11 Best Stabilizers Keyboard – Buyer’s Guide


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There is a great deal of value and importance in keyboard stabilizers compared to all other keyboard accessories. On the market, keyboard stabilizers come in different brands, sizes, and modifications, so you can choose the one that works best for you.  

These keyboard stabilizers are lightweight and easy to carry, whether you use them at home, work, or elsewhere. Because they are made of plastic, they are easy to carry. It also doesn’t cause any problems when you use it.  Our research has helped you to choose the best one, making it easy for you to choose the best stabilizers keyboard.

What Is The Purpose Of a Stabilizer?

In order to provide a better understanding of the stabilizers and their effectiveness in defining the reliability of your mechanical keyboard, let’s straightaway begin with an explanation of what they are. 

Stabilizers are components that are essential to maintaining the balance of keys on a mechanical keyboard. You won’t experience any hassles or inconveniences with the stabilizer, since it ensures your keys are working properly. One of the larger keys is fitted with stabilizers, but not all keys. 

In keyboards, a stabilizer is found under the larger keys, an important part. There are many such keys, such as the space bar, the shift key, the backspace key, and others. It is important to use stabilizers when typing on keys to prevent them from vibrating, rattling, or tilting. As their name implies, stabilizers make keys STABLE. 

11 Best Stabilizers Keyboard





Best Overall

1. Drop Halo Clear Mechanical Keyboard Switches

  • Medium-heavy

  • Plate-mounted 

  • Smoother consistency

Best Budget

2. CuXiu CuXiukeys Stabilizer Plate Mounted Mechanical Keyboard

  • MX-compatible

  • Oxidation resistance

  • Made of POM

3. RUNJRX Keyboard Stabilizers Screw-in Stabilizers 

  • Gold-plated

  • Easily assembled

  • Feel smooth

4. Everglide V2 Transparent Gold Plated PCB Screw in Stabilizer

  • V2 stabilizers

  • Colorful components

  • Pre-clipped inserts

5. DROP Everglide Panda Gold-Plate Mounted Stabilizer

  • Gold-Plated

  • Durable polymers

  • Panda stabilizers

6. New Fashion Kingdom Snapin Stabilizers Plate Mounted

  • MX-compatible

  • POM material

  • Oxidation resistance

7. EPOMAKER Everglide Panda V3 Gold-Plate Mounted

  • Panda V3 

  • 7 pieces of 2U

  • Customizable

8. Asceny Plate Mount Polymer Nylon Stabilizers 

  • Gold-plated 

  • Plate-mounted

  • Polymer nylon

9. ZugGear Piano Plate Mount Stabilizers

  • Polymer nylon

  • MX-compatible

  • Piano Plates

10. RunJRX Panda Satellite Shaft Mechanical Keyboard 

  • Gold-plated

  • Resistant to oxidation 

  • POM material

11. Cherry Original Plate Mount Plate Stabilizers

  • OEM stabilizers

  • Steel wire

  • 6u is 3.8 inches

1. Drop Halo Clear Mechanical Keyboard Switches – Plate Mounted, Tactile, 65g, Cherry MX Style, Quiet Switches, by Kailh (Halo Clear, 110 PCS)


  • Brand: DROP
  • Keyboard Description: Mechanical
  • Number of Keys: 110
  • Color: Halo Clear
  • Series: Drop Halo Clear
  • Style: 110-Pack
  • Switch Type: Pushbutton Switch


  • Halos clears replace medium-heavy clear switches: The Halo Clears precisely replicate the weight and smoothness of the Cherry MX Clear switches while also bringing the advantages of the Halo switches.
  • A preloaded switch offers an interesting pop when activated, similar to what is found with Topres switches
  • This custom switch was created by Jacob Alexander: (HaaTa) It combines the best aspects of the Topre 55g with one of the best features of the Cherry MX Clear switches. The result: a keystroke that is smooth and consistent.
  • Plate-mounted Cherry-style PCBs are compatible with these switches and work well for hot-swappable barebones kits like the Drop ALT, CTRL, Carina, Tokyo60, SHIFT, Planck, and Preonic. Drop SHIFT keyboards are best suited to the 110-pack
  • Smoother consistency and surprising feel: The Drop Halo Clear Switch Pack (110 pieces) gives you a smooth and satisfying feel on your keyboard.

