11 Best Swamp Cooler Pads – Buyer’s Guide


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A high mercury level makes cooling solutions highly demanded during the summer. For mild climates and low humidity environments, swamp coolers are a great solution. The term evaporative cooler is also used to describe coolers that use evaporation.

Providing relief from high temperatures, swamp coolers are cheaper than air conditioners. Although swamp cooler pads are not necessary, they do play an important role in cleaning and cooling the air in swamp coolers.

There are many different manufacturers that produce swamp cooler pads. There are many types of swamp coolers on the market, and choosing the right one can be difficult.

With our review, you can now choose from the 11 best swamp cooler pads and replace your air conditioning with something healthier, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly.

Swamp coolers rely heavily on their pads to ensure their effectiveness. You need to take care of it and maintain it. You will eventually need to replace the swamp cooler pads, so this is the time to shop around for the best ones. Our brief buying guide will provide you with insights that will help you make a more informed decision.

You can read about the things to keep in mind when purchasing swamp cooler pads in our FAQ section. We will now discuss the best swamp cooler pads in the remainder of this review.

11 Best Swamp Cooler Pads





Best Overall

1. MasterCool 8 inch Rigid Media Pad 

  • CELdek media

  • Multilayered design

  • High-quality 

Best  Budget

2. Lennox Healthy Climate #35 Water Panel Evaporator

  • More durable

  • 1.75 inches thick

  • Lennox Healthy Climate system

3. Dial 3437 Mastercool Cooler Pad, 40″ x 23″ x 8″

  • Heavy-cellulose

  • AeroCool 

  • CFM of 4800


  • Water-absorbent

  • Aspen pads

  • 24 feet of space

5. ProductPortacool PARKULJ24000 Kuul 

  • Cellulose paper swells

  • Natural cellulose fibers

  • Highest quality

6. DIAL 3074 Dura Cool High-Efficiency Foamed

  • High-quality polyester

  • Evaporative systems

  • DuraCool pads

7. (10) PPS Pkg # 46IP 29″ x 29″ Aspen Snow-Cool

  • Sagging

  • Quality and performance

  • Cools air 

8. Research Products 7221 Evaporative Cooler Pad 

  • Polyester layer

  • Pretty allergy-free

  • Versatile cooler 

9. DIAL 3080 Dura-Cool Evap Pad, 36″ x 240″

  • Long-term use

  • Clogging filters

  • Easily installed

10. DIAL MANUFACTURING 3409 Aspen Roll, 24″X24′

  • Aspen fibers

  • 24 feet long

  • High quality 

11. Diversitech EL3030-2 E-Lite Plastic Condensing

  • Plastic construction

  • UV-resistant

  • Heat-resistant 

1. MasterCool 8 inch Rigid Media Pad for 6400 CFM, 110133-2


  • Item Weight: 13.65 pounds
  • Brand: Champion Cooler
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 41.25 x 28.88 inches

MasterCool Rigid Media Pad adds an extra level of efficiency to your evaporated cooler because it’s a matchless swamp pad. Premium CELdek media was used in its creation. If you have an existing evaporated cooler, you can install this beyond-beauty within it.

Your MasterCool Rigid Media Pad will install easily in your evaporated cooler without the need for any help. Featuring a multilayered design and high-quality construction, this product will catch your attention. The cooler swamp pads from MasterCool are GREENGUARD Certified. They are free of harmful emissions.


  • The CELdek media is of the highest quality.
  • Installs quickly and simply in any evaporative cooler.
  • Munters’ GREENGUARD Certification ensures that there are no harmful emissions.
  • Designed with multiple layers for maximum efficiency, this construction is strong and durable. Stronger, more durable construction and a multilayer design for higher efficiency.
  • Dimensions: 28.28 inches. x 41.25 inches. x 8 inches.
  • Installation is easy
  • Designed for heavy duty performance
  • Fittings that are excellent
  • A high level of efficiency
  • The smell is terrible.

2. Lennox Healthy Climate #35 Water Panel Evaporator – # X2661, 2-Pack


  • Brand: ‎Lennox
  • Item Weight: ‎0.01 ounces
  • Item model number: FBA_x2661
  • Material: Factory original OEM part
  • Special Features: Cordless

There’s a good chance you’ll need this swamp cooler pad if you own a Lennox Healthy Climate system! In comparison to most of their competitors, these pads are more durable and thicker than most Lennox Healthy Climate products.

