15 Best Tri Suits – Best Buyer’s Guide


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In the past few years, tri suits have come a long way from one-piece sleeveless suits fashioned from thick bike chamois. Tri suits today are designed to keep you cool and wick away moisture, as well as reduce wind resistance through aerodynamic trip textures.

It is important to have a tri suit that is strong in several areas such as padding, chafe prevention, heat dissipation, and even pit stop ease. You don’t have to worry about which suit you choose since it will reduce your drag.

Do you need a new tri-suit? A comprehensive guide to the most popular sleeved, sleeveless, and Ironman tri-suits on the market is outlined in this comprehensive guide, which has been independently reviewed by our team of experts.

In order to help you find the intersection between price and bells and whistles that will help answer that important question: How much suit do I really need? We’ve put together a guide with the best tri suits for men’s and women’s of the 2022 season that covers all of their features, functions, strengths, and weaknesses.

The tri-suit is an essential piece of triathlon gear since it is the only piece of clothing you have with you during your race. Whether you’re training for a sprint event or an Ironman, on a budget, or seeking improved aerodynamics.

8 Best Tri Suit For Men’s





Best Overall

1. De Soto Forza Sleeved Triathlon Flisuit

  • lightweight compression

  • 4mm Clasico Integrate 

  • Comfortable and durable

Best Budget

2. Speedo Men’s Triwear-Fastskin Pronton

  • LZR Pulse Power

  • coral-colored 

  • leg compression

3. Castelli Men’s Free Sanremo 2 

  • hydrophobic 

  •  long-distance triathlons

  • beginner-level 

4. Huub DS Long Course Tri Suit – SS21

  • Coldblack technology

  • Heat-reflective fabric 

  • Long distances

5. ORCA Men’s Athlex Aero Tri Suit

  • Dimpled aero

  • High-performance

  • Vapor-cool 

6. 2XU Men’s Compression Full Zip Sleeved Trisuit

  • Long-distance

  • UV-blocking

  • Lycra Spandex

7. Zoot Men’s Ultra Short Sleeve Aero

  • UV protection 

  • Well-deserved

  • 3D textile

8. SLS3 Mens CMX Triathlon Tri Race Suit 

  • Ultra-thin

  • Multi-density 

  • 20% Power Spandex 

1. De Soto Forza Sleeved Triathlon Flisuit – FFTS


  • Fabric Type: 100% Polyester
  • Color: Royal Hive
  • Brand: De Soto
  • Best For: Men’s

All of the triathlon suits made by De Soto are stunning and interesting, but the Forza Triathlon Flisuit is the most interesting. Although this suit is eye-catching with its sparkling blue design, there’s much more to it than just looks.

The suit gives you freedom of movement where you need it while offering compression in the right places. In addition to preventing fatigue, the suit provides a good level of compression in the hips and legs. The shirt fits loosely enough under the arms so as not to rub or chaff while wearing the aero tuck.

You can wear the De Soto Forza Sleeved Triathlon Flisuit in the water under your wetsuit. Your suit sheds water quickly when you get out of the water. After you’ve ridden, it reduces humidity and sweat by wicking it away efficiently.

In terms of chafing protection, the pad does a good job. It is thin enough to not restrict your movement or cause unnecessary friction whether you are riding a bike, swimming, or running.

There is a zip on the front of the De Soto that you can open for extra ventilation. A discreet fly, in the form of a flap, has been included on the suit for added comfort, particularly during long events.

There is a good range of sizes available from small to XXL  in the De Soto Forza Sleeved Triathlon Flisuit. If you don’t like sparkling blue, you can choose from other colors. There is something very special about the sparkling yellow. You won’t believe how much bling it has!


  • This upper body is made with a Skin Cooler90 fabric that provides UVB 90 sun protection as well as a soothing sensation when wet. New 3-inch Mobius Comfort Compression leg bands provides lightweight compression without constrictions on the lower body made from Forza Compressor fabric.
  • A wide range of training and racing needs can be accommodated in five pockets. Enjoy swimming, biking, and running without having to change clothes. Use it under your wetsuit when you’re racing.
  • There is a possibility of staining when swimming in murky waters, for instance, pools, streams, bays, etc. Chlorinated pools should not be used repeatedly. This product is made in the USA.
  • The 4mm Clasico Integrate Pad provides comfortable support while riding and does not cause any noticeable discomfort while running. In addition to being odor-proof and floating when wet, it is also quick-drying and the seams are placed strategically to avoid contact with your saddle.
  • Comfortable and durable Liftfoil center panels are made of solid black material. Comfort and durability are provided by Liftfoil center panels made of solid black material.
  • DO NOT ASSUME that you are a certain size. Sizing guidance can be found on the right side of the image. Putting on the garment for the first time will be the tightest it fits, and after wearing it for a while it will loosen up slightly.
  • There will be no shrinkage. Compression is intentionally designed to prevent chafing. Its compressive, snug nature can force you to step out of your comfort zone when you wear triathlon apparel. If you wear it a couple of times, your comfort will return!
  • A small inseam is 9.5″ (24.13cm) a medium is 10″ (25.40cm) a large is 10.5″ (26.67cm) an XLarge is 11″ (27.94cm).

2. Speedo Men’s Triwear-Fastskin Pronton


  • Fabric Type:  Neoprene,Silicone,Mesh,Elastane
  • Closure Type:  Zipper
  • Fit Type:  Standard
  • Color: Speedo Black

A triathlete’s wardrobe would not be complete without the Speedo Fastskin Tri Suit, which provides comfort and ease when entering and leaving the water. 

With a high-tech, stretchy upper body, it allows swimmers a full range of movement, thus putting them ahead of their competition.  Moreover, competitors can keep moving optimally for a longer period of time due to the suit’s compression fit created by LZR Pulse Power fabric over the torso and lower body. 

An effective moisture management system is provided by the ventilated mesh fabric in each suit.  Micro air holes accompany this material, which is particularly useful in humid and hot conditions.  