2. CuXiu CuXiukeys Stabilizer Plate Mounted Mechanical Keyboard Customized Repair Plate Stabilizer Stabilizers for Mechanical Keyboard (7-2u 6.25u)


  • Brand: CuXiu
  • Keyboard Description: Mechanical
  • Compatible Devices:  Keyboard
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Metal
  • Number of Keys: 104


  • Designed to be used with MX-compatible plates
  • In order to prevent stripping of the threads, the threaded outer casing and parts have been specifically designed for the purpose
  • There are many benefits of stainless steel wire, and these include its hardness and resistance to oxidation because it is made of alloy material.
  • A smoother material than ordinary materials, made of POM.
  • The 7x2u+1×6.25U keyboard is compatible with GH60 64 65 68 75 87 96 104 108

3. RUNJRX Keyboard Stabilizers Screw-in Stabilizers Shaft Mechanical Keyboard PCB Mount Transparent Screw-in Stabilizers 7U 6.25U 2U (104, Blue)


  • Brand: YIMAGUJRX
  • Keyboard Description: Gaming
  • Compatible Devices:  Keyboard
  • Special Feature: Ergonomic
  • Number of Keys: 104
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Plastic


  • With a clear case, you will be able to enhance the beauty of your keyboard, while gold-plated screws and balance bars will increase the oxidation resistance and also the lifetime of the keyboard.
  • The keys are not stuck, they feel smooth, and they rebound with a comfortable feel.
  • This includes: Screwdriver x 1,  screw x 16, stabilizer 6.25U x 1 , stabilizer 2U x 7, high density eva custom foam x 1, 7U balance bar x 1.
  • The manufacturer provides players with an easily assembled screwdriver, as well as Eva foam which can be cut to measure and placed behind the keycap, effectively reducing noise.
  • An additional support component is available for a custom keyboard board called a RUNJRX Keyboard Stabilizer.

4. Everglide V2 Transparent Gold Plated PCB Screw in Stabilizer for Custom Mechanical Keyboard gh60 xd64 xd84 6.25x 2X xd96 xd87 (EG V2 Pink 104 Plus x1)


  • Number of Keys: 104
  • Keyboard Description: Stabilizer Only
  • Compatible Devices: Keyboard
  • Color: EG V2 Pink 104 Plus x1
  • Number of Buttons: 104


  • Mech keys have been raving about the Everglide first stabilizer set because it was smooth, strong, and see-through. 
  • Two new colorways and updated housings are now available on the second generation. 
  • With the V2 stabilizers, you can reduce typing noise drastically while using MX-compatible PCBs. Their pop-out resistance is what sets them apart from the first generation: their updated housings stay put even better during custom builds than the first generation. 
  • Colorful components add flair to any board, while gold plating provides excellent hardness and oxidation resistance. 
  • Featuring pre-clipped inserts so it doesn’t need to be clipped, and specifically designed outer casings that don’t strip the threads, these stabilizers are easy to install and long-lasting.
  • Pop-out resistance has been improved with updated housings
  • The everglide
  • PCBs that are MX-compatible are designed for this board
  • Wires with gold plating
  • Stabilizers for polymers
  • This is pre-clipped

5. DROP Everglide Panda Gold-Plate Mounted Stabilizer Set for Custom Mechanical Keyboard – for MX-Compatible PCBs – (7) 2u, (1) 6.25u, (1) 7u Stabilizers


  • Brand: DROP
  • Keyboard Description: Mechanical
  • Color: Gold
  • Special Feature: Lightweight
  • Material: Metal
  • Series; Everglide Stabilizer Pack
  • Included Components; USB Cable
  • Number of Buttons: 87


  • A set of Panda Gold-Plated Stabilizers from Everglide will help you get one step closer to completing your PCBA
  • In order to minimize noise while typing, the stabilizers themselves are constructed from light, durable polymers and assembled into highly precise frames.
  • These stabilizers are made from gold-plated alloy wires, which are more durable and resistant to oxidation than wires made from traditional metal
  • This package includes 7 2u stabilizers, 1 7u stabilizer wire, stabilizer housings, and 1 6.25u stabilizer.
  • PCBs that mount on plates and are compatible with MX are compatible with Everglide Panda stabilizers

6. New Fashion Kingdom Snapin Stabilizers Plate Mounted Mechanical Keyboard Customized Repair Plate Stabilizer 2U6.25U Stabilizers for Mechanical Keyboard GreenLemoncolor


  • Brand: New Fashion Kingdom
  • Keyboard Description: Multi Functional
  • Compatible Devices: Keyboard
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Keys: 64


  • This board is designed specifically for MX-compatible plates, in which the satellite axis is mounted within the positioning board, not on the main PCB board.
  • The key positions are: delete key (2u), left and right shift (2u), enter key (2u), space key (6.25u).
  • In addition to high hardness and oxidation resistance, gold-plated stainless steel wire has excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Smoother than ordinary materials, made of POM material.
  • These products include: 4 sets of 2u, 1 set of 6.25u. 61 / 64 / 68 / 84 / 87 / 104 / 108 key keyboards can be adapted to PCB satellite axis to be compatible with MX.