You’ll need this pad to replace your old one if you own a Lennox Healthy Climate unit. Before purchasing, make sure that your Lennox Healthy Climate system is compatible with it. Google can help you find this information. These pads are thicker than most evaporative pads, measuring 1.75 inches thick.

There is a 10 inch diameter and a 13 inch height in each. As a result of the material and design of the pads, your Lennox system will provide cleaner and safer air as well as superior humidity. Those who own Lennox Healthy Climate systems are likely to benefit most from this pad. Make sure you know the model type of the cooling system before you buy it.


  • Your Lennox Healthy Climate humidifier comes with a Lennox Healthy Climate #35 replacement water panel.
  • With a depth of 1.75 inches, a width of 10 inches, and a height of 13 inches.
  • As you add humidity, your air stays clean.
  • This humidifier fits the following models: HCWB3-17A, HCWB3-17K, HCWB3-17AK, and HCWB3-17A.
  • Part number: X2661 for model 3590.
  • Fits exclusively with Lennox Healthy Climate systems
  • Materials of the highest quality
  • Five models are compatible
  • The ability to clean the air more effectively
  • The Healthy Climate system is only available from Lennox

3. Dial 3437 Mastercool Cooler Pad, 40″ x 23″ x 8″


  • Item Weight: 1 pound
  • Brand: Standard Plumbing Supply
  • Item model number: 3437

Among the things we like most about this product is its durability. A heavy-cellulose construction is one factor that accounts for this. The high-density construction ensures the product will last a long time.

Furthermore, this cooler pad contains other materials, such as plastic resins, that make it durable, in addition to its main material. Additionally, it contains anti-rotting agents, making it wear-resistant.

It is likely to have a foul smell since it has been shared by many users. Surely this will not be liked by most of you. In addition, many believe that this is only a short-term phenomenon. It will take a while for the smell to disappear. AeroCool and MasterCool coolers, especially, are compatible with this single-inlet evaporative cooler.


  • The dimensions are 40″ wide x 23″ high x 8″ deep
  • Evaporative coolers with one inlet
  • It’s grooved
  • CFM of 4800
  • The MasterCool and AeroCool coolers can be used with this product
  • Long-lasting construction with heavy cellulose
  • Water-out in a short time
  • A high rate of air movement
  • Infused with anti-rot resins and plastic resins
  • The boxed version
  • Construction that is durable
  • Cleans easily
  • Air velocity is high
  • There can be a foul smell to it
  • Too narrow a cut can cause problems

4. DIAL MANUFACTURING 3412 Yhl1012 36″ X 24′ Spin Roll Cooler Pads


  • Item Weight: 13 pounds
  • Item model number: 3412

As a start, let’s take a look at Dial Manufacturing’s cooler pad. You can expect the best cooling performance from this cooler pad as our best pick. In the first place, it should be noted that this swamp cooler pad is made out of aspen. Water-absorbent properties of the pad can be attributed to its natural fibers, aspen.

Due to the aspen pads‘ ability to retain water for a long period of time, they remain saturated throughout the day, allowing you to enjoy cool air all day. The pads on aspen trees are also only required to be replaced once a year. They have a pleasant odor when you use these spin roll cooler pads.

There is nothing complicated about putting these cooler pads on spin rolls. There are 36 inches and 24 feet of space between these pads. Your swamp cooler can easily be fitted with them if you cut and resize them.

To install the pads, simply remove the mesh before installing the pads. Furthermore, they are much more affordable than pre-cut swamp cooler pads that you may or may not be able to use to fit your unit.


  • This Excelsior roll is made from high-quality long-strand fibers and can be cut to size.
  • The following products are part of a comprehensive line of heavy-duty shop tools that are designed to provide years of reliable service.
  • Water can be held for a long period of time
  • Ensures long-term air cooling
  • Any swamp cooler can be fitted with this product by cutting and resizing
  • Installation is simple
  • It is possible for the cooler pump to become clogged when the fibers begin to fall apart

5. ProductPortacool PARKULJ24000 Kuul Replacement Evaporative Media Set for Jetstream 240, PAC163SVT, PACJS1600


  • Brand: Portacool
  • Start year: 1990
  • Special Feature: Portable
  • Model Name: Jetstream
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Item Weight: 2.7 Pounds

A thick, wet barrier is formed when wet cellulose paper swells, stopping dust and cooling the air passing through it very well. Due to the geometric design of the paper, it is well-supported and rarely sags or has open spots that let hot air leak through. 