In spite of this, Speedo recognizes that wearers will sweat, which is why its range includes sweat-wicking fabrics to prevent chafing. There are coral-colored stripes on the outer thighs of the suit, enhancing the sporty aesthetic. 

The result is that Speedo’s tri suits for men make competitors look much more professional than what they do. Furthermore, the suit is just under $150 and offers numerous performance-enhancing features. What’s not to love about it?


  • Compared to standard elastane, it is more chlorine resistant. You won’t feel restricted when racing because the fabric stretches.
  • Band made of silicone that gives a secure fit and keeps the fabric in place as you ride or run. High comfort and muscle support with leg compression.
  • Mesh fabric that regulates moisture, wicks away moisture and allows for ventilation.
  • The straight-back pocket includes a cover for a more drag-reduced storage solution.
  • Zipper with auto-lock feature.

3. Castelli Men’s Free Sanremo 2 Short Sleeve Tri Suit


  • Material: [main] Velocity Rev2, [back] Velocity mesh
  • Pockets: 2 rear, 2 hip
  • Fit: form-fit
  • Zip: full-length
  • Chamois: KISS Tri

If you’re looking to improve your bike performance and time, the Castelli Free Sanremo short sleeve tri suit is a great option. This tri suit is designed to make you feel comfortable while you run. In addition to providing you with breathing space, the suit is aerodynamic and allows you to move freely.

A speedFreak material, hydrophobic at the same time, prevents dragging and absorbing less water, making it one of the best suits on the market. It has elastic in the shoulders so you can swim naturally despite the sleeves reaching your elbows. Aerodynamics will be improved when you wear elbow-length sleeves when riding a bike.

In Castelli’s Kiss Tri feature, the seat pad is designed to provide comfort while cycling but will be virtually invisible when running or swimming. Castelli developed the tri suit with a highly rated YKK Camlock zipper and Giro Air elastics so that you don’t have to worry about the zipper or suit slipping.

You don’t want the suit to feel tight so that wardrobe mishaps don’t occur, but you want it to be comfortable and flexible enough that you don’t cramp up while you move.

When you wear a triathlon suit, you should feel comfortable so that you can perform well. If you feel that the suit drags, you might need to order a smaller size or switch brands and models.

You can store nutrition in two hydro and aerodynamic-optimized pockets on the hips with a tri suit designed for long-distance triathlons. A patented Castelli Sanremo innovation ensures ease of access to the bathroom with its front design.

My overall recommendation is to wear this tri suit while participating in an Olympic distance or Ironman triathlon regularly. Sunburn-prone people will benefit from the sleeves, and those with easy access to bathrooms will save time.

My recommendation would be for beginner-level triathletes to use this tri suit in order to strengthen their triathlon skills. As well as triathletes who race one or two times per summer, I would suggest using this suit.

Eventually, you’ll want to “upgrade” to a different tri suit once you become more involved in the sport. Then you will have a better understanding of what you need at a race and what you need to do to succeed.


  • TRIATHLON SUIT FOR THE PERFECT PERFORMER Those with excellent abilities in everything are the best triathletes. 
  • The suit was made with so much care because of that. The reverse order of events would be: Run: At this point in the race, fatigue is setting in. 
  • This suit is very comfortable. It helps you stop peeing easily and lets you open it when you feel too hot because it has a front Samremo opening that doesn’t pull you forward. 
  • Fabrics that dry quickly, are lightweight and are cool to the touch. In comparison to the bike seat pad, which felt so good, the seat pad on the bike hardly registers on the bike. 
  • You don’t have to worry about your gels bouncing around in the two rear pockets. Leg gripper elastics on Giro4’s long legs prevent them from riding up and binding. 
  • You’ll probably even notice that your chafed raw spots don’t burn as often afterward. There is an extra boost of power, an increase in speed, you think. 
  • Putting some distance between yourself and the other riders is something you enjoy during these couple of hours. 
  • Castelli’s Pro PR suit has the same aerodynamic research, but it has been tuned for speeds in the medium-to-high range. 
  • As for the back and pockets, they provide good sun protection and offer plenty of nutrition storage. The legs and sleeves are excellent, while the back and sleeves provide excellent coverage. 
  • Castelli’s experience in manufacturing seat pads is also appreciated by you. Pass a few more riders by putting your head down. During swimming, you can cut through the water with reduced seaming and long arms and legs, while the pockets lie flat without catching water. 
  • Despite the lightweight fabrics, the fit is snug and water does not accumulate as easily. Wetsuits and swimsuits will easily slip over the shoulder area due to the extra stretch.

4. Huub DS Long Course Tri Suit – SS21


  • Brand: Huub DS
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Department ‏: ‎Men’s

With the assistance of six-time world champion Ironman Dave Scott, HUUB DS Long Course was designed. In order to ensure comfort, breathability, and aerodynamics during long races, this shirt was created.

With a higher aerodynamic profile than previous HUUB DS long course tri suits, this one is better suited to long distance races. Maintains breathability and comfort without compromising either.

Italian fabrics are used in the construction of the tri suit, making it very soft. Moreover, salt crystals will not appear on your suit since it wicks away moisture quickly. Swimming will keep your body dry, and biking without headwinds or crosswinds will keep you warm.

Air escapes from the suit’s sides and back through mesh panels for breathability. Body temperature is regulated by Huub’s Coldblack technology.

A six- or twelve-hour race would benefit from this as you transition between disciplines and stay healthy. The technology also protects you from the sun by at least 30 UPF, regardless of the color of the suit you order.

During your race, the heat-reflective fabric is used to prevent you from getting overheated. The rear nutrition pockets and aerodynamic sleeves make this version better than older versions.

For triathletes who compete over long distances, this chamois was specially designed. You can move freely on the bike without being hindered by the chamois. Long rides in the saddle are more comfortable and efficient when wearing a suit and chamois that allow an open hip position.

Those who want to race for a long time would benefit from this suit since it keeps them cool and comfortable. Furthermore, you need a suit that won’t restrict your hips and legs during the race.


