9 Best Torpedo Level – Buyer’s Guide


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When designing or constructing, angles are important. 

The chances of a project standing out are higher when it is accurate. Viewing a project from different perspectives requires the right tools, but working with angles means looking at it from different perspectives. 

Our review-based guide today discusses torpedo levels as a result. The purpose of these tools is to precisely measure angles on a wide variety of surfaces, in case you weren’t aware. You can use these levels for a variety of projects, including furniture installation, decorating, and hanging walls.  

Using the grooves or magnets built into the tool, you can securely attach it to any surface and measure. The best option can be difficult to choose because there are so many options available. 

We have selected the 9 best torpedo-level great products to make it easy for you to select the right one. Let’s get started without further ado. 

9 Best Torpedo Level





Best Overall

1. SKIL 12 Digital Level – LV941801

  • magnetic edge

  • LCD screen

  •  liquid is blue

Best Affordable

2. Klein Tools 935AB4V Level, 6.25-Inch Magnetic Torpedo

  • magnetic track

  • solid billet 

  • four angles

Best Budget

3. Kapro – 227 Toolbox Level – 9-Inch – for Leveling

  • V-shaped grooves

  • easy and accurate

  • lightweight

4. EMPIRE EM71.8 Professional True Blue Magnetic

  • impact-resistant.

  • acrylic vials

  • .0005 inches

5. Stabila 25100 10-Inch Die-Cast Rare Earth Magnetic Level

  • high-strength

  • 2 crystal clear

  • non-fogging

6. Johnson Level & Tool 5500M-GLO 9-Inch Magnetic Glo-View

  • full-length aluminum

  •  lightweight design

  • 360-degree

7. OX TOOLS Pro Torpedo Level 

  • durability

  • optimal angle

  • durable aluminum frame

8. Sola MM 5 25 Cast Aluminum Magnetic Torpedo Level

  • 30 percent Magnification

  • three Focus Vials 

  • weight 13 ounces

9. Swanson TL043M 9-Inch Savage Magnetic Torpedo Level

  • 0.029-degrees

  • HVAV installers

  • 4 rare earth magnets

1. SKIL 12 Digital Level – LV941801


  • Item Weight: 15.8 ounces
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • Color: 12
  • Material:  ‎Blend
  • Style:  ‎12” Digital Level
  • Power Source:  Battery Powered
  • Battery Cell Type:  Alkaline

While we have featured SKIL earlier in this guide, we could not avoid adding this one to our top picks. Construction workers find it highly convenient due to its LCD screen, which provides real-time leveling guidance. With this method, you get an in-depth understanding of the angles, therefore delivering precise results.

Each variation of this model comes with a digital display, including a 12-inch, 24-inch, and compact unit. In addition, you can measure the horizontal and vertical levels easily due to the blue vials that are strategically located. Bubbles can be easily spotted from the side or from above because of the liquid’s color. 

Due to their backlit LCD screen, these blue vials are incredibly accurate under any lighting condition. A change in the way you hold the device automatically adjusts the orientation of the screen. 

Real-time leveling guidance is a wonderful addition. A down arrow indicates the fluctuating values, while an up arrow indicates the stability of the levels. As you reach zero, 45, and 90 degrees, you’ll hear a voice that tells you when you’ve hit the correct angle. 

Last but not least, each side has both a centimeter and meter scale. A bumper’s shock absorption properties are reduced when its ends fall off. The process of getting replacements isn’t difficult, but potential buyers may have second thoughts. 

It is also confusing and frustrating that the vial readings do not match the LCD screen readings. Recalibrating it may resolve the problem, but there is a possibility that the problem may persist.


  • Blue vials that display both vertical and horizontal levels at high accuracy – the vials can be easily seen, are highly accurate, and make leveling easy.
  • Easy one-handed usage – a magnetic edge simplifies operation.
  • The leveler provides real-time guidance with up and down arrow indicators, and you can select an audible tone when you reach 0⁰, 45⁰ or 90⁰.
  • The digital LCD screen automatically adjusts the orientation depending on how you hold it and is backlit for easy viewing from any angle.
  • On the one side, you see centimeters, on the other you see inches.
  • The liquid is blue
  • Screen with backlighting
  • Guidance through voice
  • Indices with arrows
  • Using two scales
  • Ends of bumpers fall off
  • It doesn’t match the readings

2. Klein Tools 935AB4V Level, 6.25-Inch Magnetic Torpedo Level is a Conduit Level with 4 Vials, V-Groove and Magnet Track, High Viz Orange


  • Brand: Klein Tools
  • Color: Original version
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Style: Conduit Level

We will now move on to another product that features magnets that are extremely strong. In addition to its brilliant quality, the Klein Tools 935AB4V Level guarantees accuracy and precision to the highest degree. The versatile nature of this product makes it suitable for both professionals and hobbyists.