In the USA, top-quality materials are used to make these pads. This characteristic keeps them from needing to be replaced at frequent intervals and ensures they last for several summers. Replace the pad when necessary, and place the old one in a recycling bin if it is biodegradable.  

The pads are well-made, and they will last for a very long time. They are made from natural cellulose fibers. Their specific design makes them compatible with Portacool coolers. When the cooler is chosen correctly, it will offer excellent cooling for a long period of time. Initially, some people will not like the smell, but after a while, they’ll get used to it.


  • The part is an original Portacool replacement piece, backed by Portacool Protect and supported by Portacool Customer Service
  • PACJS2401A1, PAC163SVT, PACJS1600 models are compatible
  • The Portacool evaporative cooler was specifically developed to meet its challenging requirements
  • The highest quality raw materials are used in the design, engineering and manufacture of the products in the USA
  • In order to achieve Portacool’s superior cooling performance, Kuul Comfort evaporative media is used
  • A long-lasting product
  • Installation is easy
  • Efficiency at its best
  • A biodegradable material
  • Structure with strength
  • It fits very well into the designated coolers
  • This cooler can only be used with the designated coolers
  • When installed for the first time, it can smell unpleasant

6. DIAL 3074 Dura Cool High-Efficiency Foamed Polyester Pad, 30″ x 36″


  • Brand: Dial
  • Item Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Item model number: 3074
  • Material: ‎Polyester
  • Usage: Personal

Evaporative Cooler Pads from DuraCool are another excellent option, featuring high-quality polyester foam construction.

In comparison with paper pads, these are made of foam and polyester, which make them much stronger. As well as swamp coolers and evaporative systems, they can be cut down to fit.

As far as strength and durability are concerned, DuraCool Evaporative Cooler Pads outclass high-quality paper pads. A semi-large pad such as this can be used with evaporative coolers and swamp coolers if they have a cushion made from foamed polyester. 

However, they can also be used with smaller systems (they just need to be cut down). High-efficiency pads have been designed. It may be a good idea to consider DuraCool pads as an alternative to paper pads you have to replace constantly. In comparison with other swamp coolers, they are more durable and fit most swamp coolers.


  • Pad for evaporative coolers
  • Polyester foamed for high performance
  • Paper pads are less efficient and last a shorter time
  • There are no allergens. As the air cools, it is filtered. It doesn’t smell.
  • Scale and minerals that clog the airflow can be removed by rinsing. Neither shrinks nor sags nor sheds fibers.
  • Design with high efficiency
  • Polyester foam is used to make this product
  • Unlike most pads, this pad lasts longer
  • Compared to paper pads, this is far better
  • There is a difference between these two brands in thickness
  • Some evaporative systems may not be compatible

7. (10) PPS Pkg # 46IP 29″ x 29″ Aspen Snow-Cool Evaporative Swamp Cooler Pads


  • Brand: PPS Packaging Inc.
  • Item model number: 46IP
  • Package Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 8 inches

The sixth product on our list is one which might immediately put some people off because of the price compared to some of its competitors. Even so, keep in mind that it is expensive for a reason, and it does have some merits. 

Due to the fact that it is sold in bulk, it is more expensive than most of the other options we have listed here. Quality and performance are also important factors that make it worth the price. Developed exclusively by the manufacturer, Grid-Flo technology is incorporated into this product. 

Fibers made from this material are more stable than those made from cheaper materials, which break down easily. By doing this, the cooler will also be prevented from clogging and sagging. The manufacturer claims that using this product can result in air that is 7% cooler.