  • UPF30 protection with Coldblack Technology.
  • Provides added breathability with mesh panels.
  • Keep your body cool and dry by wearing this fabric with high-wicking properties.
  • Keeping your arms short reduces oscillations in the biceps.
  • Added cooling is provided by heat reflective surfaces.
  • It has been Huub’s tradition to pioneer the sleeved triathlon suit since 2014. The Huub long-distance tri suit and the award-winning top have been created in harmony by combining fabrics, coatings, and testing designs. 
  • Its Coldblack technology provides a minimum of UPF 30 without sacrificing its look or feel. The Huub DS Long Course Sleeved Tri Suit weighs just 1.2 pounds without its sleeved sleeves. 
  • On hotter days, Coldblack technology keeps you cool while on colder days, it keeps you warm. 
  • With its ultra-soft Italian fabric, the suit is both sweat-wicking and exceptionally soft. Keeping you cool and dry at all times, sweat is easily evaporated by moving excess moisture to the other layers of the fabric. 
  • A mesh panel located along the back and spine of the suit allows warm air to exit and cool air to enter, thereby allowing the suit to breathe. 
  • A tri suit is made entirely of heat-reflective fabrics, which provide additional cooling. By wearing short sleeves, you are able to control your bicep muscles, which helps to reduce oscillations. 
  • Furthermore, the sleeves improve aerodynamics on the bike or in the water so you can have a more appealing profile. To protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, the shoulders and upper arm areas have been improved with UV protection. 
  • An easy on/off fastening is provided by the front zip, which can be adjusted to suit the wearer’s preference. 
  • The rear aero pockets are a good place to store small essentials like packs and gels. Gloves are recommended if your nails are sharp so they don’t get caught on the material and cause damage. 
  • The construction and feel of the tri suit ensure that no outdoor water will prevent you from being comfortable, protected, and enhanced in open water. When attempting to choose between two sizes, HUUB recommends going up instead of down.

5. ORCA Men’s Athlex Aero Tri Suit


  • Size: Small
  • Brand: Orca
  • Color: Silver/Black
  • Best For : Men’s
  • Fabric Type: Vapour-cool

As the prices are not revealed until after testing is complete, I assumed the new Athlex would fall into the $200 range given its dimpled fabrics, superior mesh, and breathability.

Fortunately, it’s much lower than that. This one is also suitable for warmer racing conditions due to its cooling material composition and large white back panel.

Dimpled aero sleeves make a fashion statement, while a supportive yet supple pad is your go-to accessory on the bike or on the run. Since the rear pockets are covered and there is a stretchy material, it is the best choice for swimming without a wetsuit, although taller gels can dislodge from pockets deeper than the shallow depth.

Additionally, the modest leg grippers slide down and up the legs when cycling, which is more of a mild irritation than a major issue.


  • Aerodynamic: This high-performance fabric has an optimized texture that enhances aerodynamics. A perfect fit and unrestricted swimming are also ensured by its high level of elasticity.
  • Featuring a 4 mm thickness along with a 120 kgs/m3 density, the Italian-made Tri-Tech chamois provides great comfort and quick drying properties.
  • In vapor-cool technology, nanocrystals are used to cool the body of an athlete. This technology helps reduce sweating. In addition to providing compression, it does not compromise the garment’s flexibility, enabling it to fit very tightly.
  • There is enough space in the back pockets to store all the nutrition equipment that you need for a triathlon.

6. 2XU Men’s Compression Full Zip Sleeved Trisuit


  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only
  • Item model number: 9336340812043
  • Best For: ‎Men’s
  • Brand: 2XU

It’s so comfortable and supportive at the same time, making the 2XU Compression tri suit the perfect choice for long-distance workouts. By compressing the body, the lactic acid buildup may be reduced and the recovery process will be improved.

There is breathability in the suit despite it being a full-body compression suit. Compressive materials could not be compromised without compromising this process.

2XU solved the problem. As an example, the suit’s compressive materials are integrated with UV-blocking materials. You stay protected from the elements and your body can breathe as you complete the race.

Additionally, the suit was coated in a polyester filament that helps lower body temperature during exercise. Rain or sweat will not make pools of moisture accumulate in this suit because of the moisture-wicking technology.

In addition to being comfortable to wear, the suit helps prevent muscle fatigue and injuries in triathletes. Furthermore, there is Lycra Spandex, elastane, and high filament polyester in the suit, and this material provides comfort and allows you to move freely.

Considering the suit’s comfort as both a preventative measure after a workout and a benefit during the workout is a smart idea. Taking the suit as an example, it provides sun protection from UVA rays. While working out and afterward, this would make you more comfortable.

Triathletes who have bought the suit are able to use it for several years before having to purchase another. Triathletes who want a compression tri suit and want to recover quicker between races should check this out.


  • With 105D/CK fabrication, muscle mapping, and ICE X cooling technologies, the compression triathlon range is designed for long-distance competitors.
  • Premium Italian silicon gripper with perforations to provide a comfortable fit. Semi-auto lock zip runs the entire length of the garment. Comfortable and supportive LD chamois for all-day riding. A composite of 82% polyester and 18% elastane is used in the CF and CB panels
  •  Powerful and lightweight PWX fabric.
  • Long course racing poses many challenges, including injuries, fatigue, heat, and sun exposure, which are reduced by reduced muscle oscillation, cooling, and UV blocking.
  • Airflow technology with dimples enhances speed and endurance. Designed for ultimate comfort and aerodynamics, this shirt features ergonomically engineered paneling. Hydration gels can be stored easily in the rear pockets.

7. Zoot Men’s Ultra Short Sleeve Aero Tri Racesuit – High-Performance Triathlon Racesuit (Ultra ’19, Medium)


  • Closure Type: Pull On
  • Brand: Zoot
  • Product Dimensions ‏: ‎14 x 15 x 1 inches; 9.21 Ounces
  • Sleeve Type: Short Sleeve

There is a new triathlon suit for men making waves in the world of triathlon: Zoot’s Ultra Short Sleeve Aero triathlon suit. This well-deserved attention is well deserved. Zoot’s Ultra Short Sleeve Aero Triathlon Race suit is made of Carbon fabric to increase your aerodynamic efficiency.