7. EPOMAKER Everglide Panda V3 Gold-Plate Mounted Stabilizer Set with Gold-Plated Alloy Wire, for Custom Mechanical Keyboard (Blue)


  • Compatible Devices: PC
  • Brand: EPOMAKER
  • Color: Blue
  • Keyboard Description: Gaming
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Metal


  • Compared to previous versions, the Panda V3 stabs have been upgraded using PC for the housings and stems, as well as made plate-mounted to match a majority of mechanical keyboards.
  • They are ideal for people who want to enhance their typing experience through the keyboard
  • With this Everglide Panda V3 Stabilizer, you can use most key caps with (X) cross clones. It is constructed using MX structure that allows it to be compatible with MX structure plates. Changing the switches and redesigning your keyboard is possible with this structure. It greatly improves compatibility.
  • This set of Everglide Panda V3 Stabilizers is made of high-quality gold-plated stainless steel wire and is supplied with seven pieces of 2U, a 6.25U, and a 7U wire.
  • Due to their higher oxidation resistance than other metals, they are refined with stainless steel wires. In addition to reducing rattle and sound, the gold-plated stabilizer is durable and provides a good typing experience because of the reduction of rattle feeling and sound
  • In collaboration with young gamers, software engineers, product designers, and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, EPOMAKER develops the best products that have personality, are functional and are affordable.
  • With years of experience, they’ve been developing their own customizable mechanical keyboards that we sell around the world. These gadgets will enhance the experience of using your keyboard!

8. Asceny Plate Mount Polymer Nylon Stabilizers with Gold-Plated Wires for Mechanical Keyboards (No Numpad Kit)


  • Compatible Devices: Keyboard
  • Brand: ASCENY
  • Color: Gold


  • As a result of its design, the stabilizer will fix the rattling that occurs with other plate-mounted stabilizers.
  • Gold-plated wires and polymer nylon injections of the highest quality.
  • In addition to achieving capabilities previously available only with PCB mount keyboards, plate mount keyboards feature ease of use and assembly without sacrificing functionality.
  • There are no clips to cut, so no cutting is necessary.
  • Four 2-U pieces, one 6.25-U piece, and one 7-U piece are included.

9. ZugGear Piano Plate Mount Stabilizers 2U 6.25U 7U for Cherry MX Compatible Mechanical Keyboards (DUROCK Piano Plate Mount 104 Keyboard Kit)


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: ZugGear
  • Color: Piano Plate Mount 104 Keyboard Kit
  • Compatible Devices: Keyboard
  • Number of Keys: 104


  • Stabilizers for Mounting Piano Plates on MX-compatible Plates from DUROCK.
  • Specially made to reduce thread stripping, Black Housing with Original White Stem.
  • It is a nice appearance and oxidation resistance of gold-plated stainless steel wires.
  • An outer casing of polymer nylon and a stem/slider of polymer nylon are both stronger.
  • Fully compatible with the 2ux7, 6.25ux1, 7u Wirex1 keyboard sets

10. RunJRX Panda Satellite Shaft Mechanical Keyboard PCB Plate Mount Stabilizer 7U 6.25U 2U (60/87, Panda)


  • Compatible Devices: Mechanical keyboard
  • Brand: YIMAGUJRX
  • Special Feature: Ergonomics
  • Keyboard Description: Gaming
  • Number of Keys: 87
  • Color: Panda
  • Material: Steel
  • Style: Panda


  • Your keyboard will look more beautiful with the white and orange color matching your Panda switch, as well as the gold-plated balance bar.
  • The keycaps do not stick, the feel is smooth, and the rebound strength is comfortable.
  • Gold-plated balance bars are more resistant to oxidation and provide a longer service life due to the optimized wire grooves, enhanced wrapping, and reduced friction of POM material.
  • It is only applicable to mechanical keyboards with steel plate satellite axes, not PCB keyboards.
  • There are three stabilizers included in the package: a 2U x 4 stabilizer, a 6U x 1 stabilizer, a 7U x 1 balance bar.