The first thing to note is that the magnets will not fall off because of the magnetic track. A track keeps the magnets in place even when they are not being used, thanks to very powerful rare magnets. 

Additionally, this has a thumbscrew that allows it to be attached to conduits. If you are bending, you can use this to measure angles. 

Furthermore, the body is made from solid billet aluminum and is orange in color. The tool can also be easily identified among many others because of this improved visibility.  

As a final point, we should mention the ease of reading the vials and their high visibility of them. In all, there are 4 of them positioned at  4 different angles, including level, 30, 45, and 90 degrees.

On our list of budget-friendly products, this was among the most expensive. Yes, it offers a lot of conveniences, but if you are on a budget, you may find it too expensive. That being said. You should consider this if you are willing to go over your budget.


  • Powerful Rare-Earth magnets won’t fall out of level with patented magnet track.
  • Vials have four angles, level, 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and 30 degrees, which are easy to read and easy to see.
  • To measure the angle while bending conduit, a thumb screw is used to attach a level to it.
  • Viewing vials from multiple angles is easy with large top-view windows.
  • Conduit and pipe contours are accommodated by the V-Groove.
  • A high-visibility orange professional-grade billet aluminum body ensures easy visibility on conduit and on construction sites.
  • Patent number 9,964,407 was issued in the US.
  • A vial with an easy-to-read label
  • The body is coated in orange powder
  • Added convenience with thumbscrews
  • With large viewing windows
  • Product that is expensive

3. Kapro – 227 Toolbox Level – 9-Inch – for Leveling and Measuring – Features V-Groove, Magnet Strip, Rubber End Caps, and Colored Vials


  • Brand: KAPRO
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Toolbox – Magnetic- Rubber End Caps

In terms of versatility, this model is a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable tool. The specially designed vials cover most angles so you can use it on different surfaces. With magnets and V-shaped grooves, it adheres to metals for stability and is highly reliable.

There are many surfaces that the Kapro 227-08 nine-inch model can be used with. On construction sites, users speak highly of its versatility and value as a piece of equipment. A major reason for this is the horizontal, vertical, and inclined arrangement of injection-molded acrylic vials. 

With its V-shaped groove, the device will stay in place when placed on metal surfaces. Due to the magnets on the bottom of the device, it sits flush on the surface, making your analysis easy and accurate

Also, with the leveler’s rubber end caps, you do not have to be concerned about any damage to the frame or vials when you place the leveler in a narrow space. 

Although the model has a high degree of durability, its plastic body allows it to remain lightweight. The device makes it easy to get accurate results because it can be maneuvered without a hassle. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to this unit being smaller than most others. Therefore, while it’s fine to use in the home, it wouldn’t be the most appropriate in a construction site. There are several reasons why magnets can’t work on large metal pieces, such as their lack of power.


  • It has an adjustable vertical, 3 horizontal, and 45-degree vial, a magnetic base, a v-groove, and a hanger hole to make leveling and measuring easier.
  • By driving innovation in these designs, KAPRO reimagines tools and accessories that are suitable for professionals, weekend warriors, and everyone in between.
  • Flexible end caps and a magnetic V-groove base make this product suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • They have designed this Toolbox Level to be accurate and easy to use because it comes with three clear and easy-to-read cylindrical vials.
  • In addition to being durable and lightweight, the Kapro 227 is also easy to store in your back pocket due to its sturdy and robust polymeric plastic body.
  • An end cap made of rubber
  • Compact and lightweight
  • A robust system
  • Vials three in number
  • Surfaces made from metal are suitable
  • A small size
  • More power is needed for magnets

4. EMPIRE EM71.8 Professional True Blue Magnetic Box Level, 8″


  • Brand: Empire
  • Color: Original Version
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Style: Standard, Magnetic

It seems that Empire has considered most features that can be included in a torpedo level.  It’s worth every penny to purchase the Empire EM71.8! An aircraft aluminum chassis constructed of 6061 T5 provides the necessary strength to withstand frequent drops.

Industrial users are highly recommended to use this torpedo level. Vials with blue bands are oddly attractive because they are impact-resistant. It is much easier to take readings because the bubble edges are highlighted and enhanced readability is enhanced.