A triathlon also requires a lot of sweat on your body, which is reduced with carbon material. The carbon material even helps to regulate the outside temperature of your body during the triathlon.

There are few tri suits with such sophisticated designs as this one. In addition to the suit’s unique design, the chamois provides comfort and minimizes drag during the cycle and run portions. The trisuit also offers high UV protection (UPF 50+) during the summer, so you can stay cool and healthy.

Adding to its practicality, the suit also features four pockets for carrying nutrition when you run out of energy on the bike or run. The Italian gripper that comes only on this tri suit gives you a compressive and comfortable fit. During the bike portion of the race, you might be able to stay awake and comfortable with this approach.

Additionally, the Italian gripper includes a reflective strip on its arm for added visibility during practice rides, while its compression material ensures a perfect fit on the biceps. As a result of Zoot’s SeamLink stitching, your legs remain flexible while chafing is minimized.

You should feel comfortable wearing the suit on land since it should feel supportive but also move with you. Your muscles and energy level may stay fresh as you move from one leg to the next when wearing the suit. Tri suits that are super light yet supportive may allow you to perform even better.

Those who are in their third or fourth season or looking to get more competitive in the sport will find this product very useful. Buying a tri suit made of carbon material is a big investment. You want to make sure you use it to the fullest possible extent so you can get the most out of it. Triathletes aren’t the only ones who should try it, but that’s who I recommend it to.


  • The Ultra collection by Zoot uses a 3D textile designed to impede the flow of wind. With the surface of a golf ball as a starting point, ULTRA incorporates technology and research. In critical areas of the garment, there are dimples placed behind the athlete to reduce air vortices and reduce drag.
  • The pocket design makes it easy for you to carry everything you need when running long distances. In order to reduce bounce, the hip-holster pockets are conveniently placed on the hips to make them easy to access. Extra nutrition or larger items can be stored in the large Kangaroo pocket.
  • We have engineered a fabric featuring a jacquard design that is directly woven into the fabric, enabling it to last the entire life of the garment. Unlike a print or embossment that fades or vanishes over time, this is not a printed or embossed surface.
  • Perfect design: A full-length zipper at the front for easy pitting when pitting in the middle of a race.

8. SLS3 Mens CMX Triathlon Tri Race Suit – 1 Pocket Skinsuit Trisuit – Great from Sprint to Ironman 5.8″ – 5.10″ / 160-180 lbs (Black/Red, L)


  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only
  • Package Dimensions:‎ 11.1 x 7.52 x 1.61 inches; 7.04 Ounces
  • Color: Black/Red

Our list includes many brands that specialize in triathlete-specific equipment and gear, including SLS3. SLS3 has only been around for a little under two decades, which makes it a bit of a latecomer.

SLS3 has an edge over most brands because its creators are triathletes. That means not only does the brand make triathlon equipment its entire focus, but its entire raison d’être is inspired by personal experience.

Furthermore, SLS3 is one of the more affordable models on the market, which makes it an even more desirable product. SLS3 CMX tri suits have anatomical openings that can be considered legs, but we are not necessarily speaking about these.

The SLS3 CMX can support or otherwise perform well during the different legs of the race that it is capable of providing assistance during. The tri suit allows you to wear the same suit throughout the entire race, which is a huge advantage if you haven’t already started doing this since you won’t have to switch gear.

However, this tri suit runs thinner than other tri suits, so it may not be the best choice for colder races. Furthermore, this tri suit meets all the expected requirements for a competition-worthy tri suit, including the ability to wear it throughout the race.

A sample of this is the fiber composition of the tri suit, which is comprised of nylon and lycra, but has a mesh back that facilitates additional ventilation while running and biking.

The SLS3 CMX tri suit has a 3/4-zip closure for allowing you to open it during your race legs if you require more ventilation. SLS3 CMX also offers four pockets, which are more than most other racing bags, so you can carry up to four items with you while racing.


  • Despite the fact that it comes with an ultra-thin, multi-density Triathlon pad, you do not have to worry about retaining any water from your swim or having it stick to your clothing during the run. 
  • Front zippers are equipped with zipper garages and coverage on the inside to protect your skin.
  • Keeping your nutrition in place on race day is made easier with the back pockets. For gels, there are two larger pockets and one smaller pocket. 
  • This means tri suit has a mesh back panel that keeps you cool when racing in the heat. 
  • 80% Nylon and 20% Power Spandex make up the unique fabric used in this men’s tri suit, which offers the following benefits: 
  • Reduced body cooling energy needs due to improved breathability and evaporation. 
  • The best moisture management is available. Get the most out of your performance with this Triathlon suit. 
  • This “second skin” compression allows you to stretch/recover in any direction.

7 Best Tri Suit For Women’s





Best Overall

1. 2XU Women’s Project X Tri Suit

  • PRX Skin

  • X chamois

  • Aerodynamics 

2. ZONE3 Women’s Activate Plus Trisuit

Best Budget

  • Lycra Sport

  • Elastic Technology

  • Silicone UFO leg

3. Zoot Sports Women’s Performance Hydro Triathlon

  • Sun protection

  • Inseam of 6″ 

  • SBR 1D technology

4. ROKA Women’s Gen II Elite Aero Short Sleeve

  • Aerodynamic mesh panel

  • Improve ventilation

  • Tight fit 

5. SUGOi Women’s RPM Tri Suit

  • 15% stretchy spandex

  • 85% nylon

  • Hydrodynamically

6. ZONE3 Women’s Activate Plus Trisuit

  • Water-shedding 

  • Good compression

  • Elastic technology

7. PEARL IZUMI Women’s Select Pursuit Tri Suit

  • 12% Lycra Elastane

  • 88% Nylon

  • Zone3’s tri suit

1. 2XU Women’s Project X Tri Suit


  • Color: Black/White
  • Best For: Women’s
  • Brand: 2XU
  • Package Dimensions: ‎7.64 x 4.33 x 1.57 inches; 3.52 Ounces
  • Item model number:‎ WT4836d

A tasteful and sporty tri suit in all-black with gold details is a great option if you are looking for something a little less bold and simple. This tri suit is a great choice for women who aren’t interested in big bold patterns and tons of color.