11. Cherry Original Plate Mount Plate Stabilizers Satellite Axis 7u 6.25u 2u for MX Mechanical Keyboard Big Keycap


  • Brand: YMDK
  • Compatible Devices: Keyboard
  • Special Feature: waterproof
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Color: Cherry Original
  • Number of Keys: 108
  • Material: Plastic, Steel


  • The cherry original stabilizers click more quietly, but the OEM stabilizers are noisier. The cherry original stabilizers have a stronger tactile sensation, but the noise is greater.
  • Steel wire size is: 7u is 4.525 inches, 6.25u is 3.98 inches, 6u is 3.8 inches, 2u is 1 inch
  • 1.6mm is the thickness of the wire
  • This 60 87 Stab set contains 1×6.25 (6u or 7u) + 4x2u and can be used for GH60 87 Tenkeyless Keyboards.
  • The 104 Stab set consists of 1×6.25 (6u or 7u) plus 7x2u and is used for keyboards 96, 104, and 108

How Do Keyboard Stabilizers Work?

The best keyboard stabilizers are a very essential part of any keyboard, which is why there is a lot of information available about them. With a variety of brands, bandaid mods, and lube, stabilizers are much more flexible than they appear. Exactly how keyboard stabilizers work and what you need to know about them are all explained here.

How To Choose The Best Stabilizers Keyboard?

The purchase of mechanical keyboard stabilizers requires consideration of many factors. Decide what features your new product should have before you start developing it. As soon as you have determined which products are available on the market, you can begin researching them. Knowing what to look for when buying products can help you find the best ones. The following questions can help you get started:

  • When do you need it?
  • What are the chances of losing it?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Is this product going to be used for what?
  • Should I spend a certain amount on this?
  • Does this product meet quality standards?
  • Will it last a long time?
  • How easy is it to use?
  • Could there be a less expensive alternative that is equally effective?

In order to choose the best product, you should consider the following factors:

1. User Ratings & Reviews

Shopping online is always more enjoyable if you check out reviews written by previous users. In nowadays’ Internet world, you can easily read reviews about products and services before making a purchase on most websites.

It’s important to take this information with a grain of salt since it’s often provided by customers themselves. It is possible to determine what people think about a product based on the average rating it receives for each product.

2. Needs

It is important to know exactly what you need before choosing a product. For instance, if you need mechanical keyboard stabilizers, decide on the size that will be most useful and if your desk has space for such an appliance.

Choose one that is as large as possible if you are in that situation. You might want to consider getting one with a smaller screen if that is not the case.

3. Budget

When selecting mechanical keyboard stabilizers, you must figure out how much you are willing to spend. If an item costs too much, then it will not be affordable, and its quality will also be determined by its price.

Choosing an item with a low price is a good option if you have a limited budget. The recommendation is, however, to buy an expensive item to get high-quality products.

4. Return Policies & Warranties

If In the event that you decide not to use mechanical keyboard stabilizers after purchasing them online (assuming it isn’t from an online shop that only accepts returns), chances are you’ll be able to return them.

Do you know what to do when you receive an item that is damaged, unusable, or defective? There is no guarantee that they will offer a warranty unless the seller also offers a return policy.

There Are Various Types of Stabilizers

Furthermore, stabilizers come in many different kinds that are quite unique and special in their own right. Among the prominent stabilizers used today are cherry-style stabilizers, Costar stabilizers, and optical stabilizers. It would be beneficial to understand how each of them works in the long run in order to maximize their benefits.

The Cherry Style stabilizers have been among the most popular for a long time. This is because each of them is very easy to modify, which is why they will make them stand out among others in the market. Different styles, colors, and materials are available for you to choose from.

1. Cherry Style Stabilizers 

If With Cherry-style stabilizers are installed on mechanical keyboards that use Cherry MX key switches, you can be certain you are using a reliable keyboard. Stabilizers with Cherry MX style stems are called Cherry Style stabilizers because they provide a Cherry MX style stem. 

In addition to the ability to be used in various configurations, Cherry Style stabilizers can also be used as plate mounts, screw-ins, and snap-ins.

2. Optical Stabilisers

 There are specific usage patterns for the optical stabilizers when used with optical switches. Razer’s mechanical keyboard range is a good place to look for them. One of the most widely used models is the Razer Huntsman Mini. 

A simple and easily recognizable appearance gives the switch stabilizers a simple appearance. A small clip that sits under your keycaps looks exactly like what they are. It is simply a matter of sticking the stabilizer over the switch.