Unlike other acrylic vials, these solid block vials will not break, leak, or fog. Their strength is 400% greater than that of regular vials. Despite Empire’s 8-inch frame, it is able to fit 4 vials: a 90-degree, a 45-degree, an offset of 0 degrees, and a flat 0 degrees.

Due to the patented true blue vials, the accuracy level is almost .0005 inches. There is a 300-degree view and an easy-to-read reading window on the top. Three strong magnets are attached to the top of the seat: one flat edge, another grooved edge, as well as an upright flat and descending inclined magnet.


  • Bubble edges are highlighted and easier to read with blue-banded vials.
  • An aircraft aluminum chassis made of 6061 T5 is durable and long-lasting
  • With a top-reading window, true blue vials provide a 300-degree view
  • Compared to standard vials, True Blue solid block acrylic vials are 400% stronger and resistant to breaking, leaking, and fogging
  • It is possible to measure within .0005 inches in all positions using patented true blue vials.
  • The design is extremely strong and durable
  • A high level of accuracy is ensured by patent-pending True Blue Vials
  • Earth magnets with very high strengths
  • An easy-to-read document
  • Useful for industrial purposes
  • We’ve never seen a level with so many torpedoes!
  • Low light makes it difficult to read, according to some users
  • Produced outside of the United States

5. Stabila 25100 10-Inch Die-Cast Rare Earth Magnetic Level , Yellow


  • Brand: Stabila
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Style: Standard,Magnetic,Horizontal

An exciting design defines the Stabila 25100 Die-Cast Torpedo Level. Aside from that, it is incredibly expensive much more so than many of the alternatives presented here. The high price might lead you to believe the quality of the torpedo level is exceptional as well. The truth is, however, quite the opposite.

Our favorite features of this one weren’t found in this one, especially at this price point. On this list, it has the fewest angles, with only two. It is not uncommon to find levels with at least three levels on the market. 

Obviously, this one is at a disadvantage because of this lack. A substantial advantage of this device is the use of high-strength magnets. Nevertheless, the high price cannot be justified by that alone.

The level of defects found at this level is also high. It is common for the magnets to stick out, which makes the level unlevel. Furthermore, because they are not rubber-coated, they are not fall-resistant. Moreover, some of them aren’t nearly accurate enough.


  • Magnet made of rare earth with high strength.
  • The tool pouch holster fits the tool pouch.
  • There are two unbreakable, 2 crystal clear, monoblock acrylic vials.
  • An attractive metal frame and two crystal clear, non-fogging, unbreakable acrylic vials (one horizontal, one vertical) are included, the Stabila Rare Earth Magnetic Torpedo Level is durable and easy to use.
  • In addition to being 10 times stronger and more accurate than standard magnets, the design has two high-strength rare earth magnets flush mounted on the front panel.
  • Magnets with high strength
  • Two angles only
  • It is common to find defects
  • It is not fall-resistant

6. Johnson Level & Tool 5500M-GLO 9-Inch Magnetic Glo-View Aluminum Torpedo Level with Rare Earth Magnets – 3 Vial


  • Brand: Johnson
  • Style: 500M-GLO
  • Color: 5500M-GLO
  • Material: Aluminum

Featuring a time-saving top read window and an industrial-grade full-length aluminum frame, this Johnson Level torpedo level offers maximum performance. This enhances its performance and ensures extreme durability. CNC machining gives the edges strength, which makes the level durable.

With the unit, you can read plumb, level, and 45 degrees using three vials. A white Surround View polymer frame surrounds the well-engraved vials, providing 360-degree visibility for superior reading.

A sleek experience is offered by Glo-View’s patented technology. With its precision and versatility, the 5500-Glo stands out.

Due to its lightweight design, you can easily transport it. Due to its magnetic properties, you can stick it on a variety of metal surfaces to gain an extra advantage. It provides enough visibility for you to complete extreme jobs without much stress simply by facing it toward the light.

It is actually possible to see well in the dark when using Glo-View technology. It fits and grips pipes and metallic surfaces due to its V-groove and three earth magnets.