This suit is made with PRX Skin, which is 2XU’s latest fabric that provides a lightweight feel that ensures that you’ll run as fast as possible during your triathlon. You will feel comfortable and dry wearing Project X Chamois. Your skin won’t be irritated or chafed by it.

In addition to its total bonding, this tri suit will help you glide through the water more quickly than most other options on the market.


  • For unmatched comfort and speed on or off the water, this suit has fully bonded seams.
  • For a secure fit, a silicone gripper is placed on the second skin.
  • Wearers will stay dry and comfortable due to the bonding and seamless construction of the Project X chamois.
  • Optimize your aerodynamics with these sleeves.
  • Hydration gels can be stored easily in the rear pockets.

2. ZONE3 Women’s Activate Plus Trisuit


  • Color: Zebra Fly – Bla
  • Sport Type: Triathlon, Swimming
  • Material: ‎25% Elastane, 75% Polyamide
  • Brand Name: ZONE3
  • Skill Level: X-Small

The Activate trisuit was created by Zone3 with the intent of becoming a staple in your triathlon wardrobe. As of now, I’m impressed with the trisuit’s style, support, and breathability. Those who need a bra can even wear the suit with a built-in bra.

You can get the most out of your dollar when you buy from Zone3 because they combine high performance with style. Side panel graphics will add a touch of personality to your race day gear, helping you stand out among the crowd.

Printed panels are designed with Lycra Sport fabric to provide support and a flashy look. Designed specifically for women, the eTri-Lite pad provides comfort during triathlons. The location is purposeful and small. With the use of multiple thicknesses, water will be absorbed less and the bike will be more comfortable.

As a result of Elastic Technology, the suit is more comfortable without compromising on support or snugness. When practicing or racing, minimal rubbing occurs due to the seams being sewn to reduce chafing. Nutrition can be accessed from the back of the suit during a ride or run through a storage pocket with an elastic band.

To keep the suit from moving during the race, silicone UFO leg grippers are attached to the inside knee. Extra ventilation during the race is provided by the front zipper with zip protection. To reduce any discomfort caused by the zipper, an inner lining has been added.

As for the suit on land, its built-in bra should provide additional support. In a race or practice, the suit should provide you with extra support so that you can perform as you normally would.

This tri suit is not practical because it is not built to be practical. A built-in bra, for example, is nice, but it has a greater negative impact than a positive one. If you wear a tri suit that doesn’t absorb water or wear one that is extremely tight, you might be better off without a bra.


  • Spandex is 100%.
  • The perfect combination of high quality, high performance, and great value.
  • Available in three designs, these stylish side panels are sublimation printed.
  • With an 88% rating in 220 Magazine, this product won the 2018 Best Value Award.
  • Some top-level tri suits have specialist features.
  • A comfortable and well-covered garment made of breathable and high-quality materials.

3. Zoot Sports Women’s Performance Hydro Triathlon Racesuit


  • Size: Large
  • Color: Blue
  • Department: ‎Unisex-adult
  • Brand: ‎ ZOOT SPORTS

With this tri suit, you are able to choose from three different colors, including bright colors for athletes who want their performance to stand out, as well as plain black if you want to keep it subtle. Bringing energy chews or gels along with you will be easy with this suit’s dual hip holster pockets.

Added comfort is provided by the quick-drying fabric. You’ll be able to use your favorite bra instead of having to make do with what’s already there because it doesn’t come with a built-in bra.

You shouldn’t have any ride-up problems since the legs have a good grip. There are no chafing issues due to the seams. There is no need to worry about the pads being too bulky while biking. You can easily put it on and take it off because of the front zipper.


  • The cam lock zipper lets you easily switch from one type of bra to another. It provides sun protection of UPF 50+.
  • The pad is constructed using SBR 1D technology. Detail of a hydro print.
  • An adjustable leg hem gripper for more comfort and less restriction. Pockets on hip holsters.
  • An inseam of 6″ (15.25 cm) has a seamLink stitch construction that ensures next-to-skin comfort. A 12″ (30.5 cm) zipper features soft-finish zipper binding.

4. ROKA Women’s Gen II Elite Aero Short Sleeve Triathlon Sport Suit


  • Material: Silicone
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Brand: ROKA
  • Sleeve Type:  Short Sleeve
  • Sport Type: Triathlon
  • Color: White / Black
  • Age Range: Adult

In terms of the size range, the Roka tri suit for women is good. There’s just a pity that the same cannot be said about the color selection. You can choose between black and white or black and white and black. Come on guys, black and black and white? We’re not suggesting a thousand shades of pink here. Are you serious?

There are a few faults to be found with the suit aside from its color. Made from the finest materials, this tri-suit is of the highest quality. Tri-suits don’t get much better than this.

The top half of the suit material is designed to increase aerodynamics through the water and on the bike. There is an aerodynamic mesh panel on the back that also serves to improve ventilation and temperature control. A unique laser-cut tapered edge is also included to enhance aerodynamics and prevent sausage arms.

Additionally, the legs have been laser cut to reduce sausage legs and boost aerodynamics. In order to support leg muscles during a race, the legs feature double knit fabric to increase compression without over construction.

The chamois on a tri suit has one of the lowest profiles of any pads you can find. The seat is still well padded, though, so it won’t be uncomfortable for the rider. As an added bonus, it’s so small that it won’t interfere with any of your strokes or running actions.

You can store gels and bars for even the longest races in the two large pockets at the back of the jersey section. A tight fit between the pockets and the suit reduces drag. In spite of this, they aren’t too close so access is difficult.


