaged, so they need to be replaced. Wear and warping may occur over time and require replacement. Moreover, some blades can be easily scratched. Divers can switch up their dive fins if their skills and experience are improving, or if their fins are damaged.

In that case, looking for blades with foot pockets would be the best option. Or, alternatively, simply buy a pair of foot pockets and choose your blades later on. Furthermore, having different colored blades depending on your diving aesthetic can be cool aside from saving you money and improving your gear in the long run. The advanced spearfisherman might be interested in that, but that’s probably for the serious spearfisherman.

5. Blade Length

How well your fins perform in the water is determined by their length. Water is displaced more easily by longer fins with each kick. You can cover more distance in less time with just a few additional inches, using less energy and oxygen in the process. The reason why freedivers and spearfishers use extra-long flexible blades is because of this. 

Do you want to learn more about spearfishing or freediving? As you begin to learn, it might be a good idea to choose an intermediate length. Freediving fins can feel awkward or clumsy at first because of their length. Practicing and adjusting your kicking style may also require time. 

For freediving and spearfishing, shorter fins may be preferred for navigating full overhead environments such as caves and shipwrecks. You’re more likely to stir up sediment in narrow passageways with a longer blade and to accidentally make contact with your surroundings. 

Choose a modular spearfishing model if you plan on traveling a lot for diving. In addition to saving space in your gear bag, disassembling your fins and packing the parts individually prevents the elongated blades from bending or breaking. 

6. Foot Pockets And Blade

In addition to the one-piece foot pocket and blade included with standard freediving fins, there are other options as well. Detachable fins are preferred by some divers, so they buy the foot pocket and blade separately. While it is more expensive, there are several benefits to considering this option. It provides a great way to achieve the best fit by combining different brands and sizes. In addition, the replacement of your blade can be carried out without the need to replace the foot pocket when it comes time to do so.

7. Specialty

Specialty fins may be preferred by some spearfishers, especially those with more experience. A monofin in a whale resembles its tail. You will be able to reach deeper depths and farther distances with practice with this large fin, despite its difficulty maneuvering at first.

8. Fit

Proper fit is the most important factor when shopping for spearfishing diving equipment. The fin should keep your foot from sliding around inside it and feel snug but not tight. A fin should never squeeze, rub, or cause friction between your foot and the fin. There is a risk of cramping and blistering due to these issues. 

There shouldn’t be any pinches or bindings along your foot when you put on or remove your fins. Lift your heels one by one and step firmly on your toes to check the fit of your fins. Using a smaller size will prevent the fins from sliding up and down your heel. The tops of your toes and the area around your bunion shouldn’t chafe or rub. 

At first, the length of these fins may feel uncomfortable if you are new to spearfishing. Spearfishing can also be done with shorter SCUBA fins. There are times when they are better than others. You will have a much better experience freediving with equipment designed specifically for the sport rather than with gear designed for snorkeling and scuba diving. 

8. Budget

It is important to determine your budget before starting your search and come up with a number that you are comfortable with. Plastic freedive fins start around $80 and can range quite dramatically in price. Depending on the quality, the price can reach over $600 for a custom-made carbon fin. Accordion fins, fiberglass fins, and carbon fins have varying price ranges and should be compared in order of price increase. You will have a much greater advantage of diving properly than diving with a high-priced fin when considering your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions related to the best spearfishing fins.

How do you choose spearfishing fins?

The first thing you should do is consider your budget, your experience level, and the kind of material you want to buy. Use the buyer’s guide above to help you choose the right material. Having those factors in mind will help you decide which spearfishing blades are right for you.

Why are spearfishing fins so long?

Compared to how much effort it takes to propel the diver in the water, spearfishing and freediving fins are longer. By having a longer fin blade, you will be able to push yourself as far as possible with less effort through your kick cycle. It’s not very practical to have a height larger than 40 inches, as it affects maneuverability and control. The majority of fins are between 38/39 inches long anyway.

What are the best freediving fins?

You’ll have to decide what’s best for you based on what you’re looking for, so there is no one product that is “the best” for freediving or spearfishing. You can’t go wrong with a carbon blade diving fin, since many experienced and professional freedivers and spearfishers rock them.

How Do I Use Freediving Fins?

Freediving fins are similar to snorkeling and scuba fins in that they fit on the bottoms of your feet. Your feet will be able to slip into a pocket in most models. By doing so, they will appear sleeker through the water and reduce drag. When you are freediving, you can use a variety of techniques. When snorkeling or scuba diving, some people kick their feet independently. There are also those who prefer a smooth movement of both feet at the same time.

The legs of every freediver ought to be straight from the hip to the toes, no matter which way they’re kicked. Freediving requires a great deal of air, and any bend in your leg will waste it – a valuable resource.

 Why Are Freediving Fins So Long?

Because you have to propel yourself through the water with these fins, they are so long. Fins move more water the longer they are, so they push you through the water faster. When your fins are smaller, you are moving less water, and it takes you longer and more effort to move. The long fins are designed to generate efficiency by requiring less effort, making diving below the surface easier.

How Long Are Freediving Fins?

Different types of freediving fins have different lengths. The length of these will be considerably longer than that of other types of fins. Freediving fins have blades that range from 22 to 27 inches in length. Your fin will have a length of about 40 inches depending on the size of your foot pocket.

How Hard Is It To Use Freediving Fins?

Designed specifically for ease of use, freediving fins are easy to use. Because of their unique design, they provide a maximum amount of efficiency compared with snorkel fins. By having long blades, they can propulsion through the water more effectively, allowing them to propel themselves further every stroke. Freediving fins will be very easy to transition to for those who have used fins before, such as when scuba diving.


Sporting activities such as spearfishing and freediving are exhilarating, fast-growing activities, and the products on the market are attempting to stay on top of them. The review and guide I’ve written should have helped you make an informed decision on what spearfishing fins are right for you – or the keen diver within your family or social circle.

Maverick America DJ Sand Tiger Carbon is our overall product which contains features like easy to manage, durable, and easy to use. Mares Razor Pro Spearfishing is our second overall product which includes features like fins that can be modular, blades that are angled can be used and many more.

I’d love to hear which model you chose and why – or just about your underwater experiences and stories.

Until next time, stay safe out there – and have fun diving!

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