  • Readability in low light is enhanced by the patented Glo-View vial.
  • Magnetically powerful GripTight rare earth magnet firmly holds ferrous metal surfaces.
  • Light sources, whether natural or handheld, recharge the vial surrounds.
  • Pipe and conduit can be fitted with the V-groove frame.
  • A plumb line, level line, and 45 degree line are read with three vials.
  • The V-groove enhances grip on metal surfaces, making this magnet five times stronger than other magnets
  • Designed to resist dust and falls with a robust machined billet aluminum body
  • Visibility and accuracy are assured with machining vial openings
  • With a length of only 9″, the tool is portable and easy to use
  • Only three vials can be measured with it. Since the magnets are frequently falling off, they are not worth every penny.
  • With plumbs, it’s difficult because the plumb level is so large. There have been complaints from some users that their readings have changed after 180 degrees of rotation.

7. OX TOOLS Pro Torpedo Level – Magnetic | 10″ / 250mm


  • Brand: OX Tools
  • Color: Blue, Grey, Green
  • Style: Torpedo
  • Material: Magnetic
  • Style: Torpedo

Another outstanding torpedo-level model that will handle even the most demanding electricity jobs. Nevertheless, compactness, durability, and accuracy are the best words to describe this torpedo level. In every situation and on any job where leveling is required, this torpedo level will prove to be useful.

A special angle finder is included with this torpedo level. It is easy to adjust the vial to find the optimal angle so you can perform your duties correctly. You can use a torpedo level for marking lines or laying pipes, no matter what you’re working on.

The shock-absorbing features of this torpedo will assist in keeping it in place. Moreover, this torpedo sticks easily to metal surfaces due to its rare earth magnetic materials. As well as these features, you will also find end caps and wall grips very helpful in doing your job.

A durable aluminum frame is used to build this torpedo level, making it extremely efficient and durable.


  • OX Tools’ Pro Torpedo magnetic level establishes plumb and square and is compact, durable, and accurate. An offset vial contains three unbreakable acrylic vials with easy-to-read labels. Pipes and conduits can be leveled easily with the v-grooved, fine-milled surface of this rare-earth magnet.
  • Level accuracy is maintained for the life of the level with rubber end caps protecting it from unexpected drops.
  • Warranty on Vials for Life
  • Bubbles can be viewed directly from a tilted horizontal vial
  • The accuracy is 0.0005″/” (0.5mm/m)
  • An extremely strong profile made of 1″ thick material
  • The surface is milled to a fine finish with a V-groove for leveling pipes or conduits
  • An extra layer of durability is provided by rubber end caps
  • Three unbreakable acrylic offset vials are easy-to-read and can be used by carpenters, masons, framers, plumbers, and others who require precise and durable levels.
  • Find the right angle with the adjustable vial. Angle finders ensure that you have the right angle whether you’re scribing, laying pipe, or framing.
  • Its stance on metal surfaces on the job site is maintained by two rare earth magnets. It is easy to attach to metal pipes thanks to the v-groove on the bottom.
  • Shock-proof end caps and wall grips: Bi-material air-cushioned shockproof end caps add durability and accuracy to the level over its lifetime. Both sides of the level are equipped with wall grips. There is less slipperiness on handlebars and end caps when they are wet.
  • There are three unbreakable vials included.
  • Design with a compact frame and a durable construction.
  • Angle finder is equipped as a convenient feature.
  • Magnetic rare earth material makes it easy to attach to metal pipes.
  • As far as this torpedo level goes, it has no significant flaws or potential disadvantages.

8. Sola MM 5 25 Cast Aluminum Magnetic Torpedo Level, Red


  • Brand: SOLA
  • Item Weight: 0.85 Pounds
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Style: Magnetic

Torpedo levels are known for their distinctive appearance, but the Sola MM 5 25 lacks any such characteristics. A rather flat bottom profile throughout the entire length of the unit gives it a look reminiscent of a small mason’s level, rather than the typical, traditional, and streamlined torpedo design.

On the hand, the product feels sturdy and solid due to its 13-ounce weight and 1-inch thickness. Look at the Sola MM 5 25 torpedo level if you are looking for a tough and rugged torpedo level.

In addition to being made of industrial-grade aluminum, its entire body is coated with a smooth epoxy coating that serves two purposes: first, against corrosion, rust, and other harmful agents, and second, to simplify cleaning. Because aluminum is lightweight and compact, and because the arms’ tops are beveled, the tool is easily slid into pockets, tool pouches, backpacks, purses, and other storage spaces due to its beveled edges.

It also comes with three large vials: a vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree container. Since they are large, you will never have any difficulty reading or taking readings, and older citizens will greatly appreciate this since it will be easier on their eyes, especially in dimly lit environments.