There is no easy way to modify that option, which makes it the most difficult to choose. A lubricant can, however, dampen vibrations and sound by dampening sound.  There’s a possibility you might find the optical stabilizers rattling a bit. 

3. Costar Stabilisers 

Key switch stabilizers such as Costar stabilizers are perhaps quite rare, but they do exist. Older mechanical keyboards tend to exhibit these characteristics. In recent times, stabilizers are rare to find on keyboards, but they can still be found on a few. 

Stabilizers are difficult to apply in a wide range of areas. In an ideal situation, they would be snugly connected to key switches rather than not fitting properly. There can be a lot of confusion about that, and it is quite annoying at times. It may not be easy to use the key switch stabilizers, since they are integrated with the keycaps.

You would find that it is quite tough to reinstall the keycaps and stabilizers if you tend to remove them quite frequently for cleaning and lubricating the keyboard. 

It is also important to keep in mind that stabilizers can be quite challenging to modify. As well, it is also likely to be a significantly more challenging decision to modify the keyboard. 

You can only benefit from them if you intend to install them and no longer worry about them. Their performance and efficiency are quite decent and they are quite affordable to use. These stabilizers may not be a good choice for someone who often opens and services their keyboards.

Mounting Styles For Keyboard Stabilizers

There are many types of mounting styles of keyboard stabilizers and these all have different ways to mount on a keyboard. Stabilizers for Cherry-style keyboards can be mounted in many different ways, including snapping into place, screwing into place, or mounting on plates.

Many pre-built mechanical keyboards have plate-mounted stabilizers as their default option. A metal plate (PCB) inside the keyboard connects these to the circuit board, instead of directly connecting to it.

It is generally considered that plate-mounted stabilizers are less effective than screw-mounted stabilizers due to their tendency to create excessive vibration and rattling, thus resulting in extremely noisy typing environments. You can purchase these stabilizers on Amazon for about $10-15.

1. Stabilizers Cherry Style

Following up on our discussion of the three main stabilizer types, let’s look at Cherry-style stabilizers in more detail. You should use them when assembling a keyboard since they’re the most prominent.

A cherry stabilizer consists of three major components: a stabilizer bar, an insert, and a housing. As a result of these three factors, the larger keys become more stable and less rattly.

Among the parts included in each key are one stabilizer bar, two inserts, and two housings. Stabilizer bars prevent keys from tilting during typing. In addition to the different sizes of stabilizer bars depending on the key they’re for, they come in a variety of shapes as well.

Following up on our discussion of the three main stabilizer types, let’s look at Cherry-style stabilizers in more detail. You should use them when assembling a keyboard since they’re the most prominent.

A cherry stabilizer consists of three major components: a stabilizer bar, an insert, and a housing. As a result of these three factors, the larger keys become more stable and less rattly.

Among the parts included in each key are one stabilizer bar, two inserts, and two housings. Stabilizer bars prevent keys from tilting during typing. In addition to the different sizes of stabilizer bars depending on the key they’re for, they come in a variety of shapes as well.

2. Different Cherry Stabilizer Mounting Styles

Three mounting techniques for Cherry-type stabilizers are available, each attaching differently and working with different keyboards. In addition to two plates that mount the stabilizers, there are two PCBs (printed circuit boards) attached to the stabilizers that mount on the plate.

3. Screw-In Stabilizers

A screw-in stabilizer holds the PCB in place by screwing it into it. The best mounting type, due to its lower vibration and more secure stabilizers, is considered the best. A screw-in stabilizer stays in place even when the keycaps are removed, unlike snap-in stabilizers, which tend to dislodge when removed.

As well as being less vibrating than the metal plate, the PCB is an ideal location for mounting the stabilizing device.It is less common to find screw-in stabilizers on pre-built keyboards, which is why they are in great demand, but less commonly available.

4. Plate-Mounted Stabilizers

Many pre-built mechanical keyboards use plate-mounted stabilizers, which are the most common mounting method. A metal plate inside the keyboard attaches these stabilizers instead of directly connecting to the printed circuit board.

Mounting stabilizers on metal plates is the least effective for typing since they rattle and wobble more than other mounting methods. It is possible to improve these stabilizers by modding them.

Clips or snaps are used to attach the stabilizers to the metal plate. There are numerous factors that contribute to this type of rattling and shaking, and this type of connection isn’t the safest.

The stabilizers must be removed first by removing the switch, and then by pressing down on the plastic tab and raising the stabilizer at the same time.