  • Cools air by up to 7% and delivers it more quickly
  • Pads made from pure Aspen Snow-Cool excelsior have an open cellular structure that allows them to absorb more moisture
  • Water flow and pump problems are reduced, resulting in lower operating costs for coolers
  • With Grid-Flo (TM), fiber stabilizing grids are created by biodegradable stitching
  • Unlike any other swamp cooler pad, this pad has a greater area for evaporating moisture
  • Enhances the delivery of cool air by a significant amount
  • Strong and durable
  • As a result, there are fewer problems with pumps
  • Quite expensive
  • There may be a foul odor

8. Research Products 7221 Evaporative Cooler Pad Roll, 36-In. x 12-Ft. – Quantity 1


  • Item Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Brand: Research Products
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 36 inches
  • Item model number: 7221

Swamp cooling can be accomplished by using Research Products Evaporative Cooler Pads. Printed with slit and expanded paper with a polyester layer, this roll of pad material is 12 feet long. 

In addition to increasing filtration efficiency, polyester enhances the pad’s durability. Compared to aspen pads, it performs slightly below average. Aspen and Mastercool rigid provide better cooling, but it’s still not close to the performance of Aspen or Mastercool rigid. 

Furthermore, they are pretty allergy-free and simple to wash and reuse. Also, they are quite simple to cut and install. Don’t expect anything too fancy from these pads, but they’ll work in most evaporative coolers.

This roll is perfect for anyone who wants an affordable and versatile cooler pad that can be adapted to almost any model.


  • 36 inches X 12 ft. Roll for evaporative coolers.
  • Allergy sufferers will benefit from this product.
  • To increase the efficiency of the filtration, the filter is made from slit & expanded paper with one side coated with polyester
  • Keeping the home and cooler clean helps relieve allergy symptoms.
  • You can easily cut it to fit your needs.
  • When mineral buildup is present on pads, they can be washed
  • Perfectly sized with scissors
  • Has no odor or allergens
  • Ease of installation
  • Water-absorbent power is lacking, so you get dry fast

9. DIAL 3080 Dura-Cool Evap Pad, 36″ x 240″


  • Brand: Dial
  • Unit Count: 1.0 Count
  • Material: Fiber
  • Scent: Unscented

Lastly, but by no means least, we have a cooler pad by DIAL, which is one of the best in the market. Like our last entry, these pads also provide filtered and cool air, so they are an excellent choice when it comes to providing filtered and cool air.

In addition to their durability and long-term use, these cooler pads are constructed from foam polyester, which ensures that they last for years to come. With these pads, there are no sagging issues, nor are they easily degraded.

At the very least, you won’t need to change them for two years since the fiber doesn’t shed. There is no compromise in terms of their cooling power despite the fact they cannot hold water for long periods of time.

The pads prevent flakes from flaking and clogging filters. People with lung problems won’t have any problems using these pads since they are non-allergenic. Your air composition should also remain intact since these have no odor whatsoever.

This swamp cooler pad can be easily installed without any hassles. It is easy to cut the pads using just a scissor and ensure that they fit perfectly inside your swamp cooler.

The pads can be taken out and cleaned with a water hose if they become soiled with minerals. It is a great value for money to be able to purchase these pads at such an affordable price.


  • A cooler pad with a size of 36″ x 20′
  • A cooling pad for Dura-Cool evaporative coolers
  • It is easy to cut to fit
  • Contains no allergens and has no odor
  • Garden hoses are suitable for rinsing
  • Fibers made of strong material don’t flake or shred
  • Water hoses can be used to clean it
  • Non-allergenic and odorless
  • Cooling efficiency is excellent
  • Holds water for a short period of time, but may not last as long as you would like

10. DIAL MANUFACTURING 3409 Aspen Roll, 24″X24′


  • Brand: Dial Manufacturing
  • Size: 24″X24′
  • Item Weight: 12.6 pounds
  • Item model number: 3409
  • Included Components: ‎Sandpaper rolls

There is no better swamp cooler pad than the Dial Swamp Cooler Aspen Roll. Compared to other pads on the market, these are in roll form, allowing them to be cut and fitted to the dimensions of your evaporative cooling system.

The right tools will definitely help you get the job done, even though they are a bit difficult to cut. Since it is 24 feet long, you will be able to use it for several years.

Aspen fibers are woven into a pad form with plastic netting, which holds the fibers together. The capacity of these swamp coolers is probably the highest for a standard swamp cooler because of their high-efficiency rating.

Aspen shavings are however quite messy, so they tend to leave behind quite a bit of debris behind. As well as clogging water tubes and pumps, they can also cause a blockage in drains.