A magnifying lens is incorporated into all the vials to increase the bubble size by more than 30%, which further enhances readability. The vials are enclosed in sturdy, unbreakable acrylic glass. With the Sola MM 5 25, you’re pretty much guaranteed to make accurate measurements with few errors, regardless of how blurry your vision may be.

You will be able to achieve outstanding performance from this torpedo level if you use it in temperatures between -20 and +60 degrees Celsius, according to Sola. In addition, the vials contain a liquid that prevents them from becoming electrostatically charged, which could significantly reduce their lifespan.

Torpedo levels differ from most other devices by including ink coatings on the outer edge of the vials. Considering how subjective reading a level can be, it can be hard to judge their efficiency considering it would require extensive experience to do the job expertly.

There is a possibility that you might wonder how it performs when the lighting conditions are less than ideal. It’s impressive to know that the horizontal vials are lit by fluorescent, which makes it easier to see if you are working in a dark area like a crawl space or basement. As a result, scratches and damage often result when the unit is dropped or forcefully thrown from a toolbox since there is no bridge across the top of the vial.

It is equipped with exceptionally strong magnets made of neodymium rare earth metals that provide an exceptionally strong grip on different metallic surfaces. This makes it very easy to operate and makes it resistant to falling when it is dropped accidentally.

Although the grip is not that strong, you will not have a hard time releasing the device from the surface as you will not have to exert much force in order to do so. The V-channel also prevents piping from uncontrollably sipping about the surface when it comes to leveling metal or plastic piping.

We think the premium pricing is justified given all the features it has. It is significantly more expensive, but we believe that the price is justified given all the features it has. This compact and lightweight system is made from durable aluminum alloy, so despite being extremely strong, it is lightweight and versatile.

A powerful magnet keeps the vials firmly attached to metallic surfaces, and the vials are easy to read and properly illuminated. Additionally, it is accurate to 0.029 degrees and comes with a lifetime warranty. There is certainly going to be a struggle in getting yourself a better deal.


  • 3 Patented Focus Vials with 30 percent Magnification, Easy-to-Read
  • Leveling bubbles are closer to the boarder in order to ensure greater accuracy
  • This cast aluminum is coated with a red epoxy resin for durability
  • Protected against UV rays
  • A glow-in-the-dark product.
  • Professional tradesmen who need a rugged tool that will stay accurate in all conditions will appreciate the Sola MM 5 25 Cast Aluminum Magnetic Torpedo Level. 
  • There are three Focus Vials mounted on this level at 45, 90, and 180-Degrees, making them easy to read. 
  • Designed for attaching to steel tubes and frames, the level includes a “V”-shaped bottom containing a powerful Rear Earth Magnet.
  • With just 13 ounces, it is compact and lightweight, making it very portable
  • Rust- and corrosion-resistant
  • Provides three readings for each vial, allowing for versatility
  • Vials that are easy to read and see
  • Uses exceptionally strong neodymium rare earth magnets for hands-free operation
  • Constructed to last for a long time
  • There is not enough strength in magnets

9. Swanson TL043M 9-Inch Savage Magnetic Torpedo Level


  • Brand: Swanson Tool Co., Inc
  • Color: Blue
  • Item Weight: 0.54 Pounds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Style: 9″ Magnetic

It is also accurate to within 0.029-degrees and 0.0005-inches thanks to its Swanson TL043M. A wide range of both domestic and commercial projects such as plumbing, trim and even electrical work can benefit from the Swanson brand’s expertise and commitment to making the perfect torpedo level.

There are four rare earth magnets in this tool, which can be especially useful when it comes to leveling steel electrical boxes, which are particularly useful for professionals in the commercial power industry. Having outlined the features that make this torpedo level a popular choice with plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors, and HVAV installers, it’s time to scratch the surface.

The unit’s characteristic blue color is achieved through anodizing it with an electrical current, which is finished with carvings of aluminum of high quality. Precision-ground edges are then applied after the anodization process to ensure that the machine is perfect square once it has been finished anodizing.

The markings are then etched by laser on both sides in centimeters and inches. The unit is equipped with four rare earth magnets to ensure it grips firmly and securely on metallic surfaces, thereby allowing you to use your hands elsewhere.

With its laser-engraved SAE scale measuring 7 inches and a metric scale measuring 18 inches, the Swanson TL043M is ideal for applications such as plumbing, electrification, and other heavy-duty job sites. Two scales can easily be accommodated by the unit’s 9-inch length.