  • Featuring clean compression with a laser cut finish, the NEW LASER CUT LEG is made of a premium double-knit fabric. A strategic silicone print eliminates “sausage-leg” and improves aerodynamics.
  • The ROKA sleeves provide maximum aerodynamic benefit by minimizing seams and strategically taping edges. A laser cut reduces the “sausage-arm” effect.
  • A dual-stretch pocket on this ROKA suit allows you to securely store nutrition and gel flasks while running or biking built and tested to be accessed quickly and safely in the as-worn position.
  • Aerodynamic mesh back panel provides enhanced ventilation, reduces seams, and promotes thermoregulation; Aero Mesh + Coldblack treated fabrics help keep you cool.
  • The chamois moves with the body: Designed with an elastic interface, the low-profile foam chamois conforms to your body, providing protection on rides and runs, without sacrificing long-distance comfort.

5. SUGOi Women’s RPM Tri Suit


  • Fabric Type: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
  • Origin: Made in the USA or Imported
  • Manufacturer: ‎Sugoi RUN Sports Apparel
  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash
  • Color: Light Jade

Stylish and colorful, this mint-colored tri suit is sure to set you apart from the crowd. A blend of 85% nylon and 15% stretchy spandex creates the suit, which is 100% made in the USA. 

Airflow and breathability are improved through mesh panel inserts in this suit’s zone construction. You will be comfortable throughout the race with its flat seams and abrasion resistance.

An additional ventilation zip is located on the front of the shirt. You can open it to let more air in when you get too hot while running or biking portion. A fuel pocket is also included, but it has been designed hydrodynamically to minimize water drag.


  • Airflow and breathability are provided by mesh panel inserts in the zone construction.
  • For hot rides and runs, the front zip provides extra ventilation.
  • An increased level of comfort and resistance to abrasion are provided by flat seams.
  • There is 85% nylon and 15% spandex in this fabric

6. ZONE3 Women’s Activate Plus Trisuit


  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Neck Style: High Neck
  • Color: Stealth Camo
  • Pattern:  Camouflage

Brands like this are well-known. Based on Zone3’s multi-award-winning women’s shorts, the Zone3 tri suit features the same type of performance features. Tri-suits and shorts are equally good, according to the fact.

You can also pull down the front zipper to increase airflow as well as ventilation around the arms. During the unzipping process, you are protected from exposing too much flesh by a thin inner layer.

Tri-lite chamois pads are another female-specific design feature. To maximize your comfort on the bike, the pad is positioned differently than on men’s pads. Furthermore, the material is highly water-shedding and has fine stitching for minimizing chafing.

A snug fit is provided around the arms and legs, yet not so snug as to cause irritation. In addition to silicone leg bands, the suit has elastic bands that keep it in place, but they are not overly tight. 

You’ll feel good compression on your tired muscles as the rest of the material on the legs provides good support. In a longer race, one pocket is likely not enough, and you will agree, it’s quite small. Instead of fixing a few pockets, we don’t know why they didn’t do that. The overall performance of this tri suit is excellent, making it a great choice for your next triathlon.


  • Binding and elastic technology provide a snug fit around the armpits and neck without causing discomfort. Also, the seams have been reconstructed to prevent chafing under the arms.
  • A triathlon pad that is specifically designed for female athletes. This mini saddle pad has two thickness levels for maximum comfort and minimum saddle pain. It is small and neatly positioned, as well as being small and neatly positioned.
  • In addition to minimizing water absorption during the cycling phase, it provides protection during the running and swimming phases. To further reduce irritation, there is fine-line stitching.
  • With more coverage and improved aerodynamics, the short sleeve design is becoming increasingly popular. The arm sleeve is gently secured in place by a double-layered band.
  • Lining at the center of the chest – provides additional coverage. The inner layer provides increased ventilation without exposing too much of the chest while using the main suit zipper. Additionally, the inner layer is zippable at the front, which makes putting on and taking off the suit much easier.
  • For more coverage and to enable the suit to be easily taken on and off, the front zip allows for extra ventilation during the cycle or run. Nutrition, spares, or valuables can be stored in the elasticated pocket on the back.
  • For improved comfort against the skin and to prevent the legs from rising up while cycling or running with soft-grip silicone leg bands.

7. PEARL IZUMI Women’s Select Pursuit Tri Suit


  • Fabric Type: Main Body: 88% Nylon/12% Lycra Elastane
  • Origin: Imported
  • Color: Black/Screaming Pink
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash

You can find this triathlon suit on a budget if you are looking for an affordable triathlon suit. It also has a lot of great features despite its low price tag. As an added bonus, it looks great as well.

An 88% Nylon and 12% Lycra Elastane blend makes up the tri suit. Sizes range from small to extra large, and there are three colors to choose from. There is a UPF 50+ protection in the tri suit, which can be machine washed.

There are no sleeves or shoulders on this shirt, which also exposes large portions of the back. In other words, it is perfect for warm weather when it is essential to have high levels of ventilation. In addition to having a 10″ zip at the front, the tri suit has additional venting through the back.

Additionally, the swimsuit comes with a bra that can be used for a rapid transition after swimming.

Legs are compressed by the fabric, but sausage legs are prevented by the neat design of the fabric. In addition to keeping the tri suit in place, the plush leg grippers are very comfortable. As well as providing good moisture control, the fabric is also thermostatically controlled.

Unfortunately, the suit only has one pocket, which is quite frankly not enough, just like Zone3’s tri suit. Nevertheless, we do not understand why a second pocket couldn’t be included. It’s not a deal-breaker, but again, we cannot understand why it wasn’t possible.


  • Compression and moisture transfer are benchmarked by SELECT Transfer Dry fabric
  • Triathletes of all levels will benefit from the women’s select Tri suit, which features select fabric designed for value, fit, and durability. 
  • The flatlock seams are superior in abrasion resistance; the zipper provides 10 inches of ventilation; the leg grippers are plush elastic silicone, and the back pocket is an easy-access envelope. 
  • Do not use any detergent that contains fabric softeners, perfumes, or any sort of additive. 
  • It is generally recommended to keep things simple. When you start the washer, put the detergent in first, then pour it over the clothing. 
  • You can rinse something twice in warm to hot water if it is not functional but not dirty.