The maintenance they require is much greater than normal. These pads have one positive feature: they are made of virgin aspen fibers that are extra long, so the cooler pan will have fewer fibers.


  • The Excelsior roll can be cut to size due to its high quality and long strands.
  • The materials used in these products are of the highest quality and are highly durable.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • High-quality
  • Solid and durable
  • Easily cleaned
  • Odors that are offensive

11. Diversitech EL3030-2 E-Lite Plastic Condensing Unit Pad, 30x30x2″


  • Item Weight: 8.01 pounds
  • Item model number: EL3030-2

Buying on a budget should not be a problem with this product. It is important to remember, however, that the low price does not indicate low quality. Even though it is not a premium model, the reviews on its product page seem to suggest that it is doing a pretty good job.

Some people may be concerned about its plastic construction. Due to its reputation as a material that breaks easily, plastic does not have a good reputation.

The manufacturer of this product ensures that it’s made of plastic that won’t crack, flake, or warp. Besides being UV-resistant, the plastic is also heat-resistant and can be installed outdoors.

Finally, if you’re looking for versatility, this is a great product. You can also expect excellent value for your money since it can be used in a variety of ways.


  • What’s up with E-Lite? With its rugged design and generous ribs, this base is ideal for mounting air conditioners without inserts and provides self-leveling ground support. 
  • A lightweight but not too light pad is formed from injection-molded polypropylene.
  • With its subtle texture and concrete gray color, this PR event slide presents a classic look
  • Sturdy but lightweight
  • An affordable option
  • Support for self-leveling surfaces
  • The plastic construction repels water
  • It might seem hollow to some

Why You Should Use Swamp Cooler Pads?

It is necessary to use swamp cooler pads in order to capture the cooled air’s water. Air is drawn into the room by a fan from the environment. It is the water in the wet pad that evaporates as it passes through it, removing heat from the air as it passes. 

Meanwhile, the air becomes more humid. Air pumped into the premises is then cooled and humid.  Pads made of natural fibers work best for storing water, absorbing and retaining water better than synthetic materials.

How To Choose The Best Swamp Cooler Pads?

The purchase of replacement pads requires consideration of several factors. A number of factors play a role in decision-making today, including the impact on the environment and the item’s longevity. In order to understand these three factors, let’s examine them one at a time.

1. Environmental Consideration

All of us have heard about the damage waste causes the environment, and we all should strive to reduce the amount of waste we create. Waste products should be considered when throwing them away, as well as whether the products should be recycled. The environment-friendliness of some pads differs greatly from that of others. 

2. Unit Size

It is important to make sure that the pad you choose fits your cooler securely and does not have any sides that are loose. Using a roll of material purchased in a roll, cut the sides to fit the holder but fold the top and the bottom to fit. It is important to use the pad thickness recommended by the manufacturer to ensure that airflow is effective. 

3. Longevity and Materials Used

Replace your pads according to their lifespan when looking for a replacement. It is true that some materials don’t last long, such as aspen, however, their cost is relatively low. Despite being more durable than synthetic fiber pads, they are not environmentally friendly. It is always best to buy good quality pads since they will perform well and last for a long time. So you should not ignore the swamp cooling pad material.

4. Pad Thickness

A standard thickness of one or two inches is usually found in natural aspen fiber pads. Paper pads, on the other hand, are typically eight inches thick. Pads with a thicker material will keep the air cooler. It’s because the air has to pass over a larger amount of wet pad material before it’s recirculated. 

5. Life Cycle Cost

When you are considering the energy required to circulate air within the pads and into the room, you should keep that in mind. If you hire someone to change the pads, make sure you factor in the labor costs as well.

6. Ease of Cleaning

As time passes, the pads of the swamp cooler will become dirty. In this case, it is not necessary to replace it. The most common issue is that it needs to be cleaned. To make cleaning easier, choose a product with an easy cleaning process.

7. Type of Pad

Your first step should be to determine what type of pad you will need for your evaporative cooler. You can choose from these options:

  • Blue Synthetic Cooler Pad: Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are used in this product. If you’re looking for a swamp cooler pad that will last longer, this is a great option. The material is also easy to clean, meaning that it can be reused. In spite of this, it has the drawback of not retaining water well, which will affect cooling.
  • Aspen Swamp Cooler Pad: There are a few types of swamp cooler pads available on the market, but this is the most common one. In addition, wood shavings are more affordable, which can be attributed to their use. As it often gets damaged quickly, it will often require replacement. This is one of its drawbacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here below I have mentioned some most common questions asked about swamp cooler pads. But if you still have any other queries feel free to ask me in the comment section.