The Swanson TL043M uses a slightly larger footprint than the typical Tri-loc found in many Swanson products to facilitate bending conduit and copper pipe. The unit also has hanging material on either extreme end, but the latter is notoriously difficult to use due to its magnetic properties. By using this level, you can bend pipes and perform vertical and horizontal projects on the worksite in a variety of ways, including at angles of 0, 90, 45, and 30 degrees. 

The compact and lightweight 9-inch unit is surprising for its size. As it has a low, small profile, it can easily go in almost any tool bag, backpack, or pocket without any trouble. It is ergonomically designed to enhance the user’s comfort and convenience, with the understanding that it will be used under a variety of challenging conditions for extended periods of time.

Because it’s professionally built, the product will comfortably withstand heavy usage without any trouble, figuratively speaking. In summary, the Swanson TL043M offers you some of the best performance in the industry.

In addition to several features that increase convenience, ease of use, and productivity, it includes a number of essential features. Most electricians, plumbers, and construction workers prefer its billet construction, precision laser engravings, and ease of use. As well as being highly durable, highly aesthetic, and highly reliable, it performs well in terms of performance.


  • Up to 30 times stronger than standard magnets, the 4 Strong Neodymium Magnets provide powerful performance
  • This torpedo is constructed of solid billet aluminum for 3X the strength for a lifetime of reliability
  • Contains 4 leveling vials, one of which is 30 degrees (great for conduit bends).
  • Enhanced visibility even in low light is provided by Brightview Vial Surrounds.
  • A 9-inch Savage. With innovative and time-saving features, the aluminum Torpedo Level is the most popular level on the market today. It is lightweight and pocket-sized. 
  • This savage Torpedo Level is made from anodized solid-billet aluminum alloy that has been precision-machined for maximum durability. 
  • The Swanson exclusive BrightView milled vial ports allow for improved readability and accurate measurement with vials at 0°, 30°, 45°, and 90°. 
  • Vials at 0° and 30° can be viewed through top-read viewing windows. It is prominently engraved with US and metric gradations in laser technology. 
  • Four neodymium magnets provide maximum holding power while out on the job, making it one of the strongest designs in the world. 
  • Electrical and plumbing professionals as well as contractors will find this model useful. We’re confident this tool will remain in your toolbox for years to come as one of our best-sellers.
  • A robust billet aluminum construction ensures a long life
  • It comes with vials that are easy to read, clear, and easily visible
  • It’s accurate
  • There are four readings in each vial
  • Easy-to-use ergonomic design
  • Wide range of applications made possible by this product.
  • A powerful four-magnet system makes it possible to operate hands-free
  • Costs a bit more than expected
  • Heavily loaded

What Is Torpedo Level?

In order to understand what a torpedo level is, let’s look at a few of its important features. A spirit level is basically a smaller version and it’s intended to be used in tight spaces. The name derives from its long, thin shape that resembles that of a torpedo.

Many brands are designed to slide into your pocket easily, even with tapered edges similar to a torpedo.

There are only a few levels in this set. Compared to some of the large levels contractors typically use for big jobs, all of the products on this list stand between 5.5 and 10.3 inches long. You can make sure your work is level both horizontally and vertically with their two vials that measure 0 degrees and 90 degrees.

It is also common to see torpedo levels with three or four vials. Having both a 30 and 45-degree vial would give you a little more flexibility since you do not have to use both to ensure things are level and plumb.

Why Do You Need a torpedo Level?

There are some tools that everyone finds useful once in a while. An example of such a tool is a torpedo level. There are countless things you can do with one around the house, not just for plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. Any type of level can be used for putting up shelves, hanging photos, building flat-pack furniture, etc.

Most people don’t think of a torpedo level until they need one, unless they are contractors who use one regularly. This is precisely why every person should own one. You can always count on them to come in handy, and they’re relatively inexpensive. 

Keep it in your toolbox or tucked into a kitchen drawer and the next time you have to hang something, you can do the job right.

How To Choose The Best Torpedo level?

In this section, we will explore some of the essential characteristics of a torpedo level, as well as how a level can be used in the best possible way. In this way, you will be able to decide between two similar units more easily. 

1. Versatility 

Besides magnetic strength, versatility is also important. Pick a unit that delivers accurate results regardless of the conditions under which it is used. Designers must be able to make units of various sizes for both small and large tasks. 

2. Magnetic Strength 

A number of units lack the required magnetic strength, causing potential buyers to be concerned. As you note the angles for making your desired cuts, your device will adhere to the surface due to its magnetic strength. 

Weak magnets also won’t sit flush on surfaces, causing the tool to be uneven, which can lead to inaccurate measurement results. 