What Is a Tri-Suit?

Specifically designed for racing all three disciplines of triathlon, a tri-suit is a garment that includes all three parts. Swimming or running, and cycling are all possible with this swimwear made of quick-drying, hydrodynamic, and aerodynamic fabrics. During the bike leg, an accompanying pad/chamois provides additional comfort, but should not interfere with the final run leg.

What Tri-Suit Should You Buy?

Your tri-suit will be with you from the beginning until the end, so finding the right one is essential: too small, loose, poorly designed, or slow-drying, and you’ll be flirting with a DNF rather than reaching your potential.

You need to consider the distance of the race, as well as speed or comfort, is more important to you, as well as the race conditions. Each option has benefits and drawbacks, such as those designed specifically for Ironman, vested and short-sleeved.

How To Choose The Best Tri Suits?

Before purchasing a tri suit, you’ll need to consider several factors. A few things you should keep in mind are listed below.

1. Size

A tri suit should be bought after carefully calculating your size. The size on the tag of some brands may appear identical, but they run much smaller than others. 

If you’re going to complete a triathlon for hours, you don’t want something too tight that will make you uncomfortable, but it’s also not necessary to wear anything too baggy.

2. Quick dry: 

After you’ve completed your swimming portion of your triathlon, make sure you wear something quick-drying once you’ve exited the water. It will improve your comfort level and allow you to concentrate more effectively.

3. Chafing

You will spend hours completing your triathlon. A garment that chafes that long will have to be carefully chosen, so be careful with the fabric and stitching. You’ll find flat stitches less irritating if you look for them.

4. Breathability

In order to keep your body cool throughout a triathlon, you will need to take a swim. In order to avoid feeling overheated, make sure the suit allows air to circulate.

5. Compression

Muscle fatigue and soreness may be reduced if you wear a suit with compression.

6. Looks

In your search for a tri suit, you’re not simply looking for something that looks cool. Others don’t look quite as cartoonish as comic book villains or heroes, but they still look stylish.

7. The zipper

The majority of suits feature front zips, but it’s possible to get ones with back zips as well. If you don’t have someone around to help you train or compete, you’ll want to choose the front zip since it’s the easiest to do by yourself. In addition, you may want to make sure the suit has a zip guard to prevent snagging on your skin while you zip it up.

8. Sun protection

In your training and on race day, you’ll spend lots of time outdoors, so you’ll want to ensure your suit offers you sun protection. While exercising for your health, you should look for suits that have a high UPF rating if you worry about your skin being damaged by the sun.

9. One Piece vs. Two Piece

One-piece tri suits are available or tops and bottoms can be purchased separately. As a matter of fact, it really depends on your personal preference and what you feel most comfortable in according to your body shape.

One-piece suits have many advantages

  • An aerodynamic fit that’s more streamlined.
  • Fewer seams increase comfort since there are fewer opportunities to rub or cause discomfort.
  • A lot less movement is expected, as the top will not ride up.
  • Ensures that the shorts are positioned correctly.

Two-piece suits have many benefits

  • One-piece tri suits can be uncomfortable for people who wear different sizes top to bottom, or who are very tall.
  • If you want to wear them separately during training, you can do so.
  • During the race, it is easier to take a bathroom break. A longer triathlon requires frequent toilet stops, especially for long distances.

10. Sleeves

A short-sleeved tri suit is available on some models. Wearing sleeves is dependent on your comfort level, but the main advantage is that they protect your shoulders from the sun. Tri suits with no sleeves, on the other hand, provide greater flexibility for the shoulders, especially during swimming.

Some athletes wear short-sleeved tri suits because they find the seams of a sleeveless tri suit uncomfortable to rub against. It is also possible to gain an aerodynamic advantage by wearing short sleeves during the bike part of the race.

You should always verify that a short-sleeved tri suit is permitted at your event or race if there are any specific rules regarding your kit.

11. Materials

It would be impossible to list every single material used for tri suits due to their length and idiosyncrasy.

While this is true, most tri suits are primarily made from a few materials that are generally considered as standard, with only proprietary blends capable of beating them. There are a few qualities that all tri suits must possess in order to function correctly in this regard.

Tri suits are made of materials that are expected to be durable, stretchy and have the potential to offer some compression on top of that.


Tri suits commonly comprise polyester as one of the primary fabrics, but polyester fills a particular niche when it comes to its intended purpose. A polyester blend tri suit will be a better choice since polyester has a higher degree of water resistance than the other materials.

Polyester, on the other hand, does not provide too much in comparison to the other materials. Tri suits made of this fiber are rarely durable, though they are not weak, and they last as long as their stitches do.

In addition, polyester isn’t very flexible, so it wouldn’t be a good material for roughly 2 legs of a 3 leg race.


A synthetic fiber like nylon is one of the more common ones used in tri suits and, as opposed to some kind of proprietary fiber that attempts to replace nylon’s sturdiness, should be considered one of the standards for a more generalized tri suit.

It is important to note, however, that nylon does not naturally repel water like polyester, and as such will require thicker or more layers of coating to match its hydrophobic properties.

Additionally, nylon stains easily in the sun; for this reason, any tri suit made mostly of nylon should also be UV-protected. Fortunately, the same protection that protects the tri suit also protects the user. Among the three major fibers used for tri suits, nylon is by far the strongest.


A trisuit requires a material known as Lycra, more commonly called Spandex, to function effectively. Tri suits use only this material to provide fit, compression, and elasticity, which is why it is the only one on our list to be found in everyone.

Even so, manufacturers will always develop proprietary blends of materials and blends that are technically better than lycra at their respective functions, just as they do for every other material commonly found in tri suits.

Although this material is incredibly versatile, its ability to alter its properties either through its own modification or by altering its weave features makes it possible to incorporate it into virtually any tri suit available.