5. Snap In stabiliser 

Cherry-style stabilizers commonly use the snap-in stabilizer as their third most popular installation method. In comparison to screwed-in stabilizer installation methods, it may not be as effective. Nevertheless, if you compare this to plate-mounted stabilizers, you would probably find this one to be a better choice over time. Again, this method of installation is not very common. On most custom keyboards, you will find this option. 

Which Brands Make the Cherry Style Stabilisers?

Because you will commonly come across Cherry Style stabilizers quite frequently, we thought it would be helpful to list out a few brands that produce them quite innovatively.

1. GMK

Manufacturers of Cherry style stabilizers include GMK as one of their most popular brands. In terms of Cherry-style manufacturing, GMK keyboards have a special reputation for high quality. Many keyboards come equipped with GMK stabilizers from a variety of keyboard manufacturers. 

2. ZealPC

There are quite a few concerns regarding the price of ZealPC stabilizers. The gold plating of these stabilizers also makes them an excellent choice, as they would provide a very strong hold.

There is also the option of obtaining it only as a screw-in type, which you might find quite interesting. On the official website, you should be able to purchase them much more easily. 

3. Durock Stabilisers 

The keyboard stabilizer you would find really unique is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely used keyboard stabilizers. These are very affordable and you can find them anywhere.

Different shapes and sizes of stabilizers are available. You would find the gold plate to be quite unique among the many options available. By doing so, you will be improving and increasing the aesthetics of your keyboard. 

4. Everglide 

There is also a screw-style stabilizer available for these stabilizers. Additionally, they come at a very affordable price, making them more unique than ZealPC. There is only one difference between the ZealPC and them: they are made available at a lower cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Keys in the Keyboard Need Stabilizers?

All keys with longer keycaps require stabilizers, in a nutshell. For a full-sized keyboard with an ANSI layout, here is a list of keys that use stabilizers. In addition, smaller keyboards may need fewer stabilizers than larger keyboards, or may require stabilizers of a different size.

  • Standard Size: 6.25U Spacebar key
  • Standard Size: 2.25U Enter key
  • Standard Size: 2.25U Left Shift Key
  • Standard sized: 2.75U right shift key.
  • Standard 2U size backspace key
  • Numpad (0 key)

What Makes a Good Keyboard Stabilizer?

Suitable stabilizers are made of solid plastic and are attached to high-quality iron rods. Due to its high-quality plastic construction, the stabilizer has the capability of withstanding PCB temperatures at all levels. 

We will discuss how to choose a keyboard stabilizer based on the brand instead of these features, which are most common in industry-standard keyboard stabilizers.

Do You Need to Mod Your Keyboard Stabilizer?

It has been a priority for companies to provide stabilizers that have been pre-lubricated or pre-modified. While factory lube is usually sufficient to eliminate rattles in a high-end keyboard, it may not be enough to eliminate them completely.

There is a difference in sound and feel between the longer keys, especially the spacebar. Users who dislike longer keys should therefore modify the stabilizers to fix their problem.

Furthermore, it is strongly recommended that people who build their own keyboards modify their stabilizers. As a result, the stabilizers are already accessible during the building process, so they can adjust for optimal performance.

What Keyboard Stabilizers are the Best?

The keyboard stabilizers are available in many different types, and some of them are easier to modify than others. There are also different kinds of materials used in some, and there are different kinds of colors used in others.

In addition to genuine Cherry stabs and Durock, we also recommend Everglide, GMK, and C3EQUALZ keyboard stabilizers.


This post aims to lay out the information in a clear and easy-to-read format to help you understand some of the tribal knowledge concerning stabilizers in the mechanical keyboard community.

When choosing a stabilizer for your next mechanical keyboard, there are a lot of small complexities to consider. Various types, sizes, manufacturers, installation styles, and modifications are available for stabilizers. Our top recommendation for the first mechanical keyboard build is to choose Drop Halo Clear Mechanical Keyboard Switches as it has clear switches, and most importantly it is compatible with PCBs.

While my 2nd suggestion is CuXiu CuXiukeys Stabilizer Plate Mounted based on color preference and budget. With these two stabilizers, you’ll experience smooth, stable typing for the most bang for your buck.

If You’re typically stuck with plate-mounted stabilizers when buying a keyboard that’s already built (even if the keyboard is hot-swappable). Custom mechanical keyboards often have screws or snaps in place of stabilizers.

In addition, we recommend that you modify your stabilizers in order to improve them even further. Putting some lubricant on and applying bandaids will help a lot.


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