3. Ease Of Use 

In spite of the fact that this is the final point, it is just as important as the other two. Torpedo levels must be simple to use in order to be successful; otherwise, it is a waste of money. In order to ensure that buyers get the most out of their purchase, the device must be easy to use, no matter how many features it has. 

This means that instructions should be detailed in an easy-to-understand manner for each component.

4. Thumb Screw

In some torpedo levels, thumb screws are included, which are extremely useful when working with conduit. You can use the level while bending by attaching it to a piece of the conduit using the thumb screw. This tool is extremely helpful for this particular task.

There is no need for the thumb screw if you do not intend to bend any conduit. In spite of this, even if you’re not planning on using the thumb screw on the torpedo, it won’t be an issue.

5. V-Groove

In essence, a V-groove helps you guide conduits and pipes into place quickly and precisely. Conceptually, it’s pretty straightforward. The level has a V-shaped side. This allows you to control the material better. It will work with any round object, but typically it will be conduit or pipe.

A stabilizer can make the job easier and provide more stability for the material. It is essential to have a V-groove if you work regularly with pipes and conduits.

6. Digital

There are many digital levels out there, but this one is included in this product list. Those who have trouble reading measurements with vials will benefit from digital torpedo levels. There is typically a large screen on the back of these levels which shows the angle.

Even slope is included in many of these measurements, as well as inches per foot, millimeters per meter, or millimeters per meter. You’ll probably appreciate a digital level if you use levels often or if you love gadgets and enjoy having the newest technology. Even though they’re simple to use and work well, they’re just as effective as low-tech torpedo levels.

7. Vials

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of vials, which we’ve already touched on.

There is no such thing as a standard vial. There are a number of materials that can be used, including plastic, glass, and acrylic. The best option is usually glass due to a number of factors. There’s less risk of leaks, cracks, or fogging over with this material.

In addition, glass is more durable in the long run if you want something that will last. Ensure that the vials you buy are shockproof and can withstand a bit of abuse. This will prevent them from breaking if they get dropped or banged around in a drawer or tool box when not in use.

Vials that are UV-resistant are sometimes used by some companies. If you work outside a lot, this is obviously very important. By protecting the material from the sun, the color in the liquid won’t fade. There will be no degradation in performance or longevity of the level.

Liquids are usually diluted ethanol, which is used to fill the vials. The angle is read by adjusting the level until an air bubble moves, which is the air bubble moving. A few things can help you see the meniscus, or bubble’s edge, if you have difficulty seeing it.

There are some levels that make an effort to make the bubble more visible by using a bright greenish-yellow liquid to fill the vials. Also, if you work in a low-light environment or in tight spaces, you can find levels that have glow-in-the-dark liquid. LED lights are also available on some models.

The number of vials varies a bit depending on the level. It is necessary to have at least two measuring stations in order to perform both horizontal and vertical measurements simultaneously. There are measurements at 90 degrees and 180 degrees, which are sometimes referred to as “levels” and “plumbs”.

Torpedo levels can also measure other angles, such as 30 degrees and 45 degrees. It makes the level more versatile by allowing you to measure more angles.

In addition to the rotating vial options, there are a few options that also have a stationary vial. Using this method is the best way to measure a large number of angles. There are markings on the dial that correspond to different angles on which the vial is set. Whenever you turn the dial, the vial will automatically be positioned at the angle you have selected.

Does this feature meet your needs? The answer is no. The feature is useful, however, if you need it at some point in the future. The visibility of the vials is another important aspect to consider.

Whether you’re looking at the level head-on or at the front, they’re all visible, but how often do you actually look at the level directly when you’re working? This is why some of these levels have openings in their frames. Vials can be easily observed from any angle just by looking through the holes.

8. Warranty

There are different warranties for different torpedo levels. Our list actually includes a lot of products that are backed by lifetime warranties. Lifetime warranties are usually a safe bet for well-made products. Although torpedo levels with 1 to 3 year warranties are well made, we came across some that have no warranties at all.

Any warranty is only as good as its coverage, so it’s important to know what’s covered and what’s not. So if there is ever a problem, you will know about it. Torpedo levels can have problems with vials, which is one of the most common problems. Occasionally, the level is rendered useless due to a leak or cloud. Therefore, be sure to look out for any problems and to check the warranty on the vials.