12. Stitching

A tri suit’s stitching process is more important than the materials used to determine its durability. When sewing into a material, even one that is naturally resistant to water, holes are punched into it. How well the tri suit repels water ultimately depends on how those holes are punched at the seams.

Unlike wetsuits, tri suits have far fewer types of stitching, and the flatlock stitch is more than enough for most tri suit needs with lightweight and thin materials such as those that are used for tri suits.

13. Construction

It is important to keep in mind that different parts of a tri suit offer different benefits when it comes to construction. Tri-suits, for instance, does not really need any additional ventilation along the sides since it might interfere with arm swings. However, in the middle of the torso, it is ideal to add some additional ventilation to help keep it cool.

Similar to this, a manufacturer may add a panel that provides extra buoyancy to a tri suit that provides assistance during the swimming leg of the race. In this regard, it is crucial that you choose a tri suit with panels designed to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

14. Padding

There is no way a tri suit’s padding can be compared to the padding associated with a wetsuit. This is a bit of a deceiving quality. An ordinary pair of biking shorts do not have the same level of padding as a tri suit.

It is therefore possible for dedicated cycling shorts to totally go without cushioning for the saddle, whereas triathlon suits must allow quick transitions between the different leg types. Due to this, tri suits will usually be extremely well padded to ensure that the suit does not interfere with other events.


Despite being a common feature of tri suits, this is perhaps their most important piece of padding. Although some tri suits may have various types of pads that provide various functions, chamois is absolutely necessary since triathlons include a biking portion.

It’s important to remember that a bigger chamois doesn’t necessarily perform better as the extra weight and friction it causes are not worth the extra weight. Manufacturers will make denser chamois that still provide good cushioning instead of making chamois that is much more flexible.

15. Pockets

There was no need for pockets in the original triathlon suits since they were simply more versatile than running, biking, and wetsuits, so they did not need to be included for the sport they were used for. However, due to the fact that triathlons are endurance-based sports, they almost require extra equipment or supplies to be carried.

In nearly every race, nearly every racer has some form of energy on them at some point. However, serious triathletes tend to need more than simple snacks, and manufacturers are happy to provide them.

Check that the pockets prevent drag when you inspect them, otherwise your swimming leg might become more time-consuming than your running or biking legs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are triatlete suits?

Suits designed for triathletes are called tri suits. Swimsuits made from this material differ from those made from regular material. Athletes are able to breathe easier and have less drag in the water due to these materials.

There are various types of tri suits, but most are made of polyester, nylon, or some other breathable fabric that allows moisture to be wicked away and evaporate as quickly as possible.

What are the benefits of a tri suit?

Despite the fact that triathlon suits are unique pieces of clothing, they offer the wearer a number of benefits as well. In addition to offering protection from the sun and wind, it also provides protection from water. The use of a cooling system, it helps regulate the body’s temperature.

Designed from lightweight materials, triathlon suits offer maximum flexibility and comfort regardless of the terrain. Moreover, they can be washed and dried quickly, so they can be used repeatedly without getting worn out.

What are the best tri suits for women?

It is not just about how triathlon suits look on the outside that determines the best suits for women. In addition to their comfort and ease of wear, these suits also have certain features.

Lycra, which is lightweight and stretchy, makes the best triathlon suits for women. In a race, they aid your movement and keep you dry. There may also be stretch panels in strategic areas of the suit, such as the back and chest, which will make you more comfortable while you are racing.

How do I find a tri suit that fits my body type?

All tri suits are designed to fit a range of body types, so there are many different types on the market. If you want to enjoy the performance and comfort of working out, you should find a suit that fits your body type.

The following areas are the first places you should measure yourself:
1. Chest
2. Waist
3. Inseam
4. Shoulder width

You can then start looking for a tri suit that fits your measurements once you have them. In addition to the fit and material of the suit, you should look at its level of support and how well it fits. Depending on your body type and athletic level, you’ll be able to determine which tri suit is best for you.

Are tri suits safe?

In addition to triathletes, non-athletes are also concerned about the safety of triathlon suits. It is not as straightforward as it may seem to answer this question.

When a triathlete works out, they are equipped with a triathlon suit that protects them against injuries. This type of attire is made from lightweight and breathable materials.

The triathlon suit is not sufficiently protective against injuries, according to some athletes.
Years of the debate have gone without a clear conclusion regarding triathlon suit safety.

What is the difference between a tri suit and a swimsuit?

A triathlon suit is different from a swimsuit since it protects your body from heat and cold during a triathlon.

When you participate in a triathlon, you wear a different suit than when you swim. During triathlons, triathlon suits usually include padded sleeves, inner leg padding, and a jacket over the head. It is also possible to find suits with goggles built in.

When should I wear a tri suit?

When training for an upcoming race, you should wear a triathlon suit. So that you can reach your peak performance in that race, you should do this as soon as possible.

Taking a triathlon suit on vacation and keeping in shape without feeling restricted is another good reason for wearing one.


As a result, there will not be one tri suit that suits all racers, particularly those with particular strengths and weaknesses in one leg or another. A tri suit designed specifically for your needs is likely to be the best choice here.

While that may be true for the remaining crowd, both males and females win their respective tri-suit categories in similar ways.

In general, we recommend the De Soto Sport Forza which is the overall best pick for the Men’s racer seeking a faster time regardless of the setting. There are not many tri suits that are designed to be worn under wetsuits, but this tri suit enables you to do so under wetsuits. Thus, you can use this tri suit for any race, regardless of the leg you are competing in.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option then you can choose Speedo Men’s Triwear-Fastskin. It is not only affordable also it is highly durable.

Women have a slightly different experience when buying tri suits since no brand makes it a priority to offer a “universal” size, so they must pay more attention to the fit, especially if they already own other gear, like a wetsuit. Although we had a hard time choosing between these models, we ultimately recommended the 2XU Women’s Project X Tri Suit, which we were surprised by upon reflection as well, but we just couldn’t deny the quality of the fabrics and build.

Also, I would like to mention a budget-friendly option for women also. If you are looking for low budget women’s tri suit you can choose ZONE3 Women’s Activate Plus.


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