What is the best cooler pad material?

It is important to choose the right swamp pad material for the right reason. For its water-absorbent properties and unmatched cooling ability, aspen is the perfect material.

On the other hand, we also sell foamed polyester, which is good for people who are interested in a material that won’t flake and won’t clog up your swamp cooler.

As a result, it dries quickly and does not cool as well as aspen because it cannot absorb and retain water for an extended period of time. There are advantages and disadvantages to every cooler pad material.

How can I install cooler pads?

A new swamp cooler pad can be installed quite easily. In order to install the swamp cooler, remove the mesh, shape the cooling pad, and place it. You should also ensure that the pads are not covered with dirt when you install them.

How do swamp cooler pads work?

A swamp cooler cannot function without its cooler pads. It circulates water through the pads in a swamp cooler.

Air traveled through the pads and filled the air with water as it was blown by the fan. The air cools the environment as the water evaporates.

How to clean swamp cooler pads?

When cleaning swamp cooler pads, you should follow a couple of steps. The first step is to choose a day when the weather is clear.

The swamp cooler should be unplugged and the cooling pads should be removed. You will see the water distribution tubes above the pads once you remove the padded mesh. Unscrew the panels and remove the padded mesh.

You can keep these aside after you remove them. The pads can be removed in order to determine if they need to be washed or completely replaced.

Make sure the fibers of the pads are loose by shaking them. You are now ready to start washing. Begin at the back and work your way forward. Remove any debris with a spray bottle.

The pads should be placed back into the swamp cooler once they have been cleaned. Connect the plug to the power outlet and screw the panels back into place. You can now return to cooling your room with your swamp cooler.

What are Swamp Cooler Pads made of?

Pads for swamp coolers are not all made from the same material. These pads, for instance, are made from aspen fibers, polyester foam, and other materials that promote evaporation.

Swamp cooler pads are commonly made of various materials such as plastic, rubber, foam, and paper. Especially if your replacement pads are not the same as the originals, ensure you know exactly what you are buying before you purchase.

What is the best type of Swamp Cooler Pads?

It comes down to personal preference to answer this question. The type of swamp cooler or evaporative cooling system you install in your home will determine how much cooling you receive.

Brand-name coolers, such as Lennox and Portacool, require a pad customized to fit them. In case your system does not work with that one, you may have to do some searching for a compatible one.

Can you cut Swamp Cooler Pads yourself?

Unless you are building your own swamp cooler, you should only cut swamp cooler pads yourself. Still, purchasing rather than cutting a pad may be more efficient.

Most of the time, folding the pad back around the edges before replacing the cover is all you need to do if the cover is too large. If the swamp cooler pad needs to be trimmed, you must possess the proper tools (a sharp knife or scissors) as well as safety gear (hands that are steady and cut-resistant gloves).


Among the most important swamp cooler components are the swamp cooler pads. The market is filled with a variety of swamp cooler products and materials. Although here below that I have mentioned if my best picks from overall all the products listed above in terms of the Best quality and best budget items.

MasterCool 8-inch Rigid Media Pad is my first pick due to its high quality and long-term use. It is specially designed for heavy-duty performance and its installation is easy. These features make it the best one.

While Lennox Healthy Climate #35 Water Panel is the best budget-friendly option for those who can’t afford high-cost products. Due to it is low cost doesn’t think its price affects its material and performance.

The decision should depend upon your preferences and what you are willing to give up when choosing one. Choosing one of the three products mentioned in this article will help you decide which is best for you.

The fact that this product is produced by some of the industry’s most respected companies does not mean that it is inferior in terms of performance to most other products available. When minerals and debris build-up, these pads can easily be cleaned. They are guaranteed to last a whole year. In addition to extending the cooler pad life, it will improve the cooling efficiency of your cooler pad.

In addition to being an eco-friendly alternative to air conditioners, swamp coolers are a great alternative to expensive units. This review should have provided you with enough information for making an informed choice on swamp cooler pads.


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