9. Accuracy

In the absence of accuracy, a level is useless. Therefore, accuracy should be your very first consideration. Torpedo levels are difficult to determine their accuracy before purchase, as you might imagine. The accuracy of a torpedo level can be determined by reading reviews such as ours. We reviewed all the torpedo levels and determined which ones were accurate, so you should be able to find a level that works for you.

The accuracy of a torpedo level can also be determined by its overall quality. It is generally more likely to be accurate if the level is high-quality overall.

10. Cost

There isn’t much cost associated with most torpedo levels. It should be noted, however, that some products on the market are extremely expensive.

There is typically no exceptional quality associated with the exceedingly expensive levels. Purchases of these items are rarely justified in many cases. Brand names are often more important than the actual quality of a tool. For most users, moderately-priced tools are usually sufficient, since they usually meet their needs.

11. Durability

These levels are not priced differently. Machines that are cheaper are less durable than those that are more expensive, which cannot be repurchased. Although it is important to avoid prematurely breaking your level, it is still important to avoid doing so. For this reason, you should make sure that any level you purchase is made from durable materials.

Aluminum would be a better choice for the level. In spite of its lightweight nature, this material is extremely durable. Its properties make it ideal for levels of this kind. Also, rubber-wrapped levels prevent them from breaking when dropped because they won’t bust.

The Differences Between Levels

It is possible to choose from a wide variety of levels depending on your needs. In small spaces, Torpedo levels are ideal because their compact frame makes taking measurements easy. A torpedo level may not be necessary if you don’t lack surface area.

Electricians and plumbers are typically associated with torpedo levels. Nevertheless, there are a number of other situations and jobs in which this would be useful. It might be worth the investment to purchase torpedo levels if you are an engineer, an architect, or if you are a DIYer.

I-beam and box levels are also common, but their longer lengths mean that they aren’t appropriate for all jobs. Spirit levels have also been used in the past. Torpedoes and other types of levels contain vials of liquid within the air bubbles that indicate their presence. 

There are a few characteristics of torpedo levels that don’t exist in their cousins other than their size. The groove on torpedoes is often designed to work with cylindrical pipes and shapes without angles or with rounded edges.

It can also be useful to use magnetic levels because they stick to surfaces and stay put without requiring extra hands or people. Only the spacing between the vials is different between these and the longer counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electrician torpedo levels only for electricians?

Obviously, they can also be used by people who are not electricians. Their work in the electrical field is exceptional. Among other things, plumbers, construction workers, carpenters, pipefitters, etc, use this level.

Where to buy stabila levels ?

I recommend Amazon. There are 2-3 product reviews at the top of this post about stabila torpedo levels.

Are magnets important in the torpedo level?

In order to have your hands free, you need magnets to attach torpedo levels to metal surfaces. The torpedo level will require constant monitoring if it does not have rare earth magnets or magnets. It’s true that magnets are important.

Is the torpedo level set better than just one torpedo level?

Probably all the torpedo levels you have in the kit/set are great for all kinds of jobs since you have more than one. A torpedo set can offer you some special features, such as a digital torpedo level, but if you want something in particular, you’d be better off having that level alone. As a result, the decision is yours.

When it comes to digital torpedo levels, is the green background better than regular one?

Green backgrounds serve only one purpose: to make things more visible. The green background of a digital torpedo level makes it easier to read the level.


Do you know which torpedo level is right for you? 

No worries if the answer is no. The following are our favorite models from different categories to help you choose the right model for you. We feel that the SKIL 12 Digital Level provides excellent accuracy, making it our top wishlist item. 

Our 2nd recommendation is the Klein Tools 935AB4V Level, which will work best for most people and is also an affordable option. The device can read angles from 4 different directions and is not expensive at all. It is also extremely useful to be able to observe the vial from the top down via the windows. Most situations work well with the magnet track due to its well-designed design.

It is our 3rd recommendation to use the Kapro – 227 Toolbox Level if you need a very inexpensive option. While being one of the highest quality options on our list, it is much cheaper than most of the other options.

It is my hope that you were able to choose the best torpedo level for you after reading this article. We recommend checking out our reviews first if you want to find the perfect level, and our buyer’s guide will help you narrow down everything you have to choose from.

Let’s bid you goodbye for now and move on to the next topic: torpedo levels. Here are a few tips we’d like to share with you. To keep your model clean, be sure to clean it after each use to avoid dust buildup, and check for cracks the next morning.

Before making a purchase, feel free to refer to the buyer’s guide if you are unsure. In the meantime, we’ll look at some of the other most popular tools on the market next time. I look forward to seeing you soon! 


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